Tome: A Mystery RPG
A death in the Library of Worlds forces the characters of the murdered writer to find his killer. With the fate of several literary worlds at stake, the murderer must be stopped if the Library is to survive.
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Jave Harron

Tomeworlds: These are the most commonly used tomeworlds. More ideas for tomeworlds can be posted here as well.

1-The Twilight Empire: The aging, technocratic Corredine Empire teeters on the verge of collapse.Despite this, it remains the most powerful nation in this world, handling the unrest of the Autonomy and fighting with the Amfolk at sea. The steam engine and many related technologies have been developed in this world, though thaumaturgical technologies are somewhat lacking due to cultural biases. The Autonomy comprises intricate self-aware clockwork and mechanical computers.

--Societies: The Corredine Empire is a technocratic power distrustful of thaumaturgy. The Autonomy were originally a group of self-aware clockwork machines that have broken away from Corredine control. A group of pirates and sailors have broken away from the Corredine Empire, forming floating cities comprised of linked boats. These "Drifts" are the primary dwellings of the Amfolk. They have been known to raid Corredine bases and help the Antonomy. Amfolk are more tolerant of thaumaturgy, and their technologies are often a combination of stolen Corredine devices and their own jury-rigged innovations. The Autonomy include machines as well as human machine-cultists and dissidents from the Corredine Empire. The Amfolk and Autonomy are on good terms with each other, gradually moving towards a unified front against the Empire.

--Exports: This tome-world is primarily used as a source of manufactured consumer goods, industrial tools, and high tech weapons. Bodies for soulshells are also an occasional export.

--Inspirations: The Amfolk are inspired by"The Scar" by China Mieville, and Thames from the PS1 RPG "Xenogears." Historical Byzantium Empire helped inspire the Corredine Empire, as well as the Mechanopolitian League from my own "Hymn of Steel and Might." The Autonomy are based on the "Clockwork Council" from "Perdido Street Station" and countless sci-fi about revolting robots. Their human followers are based loosely on the Machine Cult from Warhammer 40K.

--Credits: Jave Harron, Dreamshell, Cam S, Monev

2-Enemies of the State: The State is a bureaucratic magocracy literally run by the pain of its citizens. According to a critic, it does everything it can to prevent people from dying, but creates a world with nothing to live for. Citizens turned to two radical alternatives. Some went off to found the Haven Consortium, a mercantile republic built on land reclaimed from the sea. Others turned to the Sheolite cult, which has people sacrificing their individuality to join with a strange, thaumaturgical red crystal. Most science is thaumaturgical here, though a few thaumechanical inventions are catching on, such as the Haven Consortium's self-assembling automatons.

--Societies: Three primary societies occupy the world. The State is a single, megalithic bureaucracy. Pain-driven thaumaturgy is used to create everything from food rations to consumer goods. The State has a clique of undead Partisans that believe soulless efficiency is the "pure State." The Haven Consortium lives on land unclaimed by the State, and prefers to keep to its own affairs. The Sheolite cult lives along the desert borderlands of the State, harassing them with terrorist attacks. Their leader is seemingly immortal, and keeps returning despite being killed several times.

--Exports: Many of the thaumaturgical items created by the State and Consortium are popular exports, as well as certain refined and processed Sheolite crystals. However, prolonged exposure to raw Sheolite crystals has resulted in madness, cancer, and other things.

--Inspirations: Sheolites are essentially a thaumaturgical, fantasy version of the Brotherhood of Nod from "Command and Conquer." The State is inspired by the historical Soviet Union, British Empire, and Roman Empire. The Haven Consortium is (loosely) inspired by Rapture from the shooter RPG "Bioshock" and the historical Dutch Republic.

--Credits: Jave Harron, Dreamshell

3-Skin Deep: This tome-world is a combination of historical recreation and alternative history. There is a primary landmass named "Pangaea," but it is inhabited by two anachronistic sapient species: humans and trilos. Trilos are a species descended from trilobites, and inventors of organic technology and the methods of biomancy. In real history, they were extinct by this era. The humans in this world are modeled after various states, but notably Hindustani styled ones. Humans would not evolve for billions of years, but both races use biomancy extensively. Wars between both species using organic weapons and macroscale bioweapons is a common occurrence, as well as intra-species fighting over "genetic purity."

--Societies: The humans and trilos are both decentralized and disorganized compared to other tome-worlds. A rare society that combines both races, the Grand Symbiosis, has been emerging as a successful regional power. Racist humans and trilos alike are alarmed by this.

--Exports: The lack of traditional metal technology is compensated for by extremely developed biotechnology. Biomancy and self-repairing organic technology are the most common and popular exports from this world, as well as interesting Ladders of Life (genetic codes).

--Inspirations: Organic technology is inspired by the Zerg from "Starcraft" as well as the Tyranids from Warhammer 40K.

--Credits: Jave Harron

4-Valley of the Winds: This tome-world is small compared to the others. Dominant styles of technology are comparatively primitive, but local types of wood have material properties equal to common sorts of metals. The temperature is warmer and more tropical than certain other tome-worlds, and more moisture generally exists in the atmosphere, creating constant foggy, rainy, and stormy seasons. As a result, thaumechanical technologies driven by the weather and made of arcane woods are commonplace here. The Vox Hegemony resides along tropical coastlines and highlands. They use ceramic technology kept aloft by sound-based resonance thaumaturgy.

--Societies: Three races exist here. A group of disorganized, tribal humans have formed an early tribal council and early city-states. Wind-driven thaumechanics is the most advanced technology. The Vox Hegemony is the most advanced and organized of the powers, but is mainly apathetic to the human and Angui civilizations. The Angui are based around grasslands, and have a nomadic and tribal existence. However, they are learning to use early alchemy and their own venom to create effective weapons, like early gunpowder rockets with poisons inside.

--Exports: Types of wood and weather-based thaumechanics are common exports from this world. Raw materials are also commonly produced here. Angui venom and secretions are also occasional exports, commonly reprocessed into alchemical and medical products. Vox resonance products are also exported occasionally.

--Inspirations: The kinetic sculptures of Theo Jansen were main inspirations, as well as various wind driven designs of the ancient world, and the "Dragon Clan" faction from the obscure RTS game "Paraworld." The Vox and Angui are races detailed more in "Father of Lights," and the races in the "Characters" thread.

--Credits: Jave Harron, Dreamshell

5-Panthalassa: Panthalassa is a tomeworld comprised of a very large ocean with thousands of islands. The largest islands are around the size of Luzon; the smallest are little more than rocks sticking up out of the ocean. It is inhabited by humans living on the islands and a race of aquatic sapients called Ikthys. Thanks to the largely oceanic nature of the Panthalassa, nautical technology is quite advanced, and the Ikthys have developed thaumaturgy that is capable of manipulating the shape of water. Humans have also begun offshore oil drilling recently.

--Societies: Both humans and Ikthys are fairly fragmented. Human nations tend to center on the larger islands, and they range from tribal confederations to early republics. The most notable human nation is the Averni Republic, the most powerful and technologically advanced. The Ikthys tend to live in nomadic tribes and do not interact much with humans aside from trade. However, recent oil drilling has caused some hostilities between the two. The official stance of the Averni Republic is going to determine the direction of relationships between both humans and Ikthys for the future.

--Exports: The humans of Panthalassa export their advanced nautical technologies, which include steam driven ships and submarines, while thaumaturgical devices capable of shaping water are exported by the Ikthys.

--Inspirations: "Earthsea" was a bit of an inspiration for this world, and the Ikthys water shaping thaumaturgy was inspired by the Vodyanoi abilities in "Perdido Street Station."

--Credits: Crownbreaker

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The Crazy Talk Kid

The Sheolite cult's crystal, is it mined or some kind of growing crystal? When you say it does other things do you mean mutation or the like? What effect does it have on the cultests or are they immune due to their hive mind? Do they also use it in thaumechanics as well or even (if it is common enough) as some kind of projectile in a bullet or dirty bomb or even a laser (similar to the Incan sunstones)?

5/17/2008 #2
Jave Harron

It's a grown crystal, harvested by fanatics and slave laborers. It seems to infest and mutate ecosystems into something quite alien and strange... The cultists generally start off as poor slave laborers or somewhat sane individual, but become more and more hive-mindish as they exposed to the crystal more. The leader of the Sheolites seems immune to this effect, as is his inner circle. The crystal tends to grow more efficiently on land where lots of pain and death occurred. The exact reasons for this are unknown, but the State considers this a threat (after all, they should hold the monopoly on pain). Experiments with it generally end none too well, but it can be broken down for thaumaturgical energy.

5/17/2008 #3
The Crazy Talk Kid

I don't know how important this is but can the non-humans see in color or black and white?

5/19/2008 #4
Jave Harron

This is pretty important. The Vox have poor eyesight but use echolocation (similar to dolphins and bats). The Angui have eyes on the sides of their heads (like lizards) and use their tentacle tongues like temperature probes (like snake tongues). Trilos have poor eyesight, but can autoevolve their senses fairly rapidly (due to 'instinctive' biomancy type abilities). Ab-dead normally retain some degree of human like sight. Soulshells can have a variety of vision types, from normal human ones to thermal vision to black and white to night vision. Modular eyes, however, have yet to catch on.

5/20/2008 #5
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