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The year is 2051, 24 years after the war. Radiation, nuclear winter, pollution, and war plague the Earth. Humankind once prospered, but what will its fate be now? You can help decide.
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Yakutsk, which was once a grand Russian city, is now the capital of the Petrovia clan. There is a great wall that dwarfs even that of Novgorod surrounding a great perimeter. The wall is filled with defenses from rockets to missiles to machineguns to cannons to snipers. But, inside the wall, there are only two buildings: a small building with a small door and a larger one with a large door. These "buildings"are actually the entrances to the base, which is underground. The large door is for vehicles and groups of people, the small for individual people. The base is the size of a great city, even with tunnels for vehicles and a transportation system. There are propserous farms ad industries down where nuclear winter's effects are gone and the old world can, at least artificially, be brought back.

5/27/2008 . Edited by AspenIvan, 5/29/2008 #1

The air was cool in Russian woods near Yaskutsk. A fine frost covered the ground, giving it a white beauty that seemed alien. Suddenly Reaper froze.

A lone wolf slowly limped to the nearby pond. Slowly it walked. Reapers heart beat in unison with its steps. Bu bum...............Bu bum....................Bu bum..........................Bu bum. Finally the time was right.

With a banshee scream, Reaper jumped from the trees and impaled the beast in its right shoulder with his Dragon Naginata. As Reaper shoved it in harder, the sound of snapping bone and screams of pain echoed in the forest. Still on the animal's back; Reaper then left the naginata deep in the wolfs collar bone, and took out his two machete and began to slam against the mutts skull. The poor dog had tried to escape but with the naginata in his socket, it was a feeble attempt. Reaper began to laugh as eventually the skull was pierced causing blood brain to soak his ripped parka and face. With a final howl, the lone wolf keeled over. With his work done, Reaper licked his blades clean and dragged the carcass to the city.

"He he he. Very good. Very good. Wolf good. Meat good. Reaper good. He he he he he! Very good. Very good. He he he."

5/28/2008 . Edited 5/28/2008 #2

Aleksei, within the base, recieved a radio report. "Sir! Some sort of struggle going on outside! Seems violent!

"Do not worry: I doubt it's anything that can threaten our great defenses. Have your guns ready just in case. Use your loudspeaker and shout out in the direction of the struggle. Tell whoever it is to come here and state their name and purpose for being here."

5/29/2008 #3

Reaper came to the gates. Dripping with the crimson blood of his kill.

"State your business." someone said said.

"He he he! Reaper good. Wolf good. Back to camp. Back to camp. He he he he he."

The gates opened.

5/29/2008 #4

Some guards approached Reaper.

"Chief General Petrov wants to speak to you! No questions asked!"

5/29/2008 #5

Kevin approached the gate with Gretta by his side.

5/29/2008 #6

A guard tried to grab Reaper to lead him to the bunker, but Reaper panicked and with lightning speed dropped the wolf and drew his nagintata, the cold blade inches away from the guard's neck.

"I know the way." Reaper hissed, blood spewing from his mouth.

He then picked up his kill and dragged it to Petov's quarters.

Petov! Mindless ape. Petov was once the greatest power in Russia, but the wanderers from the Imarika were becoming a proble. Petov must assume he's unbeatable and will concur all. The biggest game are often easiest to fall. The wolf will not strike a snake, but will attack the wildest boar. The snake has had to adapt. Poison fills his fangs and the wolf respects that. The boar depends on size and brutish tusks. A pathetic adaptation. The wolf learns. The wolf strikes when least expected. Wolf cannot learn from snake. One bite is death. The boar will fall. And when it does; the snake will slither away as the wolf and maggots feast on the corpse.

Reaper finally reached his destination.

"Petov! Tonight we feast on wolf!" Reaper told his friend.

5/29/2008 . Edited 5/29/2008 #7

" I believe I will pass, comrade. You may keep the meat to yourself. I would much prefer the produce from my own city here: very good in fact. So what are you here for? You are of my nation, I hear. Some of my commanders find you a valuable asset. What do you do, exactly? Of what value are you to this nation? Please, tell me about yoiurself."

5/30/2008 #8

"I am Reaper. Reaper tear at the flesh of animals and feast. Reaper bring the wildest of beasts at their knees, as Reaper gouge out their eyes. Reaper but a wind of the forest, and silently creep in the hunt. Men tried to shoot the Reaper. But their bullets fail as before they pull the trigger, Reaper has disposed of their heads. The radiation does not bother the Reaper. I do not need guns or suits to slow me down, only the glory of the kill. I am Reaper!"

And with his final statements he chopped the wolf in half as if were butter, and left with his half; leaving Pertov to stare at the wolfs bleeding head.

5/30/2008 #9

((are you going to let Kevin in the city or what?))

5/30/2008 #10
Jonathan Shapiro

((ok, this is getting way too outa hand with seven different settings and all the characters at all of them at the same time god damnit.))

5/31/2008 #11

(( what would you suggest we do about it?))

5/31/2008 #12
Jonathan Shapiro

(( I suggest we stick to one place, maybe...MAYBE two, at a time, but what happens now is s that people are in four places at the same time))

5/31/2008 #13

(( who? the only one I've seen is crazy who had his character in yakutsk and the woods at the same time))

5/31/2008 #14
Jonathan Shapiro

((yes, but now that screws me up and it gets too confusing, i think we should just scrap the other settings besides the capitol of petrovia, oh and yeah, you guys might wanna let him in, or kev and my character could meet outside the gates...)

5/31/2008 #15

((Lots of setting shouldn't be a problem. A lot of them aren't being used, they are just there for later on. You should only need to post one the settings that have been posted on recently.))

5/31/2008 #16

The guards in their towers caught sight of Kevin.

"Who goes there?! Where are you from?! What is your business here?!"

5/31/2008 #17
Jonathan Shapiro

Fuck it then it didn't say anywhere that there were no roofs in the description. The cloak is possible END OF DESCUSSION IF YOU WANNA STILL FIGHT ABOUT IT, THEN LET ME KNOW WHICH METAL WOULD MAKE IT BETTER BESIDES IRON. ARE YOU FUCKING HAPPY?

5/31/2008 . Edited 6/2/2008 #18
Jonathan Shapiro

((Also, and I hope im not being to anal bout this, but reaper calls himself reaper, the reaper, me... I mean, I would prefer it if his complete illiteracy was at least a bit stable.))

5/31/2008 #19

((This is a very well-done piece, but you went through several actions without allowing for anyone to respond. Reaper isn't invulnerable to bullets, I have heard from crazy connor, whom I know in person. Second, how did you get into Petrovia? Third, how does Stephen's cloak protect him? Fourth, this sounds like another James Bond movie where the character overcomes overwhelming forces with little effort. Fifth, where did the house and the cliff come from? Sixth, a minor point, but Petrovian soldiers carry AN-94's and AK-108's, not AK-47's. I should have mentioned that. Thus, in the meantime, I will ingore your post. If you can edit it sufficiently, I will bring it back to mind. If you do not edit it, I will eventually delete it.))

5/31/2008 . Edited 5/31/2008 #20

((To Crazyconnor))

Aleksei ignored the wolf head. He had seen worse before.

"Very interesting. Bullets don't harm you? Or you get to people before they fire? Either way it is impressive. Invulnerable to radiation! You are indeed one of value. Please, tell me what sort of job you would like: I have many. Do you work well as a soldier? Or would you rather be an assassin?"

5/31/2008 #21
Jonathan Shapiro

((Well, i didn't want that section to be thrown off at all, i think one should be able to do a good bit of writing if it works out. Also, I don't know how you expect me to get the supposed petrovian rifle when you didn't post it, so i picked a russian weapon. Next, not a cliff, I said it was only one story, and that is just how it happened. Next, I mentioned how the cloak is made outa nylon as it wont freeze even in liquid nitrogen, lead woven in to protect against radiation along with iron to pretoect bullets [and to kroos, think the dragon skin except more spread out and flexible.] Next, there arent houses in petrovia? And you call it a capitol... and I didn't say he was, but it seemed to me in connor's bio of him that he was very fast or he could block the bullets with his blades. Im not sure which one or both. Also, it isn't that hard to kill a person unless they are elite. My person, elite. Yours and all the other main characters, probably. You can't expect a main character to be killed by eight foot soldiers. Not gonna happen. I'll revise it, but some of the complaints I don't agree with.))

5/31/2008 #22

((Fair enough, but who did you kill? Also, Yakutsk is underground, as I mentioned in its description, and since there is only one way in and the whole city is walled, I don't see how you could get inside.))

5/31/2008 #23
Jonathan Shapiro

((The gate might be a nice way inside. doesn't the gate lead to the forest? Uh, you mean who Stephen was attempting to kill or actually killed. He actually killed some random person that Reaper used as a meat shield, while he was trying to kill reaper. Kross, do you like what I put for Kevin? Well, I'll leave Kevin to go back to the gate on his own so I don't mess up your plans anymore. OFF TO THE FOREST WITH ME))

5/31/2008 #24

(( YOU CAN'T CONTROL OTHER CHARACTERS!! You can;t make reaper do anything, no matter how simple, only crazy can make Reaper do anything and same goes for other characters as well. From now on every time you do that I'm just going to delete the post.))

5/31/2008 #25

((sry about the woods thing. Its cool if you could erase it))

5/31/2008 . Edited 5/31/2008 #26

"Reaper never been shot. Reaper kill before people can pull lever. Animals have harmed me but I heal quickly. As for job, Reaper hunter. Man is nothing but animal, so you may call me assassin. Reaper strike on silence, feast on what is left and is gone before even flies smell the bones. Reaper kill anything anyone. But be warned. Reaper not friend. Reaper not bodyguard. If the boar cries as the wolf bites his neck, the snake will not save him. But fear not. Reaper loyal. Reaper not swayed by paper, coin or objects. They mean nothing. As for payment, keep it. Reaper needs no gratitude, weapon or bunker. Just a patch of soil that will ensure Reaper alive in the morning. Reaper hunt my own food and provide own clothing. To put answer blunt Mr. Petov, you just gained an assassin." Reaper said.

5/31/2008 #27
Jonathan Shapiro


6/1/2008 #28
Jonathan Shapiro

((so you are deleting that post or not?))

6/1/2008 #29

((eight soldiers could easily kill steven, especially when all you have are too close range desert eagles and they are armed with medium range AN-94's that re more accurate, have a higher rate of fire, and can fire from a lot longer range, and they don't have to reload as often and are more powerful than your desert eagles!))

6/1/2008 . Edited 6/1/2008 #30
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