Tome: A Mystery RPG
A death in the Library of Worlds forces the characters of the murdered writer to find his killer. With the fate of several literary worlds at stake, the murderer must be stopped if the Library is to survive.
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Jave Harron

This is for NPC (and perhaps future PC) ideas.

Character Details Librarian Template: Librarians are the creators of the tome-worlds, but are largely unable to enter them. To those ends, they create and recruit "characters" to act as their agents. The inhabitants of the tome-worlds are largely ignorant of the truth.

-Name: Self explanatory.

-Age: Chronological age of character. Thaumaturgy and habits may alter their appearance.

-Gender: Male or female, though a shape-shifting biomancer may have a variable option here.

-Appearance: What they look like.

-Items: Things they normally keep around or on them.

-National Origin: What nation they are from. While most are from Kaftor, a number of foreign specialists have been brought in.

-Background: How did the character end up at the Library, and what politics shaped their opinions?

-Skills: The skills and proficiencies the character has.

-Politics: Is the character sympathetic to the Moderates, Radicals, or try to remain neutral (though favoring one side)? No matter the character's stance, they are sure to make enemies based on this.

Character Template: The characters created by the Librarians are going to be the primary explorers of tome-worlds. Some have been recruited by both camps, and some have been corrupted by both as well.

-Name: Self explanatory.

-Age: Chronological age of character. Thaumaturgy and habits may alter their appearance.

-Gender: Male or female, though a shape-shifting biomancer may have a variable option here. Some races may not have a gender. -Race: Can be human, or other.

-Appearance: What they look like.

-Items: Things they normally keep around or on them.

-Tomeworld Origin: What tome-world they are originally from.

-Social Origin: What nation they are from, within the tome-world, and what their social skills are.

-Background: What is the character's life, and how do they react to being contacted by the Librarians? Or are they ignorant of the Librarians? The vast majority of people in tome-worlds are ignorant to the truth.

-Skills: The skills and proficiencies the character has.

-Politics: Is the character sympathetic to the Moderates, Radicals, or try to remain neutral (though favoring one side)? No matter the character's stance, they are sure to make enemies based on this. Characters may be ignorant to this altogether.


-Name: Depends on culture from. Random name generators possibly if non-standard Earth cultures used.

-Origins: What sort of society, environment, and social environment was the person raised under? How about their tomeworld?

-Race: Could be one of below.

-Humans and their cousins are the most common species in the tome-worlds, as technology and thaumaturgy derived from humans is a more logical export.

-Thaumai: Artificial intellects created through thaumaturgy. Often formless, but commonly bound to a mechanical or even human body. They also are able to operate through a soulshell (see below). A familiar or animal raised to self-awareness also counts as one.

-Soulshell: A human soul transplanted into a mechanical body. Often thaumechanically driven. They come in a variety of body types, from vast immobile computers to animated suits of armor. Many are also modular. A non-thaumaturgical variation is a brain in a clockwork body.

-Trilo: A race descended from trilobites. They are amphibious, and have a compartmentalized mind that makes an "identity" seem more like a "chorus" of parts than a single thing. Commonly held as the sapient first race to evolve on Earth, and founders of biomancy. While most are extinct in the present era, some reconstructed ones have been placed in the tomeworlds for study. They are often symbiotic with thaumo-autotrophic bacteria called Minutiae. Generally, they resemble somewhat erect trilobites with several small legs and two to four forearms terminating in manipulator claws. They have antennae and mandibles as well as a thick carapace.

-Angui: A second race to evolve that coexisted with dinosaurs. They used mathematical thaumaturgy. They are quadruped and have two tentacle-like tongues and telekinesis used as their primary methods of manipulating objects. The females are born with several eggs inside of them. During mating, the male's sperm are also a potent neurotoxin. The female is paralyzed while the newly fertilized eggs eat their way out of their mother. Necrophilia by males to a mate's remains is considered a sign of respect to the dead wife and her family. Currently extinct on Earth, but reconstructed in tome-worlds. Their sperm and bodily fluids are key components of various medicines and alchemical solutions.

-Vox: The Vox evolved from a species of bipedal coastal scavenger. They are amphibious, and retain the ability to use echolocation. They use a form of sound-wave based thaumaturgy to communicate, called resonance. They appear vaguely hominid, but possess "backwards" birdlike knees, nasal slits, and gray skin. They are biologically semi-mammalian amphibians, able to give birth to live young with two genders. Currently extinct on modern Earth, but revived in tomeworlds.

-Ikthys: The Ikthys are a sapient species based around the water. They have the ability to mold and shape water, and often create thaumaturgical devices to do so. Not much is known on their appearance or physical size. Ley energy is believed to be the source of their water-molding ability.

-Appearance (Eyes, Hair, Skin, etc.): Depends on above.

-Skills (including thaumaturgy): Representative on upbringing and learning.

--Craft: Skills relating to construction, design, and maintenance, from complex clockwork machines to flint hatchets. This can range from knowing how to knap flint to formal engineering training.

--Science: The knowledge behind changes in the physical world, and even the organized study of thaumaturgy. Social science, physical science, and thaumaturgical sciences fall under this.

--Folklore: Knowing religious, social, or traditional stories and practices.

--Thaumaturgical: Knowing a type of thaumaturgy and having experience with it. See list below.

--Business: Knowing economics, how to sell goods, and the relationships that commerce builds.

--Social: Includes proper social interactions for different societies, politics, and personal charm. Literacy may also be something a character does not have, based on upbringing.

--Art: Knowledge of forms of art from cave-painting to sculpting.

--Survival: Includes survival skills for wilderness and urban environments, military tactics, and use of weapons.

-Social Background: What sort of social position the character had in their tome-world. The following are just some broad concepts, and by no means comprehensive.

--Primitive: The character is from an isolated, tribal, or primitive community isolated from others.

--Slave: The character was a slave, serf, or stuck in an otherwise horrid position of (likely) involuntary servitude. Skills are likely to relate to manual labor.

--Lower Class: The character was a member of an urban lower class, either through birth, personal mistakes, bad luck, or a combination.

--Middle Class: The character was a member of an urban middle class, often the self-made professional class.

--Upper Class: The character was a aristocrat, born to poverty, or made it due to their own efforts, or some combination of those factors.


--Clothing: What is worn by the character commonly.

--Food: What they are used to eating and drinking, and what they carry with them if they need to.

--Weapons: How the character defends themselves and inflicts harm and damage to attackers.

--Armor: What defense equipment the character brings with them.

--Devices: Includes technological and thaumaturgical items that the character relies on for different purposes. -

-Other: Includes personal items or other items carried.

5/14/2008 #1
Jave Harron

NPC Ideas:

-Moderates: Moderate Mole (promised a tomeworld to rule by Radicals), Conservative Mod (Does not care for tomeworlds much, but rather worried about Rads becoming greedy with resources), The Victim (the death that starts the story)

-Radicals: Sympathetic Radical (puts life on line for real world constantly), Power Hungry Radicals

-Neutrals: Biomancer Engineer (tries to make organic analogs of machines found)

-Twilight Empire: ?

-Enemies of the State: ?

-Valley of the Winds: ?

-Skin Deep: Ant Thaumai (hivemind of an anthill made by a biomancer)

-Panthalassa: Consul Caligula (an elected leader of Averni has a nervous breakdown and goes Caligula-crazy)

5/14/2008 #2

Some additional NPC possibilities:

Twilight Empire: Emperor, Emperor's Son (sympathetic to Autonomy and Amfolk), A Drift Captain (if such exists), Autonomy ambassador to Amfolk (I figure that the PCs willl probably hang out with the Amfolk the most, since the Empire is turned in on itself and the Autonomy is busy building its own government.

Enemies of the State: Undead "Pure State" partisan (wishful-thinking, but could be a guide to PCs?)

As previously stated, I'd like to vie for creating the Mole Mod, the Conservative Mod, and the Consul Caligula type.


5/15/2008 #3

NPC ideas for Panthalassa

Counter-faction to the Caligula (maybe some kind of imperialist vs anti-imperialist)

Ikthys that want to use water manipulation thaumaturgy on a large scale to damage human oil drilling operations and damage human coastal settlements.

note on the Ikthys: Ikthys look vaguely like large fish-amphibian transitions. They need to stay moist to survive, and use water manipulation to do so if they need to venture onto land for more than brief periods of time.

5/16/2008 #4

Might be too much of a stretch, but maybe the Ikthys have literal 'wet suits'? Meaning they use their water manipulation to envelope their bodies in order to stay moist?

Also, how about a naive Ikthys faction going against the norm of their culture and trying to form an alliance with the Averni Republic? Unfortunately, our Caligula is just using them. His anti-imperialist enemies might try to win them over, though.


5/17/2008 #5
Jave Harron

So for Averni, we can have our Caligula, an anti-imperialist Averni faction, the "mainstream" of Ikthys society, and the naive Ikthys as main factions.

Also, one thing I will want to be working on is Librarians. I like the idea of an ab-dead Librarian that's apathetic to politics, but interested in exploring several society ideas (one of the creative minds behind the tomeworlds, perhaps).

5/17/2008 #6
The Crazy Talk Kid

I think the Ikthy wet suites sound like a good idea, perhaps it could even act as a type of armor or keep them going on land like a Vodyanoi and their undines.

Maybe a representative of the Sheolite cult could work as a guide or companion in Enemies of the State.

5/17/2008 #7
Jave Harron

The Sheolite Cult may try to trick the PCs into bringing the crystals back to the "real world," or exposing them to it. Of all the State universe factions, the Haven Consortium may be the (philosophically) nicest, but everyone has some degree of nastiness there.

5/17/2008 #8
The Crazy Talk Kid

Yes, trust sounds short in supply there and the possbility that their leader might know it's a Tomeworld and wants to entice them with power so he might escape and rule the real world.

5/18/2008 #9
Jave Harron

The leader is actually a random unfortunate sap that got possessed by the crystal and had his body used as the human face of its own intelligence. The more crystal grow, the smarter and more powerful he gets. The less, the weaker and more rash he gets. Whenever he's "killed," the crystals just regenerate "him" out of some other unfortunate sap.

5/18/2008 #10
The Crazy Talk Kid

The crystal could rule from within the Tomeworld or that might be it's plan through the "leader" or a member of the cult.

I really like the idea of a traveling fey, maybe it could make a cool NPC in Vox?

5/18/2008 #11
The Crazy Talk Kid

Sorry, I meant to say Valley of the Winds, not Vox.

5/18/2008 #12
Jave Harron


-Library of Worlds:


-Name: Aemos

-Age: 75

-Gender: Male

-Appearance: An older man, but balding and fit for his age. Normally wears a conservative white tunic, and has tanned skin, brown hair, and gray eyes.

-Items: His tunic, pen, tomes, notes, sand various weapons. He often favors small sidearms, from knives to black-powder firearms to air pistols. He is often seen with different weapons over the course of a day, and is rumored to have several stashed around the Library. He also keeps personally customized automatons around (often with some bio-mechanical enhancements).

-National Origin: Kaftor

-Background: Aemos was one of the minds behind the foundation of the Library. He was one of the figures respected by both sides, as he was the first to discover the process for creating tome-worlds. He originally helped design the thaumechanical automatons in the Library, and many of the theoretical technologies in the tome-worlds. The first tome-worlds were created by accident, when he was trying to create a thought experiment for several types of societies altered by machines. He often tries to remain neutral in disputes between Radical and Moderate Librarians, but has recently come out more sympathetic to the Moderates. He is rather fond of his tome-worlds, but sees exploiting them as a necessary evil. He prefers to minimize his own interference in them. He may have some long term plans, as he often keeps to himself and apparently plans for the long term. He maintains a soulshell body for when his first body dies.

-Skills: Aemos is a competent thaumaturge, writer, and mechanic. He is one of the primary creative minds behind the tome-worlds. Aside from this, his primary focus is thaumechanics, though he his fairly competent in thau-math and biomancy. A hobby of his is making organic versions of various metal technologies exported from the tomeworlds. He does have a form of thaumaturgy that allows Librarians to enter tomeworlds, but significant issues remain.

-Politics: Neutral, but more sympathetic to the Moderates.

-Name: Hina

-Age: 23

-Gender: Female

-Appearance: A young, short woman with dark skin, south-east Asian features, and short, black hair. She has black eyes, and dresses in a verdant green "robe" that shimmers different colors depending on the light around. In the dark, the robe is able to provide some light.So far, no biomancers have examined her robe, despite their requests.

-Items: She has her organic "robe," a pair of wavy-bladed knives (krys style blades), and a strange metal helmet. She has several throwing knives as well, but has not been seen using them. Her exact mode of transportation is also uncertain.

-National Origin: Mu Barangays

-Background: Hina appeared shortly before the murder under strange circumstances. Some claim to have heard a strange droning sound, and left their rooms to find a strange woman standing near the old pier. Hina introduced herself as an "interested researcher" wanting to find out more about ancient civilizations and their thaumaturgy. She has a significant amount of experience with resonance-based thaumaturgy, and provided invaluable information on the Vox and resonance to the Librarians. For now, she seems to be laying low, and is often found researching many of the books and scrolls around the library. Her interest in these seems to exceed her interest in the fate of the tomeworlds. However, she realizes she may have to choose sides soon.

-Skills: Hina is familiar with resonance thaumaturgy, history, and various obscure bits of lore. She recently spoke of another natural disaster, the "Flooding of Ys," but seems quiet about exactly how much she knows about it.

-Politics: Neutral, but seems to be gaging both factions out of interest, and possibly other means.


-Name: Lady Yang

-Age: 43

-Gender: Female -Appearance: A middle aged Chinese woman, Lady Yang dresses in the robes on hand: Kaftorian ones. She is most commonly seen in flowing red robes with a saber on her hip.

-Items: Lady Yang still keeps some traditional garb for special occasions, but most commonly wears red robes and carries a dao (saber) alleged to have some thaumaturgical enhancement. She also has an alchemical workbench she is often found at. -National Origin: Yin

-Background: Known only to Westerners as "Lady Yang," she was born in Yin as a noblewoman. She took an interest in thaumaturgy, and grew interested in foreign cultures and thaumaturgy. Since she was hard to marry off, she was "disposed" of by giving her an entourage of servants and sending her towards the West. Traveling overland for months, she saw several Kaftorian trading posts and became interested in the mercantile society. Eventually, she was hired with several other foreign thaumaturges to join the Library as specialists in foreign schools.

-Skills: Yang is a very competent alchemist, and has recently been researching variations on gunpowder exported from tomeworlds. She is also eagerly interested in researching organic substances produced by biomancy to combine with alchemy.

-Politics: Moderate. She believes that strip mining the tomeworlds would deprive her of countless research opportunities, so sided with the Moderates out of a case of felt necessity rather than humanitarian purposes.

5/19/2008 #13



Name: Shinos Radama

Gender: male

Age: 54

Appearance: A man in his later middle ages who has managed to remain fit. He has brown skin, black eyes, and a shaved head, and tends to wear the white robe of an Averni Senator.

Items: He does not carry much on his person, usually only what he is wearing and a short sword, as well as a small Ikthys water shaping device. However, he has access to many more things, and can probably afford to buy it if he doesn't have it already.

National Origin: Averni Republic

Background: Shinos is a senator in the Averni government. Before that he spent a decade in the Averni Marines as an officer, and another two decades at the head of merchant fleet before entering politics. He is relatively new to the Senate, having only been a member for eight years. He is a strong supporter of anti-Imperialist policies as a result of his military and mercantile experiences. Shinos is extremely popular in some parts of the military, and has used this to his advantage in the past, and he is more than willing to try something underhand if he thinks it is for a good cause.

Skills: Shinos is a decent fighter, but prefers to wield his considerable skill in trade and speaking instead. He has limited experience with the thaumaturgy used by the Ikthys, and is capable of using most of the devices they make.

Politics: one of the Anti-Imperialist faction leaders

5/19/2008 #14
The Crazy Talk Kid

I could see his being emperor as a good excuse to use Theomechanical devices for the empires soldiers.

5/19/2008 #15
The Crazy Talk Kid

-Name: Talos Crassus

-Age: 59

-Gender: Male.

-Appearance: The large, bronze soul shell looks very plain without much addition or flare. His face is adorned with a cast bronze beard as a little decoration, his one pride during his time as flesh and blood. Several smaller manipulators protrude from his body to assist him in using the tomes in the library, for his size makes handling the books or getting through the library for that matter a bit of a squeeze.

-Items: He'll often carry a book around to take notes in or keep down statistics along with a quill and ink but other that he carries nothing. He does have a pnuematic dart gun in either arm though and the darts are tipped in poison.

-National Origin: Talos's mother was a prominent Kaftorian noblewoman who married a wealthy Greek merchant. So he was raised a wealthy Kaftorian noble with an interest in Thaumechanics as well as regular mechanics.

-Background: So he was raised a wealthy Kaftorian noble with an interest in Thaumechanics as well as regular mechanics. So he naturally joined a group of scholars interested in higher learning to expand his own knowledge. At some point in his life he took on his larger than life form to keep more knowledge and for defense in case he should ever need it. With his ever greater store of knowledge he joined the librarians and has been there ever since.

-Skills: Talos is the master of Thaumechanics and Mechanics alike and is known to tinker with his own body as well as the constructs of the library to get more efficiency and assistance out of them as he can. His lesser passion (much smaller than the previous two) is alchemy due to its ability to improve the parts of his machines. The strength of his soul shell body too is abnormal even for one such as he but his fighting style leaves something to be desired.

-Politics: An extremist do to his sense of practicality. He is unwilling to change to help some fantasy worlds when he lives in the here and now, the real world. So, he doesn't care about the peoples of the Tomeworlds only if they benefit him and do not harm the status quo.

5/19/2008 . Edited 5/20/2008 #16
Jave Harron

We may need a few more Librarians and people for "Valley of the Winds," "Skin Deep," "Enemies of the State," and "Twilight Empire."

5/20/2008 #17
The Crazy Talk Kid

Valley of the Winds

-Name: The Moss Man

-Age: Unknown

-Gender: Male

-Appearance: He is a humanoid made covered in plant matter. His robes are made of trailing, flowering vines, his body is covered in moss, spanish moss for a beard, and a bark covered face and bald head.

-Items: He carries nothing but is mortar and pestle.

-National Origin: None.

-Background: The Moss Man is a powerful fey thaumaturge from a swampland who would heal people in exchange for the gift of food. After a time he wanted to travel and with the help of some of the more powerful locals, he gained an organic soul shell. Now he travels the world helping the ill and guiding the lost.

-Skills: He has powerful healing thaumaturgy that is amplified by his two artifacts, the mortar and pestle. He can also create lights that guide people. He is rather slow though and has a dislike for animals.

-Politics: The Moss Man cares little for people who spread disease and harm. He will often help those that try to travel or the ill but not those who do such for any reasons.

-Name: Quisli

-Age: 19

-Gender: Male

-Appearance: A typical Angui, by human standards, covered in tattoos given his status in the tribe.

-Items: He doesn't carry much on his person, but keeps anythiing in his lab.

-National Origin: An Angui tribe.

-Background: Quisli was taken in by the shaman of the tribe after his father was killed in a skirmish with some humans and was trained in Alchemy, religious rituals, and other such things. Over time he outstripped his teacher and became the new shaman after he died. His skill became such that he gained the position of Chieftain Shaman. Now his tribe is gaining in promenency and he gathers others to help with his shaman work.

-Skills: He is an accomplished Alchemist and master of lley energies through religious ritual. Some of his weapons even use theomechanics so that he can get others to join him more willingly. He is an excellent leader but leaves the battles to the lesser chieftains.

-Politics: He wants to gain as much power as posible so that he and his tribe can rule over Vox, Angui, and Humans alike. He hopes to run a tribal theocracy in dedication to the ancestors and the spirits of alchemy.

5/21/2008 #18

CTK, I like the idea of the Moss Man, but he seems underdeveloped. Likewise with Quisli, whose name I must admit I'm not wild about, but it's up to Jave.

Also, I think we can do without the "world domination" stuff. Specifically from the Angui, who along with the Vox are notably more level-headed than their human neighbors.


5/21/2008 #19
Jave Harron

Valley of the Winds notes:

The Moss Man I like, but could you flesh out his origins, backstory, and personality a bit more? Like his thoughts on each of the three races and plans? Like why does he heal people? Some benevolence, or perhaps some ulterior motive (like infest the ill with his own spores)?

While I would like some Angui, Quisli seems a bit too stereotypical 'world conquest' to me. The Angui aren't exactly a race that has city-states or as cohesive settled civilizations as the Vox and early human states. Of all the civilizations, the Vox are the most advanced and powerful. Perhaps the Vox may feel more of an urge to "civilize" the primitive races. The early humans will be scattered and disorganized, and the Angui are more nomadic. The fact each lives in a different biome (for the most part) may help isolate them more. However, the Vox may become colonialists and imperialists on their own, should their society go that route.

5/21/2008 #20
The Crazy Talk Kid

I was just throwing out some ideas out of boredom. I'll stick to the Moss Man since he seems to be more agreeable. What would you guys suggest?

5/21/2008 #21
The Crazy Talk Kid

Hey, what did they use to call Spanish Moss.

5/21/2008 #22
The Crazy Talk Kid

Never mind, we can't use it because it's only in N/S America.

5/21/2008 #23

It doesn't matter if it's "only found in..." such-and-such. The tome-worlds can have whatever the Librarians write in. Find some non-specific term or description for it and it should be fine. No need to be quite that detailed, really.

Also, if you have questions or suggestions, feel free to PM or email us rather than posting in the forum. Ideally, this thread should be just for finished characters. Maybe bug Jave to make a thread for inquiries, too (hint hint, Jave).


5/21/2008 #24
Jave Harron

Here's the NPC who's murder will kick off the story. His "Favorite Characters" are going to the the PCs. More information on his murder will also be provided later.

-Name: Thosilus

-Age: 33

-Gender: Male

-Appearance: A well-groomed Kaftorian man, Thosilus wore brown and white robes with several pens and quills on him.

-Items: He had his numerous writing implements, a notepad of several character concepts and half-made worlds (including a list of his favorite characters), and an ornate dagger.

-National Origin: Kaftor

-Background: Thosilus was once a young apprentice in the Library when the disaster hit. Even at his young age, he was a prodigy at tomeworld creation. As he grew older, he became able to create characters independent of larger tomeworlds, a method he used to create several "agents" for interacting with the tomeworlds. For Librarians to directly enter tomeworlds was a complicated and dangerous process, so he provided many of the preferred agents of other Librarians. He did so regardless of politician allegiance, though many of his characters were given free will and the drive to protect tomeworlds. This caused his characters to be distrusted by the Radicals, and had made many people jealous. He was found murdered with his own dagger while he slept, and his murder has ignited tensions between Moderate and Radical Librarians.

-Skills: Writing, reading, tomeworld creation (highly specific branch of thau-mathematics).

-Politics: Moderate

5/22/2008 #25

Here's the Conservative Librarian;

Name: Suten Anu of Waset (Thebes) AKA "Kenotaphion"

Age: Died in his 30s, but has been abdead several decades since then. Estimated age is anywhere from 90 years to a century old.

Gender: Male

Appearance: Lanky build. Leathery, copper-colored skin. Religioius tattoos (possibly used for some form of theo-thaum?). Bald, clean shaven. Alternates between simplistic Egyptian robes, Mycenaean tunics, and Kaftorian skirts and loincloths.

Items: Quills, journal, dagger, pouch of chalk.

National Origins: Aiguptios

Background: Born in Waset (Thebes) during the earlier years of Amenhotep III's reign. The son of a scribe, Suten Anu was raised for the same profession. He was also brought up to revere Thoth. Upon completing his education, he became a servant and close confidant of Ramose, the Vizier and Governor of Thebes.

Sometime in his 30s, he fell ill. Ramose, at his request, made preparations to revive him upon expiration as an ab-dead in hopes of keeping him in the mortal world. The procedure was successful and the scribe, after refamiliarizing himself with biomancy and taking up worship of Ptah-Seker-Osiris in addition to Thoth, was able to return to his duties. However, he was noticeably more emotionally detached than he had been in life and the Vizier eventually diassociated the Suten Anu who had been his servant from the now ab-dead Suten Anu. Wanting nothing more to do with what he thought of as a "soulless pretender", he ordered the scribe to leave Thebes.

Exiled, Suten Anu took on a number of odd jobs as a subordinate and chronicler of various adventurers and entrepreneurs to make due, traveling farther and farther from his homeland. Eventually, he found himself in Kaftor, where he was able to find work which appealled to him more. He became associates with some of the other intellectuals of Kaftor, who jokingly referred to him as "Kenotaphion" (Greek term meaning "empty tomb") after he clarified his ab-dead status to them which, among other things, included a lack of internal organs.

Unfortunately, the eruption occured soon after and Kenotaphion was forced to flee. A few of his associates revealed the secret of the Library of Worlds to him and offered him a place among them. He agreed. Since then, he has acted as a voice of reason in the Library, encouraging conservation of tome-world resources in favor of the more radical Librarians' "all-or-nothing" philosophy.

Skills: Literacy, hieroglyphics/calligraphy, Bilingualism (Ancient Egyptian and Greek), Thaumaturgic Mathematics and Sacred Geometry, Theomechanics (Ptah-Seker-Osiris and Thoth), Biomancy (to keep his body functional and healthy-looking).

Politics: Moderate, with a conservative leaning. Does not empathize with tome-world natives as they are merely mockeries of life to him (ironically taking a stance similar to that of his master Ramose towards him). However, he dislikes the idea of dismantling the tomes, as this seems a short-term solution for a likely extensive project and could also create a power struggle between the forming factions within the Library.

(NOTE: He goes almost exclusively by "Kenotaphion" now that he has left Aiguptios. Very few of the Librarians know his actual name.)

Jave, let me know if there's any discrepancies with his initiation into the Library. From what you wrote in another thread, I got the impression it was already set up prior to the destruction of Kaftor. Correct me if I'm wrong.


5/23/2008 . Edited 5/23/2008 #26
Jave Harron

He looks fine to me, Shell.

5/23/2008 #27
Jave Harron

A few new ones (including some other people's ideas, and some people I think would be good for each):

-Twilight Empire: Emperor (Shell), Emperor's Son (Shell), Amfolk Admiral (Me), Amfolk Guide (Shell), some Autonomy NPC (Me)

-Enemies of the State: Founder of Haven, State-backing Partisans, Sheolite Leader (I plan to cover these)

-Valley of the Winds: We need a conflict for "Valley". Racial and political conflicts are already covered (intensively) by the other tome-worlds. Perhaps a world where the Old Legends and fey are fading as civilizations change? That could draw the influence of fey like the Moss-Man as well.

-Skin Deep: Ant Thaumai (hivemind of an anthill made by a biomancer), Human Racist Leader, Trilo Racist Leader, Grand Symbiosis Leader (Perhaps Ant Thaumai)

-Panthalassa: Ikthys Anti-Imperialist (a member of the Ikthys helping the Anti-Imperialists), Ikthys Pro-Imperialist (naive Ikthys siding with the Imperial Camp)

5/24/2008 #28

Here's a bit of a rough draft for an anti-Imperialist Ikthys


-Anti-Imperialist Ikthys

-Name: Seidon

-Gender: male

-Appearance: Seidon is a big black scaled Ikthys. He appears to be a vaguely anthropomorphic fish, and is perpetually hunched over. He wears no clothing aside from a pair of eel-skin bandoliers that carry weapons and equipment and a watertight backpack. He is constantly enveloped in a layer of water that covers everything but his face.

-Items: his bandoliers contain several daggers and axes, as well small devices for manipulating water. His watertight back is used for carrying a few extra liters of water that he uses for various purposes.

-Background: Seidon is a former Ikthys scientist and merchant. At one point he was one of the most respected hydromancers the Ikthys around Averni had. His willingness to associate with human has made him a bit of a pariah among the Ikthys tribes. He and a few followers started working the anti-imperialist faction in the Averni Senate because he concluded that undermining the consul from within was safer for the Ikthys than attempting to attack the more organized Averni.

-Skills: Seidon is a master of hydromancy, and is capable of manipulating the shape and properties of water quite rapidly. He knows quite a bit of general physics, especially as it pertains to water. Seidon is also decent at amphibious combat.

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Jave Harron


-Name: Sumira

-Age: 19

-Gender: Female

-Appearance: A pale teenage girl with black hair, dark clothing, and several books.

-Items: Sumira has dark robes, several books, and writing implements.

-National Origin: Alba

-Background: The daughter of two Librarians from Alba, "Sumira" was not her real name, but one she chose for herself. Sumira was raised in the Library with few peers from her own age-group, but nonetheless enjoyed a high standard of living. She was educated with not only literacy, but also a rudimentary knowledge of tome-world creation. However, all of her attempts so far have produced more unrealistic caricatures and poorly designed tomeworld concepts than anything original, much less functional. Since then, she has grown jealous and spiteful at the other tomeworlds, as well as those that write them, for ignoring her own "genius."

-Skills: Moaning, whining, and creating half-baked attempts at tomes and characters.

-Politics: Radical, though more out of jealousy and waiting to destroy the tomes of others than any care for life in the "real world."

-Name: Samir

-Age: 51

-Gender: Male

-Appearance: A man with (surprisingly) pale skin from living in the desert all his life. He has a thick graying beard and often covers most of his skin in earth-tome robes.

-Items: Often seen with robes covering most of his skin, a vintage quill and roll of parchment, and various inks. He is rumored to have some thaumaturgical symbols tattooed on his body.

-National Origin: Elam

-Background: A former Elamite priest with experience in translating languages, Samir was chosen originally to ensure linguistic uniformity in the tomeworlds. Originally, he wanted to allow each tomeworld to grow a language independently, but this was ruled out in favor of a uniform language. He worked originally as a translator and tutor of various foreign members of the Library, but recent politics have radicalized him. Feeling that he was spited by the other Librarians, he began wanting to start with a clean slate. However, he felt that most of the tome-world creation materials were being monopolized by the Moderates. He would like to experiment by creating a few copies of each tomeworld, and then introducing various events to see how languages change. His work correlating written language and thau-math did help make the tome-worlds. Lately, his grip on reality is believed to have been slipping, as he cites more and more obscure thau-mathematical figures. When sane, however, he is a skilled debator, as the meaning of words is what he studied.

-Skills: Writing, literacy, and exposure to Sacred Geometry and thau-mathematics, familiar with various languages.

-Politics: Radical, although for other reasons than resource harvesting. He desires to destroy the "soulless" tomeworlds (with have their own languages) and start anew. Linguistic analysis is more of his passion (and now an obsession), and he would use whatever means necessary to create (and destroy) tomeworlds for his interest.

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