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A one-room schoolhouse on a hill close to town for the children.

8/6/2009 #1

Lily Caine sat at her desk in the front of the room, scribbling on her slate with her chalk. Her long blonde hair hung in braids down her back and were attached with a pair of pink bows to match her school dress and white pinafore.

8/6/2009 #2

Miss Francis walked in, muttering to herself.

"That damned Cross boy." she said, not realizing Lily was there.

The little girl quickly stood, frightening Ava.

"Oh, Lily, good heavens." she said. "I'm sorry."

1/30/2010 #3
disused account

Cross, the usual suspect was in corner facing the wall, made to hold to books with his hands. Risking Miss F's warth he smiled at Lilly.

9/17/2010 #4

Lily seemed to turn at just the right moment, seeing his smile and a look of surprise coming over her face. Ava went behind her desk and looked at the little blonde.

"What are you doing inside?" she asked. "Class won't be starting for another fifteen minutes."

Lily nodded.

"I know. I wanted to read my book. Chester keeps taking it from me."

9/25/2010 #5
disused account
At the risk of getting into even more trouble Auggie turned to glance at Lilly. The Harris boys were so mean to the girl and he didn't really understand why. Yes the girl was petite and she certainly was bookish but that was what made her so special. She seemed opposite of "that dammed Cross boy" as their former school master had called him; he was adventurous, loud and uncaring in his schoolwork. He couldn't explain it, something in that soft blond hair and blue eyes beckoned him and he had felt this semester that the girl needed protecting and had tried his best to ward off the attacks of people who made fun of her. That's why he was in trouble now; he had given Ed Harris a broken nose for calling her names unbecoming of a girl like her when all the boys were alone in the schoolyard. He had just lost it and at that point, the new teacher, Ms. Ava had walked up. She'd dragged him in by the collar and pressed his nose to wall making him stare at it. His next offense would be cleaning the broad he new He flashed a smile at Lilly. "Must be some book, "he commented over his shoulder. He swiveled an eye toward Ms. Ava, with his old school-master talking while being punished got you a whack with a paddle. "Do you want me to walk you home again Lilly?"
12/14/2011 #6
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