Worst ways to DIE
What are the worst way of dying you can think of portrayed in the Media today? Share your thoughts plz.
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Just Entity

Well I think a very bad way to die is cruel and unusual punishment. stretching, whipping, dismembering, tar and fetherings, being skinned alive etc.

11/8/2011 #1
Getting a pepper spray can stuffed up your butt would be HORRIBLE!
3/28/2012 #2
Lynn W. Betson

Ever heard of a shrike?

They impale their prey on thorns and leave it for a bit before coming back to eat it later.

Imagine zombies that could do THAT. Or even people. Or anyone. *shudder*

6/7/2012 #3

Somebody shoving a lit lighter down your throat or being castrated slowly.

7/9/2012 #4
Mawr Gorshin

@FrostKnight: You should see (or maybe you shouldn't) the movie Caligula, in which a soldier, Proculus, is emasculated after being slowly disemboweled and urinated on.

7/19/2013 #5
Being strapped to the ground and slowly sliced till you bleed to death.
12/26/2013 #6
Prime Jeremy

sonds disturbing ill look it up right away!

2/1/2015 #7
Prime Jeremy

i saw a movie where this Vietnam vet was talking about Vietnamese making a slit in someones bell and then would put a starving rat in front of it and the rat would crawl in through the slit and eat them alive, generally going for the heart.

2/1/2015 #8
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