Tome: A Mystery RPG
A death in the Library of Worlds forces the characters of the murdered writer to find his killer. With the fate of several literary worlds at stake, the murderer must be stopped if the Library is to survive.
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The Crazy Talk Kid

Final Draft: Moss Man: Valley of the Winds

-Name: The Moss Man

-Age: Unknown

-Gender: Male

-Appearance: He is a humanoid made covered in plant matter. His robes are made of trailing, flowering vines, his body is covered in moss, hanging moss for a beard, and a bark covered face and bald head.

-Items: He carries nothing but his mystical mortar and pestle as well as his lantern of glowing lichen.

-National Origin: None.

-Background: The Moss Man is a powerful fey thaumaturge from a swampland who would heal people and guide those that were lost in legend and did so when he came into existance. His legend spread, as did his reputation and power to travel as he healed and guided more humans, Angui, and Vox. After a time he wanted to travel to help others and with the assistance of a group of the more powerful locals, he gained an organic soul shell. There was a price for it though, he now must feed on his fey brethren to sustain his body but he is more powerful and has a certain immunity to metal but it is limited. Now he travels the world helping the ill and guiding the lost but always needing to feed upon his local cousins.

-Skills: He has powerful healing thaumaturgy (a combination of biomancy and ley energy) that is amplified by his two artifacts, the mortar and pestle. His lantern assists him divination and mind clouding thaumaturgy due to the not always kind beings he comes into contact with. He is rather slow though because he was made an old man and has a dislike for animals because in legend he had stolen his skill from the swamp animals who hid it from man.

-Politics: The Moss Man cares little for people who spread disease and harm but helps all others. He will often help those under assault from violent fey no matter what they do because of his need too feed. This is not much preferred to starvation due to his kind nature.

5/25/2008 #31
Jave Harron

Here's the whole batch of "Enemies of the State" NPCs. Kitch is inspired by Andrew Ryan from Bioshock, Orran by a few modern (and historical) politicians, and Abel was loosely inspired by "Kane" from "Command and Conquer."

-Name: Kitch Drennai

-Age: 57

-Gender: Male

-Race: Human

-Appearance: A white-skinned man with a mustache and a look of arrogance on his face, dressed in fine robes.

-Items: Normally seen in rich clothing and often with ornate thaumechanical devices.

-Tomeworld Origin: Enemies of the State

-Social Origin: Former shipping magistrate in the State, but left to form the Haven Consortium

-Background: Kitch Drennai was once the magistrate of a successful shipping company in the State. However, when the Partisans began to build the pain-driven Foundries and taxing everything to pay for it, Kitch had enough of it. However, as the State commanded every territory in the world, Kitch wanted to go somewhere to escape it. After a bit of inspiration, he turned once again to the sea. Using several thaumaturge and engineer contacts of his, he put forth an ambitious project: He would build his own country. Nominally, the State still did not claim the oceans themselves. So, his thaumaturges began constructing massive sea-walls, pumps, and constructs to help continue the construction in lieu of a human workforce. The result was a city-state with its own nominal independence, built on what used to be the ocean floor. Kitch called it, "Haven," as it was "a nation where the artist did not have to fear the Party, where thaumaturges would be bound by petty morality, and where the mighty would not be constrained by the weak." He formed the "Haven Consortium," an ultra-libertarian trading network that products to all people (sometimes shady and violent times), with the goal of undermining the State. -Skills: Thaumechanics, business management, political organization of the "Haven Consortium"

-Politics: Kitch Drennai is sick of the State, and also looks with contempt upon the Sheolites, being dismissive of religion as well as socialist collectivism. His grip on power in Haven has been invoked mainly to justify his own practices, but since freedom coercion was a founding ideal of the Consortium, he normally leaves people to their own devices.

-Name: Orran Soom

-Age: 65 when last living, 10 years since ab-death (75 total)

-Gender: Male

-Race: Human ab-dead

-Appearance: A partially mummified, overweight human with gray skin in the red and white uniform of the Partisans, the rulers of the State.

-Items: Normally seen with his uniform and several decorations on his suit.

-Tomeworld Origin: Enemies of the State

-Social Origin: Upper-middle class turned de facto political leader.

-Background: Orran Soom was born to an upper-middle class family with political connections. After dropping out of a State-run political school, he went directly into politics. Becoming the representative for a backwater territory in the Assembly, Soom began to worm his way into the political elite. Among the Partisans to start the construction of pain-driven Foundries (especially ensuring his backers get no-bid contracts), Soom also ensured they were staffed by "volunteers only." Since the Foundries produce the vast majority of goods, from weapons to consumer goods to food rations, the growth of State power is ensured. By making people dependant on goods produced by the State, they would be less apt to explore other options (such as Sheolite cults or buying from Haven). After heart issues, he became ab-dead to ensure he survived and continued to make polices to expand the State's power. He believes the State is the greatest way to ensure stability and freedom for all, and is not above lumping all foes together to create a false image of evil outsiders. After a Sheolite attack, he has become increasingly paranoid.

-Skills: Pain-driven thaumaturgy, political manipulation, political connections.

-Politics: Orran Soom cares only to ensure the State survives, and the people become the State. Despite many businesses being "privately owned," enough of them gain favors from Soom's no-bid contracts to also want to ensure the status quo.

-Name: Abel

-Age: Unknown, but looks late 30s and early 40s (In reality, 80)

-Gender: Male

-Race: Human

-Appearance: A bald man with white skin, a goatee, and various simply colored robes and a sword at his side.

-Items: Has a scimitar-like sword, earth-tone coats, and a necklace with a pendant made of the red crystal he worships.

-Tomeworld Origin: Enemies of the State

-Social Origin: Lower class peasant, but this is often changed in stories and propaganda.

-Background: Abel was originally a worker on a border farm unfortunate enough to be exposed to a strange red crystal one day. The crystal itself was an intelligent collective entity, and quickly assimilated the man's body and mind. The crystal began to use him as a mouthpiece and figurehead to form a cult that would seek to spread it around. The more the crystal grew, the more intelligence and power it gained. What better way of gaining wealth and followers than starting a religion? He conducted a number of attacks with "enlightening" other people with the crystal. While "Abel" has been reported killed several times, the crystals "regenerate" other unfortunate victims into him.

-Skills: Some biomancy, alchemy involving the crystal (often for explosives), collective mind (equal to a thaumai), regeneration

-Politics: Taking the name of the Sheolites, the cult claimed responsibility a number of attacks that spread crystal fragments in public places (resulting in the crystal contaminating more people). This earned them the hatred of the State, and the contempt of Haven (though they are still interested in purchasing things through indirect channels). The Sheolites and Abel appear along the State's borderlands at times.

-Name: Model One

-Age: Less than 1 year since manufacture

-Gender: Male personality programmed in

-Race: Thaumai-derived soulshell (power source is thaumechanical)

-Appearance: A metal man appearing as a suit of armor with a moving mechanical face.

-Items: A number of parts concealed inside him.

-Tomeworld Origin: Enemies of the State

-Social Origin: Designed as a prototype thaumai by Kitch Drennai himself.

-Background: Kitch Drennai wanted to undermine the State by creating a Foundry that worked without the agony-driven thaumaturgy the State relied on. Thaumai was something that Kitch was interested in programming, and completed their world's first artifical thaumai inside Model One. Kitch intended to use One as the prototype of a race of (mindless) constructs that could manufacture anything or perform any task once asked. In short, a perfect way to undermine the State and Sheolites alike. However, a Sheolite attack on Haven caused Model One to become separated from Kitch, and he now must exercise his own free will as the Haven Consortium, State, and Sheolites all pursue him for their own ends.

-Skills: Thaumechanical power, alchemy (can assemble simple compounds and materials, even some simple machines), biomancy (can make some simple tissues so far), and thaumath (for learning and comprehending more abstract ideas).

-Politics: Model One is sympathetic to the Haven Consortium, as they created him. However, recently, he has been unsure which faction to go to, or if he just wants to get away from them all. Whatever side he chooses (or whatever side gets to him first) will have a clear advantage over the others, for sure.

5/27/2008 #32

Here's the transgendered guide NPC for the "Skin Deep" tome-world;

Name: Tritiya Prakriti

Age: 43

Gender: Pandaka (third sex)

Race: Human (Hindustani analog)

Appearance: Tall, wiry, angular build. Androgynous features. Bronze-skinned. Long, dark hair. Wears an assortment of jewelry and tattoos. Hir clothing typically combines fashion elements of both men and women.

Items: Various potions and transmutation-aiding artifacts and gloves, jewelry, craft tools and materials, a pair of katars and a pata sword.

Tomeworld Origin: Skin Deep

Background: Born a male named Kumara Patel in a human-exclusive village in the southeastern section of Pangaea. From an early age, Kumara felt as if he was "incomplete", but could not specify how. His father worked simultaneously as a farmer and smith and taught his son basic biomancy so that he could continue the family business, as was common in the village. Kumara flourished as a biomancer and expanded his abilities to craft various things for others. In his teens, he was apprenticed under a local alchemist and began to refine his skills even further.

When a small group of Grand Symbionts passed through after surviving a battle with a human supremacist faction, they were harrassed by the racist members of the village. One Symbiont Kurama took special notice of was a person that seemed to possess both masculine and feminine features; a Pandaka third-sexer. With the revelation of such an individual existing, he felt that he now understood what was missing about him. The Symbionts managed to escape the village and Kurama impulsively fled with them.

They retreated to Sunergia, a Symbiont city, where Kurama was exposed to a culture radically different from his own. He was taken in by the Pandaka who had inspired his flight and studied under hir to learn how to alter his body so that he might too become a third-sexer. Due to the constant warring with racist Trilo and human groups the Grand Symbiosis faced, Kurama (renaming hirself Tritiya Prakriti) trained extensively in hand-to-hand combat. Se also worked as an artisan, hired by others to make all sorts of things, aesthetic as well as functional.

At some indeterminate date, Tritiya was given a vision by the Librarians who revealed the truth of the tome-worlds and established hir as an importer of resources as well as a covert agent for their cause. The Moderates in particular have allied hir to their side and se watches closely for any signs of Radical subversion.

Skills: Expert artisan of both creative and productive crafts. A student of biomancy and alchemy, which se uses in hir profession. Also an able close combat fighter with considerable strength, endurance, and speed. Persuasive public speaker. Rudimentary nursing abilities.

Politics: An un-hybridized member of the Grand Symbiosis, Tritiya is nonetheless a proponent of Trilo-Human amity, as well as a central figure in a libertarian-esque movement which specifically advocates an individual's intrinsic right to their own body and any alterations thereof, as well as the immorality of someone attempting to obstruct or belittle this right, such as in the case of discrimination, rape, anti-self-biomancy laws, etc.

(NOTE: "Se" and "hir" are hermaphroditic terms in place of he/she and him/her. To familiarize yourself with these terms, check out:

Look under the "hemoth" box (6th one over starting left to right).)

Jave, let me know if you'd like anything changed. ;)


5/29/2008 #33
Jave Harron

Okay, there's a few things regarding the Tomeworlds that need to be completely before they can start, at least NPC wise.

-Library of Worlds: The Character Mercenary (a created character that acts as a mercenary to enter Tomeworlds)

-Twilight Empire: Corredine Emperor (desperate old man trying to preserve unity at all costs), Imperial Heir (Emperor's more level-headed son), Amfolk Leader (Admiral of a prominent Drift, and agent of the Moderates), Autonomy Representative (represents Autonomy to Amfolk, helping form anti-imperial front)

-Skin Deep: Racist Human leader, Racist Trilo leader, Grand Symbiosis Leader (an anti-based hivemind thaumai)

-Valley of the Winds: Vox Hegemony Aerial Corps Officer (helping to establish relationships with early humans and Angui), Angui leader (a Tecumseh type figure perhaps, organizing a mutual defense alliance in the vein of the Iroquois Confederacy), human city-state leader (leader of a late stone age/early bronze age city state that produces ley-driven thaumechanical devices)

Shell said that he would do the Library's Character Mercenary and TE's Emperor and Son. Any volunteers for the other roles?

5/29/2008 #34

I'm interested in in the Amfolk Leader and the Autonomy Representative.

agent of the Moderates

How much does the Admiral know about the nature of the tomeworld and stuff like that?

5/29/2008 #35
Jave Harron

The standard procedure for making contacts within Tome worlds is either through an intermediary (like a character that hops between the Library and Tome world) or a vision (can be disguised as a 'divine' one, but the Librarians are generally pretty honest about things). Their general intentions are normally securing resource "drop off" points. In "Twilight Empire's" case, resources "exported" to the Library are dropped down a certain "bottomless" ocean trench in special containers. In return for this, they normally allow them favors or support, such as better tech or resources (or even altering characters) to help them. The Admiral may hold suspicions that the Emperor's Son's recent level-headed behavior may be one such bit of support.

Sometimes, certain Librarians pose as vengeful gods demanding worship or they'll destroy the world. These are normally Radicals doing strip-mining of regions as "test runs" for entire tomeworlds. Other times, they may even start cults based on "freeing themselves" from the tomeworld by wiping out the world (based on misinformation given from Radical visions).

5/29/2008 #36
The Crazy Talk Kid

I suppose I could take the three skin deep leaders.

5/30/2008 #37

Just some suggestions, CTK, but for Skin Deep, try using India and related countries/cultures (echoing Jave's Harappans being primary biomancers), as well as maybe some Iron Age European ones for humans. For Trilos, ask Jave or improvise as you like. Hope that gives you some ideas/inspiration. ;)


5/30/2008 #38
Jave Harron

Could everyone try to get them posted by tomorrow night at the latest? Tonight would be preferred.

5/30/2008 #39

Here's the Amfolk Admiral. The Autonomy representative will be up later tonight.

-Name: Yishan Soun

-Age: 51

-Gender: male

-Race: Human

-Appearance: A tall, moderately built man with dreadlocks. His skin is deeply tanned and weather-worn from too much time in the sun. He wears a beaten up vest over weather-stained clothes and has a cutlass and several pistols attached to it.

-Items: Yishan usually carries several pistols and a cutlass with him, as well as several thaumechanical devices, including a thaumechanical compass that helps him find or avoid Imperial ships.

-Tomeworld Origins: Twilight Empire

-Social origins: upper-class Amfolk

-Background: Yishan started out fairly early in life as a junior officer in the navy of a moderate sized drift. He first earned major distinction in his late 20’s commanding a small squadron of Amfolk warship against a much larger Imperial task force. He succeeded in capturing the battleship that was the centerpiece of the force and destroying the rest, despite being outgunned and outnumbered. That success earned command of a larger squadron, which he used to similar effect, wreaking havoc on Imperial shipping and naval operations and becoming an expert of capturing ships intact with minimal casualties. Over the course of the next two decades he progressed to become the Admiral of the drift and even persuaded several smaller drifts to join his. His skill in ensnaring and capturing whole squadrons on ships at a time earned him the nickname “Kraken” from Imperial sailors.

A few years ago, Yishan was approached by a group of Library proxies, and then later directly by a librarian, offering support in exchange for some of the large quantities of Imperial goods he’d pirated. He agreed to the bargain, and for a time was able to make sections of the ocean nearly impassable for Imperial ships. In the past year he has grown suspicious because of a decline in requests and the increasing intelligent behavior of the Corredine Emperor’s son.

-Skills: Yishan is a decent marksman, and years of boarding actions have taught him to be an expert of hand-to-hand combat. His real areas of expertise are naval combat and leadership- he is arguably one of the best naval commanders in history, and a skilled politician as well. He also has some knowledge of thaumokinetics, having serving as an artillery officer for some time.

-Politics: Yishan is strongly anti-Corredine, and is willing to work with the Autonomy to bring down the Empire. He is generally uninterested in cutting deals with the Empire, and his fleet engages in unrestricted commerce raiding as well as occasionally striking directly into naval bases.

Yishan is inspired loosely by the real life Admiral Horatio Nelson and Yi Sun Shin, and the not so real ship Captains Sparrow and Bischoff (from Pirates of the Caribbean and Cryptonomicon, respectively).

5/30/2008 #40
The Crazy Talk Kid

-Name: Bugger (That's what he's known by in the human population because it's a racial slur for Trilos and his true name is unpronounceable to humans)

-Age: 15

-Gender: Male.

-Appearance: He is a longer than average Trilo with several longer, stronger legs as well as an extra set of manipulator claws. His body is covered in strange, Biomantic symbols.

-Items: He carries a living sceptre that he evolved from a type of cephalopod.

-National Origin: The racist Trilo controlled lands.

-Background: Bugger was born in the clutch of a powerful Trilo line and grew up as a soldier fighting in the endless wars between the Trilos and humans. He raised to the equivalent of a general among the Trilosbut they do not have any true form of rank so he was just a leader and strategist soldier. He perfected soldiers with his ingenuitive techniques and eventually challenged the leader for dominance at age ten and came out on top becoming the new leader. The leader has been an excellent leader in the areas of military, domestic, and human extermination as well thanks to his own talents as well as those he downloaded from others. Eventually he changed his form to store the different parts of his conciousness in his elongated body as well as his biomantic symbols.

-Skills: Bugger is an excellent leader, politician, biomancer, fighter, and general all rolled into one arthropod package.

-Politics: Bugger plans to do what is best for his "people" in every way, foremost destroying the humans and... the abomination known as the Grand Symbiosis.

-Name: Grand Varna, Mani Madhava Sangeet Natak Shri

-Age: 107

-Gender: Male

-Appearance: He is very muscular and standsat seven feet tall mostly covered in thick, black, curly hair. What little skin you can see is a dark brown. The Grand Varna wears special clothing/armor made from Trilo exoskeleton as well as an ornate mask he wears constantly.

-Items: His Trilo exoskeleton armor/clothing as well as certain reptilian symbiont's.

-National Origin: Racist human controled lands.

-Background: He was born the first son of the royal family and trained from youth how to lead and rule in a Machiavellian style. His parents transfered the knowledge of the best Biomancers, strategists, warriors, scholars, and thinkers that could be found. When he became old enough he took great pleasure in killing captive Trilos and making clothing of them on his own for fun. At age fifty he became Grand Varna and started taking wives from all castes based upon their beauty and was looked down upon by the aristocrats but his brillance and ever crueler methods of killing Trilos kept them satisfied.

Through the years he perfected his skills and on his hundredth birthday he created the Harem, thirteen artificial sex slaves with a collective consciousness made from the best of his previous wives. They now act as his bodyguard as well. The Grand Varna is now pushing his troops to the limit to make the final push into Trilo territory to add the newest and most powerful Trilo leader to his ever growing wardrobe.

-Skills: He is proficient in biomancy, leadership, Trilo exoskeleton craftsmenship, alchemy, strategy, and combat but would rather push those jobs onto others.

-Politics: The Grand Varna cares mainly about what is best for him but keeps the masses as happy as he can without ruining his fun so they stay in order as well as using his secret police. He also has a love hate of the Trilos, he hates them all but loves making clothes from them.

5/30/2008 #41

And, the Autonomy Ambassador


-Age: 26

-Gender: male personality

-Race: sentient clockwork

-Appearance: JARVIS normally appears as a steel bodied clockwork with an articulated face, but depending on the situation he can vary wildly in appearance.

-Items: JARVIS travels with several large crates full of spare parts and modular attachments, including both tool and weapon attachments. He is usually accompanied by a trio of smaller clockworks that assist in operating these things and serve as aides.

-Tomeworld origins: Twilight Empire

-Social origins: Corredine made self-aware clockwork

-Background: JARVIS started existence as an engineering aide, containing a compendium of engineering knowledge that he was capable of sifting through quite rapidly. He rapidly grew resentful of being forced to do simple tasks, and, with the aid of several modular attachments he secretly made, managed to escape and joined the Autonomy with the help of a machine cult. He spent the next two decades studying human psychology. His expertise on human behavior eventually earned him the position of Ambassador to the Amfolk. He has spent the last several years on an Amfolk drift, and has not enjoyed it.

-Skills: JARVIS is a skilled thaumechanic, a mixture of self-taught and programmed in knowledge. He is also a master of psychology and knows how to manipulate people to achieve the Autonomy’s goals.

5/30/2008 #42
The Crazy Talk Kid

-Name: The Colony

-Age: 30 though the individual ants only live for about a year.

-Gender: Mostly female, small percentage of males.

-Appearance: The Colony is a large colony of grape sized ants with red bodies and heavier, large black heads. The queen is always hidden among them. The current number of colonies world wide is around 48, most staying in cognito.

-Items: Nothing, the Colony gets others to use items for it.

-Tomeworld Origin: Skin Deep

-Social Origin: Racist human faction; Racist Trilo faction.

-Background: The Colony started life out rather mysteriously. At one point in the war between the two species they each experimented in combining Biomantic mutations with ley energy to maybe manipulate the opposing soldiers. The came into existence when two such creatures, one from each side, and killed each other after a rather spectacular fight. Before either side could recover the bodies a type of ravenous carnivorous ant ate at both the bodies, absorbing their biomantioc and ley based powers forming a weak, intelligent Thaumai.

Over the course of several years the Colony split up and became many Colonies increasing both the intelligence and power. Eventually one of the Colony's colonies made contact with Trilo outcast's and was surprisingly well received. Another colony met a human outcast and was eventually well recieved. The Colony learned from each of them and was struck with a sudden inspiration and brought the two together to meet one another. Thanks to some subtle ley energy manipulation the Colony kept their first meeting pleasant.

A decade later, many had flocked to the wise leader who had started the Grand Symbiosis. The Colony tried its best to make as much peace with as little manipulation as possible and has acheived that. Now the Colony is trying to show that humans and trilos can live in peace while fighting off the racist factions.

-Skills: The Colony is an excellent user of ley energy and biomancy as well as good old fashioned leadership. Each worker and soldier ants' bite is excrutiatingly painful as well. A notable achievement of the Colony is the creation of a telepathic link among the members of the Grand Symbiosis that can be easily turned on and off.

-Politics: The Colony wants what is best for the greater good but would like to keep casualties down as much as possible. It also wants to protect the individuality of any and all beings. It has a strong dislike of the two racist factions.

5/31/2008 . Edited 6/7/2008 #43

Being that the ant hivemind/thaumai is supposed to be the leader of the Grand Symbiosis, perhaps you could make it a bit more benevolent, CTK? Go over it with Jave.


5/31/2008 #44

Here's the Corredine Emperor and his son;

Name: Diminios Amatikos

Age: 56

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Appearance: Average height, bony physique. Pale. Slim, weathered face, aquiline nose. Thick, graying hair (shoulder length) and brows. Has a mechanical limb in place of his entire right arm. Usually adorned in the iconic armor of the Grand Artificer, save for the helmet which he rarely wears.

National Origin: Corredine

Items: Artificer's armor, staff resembling an elongated double-ended open jaw spanner (mainly symbolic in nature), and a trinket of his wife's.

Tomeworld Origin: Twilight Empire

Background: Diminios comes from a long line of Corredine rulers. His grandfather witnessed the first schism of the Empire, in which the Amfolk left to form their own nomadic society. Since then, it has been the Grand Artificer's burden to protect his country from the traitorous pirates and those who would do business with them. However, Diminios soon found himself faced with a new dilemma; a machine rebellion.

A little over a decade into his rule, the Empire was thrown into chaos when self-aware constructs and their worshippers united in an attack against Correde. Early on during the revolt, he was informed of a secret cultist hideout. Personally leading an elite platoon into a dilapidated arms factory, he was horrified to discover his own wife, the Empress, was one of the construct cult's most prominent leaders.

He attempted to dissuade her fanaticism, but she refused, intent on performing a coup. In the midst of a tumultous fight with the cultists, the foundation of the building began to fall apart and Diminios' arm was crushed by falling machinery, incapacitating him. Her own soldiers dead or destroyed, the Empress fled the country. When Diminios was found and taken in for medical attention, his son was brought to him. Unable to reveal to his wife's betrayal to the boy, he told his son that his mother had died in the fight, taken by the cultists as ransom.

After recovering and being given a mechanical arm, Diminios' fervor to defeat the forming Autonomy was great. However, the constructs had bankrupted Correde, much of its labor having been dependent on them and many of the country's resources stolen in the uprising. While they continued to prosper and spread, the Empire fell into ruin. By the time the Autonomy had begun to form an alliance with the Amfolk, Diminios had lost hope and continued on purely out of hatred, his bitterness having eclipsed his desire to restabilize the Empire.

Now, he rarely leaves his fortified palace. He despises the company of others, preferring to be left alone. On the occasions when he does give orders, they are recognizied for what they are--the raving revenge fanatasies of a ruler watching his power fade. The only person he will confide in is his son, who he desperately wants to defeat the Empire's many enemies, but has little personal faith in.

Skills: Little ability remains, save being able to rant, rave, or brood.

Politics: Corredine patriot; Diminios wants the Empire to reclaim its former glory, but his anger cripples him and he is not competent enough to come up with successful plans. ---


Name: Prefa Amatikos

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Appearance: Average height, slender. Tan. Slim face, sharp nose. Thick, dark hair (below the ears) typically worn slicked back. Usually wears a suit typical of Imperial agents, which is dark gray, outlined with a lighter gray with a Spanner-and-Cog pendant on the collar.

National Origin: Corredine

Items: Various industrial tools, a pepper-box pistol, a self-assembled steam-powered motorcycle, protective gear (goggles, apron, gloves, etc.), and a few books on politics, philosophy, and some technical guides.

Tomeworld Origin: Twilight Empire

Background: Prefa was a small child when the Corredine Empire suffered a heavy blow from a startling revolt of human and construct dissenters later known as the Autonomy. The Empire, already nearly a century into its lackadaisical feud with the perfidious Amfolk, fell into a massive economic depression caused by loss of labor, resources, and lives. As the son of the Grand Artificer, Prefa suffered little from the market crash, living in the lap of luxury.

Despite this, he was nonetheless affected when he was told by his father, who had nearly died attempting to siege a cultist base, that his mother had been abducted for ransom and killed in the ensuing battle. Since her death, Prefa and his father have been left with a shared pain that alienates each of them from the other.

Distracted though he was by world events, Prefa excelled in his studies, particularly engineering. The act of disassembly and reassembly served as an odd source of tranquility for the young Imperial heir. He was fascinated with the idea of understanding how things worked together and what the importance and effect of each different part of a machine was. This interest spread to philosophy and politics and he did all he could to stay up-to-date on the war that had arisen between the Empire and the Autonomy, as well as its new Amfolk allies.

Besides engineering, Prefa was a vigorous fighter. Although his royal lineage granted him a high-ranking title with almost no effort, he dedicated himself to proving his worth, working himself near to death in his training. Though not the top of his class, he nonetheless earned loyalty from many of his peers. Upon graduating, he'd intended to continue his service in the military, but his father refused to allow this. Instead, he was placed in the high administrative office of Governor-General of the Imperial capital. This severe example of nepotism once again made him an outcast and he was initially ignored by his colleagues.

However, Prefa realized that with his new position he could orchestrate important governmental and martial decisions. By now his father had lost most of his focus on defending the Empire, little left of him but resentment, a warped sense of patriotism, and outrageous demands leading gradually to self-destruction. Prefa assembled a small collection of personal loyalists, replacing those who shunned him, and oversaw several pivotal strikes against the enemy.

Unlike his father and many other Corredine, Prefa did not see a need for or even a possibility of defeating the Autonomy and the Amfolk. Rather, he had hopes of achieving a resolution with the other governments that would be beneficial to them all. Many of the tactics he employed were in fact meant to stall hostility and keep the Empire from falling completely into disrepair. He also occasionally sent agents on his behalf to seek out an armistice, but the requests were continuously rebuked.

About a year ago, during one of his rare direct involvements with the military, an Amfolk Drift attacked the Imperial warship he was on, capsizing it. Lost at sea and drowning, Prefa thought all was lost until he was confronted by a surreal being. It was an enormous crablike entity, but one of its claws was curiously shaped like a hammer. It rescued Prefa and rose to the surface of the ocean so that he might not die. Then, through telepathic means, the crab-thing told him it was Karkinopos, one of the ancient Corredine gods.

In truth, this was an agent of the radical Librarians, working to manipulate the young heir for their cause. It demanded worship from him for saving his life and promised rewards if he agreed. Half-drowned, Prefa figured the whole incident for some sort of nightmare and vowed to obey Karkinopos if the god would just take him home. Karkinopos did so and the deal was made.

Ever since, Prefa has been in the service of the false god, who sometimes comes to him as an intimidating dark man with a limp. He sends regular sacrifices that Karkinopos (really the radical Librarians) specifies. The god has kept his word and has provided Prefa with invaluable information and strategies against the Empire's enemies. Prefa is unsettled by the pact he has made, but still intends to find some way of attaining peace.

Skills: Prefa is an able fighter with both swords and firearms. He is also a talented engineer. He is a self-taught politician and tactician and continues to refine his knowledge in the related fields, as well as utilizing the insight Karkinopos provides. Though he has manipulated others in the past, he is not naturally scheming and prefers honesty to deception.

Politics: Alliance-friendly, though he shares his father's patriotism. He would rather not see Correde fall to ruin, but neither does he approve of its isolationism and imperialism. Instead, he would prefer that the various governments form some sort of mutually beneficial agreement. However, he feels that this is hopeless idealism (likely a side effect of his father's negativity) and now resigns himself to following Karkinopos. Were he to be presented with some source of hope, though, he would eagerly seek out a peaceful solution.


5/31/2008 . Edited 5/31/2008 #45
The Crazy Talk Kid

Why would the Colony be more benevolent? It merely wanted the best protection from both species so it created the Grand Symbiosis. It merely desires power and will go to any lengths to get it.

5/31/2008 #46

Maybe cool it on the whole power trip angle, CTK. You tried it out before with the Angui and it didn't work too well. Myself, I see the Grand Symbiosis as an attempt to escape the greed for dominance and superiority, unlike the human and Trilo supremacists. I mean, I admit I used that with one of the NPCs I made, but that dude's a tyrant and his system's doomed to fail. The Symbiosis is something more progressive, hopefully a society with a future. A power-hungry thaumai won't do it much good.

Besides, you could argue an intelligent insect hivemind wouldn't share the same ambitions as human or Trilos. I can understand that it might want protection, I can even understand being manipulative under certain circumstances to keep itself and the civilization it's building safe. But I wouldn't think it'd be avaricious, more like it'd have a strong instinct for survival and maintaining the status quo it's set up.

As usual, I will say I'm not the final word. You know who to talk to. ;)


5/31/2008 #47
The Crazy Talk Kid

Well, I see it more like the Construct Council except more organic. But if it just wanted to survive it wouldn't have the insidiousness that the Colony represents.

5/31/2008 #48

The Grand Symbiosis is just the faction. It's a collection, 'nation' if you will, of various individuals who'd rather not be under the iron fists and claws of supremacist tribes. And as for being insidious, that's sorta my point. I don't believe it should be. We don't need every character, particularly leaders, to be devious masterminds.


5/31/2008 #49
The Crazy Talk Kid

Maybe the insidiousness is a bit much but it's the perfect plan. Combine the two so that peace will reign and then crush them. They'll never see it coming because they'll be blinded by the Colony's false front. Some of the nastiest people hide behind the "good" ideals.

5/31/2008 #50
Jave Harron

The Grand Symbiosis should be controlled by a more benevolent leader. Perhaps the Colony can be guided by the idea of genetic diversity as strength? Like this quote, adapted more towards our fantasy world:

"I'd put my money on a truly civilized, diversity-loving, adventure-thirsty macro culture, against any monolith it encounters in deep space... or against a Darwinian stew of vicious, mutually-predating piranhas, spreading randomly and chewing up everything in sight. Neither opponent sounds very formidable to me. A federation of sub-units that try a myriad possibilities, yet will still come to each others' aid, is simply unbeatable." -David Brin

5/31/2008 #51
The Crazy Talk Kid

I'm changing the Character then with edit.

5/31/2008 #52

Name: Daedalus Gennadius

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Appearance: Average height, athletic physique. Tan. Handsome. Rich, brown hair, worn slicked back. Usually wears chic Kaftorian garbs.

National Origin: Kaftor

Items: Biomancy potions and artifacts, his personal tome, a small wardrobe, a few items of wealth.

Background: Daedalus was born in Knossos in the center of the island Kaftor. The son of a prominent shipping magnate, he was raised in wealth and was afforded the best education money could buy. He showed an aptitude for thaumaturgy at a young age, favoring thaumath, sacred geometry, and biomancy.

As he grew up, he became bored with the luxury he lived in, however, and took to traveling the world to indulge in vice and thrill-seeking. He gained a certain level of infamy as a charismatic heartbreaker, moving from one meaningless fling to the next with no qualms at all. There was even a rumor that he had left one of his many girlfriends after getting her pregnant and the girl subsequently took her own life. He was also known to have a fierce temper, once nearly killing a man in a bar fight and having to spend some time abroad to keep out of harm’s way.

Eventually, he put his womanizing and brawling behind him—just in time for Kaftorian civilization to come to an end. When the volcanic eruption occurred, he was saved by other members of the Library of Worlds, offered a place among them due to his prodigious thaumaturgic talent (as well as his de facto control over his father’s surviving shipyard). Since then, he has helped to create and maintain the tomeworlds, siding with the Moderates in their dispute over resources.

Skills: Daedalus has advanced biomancing abilities and expertise with sacred geometry and thaumath.

Politics: Moderate

6/2/2008 . Edited 6/28/2009 #53

I just looked over some of the NPCs we still need. Most of 'em are for the Valley of the Winds tome-world. What Jave specified was;

1) A Vox Aerial Corp Officer; He acts as an intermediate between humans and Angui. Use Polynesian-style name, as Jave requested in the Inquiries thread.

2) An Angui herd(?) leader; Tecumseh type organizing Angui 'herds' for defense purposes. Name style unknown to me, ask Jave.

3) Yansonite (Valley humans) leader (or at least one of a few leaders); No specific name style given by Jave, though perhaps Native American? Jave said he wanted the Yansonites based partially on the Mound Builders.

For Valley, I'll be making a healer who will probably act as a guide for our PCs. Anyone wanna take on 1, 2, and/or 3?


6/2/2008 #54
The Crazy Talk Kid

I'll do the Yansonite leader. I'll leave the Xenians to more able individuals.

6/2/2008 #55


Word from Jave is he'd like to see the Lakota or Sioux, as well as maybe Thai, used for the basis of any Yansonite names. As for Angui, Thai again, as well as Cantonese names.


6/3/2008 #56
Jave Harron

The mounds are (mainly) just mundane piles of dirt used to hold human remains. The humans range from nomadic hunter gatherers (and tribal councils) to early city states (including some priest and warrior oligarchies, and a few monarchies, and perhaps an Athenian style democracy or two). Most of the human city states use some degree of ley-energy driven wooden constructs (like Theo Jansen's sculptures).

6/3/2008 #57
The Crazy Talk Kid

-Name: Preistess Queen Awiakta

-Age: 64

-Gender: Female

-Appearance: Years of battle and aging have made her skin leathery and sun dark with a dusting of liver spots. Her hair is now white with old age. Her average attire includes worked leather armor complete wth special ley symbols, a headband with a blue jewel on the front, and her ever present Snake Charm Necklace

-Items: Her Snake Charm Necklace, her clothing with ley symbols, her jeweled headband, and a special wooden ley armor for combat.

-Tomeworld Origin: Valley of the Winds.

-Social Origin: The City-State of Cahokia

-Background: Iron Willow's history is filled with spilled blood, even her birth, for her mother died rather painfully during birth. She was raised by both the high ranking noble priestesses and the female warriors to use ley energy, fight, and be a strong leader. The Consort, her father, devised a plan to kill her and leave with all the loot he and a few servants could carry. He was discovered trying to poison her over the period of a few months and when he was found out he was sentenced to death along with his servents. That deeply hurt Awiakta and would effect her life for years to come.

She went on and found she had a deep distrust of men so she became a War Maiden at age fifteen and never took on a male consort though she had a number of female lovers throughout the years. Soon after she lead Cahokia on to victory by invading other the nearby city-state of Hidatsa for its many resources and to stop their near constant raids. At that point Cahokia started to move from hand-to-hand combat to using more ley energy powered technology in defense. Awiakta lead her people to many victories against the hostile raiders of other tribes and states that would attack Cahokia.

In her later years, at age fifty, a small uprising occuredin the Hidatsa territory that was easily smashed by her soldiers. Again she was forced to execute those that opposed her but with a bit of showmanship she let all but three off of the hook to demonstrate she was merciful but not to be toyed with. She was starting to doubt her combat prowess at this point in her life so she decided to use more thaumaturgy. She created a large earthen moundspecially made thaumaturgic items buried within to form the shape of a large, coiled snake connected to her wood and sea shell Snake Charm Necklace. Now she was the powerful spearhead of her army and would fight to defend her people from hostiles. Her favored fighting style involves powerful, remotely controlled ley constructs.

-Skills: Ley energy manipulation in the form of both rituals and construct piloting are her greatestt powers while physical combat is more difficult at her age. Her strategic and leadership abilities are legendary.

-Politics: Awiakta does what she must to protect her people and is a forward thinker in the use of military tatics and technology. She is a deeply religious person, caring much for the earth and respecting life but willing to do what it takes to defend her people. She cares little for what happens to the Angui, for good or ill, but is fearful of the threat the Vox would pose if they were to ever attack and is weary of them.

6/4/2008 . Edited 6/4/2008 #58

Um... CTK, you seem to keep using the same basic character outline for a lot of these. One which we keep shooting down. That being said, please look the following over closely;

Firstly, "Iron Willow" sounds like generic Native Americanese, not an actual name. Also, remember how the Yansonites' primary thaumaturgy is ley energy? Ley energy doesn't react well around metals, so a name with "Iron" in it seems kinda silly.

Next, remember that the Yansonites are a diverse group. Some are more primitive, others have started forming more structured city-states. The first grouping would probably function more under the tribal rule you've portrayed, while city-states would probably have a ruling body of some form. For the sake of showing this diversity off, I would suggest a city-stater, as I'm currently writing out a more primitive Yansonite.

Beyond that, the character is needlessly destructive and cruel. Once again, how about something more beneficial to a society, not just a warmongering nuisance.

Also, and this is more just an opinion, but "Cahoika" and especially "Chicago" sound less-than-spectacular. Come on, you can do better. ;)

The biggest piece of advice I would offer is to get away from the Aggressive Leader trope. A woman would be fine, though, as we only have a few. As far as specifics about a Valley city-state, maybe consult Jave to get a better idea and then make up a character that appropriately reflects that setting.


6/4/2008 #59
The Crazy Talk Kid

Hey, leave Cahokia alone, I like that name. The others I could take or leave. But lots of ley users use iron, like the various Japanese characters in the FoL family.

I'll change it then but allow me to say that even the most beneficial leaders can be war-like.

6/4/2008 #60
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