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Ma watched them for a moment, then went downstairs while whispering a prayer.

Jen stirred, but didn't wake.

10/4/2008 #631
disused account

"Come on, Jenny," he begged, in tears.

10/4/2008 #632

"Jack..." she called out in her unconcious state.

10/4/2008 #633
disused account

He held her tighter. “I’m here.”

10/4/2008 #634

She opened her eyes a little and saw the familiar-yet-blurred form.

"Jack?" she whispered, ready to fall asleep again.

10/4/2008 #635
disused account

He kissed her forehead. “Its me,”

10/4/2008 #636

Jen took a shallow breath and swallowed.

"I'm sorry..."

10/4/2008 #637
disused account

“ I am.”

10/4/2008 #638

If she'd been well, she would have shot him her "you're joking, right?" look she'd used too many times. INstead she just stared.

"But I... I did the stupid thing..."

10/4/2008 #639
disused account

He brushed back her hair. “So did I.”

10/4/2008 #640


10/4/2008 #641
disused account

"When I got mad, I tried to stop you from being the girl I married. That's the stupid thing."

10/4/2008 #642

Jen, sick as she was, couldn't help but smile.

"You couldn't stop that no matter how hard you tried."

10/4/2008 #643
disused account

“Wished I woulda learned that sooner.” He smacked her lightly then. “Don’t you EVER almost die just to make me fell guilty again.”

10/4/2008 #644

Jen groaned.

"Not as if I planned on getting sick." she grumbled. "I'm freezing, and my face is on fire."

10/4/2008 #645
disused account

He held her tighter and ran a cloth around her face. “I coulda lost you..”

10/4/2008 #646

"Third time today." Jen said. "I think it's a new record."

10/4/2008 #647
disused account

He laughed. "Let's never fight."

10/4/2008 #648

"Can't promise that." Jen said. "We've always fought since the beginning, why change now?"

10/4/2008 #649
disused account

He rolled his eyes and smooched her. "We even fight about fighting."

10/4/2008 #650

"That's us."

She coughed a little and sighed.

"I'm tired..."

10/4/2008 #651
disused account

"Sleep, honey," he said.

10/4/2008 #652

She nodded she cuddled close to him for warmth.

10/4/2008 #653
disused account

He stoked her hair. "Sleep."

10/4/2008 #654

And for once, she actually listened to Cross.

Mrs. Walsh peered in.

"Is she okay?"

10/4/2008 #655
disused account

He nodded.

10/4/2008 #656

Mrs. Walsh sighed.

"You go eat something." she encouraged. "She'll be fine for a few minutes."

10/4/2008 #657
disused account

He kissed her forehead and nodded. Then ate and came back.

10/4/2008 #658

Jen shivered a bit and Ma grabbed another blanket.

"I can't imagine how she can still be cold." Ma mumbled.

10/4/2008 #659
disused account

Cross got back in beside her.

10/4/2008 #660
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