Tome: A Mystery RPG
A death in the Library of Worlds forces the characters of the murdered writer to find his killer. With the fate of several literary worlds at stake, the murderer must be stopped if the Library is to survive.
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Jave Harron

I'd like to thank CB for revising Panthalassa. Note the Ikythys have changed from a separate species to an abhuman race. The required NPCs are listed at the bottom.


Panthalassa is mostly ocean, dotted by islands ranging in size and fertility from rocks sticking out of the ocean to landmasses like Crete or Cyprus. Most of the larger islands are a mix of densely populated cites and sparsely populated agricultural areas. The climate for the islands ranges from Mediterranean (usually the most populous and advanced) to frigid (usually totally unpopulated). The islands tend to get smaller, rockier, and colder the further one gets from the tomeworld’s equator.

The political map of Panthalassa is disjointed. The city-state is the most common form of government, and most are no more extensive than one or two small islands. A few larger states have formed, and the largest is Avern, with an empire sprawling over several large islands and dozens of smaller ones.

Avern is an oligarchical republic in the midst of a three way civil war. One faction is composed of supporters of the senate and led by a few powerful and charismatic leaders. The other two are led by a popular general and one of his disgruntled lieutenants, respectively. The lieutenant is the weakest of the three factions, but has gained some popularity and support through populist rhetoric as well as from other nations who do not want to see either of the other two factions in control

The Ikythys are a group of aquatic abhuman nomads and pirates that have become involved one way or another in the Averni civil war. Some are fighting as mercenaries, some are profiteering from the war by selling weapons and supplies, and more than a few are taking advantage of the breakdown of order to engage in piracy unimpeded by Averni fleets (and some do all three).

Most of the tech used in Panthalassa is comparable to the 18th century. Flintlock firearms are the dominant ranged weapons and swords and knives are the dominant close in weapon. A scarcity of iron means that bronze is the most common metal, and ley energy is quite common. Water craft, particularly Ikythys water craft, are abnormally advanced. They combine thaumechanics and ley energy for construction and propulsion.

The primary exports of this tomeworld are the ley-mechanical ships and submarines made by Avern and the Ikythys, and agricultural products. Panthalassa is responsible for a significant portion of the Library’s food production.


NPC List:

-Senate leader

-Rebellious general

-Splinter-faction commander (general’s former lieutenant)

-Ikythys pirate/slaver admiral (CB has shown interest in this NPC)

Ideally none of these people should be overtly villainous.

Panthalassa should use Celtic names for characters and places.

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