Worst ways to DIE
What are the worst way of dying you can think of portrayed in the Media today? Share your thoughts plz.
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No he didn't, but he did .... but Johnny Cash got a second chance

10/31/2008 #61
Eyes of the World

Yeah. At least that.

10/31/2008 #62

You seem a fan ...

11/1/2008 #63
Eyes of the World

Of Elvis? No. Not really. I just admire him as a musical genius.

11/1/2008 #64

Ah. Okay. Makes sense.

11/1/2008 #65

I watched this movie called Sucide Club, there is this scene that this mother is making her child lunch all the sudden she starts cutting off her hand and putting it in the lunch.. all the while smiling as she does it. Another one that has haunted me since childhood.. i can't remember which movie it was from but it was from one of the hellraiser ones.. where a guy is on a bed and suddenly hooks spring forth and hook onto his skin.. after that i couldn't sleep on my bed for about 3 months.

11/10/2008 #66
Eyes of the World

*blinks* Wouldn't she bleed out too much to put the hand in the lunch and give it to her kid? ((Jeeze. Let's see, how do I want to emotionally scare my child for life today...?))

11/15/2008 #67

Obviously she died while doing it but she never feed the child the lunch she just killed herself that way. (She was chopping some vegs and then started hacking up her hand while holding onto the vegs) The child saw her do it and then just ran up to the father and said the mother was "Acting weird".

11/15/2008 #68

Oh ... that would scar the child, and viewer, for life anyway ...

11/16/2008 #69

Most def, it was a part of this whole sequence of deaths that actaully became kind of comical. Its a J** flick you guys should check it out.. but i warn you its pretty out there in why in reasoning behind the actaul plot.

11/16/2008 #70
Eyes of the World

Is it one of those that are solely for the gore?

11/16/2008 #71

Yea I think so.. there is a message behind it but I didn't understand it.. but its still intersting.

11/16/2008 #72
Eyes of the World

Sounds like something I can use to freak my friends out. :)

11/16/2008 #73

lol thats a good way of seeing it.. oh and there is a crazy "breaking out into song" part in the movie too thats werid but funny.

11/16/2008 #74
Eyes of the World


11/16/2008 #75

there's a scene in dead tone that i was able to see and the girl was hiding in the pantry and the killer just got the ax and started swinging everywhere and killed her that s*** was funny but sad at the same time lol

7/14/2009 #76
Mike McNamara

Theres an Italian Horror flick called Suspiria from the 70's about a ballet school secretly governed by a coven of satanic cultist witches. There's some really horrible ones there, but two of them strike out the most, I can't really decide which one is worse.

A girl is looking out a window (there are two panes of glass) a hand smashes through the first pane, and grabs the back of her head and pushes her face into the second pane, slowly crushing her head until the window shatters, and he pulls her through, he then stabs her repeatedly in the chest (they are in an apartment above a stained glass skylight) and rips open her chest cavity and pulls out her still beating heart, he then wraps a cord around her waist and pushes her through the skylight where she plummets into the lobby, the cord runs out and pulls up, snapping her neck, she is hanging inches from the lobby floor bleeding EVERYWHERE (somebody else was impaled by the falling glass who happened to be below)

The second kill involves a terrified and paranoid girl as she sneaks through the attics of the Academy, as she is holding her breath and searching for a prowler, she is slashed in the face from behind, she falls into a glass cabinet and smashes it, cutting open her arms and face with the shards. She then locks herself in a room and sees a window, knowing it is her only possible escape, she stacks some boxes and climbs through into a room which is semi dark, she leaps from the ledge, as fate would have it, the floor is covered in neverending coils of razor wire, she is entangled and the more she struggles to escape, she more she is cut open, the killer ends her misery almost a whole minute later by slashing her throat. Her body is later found on a sacrificial table, huge iron pins through her wrists and ankles, holding her in place.

In my honest opinion, those are the worst deaths (and Saw sucks tbh)

7/26/2009 #77

Sincerely? No offense, but why did you stay watching? Man oh man, razor wire?!

Oh, and for a grusome death of my own? Well, 28 weeks later has one guy die by being set on fire quite horribly while drying to save everyone else ...

7/26/2009 #78
Mike McNamara

Meh, 28 weeks.... I couldn't stand the first one lol, it was just eh...

Suspiria is a good film, it's done by Dario Argento (one of the 'Masters of Horror') and was his directorial debut, the death involving the razorwire has been classed by a majority of horror fans as the 'best horror movie death' of all time.

7/26/2009 #79

28 days was the better film IMHO, but I liked them both.

I dunno, was there a plot to Suspiria?

7/26/2009 #80
Mike McNamara

There was a VERY loose plot worked in after he thought of the film, it was mainly to showcase his creativity (you know, with all those long corridor shots and dramatic colours) but it's part of a trilogy of films describing three witches (AKA the 3 sorrows) who govern over all things bad in our world from underneath our very noses.

7/26/2009 #81

Oh ... okay. That's where I'd have the problem. 28 Days Later is kind of a showcase as well, but it has a fantastic point about society today, and that's why I like it. I don't mind gore, just so long as it's not just for the sake of gore.

7/27/2009 . Edited 7/27/2009 #82
Mike McNamara

Yeah, same. Suspiria's gore scenes were all artsy fartsy, such as the blood was a cherry colour on purpose, all the colour contrasts, the wire scene was all blue and silver, when the girl is hanging the blood running down her legs is in like 'perfect symmetry'. But I can't stand gore flicks for the sake of gore like you said. Saw and Hostel are a good example, no matter how many people reply saying "Saw is a crime thriller about a bla bla bla bla" It isn't it was just made for the gore, hence the bad backstory and numerous plot holes, and Hostel, well that was just made to cash in on Saw's 'torture p***' success because 13 yearolds actually thought it was cool. I'm not saying the 28 ... later films are bad, they just didn't hook me.

7/27/2009 #83

I do agree with you on both Saw and Hostel. And I like arty flicks done well, I'm just not sure arty and gore go very well together, y'know? And I understand that 28 Days Later isn't everyone's cup of tea.

8/3/2009 #84
Mike McNamara

Yay for both agreeing and artsy flicks done well! The only reason I actually think Suspiria passes the artsy and gore thing is because the villain are a coven of witches rather than a madman weilding a hatchet. Even though most of the victims are female prompting the viewer to think "Whoever made this is an effing mysogynistic pig" is eliminated by the fact that the villains are female also, and in that way only I believe it's artsy because it uses a 'but when you consider the...' thing, but yeah, I do agree art and gore don't go together very well if at all.

8/3/2009 #85

yea gore and art can be looked at in different perspectives...what about the collector? that movie was pretty good...

oh kind of off topic but still relates to the thread, worst way to die is to get ur head cut off while your girl is going down on you...i think i saw it on 7eventy 5ive the UK version

8/3/2009 #86

Yeah! Girls killing girls! And both Saw and Hostel made it due to controversy. I dunno, I think I may give Suspiria a miss though.

Oh, and shiponem, that is a bad way to die ...

8/3/2009 #87

at least it wud end on a good note...feeling all satisfied, and then out of no where...bam! ur dead! just sucks for the girl who's doing the work cus basically she just gave head to a dead guy haha

8/3/2009 #88

Right .... well, as I am a girl, I'll go ahead and take you're word for that.

And just to throw in a death, 'cause I'm like that. In The Lost Boys one guy gets killed 'cause the vampire decided to peel him.

8/3/2009 #89

hahaha word!

getting gutted is worse too

8/3/2009 #90
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