Tome: A Mystery RPG
A death in the Library of Worlds forces the characters of the murdered writer to find his killer. With the fate of several literary worlds at stake, the murderer must be stopped if the Library is to survive.
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Jave Harron

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to post them on this thread. Since the background information threads were getting cluttered, I think a specific thread for questions can allow me to devote more time to answer them.

5/21/2008 #1
The Crazy Talk Kid

-Name: The Moss Man

-Age: Unknown

-Gender: Male

-Appearance: He is a humanoid made covered in plant matter. His robes are made of trailing, flowering vines, his body is covered in moss, hanging moss for a beard, and a bark covered face and bald head.

-Items: He carries nothing but his mystical mortar and pestle as well as his lantern.

-National Origin: None.

-Background: The Moss Man is a powerful fey thaumaturge from a swampland who would heal people in exchange for the gift of food in legends and guide those that were lost and did so when he came into existance. After a time he wanted to travel to help others and with the assistance of a group of the more powerful locals, he gained an organic soul shell. Their was a price for it though, he now must feed on his fey brethren to sustain his body but he is more powerful and has a certain immunity to metal but it is limited. Now he travels the world helping the ill and guiding the lost but always need to feed upon his local cousins.

-Skills: He has powerful healing thaumaturgy that is amplified by his two artifacts, the mortar and pestle. His lantern assists him divination and mind clouding thaumaturgy due to the not always kind beings he comes into contact with. He is rather slow though because he was made an old man and has a dislike for animals because in legend he had stolen his skill from the swamp animals who hid it from man.

-Politics: The Moss Man cares little for people who spread disease and harm but helps all others. He will often help those under assault from violent fey no matter what they do because of his need too feed. This is not much preferred to starvation due to his kind nature.

If those other posts are too much trouble we can just take them down you know. What do you think of him now? Too much or...

5/21/2008 #2
Jave Harron

I like this one better. Perhaps his thaumaturgy is some ley-energy and biomancy combo with a healing focus?

5/21/2008 #3
The Crazy Talk Kid

Sure, sounds good to me.

What kinds of names do the xenosapients have?

5/21/2008 #4
The Crazy Talk Kid

Skin Deep: a question. Is the Grand Symbiosis' goal to combine the two species or to COMBINE the the two species? Allow me to give an example.

-Name: Simulacrum

-Age: Varies from body part to body part.

-Gender: Both and neither.

-Appearance: Its legs are the lower bodies of two Trilos, its torso is a combination of Trilo and human, it has various arms (human, trilo, and other), and the head has multiple human eyes but is otherwise trilo. Its clothing consists of biomancy controled arthropods.

-Items: Only his clothing, identification, and currency.

-National Origin: Grand Symbiosis

-Background: Simulacrum was once a Trilo in the Grand Symbiosis who decided to embrace the spirit of its nation to the extreme.

-Skills: Biomancy.

-Politics: It believe that the togetherness of humans and Trilos is the key to greatness. It is it's belief in equality and democracy (in a way) that drive its politics.

This is just a skeleton example.

An interesting thought for weapons came to me based on arthropods and Biomancy. What if they were to have some sort of mutated fire ant and used it as an acid gun, parasitic but effective insect based prosthetics, maybe creatures like the house grubs the kherpi use, and ultimately power suites based on certain insects or various insect combos depending of the situation. On a similar note maybe we could have a perfected version of a liger to be a super predator or war beast. Perhaps we could even add hindu/Indian inspired biomancy creatures.

Could you animate yogurt with biomancy? I'm serious because this might be improtant.

Next and finally I would like to suggest a Eschatological Ecosystem inhabited by Psychopomps.

5/21/2008 #5

I think the Moss Man needs a bit more background. I mean, who was he? What are his motivations for his decisions?

And as far as Simalcrum, I dunno... it's an interesting idea, but I'd think gifted biomancers could combine the two species in a more... neat manner. Also, if it's a composite of multiple individuals, I don't see how you can give it's background as being a single Trilo. Really, it would share the backgrounds of all those who came together to form it.


5/21/2008 #6
The Crazy Talk Kid

Moss Man is just a fey. He's no more than a creature created spontaneously from the ley energies from the collective subconscious.

5/21/2008 #7
Jave Harron

Yes, but fey are self aware projections of said subconscious. Essentially, the humans, Angui, or Vox had to have a myth of a "Moss Man" at some point. Ley creatures tends to take the shapes of the closest community's interpretations of legends.

5/21/2008 #8
The Crazy Talk Kid

Fair enough but I don't see any need to go too deeply into the legend since his life changed dramatically since he gained his soul shell form.

5/21/2008 #9

Can feys gain soulshells? I though that was just for sentient races, not the products of them. Someone fill me in (Jave).


5/21/2008 #10
Jave Harron

Any sort of self aware mind can go into a soulshell. A fey creature is the byproduct of other sentient races, and is generally equivalent to a spontaneously generated thaumai. Most stick to where they form (more power available), since leaving requires they are not only known, but also envisioned the same way in different places. Different fey creatures of the same legend can result for a story with different interpretations. If a fey befriends the right sorts (like a ley-energy thaumaturge), they can animate a construct (or have a soulshell built for them). Of course, the construct does not give them immunity to metals, and they have LOTS of difficulty taking over a metal construct.

5/21/2008 #11
The Crazy Talk Kid

The Moss Man could work out perfectly then since he takes on a life of his own feeding off of his kin and spreads his legend wherever he travels.

Seriously though, a yogurt using biomancer would work out perfectly.

5/22/2008 #12
Jave Harron

The Mossman may want to further his own legend (especially 'his' specific interpretation) as he travels. And yogurt's only use to a biomancer would be food (for them or for a creation). It has no genetic material, nor any characteristics of life. A biomancer can only work with things with a genetic code. To interface with something inorganic (like a metal construct), they must create the attachment beforehand and then attach it.

5/22/2008 #13
The Crazy Talk Kid

What would you guys think of this for the Moss Man Legend;

Long ago in the mists of time, the forces that be created the Vox, the Angui, man, the animals, the plants, and the world itself. They left a guardian for each and all places. The guardian of our great swamp was the Moss Man. He cared deeply for all of those that lived in his swamp and would often guide them by the light of the glowing lichen he carried with him. The Moss Man was happy and all were at peace in his swamp until one season when a plague came into his swamp causing many to fall ill. He tried desperately to find a cure and found it among the animals but they were greedy and would not share there cure with the Vox and Human kind.

So, one night the Moss Man stole the cure from the animals, a stone mortar and pestle. He stole away into the night and went around to all that were ill and cured them. The next day the animals awoke to find their mystic cure taken and they were enraged and swore vengeance on the Moss Man for his thievery so they planned to steal what was precious to him, his guiding lichen. Of course the Moss Man had planned on such a plan of action, for he had put his lichen in a stone box that would curse anyone else who tried to open it. Animals big and small came to his home when he slept in the day and attempted to steal his lantern but they could not and their curses became grunts, howls, screeches, and other wordless animal sounds, stealing their ability to speak.

What do you think of this for his little myth?

Would it be possible to use tomeworlds as a source of energy in a machine? Just siphoning off the pure energy of a tomeworld like ley or pain energy?

5/23/2008 #14

In light of finding out the Moss Man is a fey and not a human, Vox, or Angui, I unabashedly change my opinion on writing more background. Vagueness, in this case, makes for a better character. Also, remember; this is an NPC.

As for taking energy from tome-worlds, I don't believe it works like that. What's taken from the tomes are various resources. It's the resources that are made through various means in each of the tomes. The most extreme thing that can be done with them is to strip the resources all at once, effectively 'ending' a tome-world. This is the preferred tactic of the Radical Librarians.


5/23/2008 . Edited 5/23/2008 #15
The Crazy Talk Kid

We've been saying fey the whole time.

Nevermind... it does not matter. So how much do we want to add? None of the legend or some or all?

5/24/2008 #16
The Crazy Talk Kid

What are the rules on ghosts?

5/27/2008 #17

Jave's the guy to ask, but I would assume that if they're used at all, they probably fall into the fey category too.


5/27/2008 #18
Jave Harron

Ghosts are normally one of three sorts. The first is a "real" ghost, the revenant, a type of thaumai that exists without a corporeal form. A self aware mind may end up like this as the result of a soulshell creation procedure gone bad, or even intent. These sorts generally are easier to notice, as they retain a limited ability to manipulate objects in the material world.

The second sort are "aspect-ghosts." Aspects are like an echo of a personality that died. For instance, the woman that casts herself off a balcony hearing that her love will never return may return to that balcony, forever pining for her lost love. That is an aspect of the personality, the obsession with one man. Aspects become more violent when confronted with the idea that they are not "the" original person, but an echo.

The third sort are more fey. They are created by rumors. Like an empty house rumored to be haunted by a "hooded figure" may generate a fey creature specific to the premise. However, this happens the most in places with lots of ley-energy around. The fey's abilities change as rumors and legends do. Like if the "hooded figure" is reported to be that of a mad killer, then the "hooded figure" may violently pursue people who trespass. At the same time, rumors can be spread to counter this and create weaknesses.

There is significant overlap at times. Like a "revenant"'s activity may be misinterpreted for a poltergeist, and form legends around it. It is important to note that if a "fey ghost" was created by rumors, the revenant would still exist separately and independently of it, despite the "rumor" saying they are the "same person."

As for the Grand Symbiosis, their ideology is to show all species can live together in harmony, but there are some darker sides to it.

5/27/2008 #19
The Crazy Talk Kid

For real and aspect ghosts what are there limits of powers and what can you use to "kill" them?

5/27/2008 #20
Jave Harron

Generally, real and aspect ghosts have weakened versions of any thaumaturgical abilities they had in life. Biomancy is especially hard for a ghost, since they lack any Minutiae (except perhaps those from bystanders...) Aspect ghosts lack the full range of powers of a person especially, but may retain some related abilities relevant to aspect. An angry aspect may have combat-related powers, for instance.

To annihilate them, there are a number of ways. One is to create a body for them to inhabit or to trap them inside a physical object. Certain thaumath and sacred geometry can be used to trap ghosts. When this object gets destroyed, and if the correct thaumath was put on it, the ghost is also destroyed. Certain Theurgy (exorcisms, mainly) can force an aspect to "sleep" (IE get destroyed), as with certain theurgically-altered items (like theotechnology). For a real ghost, the most tried and true method is to trap them in a physical object and destroy it. Sometimes, if the object is not designed well enough, a ghost may possess it. Since a "real" ghost is essentially a disembodied thaumai, the "ghost in the machine" can take on a whole new meaning.

A trapped ghost does have its uses. It may be used as a consultant (like say you have the ghost of a famous general helping with strategy), or even a power source for agony driven thaumaturgy. It may even be a power source for a thaumechanical machine.

5/27/2008 #21
The Crazy Talk Kid

A ghost or thaumai might make an interesting character for Skin Deep then. It could have several organic/Biomancy Soul Shells it uses for its patron or patrons be they Grand Symbiosis, Trilos, Humans, or Librarians. Potentially it control them all at once in a hivemind sort of Misson Impossible team, man that's a weird reference.

Are there any parasites similar (at least in function) to handlingers in Skin Deep?

5/27/2008 #22
The Crazy Talk Kid

What do you guys think of these two as moderate librarians?

-Name: Pygmalion

-Age: 33

-Gender: Male

-Appearance: He's rather short and stout for a Kaftoran but looks Kaftoran otherwise. He usually dresses in the Librarian "uniform". His hair line is receding as well.

-Items: His clothing, a notebook, quills, ink, and a nasty symbiont he got from a tomeworld to use as a weapon for emergencies. The Symbiont looks like a sea shell hidden under his clothing on his chest and it spits chemical agent that blinds attackers and causes infection.

-National Origin: Kaftor

-Background: From childhood, he was always a hopeless romantic and later in life Pygmalion becamea rather unremarkable kaftoran scholar but through a fluke and some thaumathematical manipulation he became a librarian. He was always put on assistance duty to help other librarians create tomeworlds. After the eruption he became lonely and started to create a character to be his companion and his lover. After months of hard work he brought Galatea to life in the real world. They have been a team ever since.

-Skills: He is an adequate maker of Tomeworlds though he isn't the best but he often assists others in the creation of them. Therefore he has Thaumathematical abilities. He also has a love for painting and sculpture to both purchase, take from the tomeworlds, and make himself. Pygmalion also has limited thaukinetic skill.

-Politics: He's a moderate due to his own sensibilities and his feeling for Galatea.

-Name: Galatea

-Age: 3 months though looks and is physically 25

-Gender: Female

-Appearance: Her skin is as pale as ivory beneath her red-brown hair. She was made to look like a classic beauty with an hourglass figure and an impressive bust. Galatea's style is Kaftoran but much more form fitting and revealing.

-Items: She carries quills, ink, a notebook, and a thaumaturgic short spear.

-National Origin: The Library.

-Background: Galatea was a pain stakingly made original character of Pygmalion to act as his friend and lover. She genuinely cares for him and loves him due to the fact that he created her to be kind and loving person and the fact that he created her; in in effect she is his personal servant but he treats her kindly. After a month in the Library she became a librarian because of her skills in creating and manipulating tomeworlds as well as her other skills. Librarians on all sides are unsure of what to make of her as of yet.

-Skills: Her ability to create tomeworlds (as well as use thaumathetics) is far better then her creator's but she seems to lean more towards biomancy based tomeworlds and tomeworlds based on automatons or artificial beings. She is an excellent biomancer and due to the way she was written and her own biomancy enhancements she is an excellent hand to hand fighter.

-Politics: She is an extreme moderate because of her kind nature and the fact that she is from a tomeworld.

5/28/2008 . Edited 5/28/2008 #23

Firstly, it's "Kaftorian", just to clarify.

Secondly, I personally don't feel very wild about the overt reference to The Metamorphoses. I thought Talos was clever, but this is pushing it a bit.

Specifically, Pygmalion sounds fairly useless as a Librarian and in light of what they're doing, I would think the Librarians would be pretty cutthroat about who they choose to let in. His only real reason for existing as far as I can see is to create Galatea.

As for her, she's interesting as an idea, possibly allowing for some Aesop about tome characters' individuality and maybe adding a grayness to the Moderate/Radical issue, but she also seems to be bordering on Suedom.

I don't see the inherent value either of them presents, which the Librarians would look for critically. Again, though, Jave's call. Just my two cents.


5/28/2008 #24
The Crazy Talk Kid

Well, we could always tone her down, toughen her up a bit and a character from a tomeworld would make an interesting librarian.

But still in all fairness despite all of her power she was still made dependent on Pygmalion and everyone has the one idiot in the group. I was just juicing her up to balance out her idiot maker anyway. I can see what your saying though.

5/28/2008 #25

Like Dreamshell said, Pygmalion doesn't have a place at the library. Remember, most of these people should have had something they were working on aside from tomeworlds. Maybe Pygmalion was a thaumamechanist before, or a specialist in integrating thaumamechanics with biomancy or something like that.

5/28/2008 #26
The Crazy Talk Kid

I can see possibilities in that and it would fit in more with the legend. Kind of reminds me of a terminator.

5/28/2008 #27

Yeah, Galatea as a construct might be preferable over her as a tome character. Especially since the other Librarians might disapprove of such a personal reason for using their tomes.


5/28/2008 #28
Jave Harron

Pygmalion could work as a thaumechanic or thau-mathematician (or even a mundane mechanic), but keep in mind many of the best and brightest (rather than unremarkable people) tended to be selected for the Library. Galatea may work better as a construct of his.

5/28/2008 #29
The Crazy Talk Kid

-Name: Pygmalion

-Age: 33

-Gender: Male

-Appearance: He's rather short and stout for a Kaftorian but looks Kaftoran otherwise. He usually dresses in the Librarian "uniform". His hair line is receding as well.

-Items: His clothing, a notebook, quills, ink, and certain Biothaumechanical items.

-National Origin: Kaftor

-Background: Pygmalion was a master of Biomancy after traveling to the east as a youth and brought his skill back with him to Kaftor where he was one of the few to study it extensively. Later in life he even gained another leap in power and prestige with his sudden fascination into thaumechanics, after biomantically downloading the knowledge from another scholar. Eventually he even started to combine his two passions into early biothaumechanic research into mindless drones. Those who were in charge of the Library found an excellent candidate in him after many years of success in better drones.

As a librarian, Pygmalion became rather lonely and became inspired by the way the tomeworlds were used, so, he decided to create a biothaumechanical mate. The better part of a year was spent on building his perfect creation, Galatea; taking the best of characteristics from people and his own additions. When her activation came she was everything he had hoped for and some things he would never fully realize.

-Skills: Pygmalion has an amazing talent for biomancy as well as a decent thaumechanic thanks to a copy of a Kaftorian Thaumechanic's skill set. His true passion is his own creation, Biothaumchanics.

-Politics: He's a moderate due to his sense of responsibility to his creations and love for all things that he creates, even simple items. Certain manipulations of his lover might also have influenced him.

-Name: Galatea

-Age: 3 months though looks and is physically 25

-Gender: Female

-Appearance: Her skin is as pale as ivory beneath her red-brown hair. She was made to look like a classic beauty with an hourglass figure and an impressive bust. Galatea's style is Kaftorian but much more form fitting and revealing.

-Items: She carries a thaumaturgic short spear as well as some thaumathematic jewelry on her person at all times.

-National Origin: The Library.

-Background: Galatea was a pain stakingly made Biothaumechanical lover, companion, bodyguard, servant, prototype, and artwork of Pygmalion to curb his loneliness. She was not highly accepted by the majority of Librarians, and still isn't, but managed to manipulate her creator as well as other members into moderation as well as betterment of both her and her creators positions. She absolutely adores Pygmalion though and never leaves his side for long, her psychotic jealousy of any woman coming near him though is sometimes a problem.

-Skills: Her incredible fighting prowess and strength are first and foremost in her talents in hand-to-hand combat. Thanks to her machine programming she also has combat limited thaumathematics. Perhaps the most deadly is her political and social manipulations among those in the library.

-Politics: She is an extreme moderate because she too is an artificial being and sympathizes with thier suffering.


5/29/2008 #30
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