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Come play as historical or original Civil War characters as Union and Confederate forces clash in late 1864 to decide the fate of Grant’s Overland campaign and Richmond. To arms men, to arms!
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Sex: (don’t write please)

Job in respective group (i.e., Union corporal, civilian nurse):



Hair color:

Eye color:

Physical description:

Background and basic personality:


4/22/2008 . Edited by DaCivilWarBear, 7/7/2008 #1
disused account

Name: Robert Edward Lee

Age: 58

Sex: Male

Job in respective group: Commander of Army of Northern Virginia

Wight: History don’t tell

Height: Tall

Hair color: Gray

Eye color: Blue

Physical description: Old and has a heart defect that will kill him after the war. But his countless victories show his mind is far frail.

Background: Made a name for himself in the Mexican war, superintendent of West Point. Was thought of so highly he was offered a chance to lead the union army at the outbreak of the war but sided with his native state of Virginia after much inner debate.

Weapon(s): Sword

4/22/2008 #2
Scottish Princess

Name: Antinanco(means "Eagle of the Sun") "Mac" MacDermott (he sometimes goes by Nanco which means "Eagle")

Age: 20

Sex: M

Job in respective group: Tracker, sniper, spie(when he has to be)

Weight: 210

Height: 6'3"

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Blue

Physical description: Built like your typical Indian (hehe), he stands tall and proud naturally and has a dark tan. He tends to stick out in a crowd and, unlike the common ideas of Indians, he's not out for someone's scalp all the time, though most people still think that, despite what he tells them. He has an Indian horse named Quidel(means burning torch) who only likes him and only understands Indian words. Mac is a naturally quiet sort, but he isn't hesitant to speak up when he needs to. He's made quite a name for himself among his cavalry unit because he's such a good scout.

He speaks fluent English (with scarcely an accent), fluent Mapuchan(the language of his mother and the first language he knew) and fluent Spanish.

Background: Mac was born in South America to an Indian mother and his Scottish father. After his mother died, his father, Nathan MacDermott, brought his only son back to the States and when Mac was 17 he and his father joined the confederate army. Mac's father died within a year and now Mac is all on his own, though still fighting for the South.....he just transfered to this particular unit.

Weapon(s): Bow and arrows, multiple knives, his father's two pistols, his Whitworth sharpshooting rifle, oh and a tomahawk he "borrowed" from an Apache (he can use a sword, but he doesn't own one...)

4/22/2008 . Edited 4/24/2008 #3
disused account

No Wenchester! It was invented till 1873! I suggest 1853 patren Enfeild rifle as it was the comon musket used my CSA.

4/22/2008 #4
Scottish Princess

Oops! my bad! sorry! I'll change that, sorry.....

4/22/2008 #5
disused account

Hey no prob. I'll make a topic for info on the war. I'm guessing your char is based on Ely Parker?

4/22/2008 #6
Scottish Princess

okay, cool. who's that? My character is the main character in the 4th book on a series I'm writing.

4/22/2008 #7
disused account

Read this and you'll find out :D

4/22/2008 #8

Name: Miles Cantwell

Age: 28

Sex: Male

Job in respective group: Doctor

Weight: Average i guess...

Height: for a guy he's short, about 5"5'

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Hazel

Physical description: He's short, has a scar on his eyebrow which cause hairs to stop growing there. He always has this sense of calm around him, even when things start to get tough.

Background: Was an apprentice to the town's doctor in texas. He never went out of his way to go shot a gun for he was always a lousy shot, but once the war started he figured that he could help the cause in another way.

Weapons: He's a doctor, he can get very creative on demand. He has everything from the surgon tools to the key to the whiskey cabinet.

4/22/2008 #9
disused account

Cool charicter. And Scotty put him in the right camp. Things 'll be sorta slow till we get Yankee's; seeing how i'm the onily Yankee here guess I couuld make a cuple. :D Oh won't be on until 5ish (Centeral Time) tonight, so I'll see you round then. I'll be gone this weekend as well cuz I got a reenactment.

4/23/2008 #10
disused account

Name: Corporal Jack Cross

Age: 26

Sex: M

Job in respective group: NCO

Wight: 119

Height: short

Hair color: blond

Eye color: blue

Physical description: Short man with blond hair and blues. Isn’t overly handsome but not ugly.

Background: Joined the Confederate Army in ’61, before ft. Sumter.

Weapon(s): 1853 Enfield rifle and bowie knife

4/24/2008 #11

Name: Katherine Brighelm (nee Caine)

Age: 19

Sex: F

Job in respective group: Farmer's Daughter,

Weight: 120

Height: 5'6

Hair color: brown

Eye color: blue

Physical description: Average-size girl with long brown hair and blue eyes.

Background: Born & raised in Virginia, Kath has worked on her farm all her life. Her brother James joined the Union army, was killed in battle. Her 13-year-old sister Lily has been mute ever since, and five-year-old Maggie never really knew James and therefore continues to have a happy outlook on life. She is now married to Patrick Brighelm (and pregnant with his kid. Mwahaha character suffering.)

Weapon(s): Scythe

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disused account

(Not bad at all!)

4/27/2008 #13
disused account

He use this:

6/14/2008 #14
disused account

Name: Patrick Brighelm

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Job in respective group: Captain of Company I, Boston Irish Battalion

Wight: 140


Hair color: glossy black

Eye color: Green

Physical description: Is a handsome man with scars under his facial hair and chest.

Background: Left Ireland at the age of 15 using money stolen from his uncle. Joined the army and fought in the Mexican and Indian Wars. After his wife died in childbirth he deiced to fight for the Union.

Weapon(s): Springfield rifle and Colt

6/14/2008 #15

Name: Felix Reinhardt “Hart”

Age: 24

Sex: male

Job in respective group: Infantry, 2nd Wisconsin Regiment, 1st Brigade, 1st Division, 1st Corps, Army of the Potomac, more commonly known as The Iron Brigade.

Weight: 147lbs

Height: 6”

Hair color: dark brown, has a mustache

Eye color: blue-green

Physical description: A bit on the slim side, lean but strong. Was wounded in the shoulder at Antietam, and while fortunate enough to actually keep his arm, he was badly scarred and suffers from occasional stiffness.

Background: His parents emigrated from Germany to Wisconsin in 1838. Felix was born two years later in Milwaukee, the second eldest of five children. His father worked on the Steamers that traversed the Great Lakes waterway and thereby met his violent and watery end in 1851. That same year Felix began working on the docks and later the steamers, first as a deckhand and then a wheelman—supporting his family. He had no real interest in it however, being of a scholarly disposition. He enlisted in April 1861, almost immediately following Lincoln’s call to arms. His experience aboard-ship prepared him for the life of a soldier and his keen eyes (important for a wheelman) make him an excellent shot. He’s been with the brigade ever since, through every major conflict of the war and has become an experienced, battle-hardened soldier.

Weapon(s): .5 8 caliber Springfield musket, .44 caliber Colt Revolver Model 1860

6/21/2008 #16

Name: Kerstin Reinhardt

Age: 19

Sex: female

Job in respective group: Vivandiere/Daughter of the Regiment (2nd Wisconsin)

Weight: 120lbs

Height: 5’4

Hair color: dark brown, curly

Eye color: blue-green

Physical description: slim, and rather petite, but what she lacks in size she makes up for in tenacity and her striking looks.

Background: Felix’s younger sister. At first Colonel Coon was doubtful of the advisability of allowing such a girl to “tag along after his troops”, and when he resigned, Colonel O’Connor was even less amiable. But when Kerstin finally got to show her true metal she proved invaluable, not only as a nurse, but for morale—the men simply wouldn’t march without her, and so she was finally adopted into the regiment.

Weapon(s): Two Colt Revolvers and a small knife.

For more info on Vivandieres:

6/21/2008 . Edited 6/21/2008 #17

Name: Guy Oaks

Age: 35

Sex: (male)

Job in respective group: Horse breeder-trainer-provisions supply

Weight: massive 230 solid muscle

Height: 6'3"

Hair color: black(but close shaven)

Eye color:black

Physical description: muscular, reddish brown, clearly showing his mixed native-african- english heritage, good teeth, proud stature, crooked fingers, so visible horse bite scars, dresses well, sturdy work clothes, good leather boots

Background: The "CEO" of Orchard Mountain

Weapon(s): several old black powder muzzle loaders, a colt navy .44, a sharp as shit knife-saw on a long pole (a tree trimming tool)

6/24/2008 #18

Now controlled by eyes-of-a-hawk

Name: James Longstreet

Age: 43

Sex: Male

Job in respective group: General, 1st Corps, Army of Tennessee

Weight: 260lbs

Height: 6'3"

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: blue

Physical description: Hefty, with much facial hair.

Background: Born in 1821 in South Carolina, grew up on a cotton farm where he worked hard alongside his father. Resigned as a Major in the US army, joining the Confederacy. (See for more info)

Weapon(s): Want a list?

7/5/2008 . Edited by DaCivilWarBear, 7/11/2008 #19

Name: Carolina Louisa "Carrie Lou" Webber

Age: 19

Sex: Female

Job in respective group: Takes care of her mother and sister in town; occasionally sells bread and other foodstuffs to the soldiers. Volunteers as nurse.

Weight: 165

Height: 5'10"

Hair color: Mouse brown

Eye color: Dark hazel

Physical description: Carrie Lou is plain and strong, to be kind. While she is not ugly, she is not pretty, either, and her nose is a bit too long for her face and her cheeks are always pink. She is tall, has curly hair that is barely contained in a net despite her efforts to straighten it, and doesn't care a whit about keeping her figure.

Background: Carrie Lou was born the fifth child and first daughter to Patience and Robert Webber, a wealthy Southern family. Growing up with four brothers and only a younger sister, Carrie Lou learned early to hold her own against the menfolk, which served her well when she grew into a woman and it became clear that she was not a pretty, talented one. She has never held much out hope for a husband, and since the war began has given up the pretenses of embroidering and being graceful and flirtatious.

Now, three years into the war, her four brothers Robert, Jr., John, Thomas, and Stephen, and her father are dead at Shiloh, Mechanicsville, Gettysburg, and Chancellorsville. Her mother and her sister, Virginia, depend on her for supporting them. Their slaves and hired help abandoned them when the Yankees came into the area. Now Carrie Lou gardens, raises chickens under their house, volunteers at the hospital, is a reluctant member of the Benevolent Association, and combs lint from scraps of cloth to make bandages. She is jaded and tired and wishes that the CSA would just give it all up.

But she suffers silently under the weight of carrying herself and sister and mother through life, alone, with no hope for love that doesn't care if she worked her fingers to the bone or put food on the table every night, no hopes of caring for the children she so desperately wants to have. She fears living alone, both physically and emotionally, for the rest of her life.

Carrie Lou also has a quick temper, and has struggled with it her whole life. Sometimes she will lose it for a moment and snap at a body, but always apologizes. She gets along best with people who will obey her and allow her to do her own thing. Her pride is a rather large issue, and has driven a wedge more than once between her and loved ones.

She has a strange propensity for taking in strays from the street. Also, she sings like an angel and can play the pianoforte admirably, but no one has heard her do either since before the war.

Weapon(s): The only weapons her menfolk left for her defense is a rusted old Belgian Short rifle and an .44 cal. Colt revolver from 1848.

7/7/2008 . Edited 9/29/2008 #20
Scottish Princess

((Wow, she sounds good. Maybe she can help poor injured Mac, since he seems to be ignored by everyone else. XD))

7/7/2008 #21

LOL, check out the post I just put up in the Town thread! :P

7/7/2008 #22
Scottish Princess

I did. and I just posted. Welcome, by the way!

7/7/2008 #23

Thanks! It's nice to know I'm not the only Civil War buff on the face of the planet. :)

7/7/2008 #24
Scottish Princess

Heh, I'm not a buff(though I'd like to think I am), that's Lee's department. XD

7/7/2008 #25

Amen to that. XD

(Sorry, I'll leave now... just had to add that...)

7/7/2008 #26
disused account

*Bows* I like to thank my grandpas , my dad, Wyatt's Battery. and my lame social skills.

7/7/2008 #27

Yes...lack of social skills is valuable skill when one is a historian... *nods knowingly*

7/7/2008 #28

OK, just popping in one more time...

Hooray for antisocialism!

7/7/2008 #29


HOORAY! (*waves period-correct hand-sewn handkerchief*)

7/7/2008 #30
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