Worst ways to DIE
What are the worst way of dying you can think of portrayed in the Media today? Share your thoughts plz.
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I don't think he felt it .... the poor guy trying to shut off the lasers though, he was so cute and panicky, and succeeds just a little too late. The RE films aren't so hot, but they're funny at least.

9/7/2008 #31
Ten ways to spoil dinner

hilarity should make up for it.

9/7/2008 #32

It always does.

9/7/2008 #33
Eyes of the World

I remember one movie, I forget which, where this guy gets his face ripped off and nailed to a pillar. Looked like he was still alive, too. In the same series of films, some guy gets ripped apart by hooks. In another one in the same series, a priest gets his cross melted in his hand, somehow melting his hand off as well. There was another one where this woman was crucified. In the same one, which is called 'The Nun,' one woman gets beheaded, another gets burned alive, another gets her throat cut, another gets a harpoon in her stomach, another gets drowned in holy water, one gets shoved into a furnace/oven thing, and, my personal gruesome favorite, a woman gets chased around her apartment only to run into an elevator, have it stop and open a little ways below the beginning of one of the doors, tries to climb out of the entrance only to have the elevator fall while she has both arms out, trying to struggle out of the elevator. Her arms were left conveniently outside the elevator door on some poor sucker's floor and she was found by an already-traumatized girl in the lobby. :D

And I can go on! In 'Silent Hill,' a woman gets a bunch of barbed wire shoved up her you-know-what and then gets ripped in half by the inside and out. In the same movie, a little girl was burned alive and a bunch of other people get picked up and ripped apart by wire. And another girl got her clothes ripped off, then her skin, and then she was turned into a dead monster methinks.

Yeah... I don't want to die in any of those ways. ;_;

9/22/2008 #34

I think the first couple of them are deaths from Hellraiser. Pinhead (the Big Bad of the series) was really fond of using hooks on his victims.

9/29/2008 #35
Eyes of the World

Oh yeah! I knew it was something with 'Hell' in it. Thanks! ^.^

9/30/2008 #36
Charles M. Harris

The worst death (I think) I've seen is the begining scene in 'Ghost Ship'

When they're all dancing, and the piano wire comes... Awesome...

10/2/2008 #37
Ten ways to spoil dinner

I saw the movie Doomsday (It's not a horror, but a sci-fi, with REALLY cool deaths.)

One guy gets burned alive, then eaten by cannibals. Some people get their heads chopped off, shot with bow and arrows, an axe in the head, Shot, and some REALLY cool deaths involving a car jumping through a bus.

It's worth watching.

10/23/2008 #38

I wanna see Doomsday!

Recently, I saw Titus. It's an adaption of a William Shakespere's 'Titus Andronicus'. It's gory in every sense, and the deaths are nothing if not imaginative! One guy gets stabbed with a candle stick, two more have their throats cut and are then baked into pies, another is killed with a spoon! Not to mention the mutilations done to some characters .... yeah, violent.

10/24/2008 #39
Eyes of the World

How on Earth can someone be stabbed with a candlestick or killed with a spoon?

10/24/2008 #40

Y'know some candle sticks have a spike which you put the candle on? He just ripped the candle off and stabbed him with the spike. And the spoon was forcibly rammed down the guys throat.

10/24/2008 #41
Eyes of the World

Huh. I guess that the script writer was creative.

10/24/2008 #42

Very. But a good chunk of it came from Shakesperes script. You want gory with a body count, go for Billy Shakespere every time!

10/24/2008 #43
Eyes of the World

Especially in King Lear. Everyone dies there.

10/24/2008 #44

I know. I haven't even read the entire play, but you can see where it's going. And my favorite, Othello. Which has one if, if not the smallest body count, but is still fairly nasty.

10/24/2008 #45
Eyes of the World

Shakespeare was fond of killing his characters.

10/24/2008 #46

Yep. It's almost creepy .... but he does make such delicious villians. Tamara and Iago being two of my faves.

10/24/2008 #47
Eyes of the World

Which was your favorite play?

10/24/2008 #48

Othello. I loved every second of it. Iago was too cool. Talk about psycho! What was yours?

10/24/2008 #49
Eyes of the World

The only ones my school have bothered showing me personally are Midsummer Night's Dream and Shrew. Out of those two, I like Dream. (As You Like It was funny, but H*** randomly popping up at the end there? It confused the hell out of me.)

10/24/2008 #50

Ah, okay. Anyway, i gots ta go. Talk to ya later, yeah?

10/24/2008 #51
Eyes of the World

Sure! ^.^

10/24/2008 #52

Darren Shan's Demonata.

Book 2: Demon Thief.

A man is chased by two demons that tear off his head, rip it in half and scoop out his brian, then do the same thing with his organs in the rest of his body.

10/29/2008 #53
Eyes of the World

Mm. Head being ripped off. That sounds absolutely wonderful. [/sarcasm]

10/30/2008 #54

Certainly sounds interesting.

10/31/2008 #55
Eyes of the World

Which would be a worse death: getting pulled apart by hooks or getting a heart attack on the toilet?

10/31/2008 #56

Neither sounds pleasent .... but the heart attack on the toliet sounds worse to me. There's no dignity in it.

10/31/2008 #57
Eyes of the World

Elvis died that way. :(

10/31/2008 #58

I know. I'm not really a fan of the King ... apart from 'In the Ghetto' .... but he didn't deserve that. No one does.

10/31/2008 #59
Eyes of the World

No. He didn't deserve that. After such a dignified and respected life, to die like that... no.

10/31/2008 #60
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