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Place for Confederate characters to enter.

8/5/2009 #1

Cady Livingston tugged off one of her shoes and examined her aching foot. She had been in the Confederate army for awhile now, posing as a man by the name of James Arthur and fooling everybody. The work had not been what she would have called easy, but she loved it. Today had been an especially difficult day, though, and the few extra miles seemed to have taken its toll on her. She was ready for rest, and she could see the rest of the camp was too. Everyone was going to sleep quickly tonight, but she couldn't say how easy of a sleep it would be. Scouts had been reporting Union troops not too far away, and patrols were on the alert for almost anything out of the ordinary now. Cady considered keeping her weapons a little closer to her that night.

8/26/2010 #2
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Corporal Jack Cross wandered through the camp. He had just returned from picket, and his face had been kissed by the bitterly cold wind. All he wanted now was to curl up on his cot and sleep the war away, but he couldn't. He lowed himself down by the fire, staining to listen for any odd moment. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a soldier from F Company trying to decide something. He had a feeling he was not a he at all. The man was much to short and the face seemed ruddy. But on this night, he did not care. He waved at the soldier. He needed someone to keep him awake.

(Plz repost Candy in the char thing.)

8/26/2010 #3

Cady looked over at Corporal Jack Cross and waved back at him, feigning confidence with a smile. He had been one of the ones that seemed doubtful of her, but she worked just as hard as any other man. Only her boyish appearance should have caused suspicion, but he seemed to be catching on better than others. He looked tired tonight, like she was. Maybe she would get away with her disguise again tonight.

9/14/2010 #4
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He wandered over. "Keeping up alright, James?" In truth he knew from the outset she was a woman, it didn't take long to notice that she never swam with the men on hot days or wandered into the dark to answer nature's call. He didn't mind, he admired and adored her for it; when older men had turned tail, she had stayed and fought. "You might want to cut that hair Pvt, we don't want lice in my section." He gave her a wink that betrayed it all. He was nerous that soon her golden hair would spill down her shoulders. leaning back he drew on his pipe.

9/14/2010 #5

"I'm fine," Cady muttered as she shoved her boot back onto her foot. "And I was planning on chopping it off when my arms feel like they can reach over my head again." As an afterthought, she added, "And I don't have lice!" Cady wrinkled her nose at the pipe Cross had. It reminded her of her father lounging on the enormous porch of their plantation home as he watched the sunset and talked to her about how great the white man was. She wasn't in this war for the abolition of slavery. As much as she didn't like it, they were a crucial part to the southern economy. She just wanted states' rights, but even her father wouldn't understand that.

9/14/2010 #6
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"Come on, I'll help; that's an order." he montioned James toward his tent.

9/14/2010 #7

Cady became suddenly nervous. She knew that Cross only meant the best, but she didn't like going into a tent alone with anyone. What if he knew? What if he threatened to tell? What if he hurt her? She could only nod her head a bit as she stood up, though. Resisting would make her even more obvious. Maybe if she just acted natural....

9/14/2010 #8
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Jack went into his tent and mentioned for James for her to sit on his cot. He saw the worry in her eyes and tried to give her a warm smile. Picking up a scissors he stood out of arms reach trying not to frighten her. "James, I know you're secert I've known for almost a year. I don't care, all I care is that you are a good soldier, maybe the best in the Company; aside from me of crouse," he gave his youthful grin that barley flashed anymore. "I don't want you to get caught, let me help you look as a soldier should." He took a carful pace forward.

(I sort of have a plot idea for them if want to hear. Jack falls in love with Candy, and she starts to get strong feelings as well cuz, he is only person who knows, so he is the only person she can confide in. One of them saves the other's life and get caught up in the emtion and spend the night together. Then maybe Candy gets wounded and she is discovered, she wants to say with the army, and only way she can do that is marry a soidier: Cross. She does it but is really uneasy about and has second thoughts, but then Cross himself is wounded badly and thought of no more Cross is :( lol Thoughts? Everytime I see your avie I want a dew. In fact, I bought one just cuz I saw it. Stop controling my mind! lol)

9/14/2010 #9

((Her name is Cady, not Candy, just fyi. Anyway, I like that idea. Let's do it!))

Cady shrank back from Jack. If he knew, then he probably wasn't the only one. Was she really that obvious? Her thoughts flooded her head. Who else knew? Would they all be as kind about it as Cross was? She decided that acting like this was ridiculous. He was offering help and she actually had the gall to even think about denying it. She looked back up at him and sat up confidently. "Thank you." Her voice gave away her nervousness and fear.

9/14/2010 #10
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(Sorry I was hungry lol)

He slowly began snipping at her golden hair, watching her hair it fall to the grass floor. He gently laced his fingers through, testing it's thinkness. "You look a tough man, toucher then me," he grinned.

(Now all we need is more people to show for some battles! ;) But..It could be intersting to write out as a story together..just a thought.)

9/14/2010 #11

"No I don't," Cady said as she watched her hair fall to the ground. "I look like a boy in way over his head, but I guess it works for most people." If she was caught now with her hair so much shorter, transitioning back to the female look would be rather humiliating. She wondered what her brother would think. That snooty, etiquette-obsessed monster would probably have a fit. It made her want to laugh just thinking about it.

((More people would be nice to add in, but either way is good with me.))

9/15/2010 #12
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He inspeted her looking at his craft. "There you are sodier! But would mind telling me who really are? If you don't want me to know, I understand."

(How bout both? :) I can make us a thing.

9/15/2010 . Edited 9/15/2010 #13

((Awesome. So it's just for plot outlining, right?))

"My family owned a large plantation," Cady began. She really didn't want to talk about this, but something told her to trust Cross. He seemed sincere enough. "I have one older brother who is about as high class as high class can get. I'm surprised he wasn't born a king. My family was extremely conservative, so I was always protected and guided to be an 'elite doll'" Cady almost laughed at how ridiculous that idea seemed, especially now. "My temperance just wasn't right for such a thing, though. I was rowdy, tough, strong. I wanted to ride the horses and walk in the forest and actually be a human, not somebody's toy to play dress-up with. I ran away. I joined the Confederates because I believe my story is similar to this new nation's. It's not just about the whole, but the individual, too. The federal government has too much control and some of that should be given to the states. I'm sorry if I'm boring you."

9/15/2010 #14
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"Your not, er James is it?" he said. "Its better to fight for a life then be stuck having no life at all."

(That's all I had time to make, but my thought was like a topic for Chapter 1 and so forth and then we can fight about who posts it in the end lol)

9/15/2010 #15

"I'm not going to tell you my name," Cady said. "You might say it by mistake. Just keep it as James for now." She reached up to touch her shortened hair. Her brother would have a heart attack if he caught a glimpse of her. Now that was something she would love to see.

(So one of us would write a chapter and post it on the forum? Or would we have a topic for a Chapter and write posts in it until we feel we are ready for the next chapter?))

9/15/2010 #16
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(The post thing. To the plotmoble!)

"I think you're ready," he nodded.

9/15/2010 #17

((I posted in the new forum!!))

9/15/2010 #18
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(Yay! Post in this one too :P

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