Tome: A Mystery RPG
A death in the Library of Worlds forces the characters of the murdered writer to find his killer. With the fate of several literary worlds at stake, the murderer must be stopped if the Library is to survive.
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Jave Harron

As you all know, Tome will be rebooted. There's a few NPCs that I would like to see, and you are welcome to post revisions and ideas on already existing NPCs (and PCs). Also, the Tomeworld of Panthalassa has been significantly changed. Below, I've listed the template and some preferred new NPCs.

New NPCs:

—1 or 2 New Radical Librarians

—4 Panthalassa related leaders (See Panthal. thread for more info)

Librarian Template: Librarians are the creators of the tome-worlds, but are largely unable to enter them. To those ends, they create and recruit "characters" to act as their agents. The inhabitants of the tome-worlds are largely ignorant of the truth.

—Name: Self explanatory.

—Age: Chronological age of character. Thaumaturgy and habits may alter their appearance.

—Gender: Male or female, though a shape-shifting biomancer may have a variable option here.

—Appearance: What they look like.

—Items: Things they normally keep around or on them.

—National Origin: What nation they are from. While most are from Kaftor, a number of foreign specialists have been brought in.

—Background: How did the character end up at the Library, and what politics shaped their opinions?

—Skills: The skills and proficiencies the character has.

—Politics: Is the character sympathetic to the Moderates, Radicals, or try to remain neutral (though favoring one side)? No matter the character's stance, they are sure to make enemies based on this.

Character Template: The characters created by the Librarians are going to be the primary explorers of tome-worlds. Some have been recruited by both camps, and some have been corrupted by both as well.

—Name: Self explanatory.

—Age: Chronological age of character. Thaumaturgy and habits may alter their appearance.

—Gender: Male or female, though a shape-shifting biomancer may have a variable option here. Some races may not have a gender. -Race: Can be human, or other.

—Appearance: What they look like.

—Items: Things they normally keep around or on them.

—Tomeworld Origin: What tome-world they are originally from.

—Social Origin: What nation they are from, within the tome-world, and what their social skills are.

—Background: What is the character's life, and how do they react to being contacted by the Librarians? Or are they ignorant of the Librarians? The vast majority of people in tome-worlds are ignorant to the truth.

—Skills: The skills and proficiencies the character has.

—Politics: Is the character sympathetic to the Moderates, Radicals, or try to remain neutral (though favoring one side)? No matter the character's stance, they are sure to make enemies based on this. Characters may be ignorant to this altogether.


—Name: Depends on the culture they come from. Random name generators possibly if non-standard Earth cultures used.

—Origins: What sort of society, environment, and social environment was the person raised under? How about their tomeworld?

—Race: Could be one of below.

—Humans and their cousins are the most common species in the tome-worlds, as technology and thaumaturgy derived from humans is a more logical export.

—Thaumai: Artificial intellects created through thaumaturgy. Often formless, but commonly bound to a mechanical or even human body. They also are able to operate through a soulshell (see below). A familiar or animal raised to self-awareness also counts as one.

—Soulshell: A human soul transplanted into a mechanical body. Often thaumechanically driven. They come in a variety of body types, from vast immobile computers to animated suits of armor. Many are also modular. A non-thaumaturgical variation is a brain in a clockwork body.

—Trilo: A race descended from trilobites. They are amphibious, and have a compartmentalized mind that makes an "identity" seem more like a "chorus" of parts than a single thing. Commonly held as the first sapient race to evolve on Earth, and founders of biomancy. While most are extinct in the present era, some reconstructed ones have been placed in the tomeworlds for study. They are often symbiotic with thaumo-autotrophic bacteria called Minutiae. Generally, they resemble somewhat erect trilobites with several small legs and two to four forearms terminating in manipulator claws. They have antennae and mandibles as well as a thick carapace.

—Angui: A second race to evolve that coexisted with dinosaurs. They used mathematical thaumaturgy. They are quadruped and have two tentacle-like tongues and telekinesis used as their primary methods of manipulating objects. The females are born with several eggs inside of them. During mating, the male's sperm are also a potent neurotoxin. The female is paralyzed while the newly fertilized eggs eat their way out of their mother. Necrophilia by males to a mate's remains is considered a sign of respect to the dead wife and her family. Currently extinct on Earth, but reconstructed in tome-worlds. Their sperm and bodily fluids are key components of various medicines and alchemical solutions.

—Vox: The Vox evolved from a species of bipedal coastal scavengers. They are amphibious, and retain the ability to use echolocation. They use a form of sound-wave based thaumaturgy to communicate called resonance. They appear vaguely humanoid, but possess "backwards" birdlike knees, nasal slits, and gray skin. They are biologically semi-mammalian amphibians, able to give birth to live young with two genders. Currently extinct on modern Earth, but revived in tome-worlds.

—Ikthys: The Ikthys are a sapient species based around the water. They have the ability to mold and shape water, and often create thaumaturgical devices to do so. Not much is known on their appearance or physical size. Ley energy is believed to be the source of their water-molding ability.

—Appearance (Eyes, Hair, Skin, etc.): Depends on above.

—Skills (including thaumaturgy): Representative on upbringing and learning.

—Craft: Skills relating to construction, design, and maintenance, from complex clockwork machines to flint hatchets. This can range from knowing how to knap flint to formal engineering training.

—Science: The knowledge behind changes in the physical world, and even the organized study of thaumaturgy. Social science, physical science, and thaumaturgical sciences fall under this.

—Folklore: Knowing religious, social, or traditional stories and practices.

—Thaumaturgical: Knowing a type of thaumaturgy and having experience with it. See list below.

—Business: Knowing economics, how to sell goods, and the relationships that commerce builds.

—Social: Includes proper social interactions for different societies, politics, and personal charm. Literacy may also be something a character does not have, based on upbringing.

—Art: Knowledge of forms of art from cave-painting to sculpting to creative biomancy.

—Survival: Includes survival skills for wilderness and urban environments, military tactics, and use of weapons.

—Social Background: What sort of social position the character had in their tome-world. The following are just some broad concepts, and by no means comprehensive.

—Primitive: The character is from an isolated, tribal, or primitive community isolated from others.

—Slave: The character was a slave, serf, or stuck in an otherwise horrid position of (likely) involuntary servitude. Skills are likely to relate to manual labor.

—Lower Class: The character was a member of an urban lower class, either through birth, personal mistakes, bad luck, or a combination.

—Middle Class: The character was a member of an urban middle class, often the self-made professional class.

—Upper Class: The character was an aristocrat, born to nobility, or made it due to their own efforts, or some combination of those factors.


—Clothing: What is worn by the character commonly.

—Food: What they are used to eating and drinking, and what they carry with them if they need to.

—Weapons: How the character defends themselves and inflicts harm and damage to attackers.

—Armor: What defense equipment the character brings with them.

—Devices: Includes technological and thaumaturgical items that the character relies on for different purposes.

—Other: Includes personal items or other items carried.

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Name: Mac Lir

Age: 52

Gender: male

Origins: Upper class (self-made man)

Race: Ikthys (abhuman)

Appearance: Mac Lir is a squat, bald man with weathered looks from a life at sea. His clothing is what would be expected of a high-ranking seaman of during the early parts of the age of sail. He carries a pair of repeating flintlocks and a bronze cutlass.

Items: A ley-reinforced bronze cutlass and a pair of rare repeating flintlock pistols. He also personally owns quite a few of the ships in his fleet. Some assorted minor ley artifacts, and a major artifact called the Eye of the Hurricane.

Tomeworld Origin: Panthalassa

Background: Mac Lir was born in one of the Ikthys’ submerged villages. By the time he was thirteen he was routinely going out on trading expeditions to other villages as well as to land bound ports. A few years later his village was destroyed by Arverni warships as part of a punitive expedition against Ikthys piracy. Mac Lir and all his family members were absent, having been away on a trading run. They returned to find their home a ruin and most of their friends dead. Most of the villages survivors (others who had also been away) focused their efforts on rebuilding, but Mac Lir and a few others chose instead to sign on with a passing pirate ship order to get revenge. His hatred of the islanders grew when the ship stumbled across several more destroyed villages.

Mac Lir proved to have an aptitude for piracy, and by the time he was twenty-five he had clawed his way to the captaincy of his own ship. He acquired a reputation for being both ruthless and quite skilled at turning a profit. He pioneered the tactic of using the Ikthys’ innate hydromorphic abilities to sail inland and take loot and slaves from undefended islander villages. As his reputation grew he attracted a small fleet, and they started to openly challenge the Arverni navy. Their superior technology, tactics, and crews made most of these engagements rather one sided. They grew even more one sided after Mac Lir recovered an artifact known as the Eye of the Hurricane, which aided him in controlled the weather at sea. There are rumors that Mac Lir was only able to recover this artifact due to divine intervention (in actuality, a librarian guided him to it).

Empowered by the Eye, Mac Lir’s forces continue to grow, and he is constantly harassing all the factions of the Arverni civil war. He has worked for all of the factions as a mercenary at one point or another, but none trust him anymore, as in each case he turned on them and sailed away with cargo holds full of slaves and loot.

Skills: Mac Lir is a brave but unremarkable marksman and swordsman. He is, however, a clever negotiator and charismatic speaker, and a skilled user of ley energy on top of that. Bolsters by the Eye and other artifacts he has recovered, he is capable of remarkable thaumaturgical feats. He is also a skilled seaman, universally respected by the aquatically inclined Ikthys for his knowledge of the sea.

Politics: Mac Lir hates islanders, particularly Arverni, with a burning passion. He views them as subhuman and considers them fit for nothing more than enslavement or death. However, he is usually quite charming and social in person. It would be difficult for anyone to detect the depth of his hatred from casual contact. The moderate librarians have been using him to oppose the radical controlled Arverni factions.

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Jave Harron

Here's some Panthalassa ones:

Senate Leader:

Name: Angus Afton

Age: 58

Gender: Male

Origins: Upper Class (aristocratic family)

Race: Human

Appearance: Older, stout man, clad in some of the finer robes. He looks respectable, having a beard and hair with some dark hair and graying ‘with dignity.’ He carries himself with a strong posture, and is able to speak deeply and energetically for his age. His hair is pulled back into a pony tail.

Items: Afton has a ceremonial dagger given to the leader of the Senate, and often carries the flintlock pistol he used for several duels as a ‘good luck charm’ and defensive weapon.

Background: Angus Afton came from a rich and influential family in the Republic. He was raised in the most elite academies, given private tutors, and groomed to be a patriarch of his family. However, this was not as easy for him as others. He had to learn the game of politics, statecraft, and public speaking, lessons with served him well. He found himself in a handful of duels, but overall, is not a capable fighter.

While not an experienced warrior, academic, or merchant, he surrounded himself with friends who were. A lifetime of political experience has made him see the value of some competent underlings. After the civil war began, Afton was a leading figure in the pro-republic political arena, wanting to reunite his shattered country. He believes the republic to be worth saving, though it has corruption and inequity, is better than despotism or dictatorship. The Moderate Librarians have shown him favor, but no more than they have periodically shown other factions.

Politics: Angus is the nominal leader of the republic, or at least the public figurehead of restoring the pre-war status quo. He wants to unify the country, and promises reform, but the public is far more cynical than since the war began. He is open to compromise with the other two factions, and believes the unchecked Ikthys are a greater threat.

Rogue General:

Name: General Caley Braeden

Age: 47

Gender: Male

Origins: Upper Class (originally middle class, but became de facto upper class due to military prestige)

Race: Human

Appearance: A tall and lanky man, clad in a cotton military uniform. He wears his medals, officer’s sword, and carries a pair of repeating flintlock pistols. He wears ley-reinforced bronze armor while on the battlefield.

Items: Often carries officer’s saber and pistols, and when in battle himself, he dons his armor.

Background: Originally born to a middle class urban family, Caley joined the military to see the world. However, he got stuck on a remote border fortress, and almost deserted. However, in that border fort, he met a man who would change his life. The man was an officer from a respected family, and had a philosophy that Caley would subscribe to more radically. His friend would often mention that the republic was corrupt, and the politicians had been responsible for keeping it in decline. While pirates and brigands took advantage, the public was utterly unprepared for a major war or sneak attack.

Their border garrison had a date with destiny. It was raided by a well organized band of pirates, who killed his friend, massacred most of the garrison, as well as a nearby village. Being one of the few survivors, Caley became more radicalized. Believing if the republic was more prepared, and less corrupt, these events would not happen. He soon became outspoken in his opinions, and found both military and civilian supporters drawn towards his anti-corruption and pro-defense attitude.

There was talk that Caley would run for political office. The Arverni Senate, however, began to fear his power. They ordered him to resign, unaware of just how many supporters he had. It was that incident that sparked the civil war. At first, Caley’s supporters seemed isolated and scattered across several islands. He soon took advantage of this, using his supporters to wage guerrilla war. His conventional forces began to mass near the borders, and soon, he found himself commanding an experienced, conventional army against a demoralized Republican army. They have done many of their own ‘anti-corruption’ efforts, which consist of imprisoning or executing Republic supporters deemed corrupt.

One of his up and coming officers defected, but continued operations against the Republic as well. After this, Caley began to fortify his position to prevent his former followers from waging guerrilla tactics against him. His former officer, Barry Arton, had significant support from fishermen, naval officers, Ikthys tribes, and privateers, so he moved away from the coastlines, and into the mountains and highlands. He is currently building a set of fortresses around his holdings, looking to prepare for the next assault. He is used as a proxy by both the Radicals and the Moderates indirectly, as his exact political actions may pose a threat to both camps' their agents.

Politics: Caley is trying to force the Senate into submission by making the war politically unattractive. His goal is to set up a military dictatorship until certain policies are implemented, and then an elected government would take power again (though the military would have more political power). It is of note that he cares little for regulating personal affairs, preferring instead to focus on institutional abuses. He believes in equality of genders, and has welcomed female recruits into fighting for him on the front line. How much of this is progressive philosophy and how much is need for all available fighters is unknown at this time.

Populist Faction:

Name: Barry Arton

Age: 39

Gender: Male

Origins: Middle Class

Race: Human

Appearance: An averaged sized man with brown hair, dressed in a blue Arverni sailor's outfit. He has a cutlass and a blunderbuss as his weapons, and numerous scars. Instead of making him more revolting, he appears more as a unique figure.

Items: Cutlass, cut-down blunderbuss, and lots of connections.

Background: Barry Arton was born to a sleepy fishing village. With several family members in the military when fishing was poor, he joined the Republican navy. His experience at sea allowed him to become a respected figure, earning some respect from officers and jealously from other sailors. Noticing how ill-prepared many villages were for pirate raids, and how few naval sailors were prepared to fight them, he became enthralled by General Caley Braeden's political views. While respected by some officers, he was often mistreated by some, especially those who had their rank based on family connections, rather than merit or experience.

When the civil war came, he fought alongside the general, hoping to build a new society where family name mattered little. He organized many of the General's supply lines, and trained many of his fisherman contacts into privateers. He set about setting up secret supply and landing zones along enemy coasts, using his privateers to capture Republic warships and build his own navy up. He also sought alliances with several Ikthys tribes, adding them to his ranks. It was said no Republican naval or marine commander desired to face him.

When he'd capture a ship, he'd find all the sailors and give them a chance to join him. Those who did not were either marooned or executed. He would sometimes find himself executing officers with connections to the upper classes, on account of both his past experiences and many of their own stubbornness. When Caley heard about this, he told Arton to stop, opening a rift between the two.

Upon finding out that Caley did not plan to utterly remove the noble families, Arton formed his own side. At first, he did not have the numbers of the Republic or the experience of the General's forces, but he did have better logistics and connections. Caley's forces lost a significant amount of their naval presence, which is a crucial asset on a water-world like Panthassala. Arton also made connections with other nations and Ikthys tribes, creating a popular alternative abroad to either faction. He tends to fight smarter, rather than harder, relying on his navy and mercantile fleet for support. He is used by the Moderate Librarians recent as an alternative to the other two factions, but his radicalism is cause for concern.

Politics: Arton wants to create a society of pure merit, and annihilate the nobility and rich families. Caley's preference of only going against a few was insignificant, in Arton's view. While this radicalism is not apparently to all but his most trusted advisors, it is what he plans to do. If Angus is trying to restore the status quo, and Caley is trying to purify it from what he perceives are enemies, then Arton wants to replace it. While he does concern himself with merit, Arton would like to regulate certain personal behaviors he finds revolting, but would grant friendly Ikthys citizenship under his new state.

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