Deadly Earth RP
The year is 2051, 24 years after the war. Radiation, nuclear winter, pollution, and war plague the Earth. Humankind once prospered, but what will its fate be now? You can help decide.
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In 2025, the world was already a polluted, unstable mess. Overpopulation and damage to the air, water, and land ravaged the Earth, and this caused tensions that could not be restrained. Finally, the ever-expected Nuclear War broke out, lasting but five days. Five days of total and utter annihalation, until every last nuclear weapon had been detonated. The Earth became a desert of holes and scars. The population had been around eight billion before the war; the war left only about five hundred million alive, many of whom were mutated into either cripples, vegetables, or monsters. After the a destruction rooted in division, the people should have united, but divisions only grew. Nations were immediately split into a myriad of small clans and city-states, and war became constant. The fighting has died down somewhat by now, but the effects of the bombs have not. Because of the massive radiation, nuclear winter, and the lingering effects from past pollutions, mere survival in this hell depends on the use of gas masks and full-body suits with protection against cold and radiation when outside specially protected shelters. With the still common wars and raids, weapons and armor become necessities as well. In central Russia, though, something is rising that may be the start of a new, stable nation, though not an ideal one; the group is known as the Petrov Clan, or Petrovia.

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