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disused account

He nodded with a grin.

9/9/2008 #271

(I'm in my media class & have nothing to do. XP)

Jen smiled back and laughed.

"Okay, let me get up for a sec."

She stood up and went into the parlour, looking at her Ma and the reverend.

"He's awake." she explained. "He wants you to come, Mr. Marshall."

The reverend stood and walked in.

9/9/2008 #272
disused account

"I want the ceromeny now," he said with a tired grin. "Could you?"

9/9/2008 #273

The reverend, under the impression he was dying, nodded in agreement.

"Should I start from where we left off?"

9/9/2008 #274
disused account

“Yes,” he nodded. As if sensing this he said, “You don’t gotta write funeral service yet.”

9/9/2008 #275

Rev. Marshall chuckled.

"Well then." he said. "Jack Cross, do you take Jenny Walsh to be your lawful wedded wife?"

Jen clasped his hand.

9/9/2008 #276
disused account

He beamed at her and squeezed her hand.

9/9/2008 #277

She squeezed his hand back and looked in his eyes, begging inside for him to say yes.

Jenny Cross... I'd love that...

9/9/2008 #278
disused account

"I do."

9/9/2008 #279

Ma grinned and whooped again.

"She's gone and done it!" she declared. "That's my Jenny!"

Jen wanted to throw something at her overenthusiastic mother, but instead smiled. He DID say yes, right? That wasn't just me dreaming...

"Then I now pronounce you man and wife."

9/9/2008 #280
disused account

He kissed her sweetly and threw his arms around her.

(Feels odd they get married in 67 in a sstory I wrote.)

9/9/2008 #281

(...OOOH!!! We could make this all a dream... and be mean... :D)

Jen laughed and kissed him back, falling in his arms.

"Don't get too tight." she warned, "I DID just stab you with a knife."

9/9/2008 #282
disused account

He kissed her sweetly and threw his arms around her.

(Feels odd they get married in 67 in a sstory I wrote.)

9/9/2008 #283

(Dude, you posted the same thing.)

9/9/2008 #284
disused account

Cross just hugged her tightly.


9/9/2008 #285

(Faaaail. So what's da scoop on your internet?)

She smiled and kissed him again.

"So, wedding night on the couch?" she suggested. "We've got some corn to roast."

9/9/2008 #286
disused account

He just laughed and kissed her hair.

(Bet dad won't be that much of a hardass, we'll see.)

9/9/2008 #287

She smiled.

9/9/2008 #288
disused account

He kissed again and rubbed his belly. Corn sounded perfect.

9/9/2008 #289

She kissed his forehed and got up.

"I'll be back. Don't bleed to death while I'm gone."

9/9/2008 #290
disused account

He kissed her before she left. “I’m not leavin’ ya.”

9/9/2008 #291


She went into the pantry and pulled out two cobs of corn and a skewer, setting them on a plate by Cross.

"Here; I'll set up the fire and you can come down for a bit."

9/9/2008 . Edited 9/9/2008 #292
disused account

He nodded and held his hand as they ate.

9/9/2008 #293

Jen held the stick with the corn gingerly over the fire.

"I keep thinking this is gonna burn me."

9/9/2008 #294
disused account

I'll save yo," he said with a kiss. Then scouted by the fire.

9/9/2008 #295

"Oh goody." she grinned. "My big strong soldier saves the day."

She laughed put her head on his shoulder.

"What are your parents gonna say?"

9/9/2008 #296
disused account

(Member I said let's pretend they knew all along?"

He stoked her hair and rubbed her back.

9/9/2008 #297

(... oh yeah.)

She sighed and smiled.

"I'm getting tired. The corn's taking too damn long."

9/9/2008 #298
disused account

“Me too,” he said kissing her hotly. “I love you so much Jenny.”

9/9/2008 #299

She kissed him back and chuckled.

"I love you too Jack." she said, squeezing his hand. "And don't you forget it."

9/9/2008 #300
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