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Currencies Currently on the International Market: Rakarskian Dollars, Singularity Dollars, HSA Dollars, Siridar Imperials, Mireventian Scutoes, Survaekom Schu (Survaekom Currency Units)

For values, I will firstly need to know how much of each type of currency it takes to buy a loaf of regular bread (assuming that grain supply is stable or in surplus) in its own country.

Currency values depend on, in addition to their worth in their own land, the size, wealth, and international commercial connections of their nation.

One loaf of bread costs one half-schu in most areas of Survaek.

2/13/2009 #1

Mmkay, this is a good idea. A loaf of bread...well, depending on region, it would vary - in House Rose you could get it for a few commons, House Foxglove, on the other hand, could be looking at several noblesworth or even a silver royal, though prices will come down thanks to Rakarskia...

So, on average I'd say a price of one bronze noble for a standard loaf of bread.

There are 100 copper commons to a bronze noble,

10 bronze nobles to a silver royal,

And 10 silver royals to a golden imperial.

2/16/2009 #2

Okay, the Siridar and the Survaekom are both major powers, both with powerful commercial connections (not least of which are between themselves). The Siridar are a larger empire, but the Survaekom planets are probably more industrialized on average (their only "colony" planet is Isai), so it just about evens up to 1 schu equaling 2 bronze nobles. Any objections?

2/16/2009 #3
Sarah Crowning

The cost of bread varies with the market. A lot. If you're looking for a standard I might suggest the price commpared to something more steady, like a trojan ounce of gold.

But on to my reply... A loaf of bread in Singularity Credits would cost about 10 credits, which is a 20 credit-schu difference.

In the Crimson Nebula bread and planet grown food of any kind is quite a bit more expensive. They don't have a single currency, although ironically loaves of bread are just about excepted tender wherever you use them.

The Detech do not allow their market to interact with the rest of the galaxy at this time.

2/17/2009 #4

Gold changes value quite a bit as well: notice that the price has ranged over time from around $250 to $850 per ounce. I said specifically a loaf of bread given that supply is stable or in surplus. Maybe just if the supply is stable. However, if there is a better medium of comparing national values of currency, let someone put one forward. We really need a good one.

So far, the estimates are at 1 schu=2 bronze nobles= 20 Singularity credits.

2/17/2009 #5
awilla the hun

For Rakarskia, this is a tricky one, thanks to the dual nature of their economy: their rations, and their actual money. Prices for bread have greatly dropped (massive agriculture) recently, so about one dollar per loaf.

Gold, on the other hand... they brought a lot of their old gold reserves with them. Because their economy has yet to fully recover from being derived of billions of its population and most of its industry (their dollar is a new one, by the way; the old one hyperinflated, and would have been worse but for the fact that a lot of physical money as also lost in their withdrawal), I would say about 400 dollars.

Mirevant League: about ten scutoes per loaf. This includes Regario, which (thanks to deals with Rakarskia and, soon, Survaek), has recovered from famine.

There is no central gold reserve, save for the Patrician's treasury (which is only for a few large city states, rather than the entire country), so it's even trickier to answer for gold.

2/25/2009 #6

So that makes 1 schu = 2 bronze nobles = 2 Rakarskian dollars = 20 Singularity credits = 20 scutoes

2/25/2009 . Edited 2/25/2009 #7

In the Luxar System the price of bread varies, depending on which planet one's on, but I'd say it averages out to 5 lazos for one loaf of bread.

3/2/2009 #8

So 1 lazo is worth 2 Rakarskia dollars or Singularity credits. Of course, with national powers and commercial relations put into the equation, it will be more like

1 schu = 2 bronze nobles = 3 Rakarskian dollars = 10 lazos = 20 Singularity credits = 25 scutoes

3/6/2009 . Edited 3/6/2009 #9
awilla the hun

Federation Credit

Much of their bread is grown on the massive Trelarn Agri Worlds. As a result, it is extremely cheap (for the Federation)-about thirty credits.

Gold is not generally used (because of the sheer variety of races) to value their currency.

3/7/2009 #10

Let's up the federaton's since they have particularly cheap bread to, say, 50 credits.

So that makes it 100 federation credits in the chain.

3/7/2009 #11
Sarah Crowning

The staple crop in the Tashar Empire is in high demand due to the premium on land, and the traditional farming methods still used in remote areas. I would put it at 1 loaf = 14 Kindo.

Note though that the Tashar Empire doesn't actually print a Kino currency. The Kino (Kindo is the plural) is the standard unit of account used by the Tashar government, and printed and distributed through private banknotes.

4/5/2009 #12

We need everyone else to put in their currencies.

Now, excluding nations that have left and with minor alterations based on national economy and influence:

1 Survaekom schu = 2 Siridar bronze nobles = 10 Luxar lazos = 20 Singularity credits = 25 Mireventian scutoes = 30 Tashar Kindo = 100 Federation credits

6/19/2009 . Edited 6/19/2009 #13
Sarah Crowning

I might put the Tashar's currency at 15 Kindo, for reasons cited above. Their staple food price is somewhat inflated by circumstance, and probably isn't the best indicator of their exchange value.

6/26/2009 #14

Because they're new to the galactic market, lets say 20 kindo, with leeway for the value to rise on the international scale once the Tashar better establish themselves abroad.

6/26/2009 #15
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