Tome: A Mystery RPG
A death in the Library of Worlds forces the characters of the murdered writer to find his killer. With the fate of several literary worlds at stake, the murderer must be stopped if the Library is to survive.
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Chandi draws her air pistols with lightning speed. She aims one of them at the man's attacking tentacle and fires. The thug shouts and recoils, turning his attention to her.

"Watch out!" she tells the others, putting herself on the defensive. "Remember, they are biomancers."

The metamorphic man-thing swipes a ropy limb at her and she shoots at it again, one of its eyestalks exploding in a tiny red splatter against the wall.

6/27/2008 #31
Jave Harron

"Filthy whore," the first attacker mutters. He pulls himself away from the sword in the chaos, and fires two strange projectile from one hand: bony spikes. He turns the other hand into the likeness of a giant phallus and sprays a burst of strange bodily fluids at Chandi.

The second attacker, kept down by Geminos' snake and Oro, starts melting into a quasi-liquid form (similar to the substance that held Tritiya up on the wall), and moving inside the construct's internal thaumechanics, jamming them up. Geminos still sees parts of the blob are exposed, but would be difficult to precisely hit without damaging the construct.

The third attacker that Clockroach is holding at saw-point suddenly hardens his neck up with a bony covering. Bony cysts start covering his body, and the man becomes a bony-looking locust monster. However, he is still on the floor.

6/27/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 6/27/2008 #32
The Crazy Talk Kid

"Get away from him you filthy slime!" Ades howls, swords forgotten as he goes to Oro to rend the biomancer from his mechanisms. He opens panels and takes out hand fulls of bio-matter throwing it aside. Oro attempts to work the ooze from his system. Neither has much luck.

6/27/2008 #33

Chandi interrupts the trajectory of her attacker's lascivious liquids and bony barbs with a wall of controlled propulsive energy. The skeletal slugs and effluent collide into it and when the energy collapses back into more typical behavior, the spunk and bone falls to the floor. Chandi then pulls out her bow from its sling on her back, followed quickly by a short arrow.

"I'll have your skin, you dog!" she yells and launches her bolt into the meatus of the attacker's phallic extremity.

6/27/2008 . Edited 6/27/2008 #34
Jave Harron

The phallic extremity starts bleeding, and the fluid starts dripping from it, and eating the man's skin. He rips away the bone-shooting hand to try to heal his wounded extremity, leaving Chandi a clear shot at his chest, where his brain now likely resides.

Meanwhile, one glob of goo from Oro that Ades throws ends up on Moiros' face, trying to force its way inside his nostrils and mouth.

6/27/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 6/28/2008 #35

Chandi loads another quarrel and sends it hurling through the air. It perforates through the thug-thing's body and leaves an impressive hole, evidently the result of thaumokinetic aid. The former humanoid writhes in apparent agony, its shape twisting and changing in a mutative apoplexy. Finally, it pitifully caves in on itself, ceasing to move and slowly disintegrating into goonish goo.

On second thought, keep it, Chandi thinks, frowning at the sludge as she puts away her crossbow.

6/28/2008 #36
The Crazy Talk Kid

The effort of clearing the biomancer from Oro's system is not going well as he keeps moving within the construct. Ades is struck with an idea in his blood lust. He uses one of the more dangerous thaumaturgic abilities he knows and heats his hands up causing the oozing flesh to sizzle and blacken. The burning spreads throughout the biomancer and turns him to ash within Oro. Ades pulls back his own burnt palms but does not feel them, he never did anyway.

6/28/2008 #37

This is unpleasant, Geminos thinks. He focuses on trying to force the goo off Moiros' face by briefly sealing his nostrils and mouth, preventing the goo from entering. He scrapes most of it off with the claws on his left hand. He focuses on forcing the goo into a more rigid form.

Tychos moves to assist Clockroach against the bone-man.

6/28/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 6/28/2008 #38
Jave Harron

With one biomancer removed to ash and another turned to slime, Tychos and Clockroach focus on the last one. The bone man begins shooting bone spines at the approaching Tychos, and uses hardened bone-fists to hammer Clockroach.

6/28/2008 #39

Several of the spines glance off the bio-armor covering Geminos' chest, but one strikes him in the left arm. Both of Geminos' bodies wince at the pain, but the micro-organisms in Tychos' body are already taking care of it. Focusing on the source of the problem, he scans the bone-man, looking for a chink in his armor. Geminos has several toxins and bacteria that easily take the man down, but he needs a way to deliver them.

6/28/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 6/29/2008 #40
Jave Harron

The bone man's body has openings near the knees, hips, elbows, and shoulders.

6/28/2008 #41

Spotting a gap at the enemy's hip, Geminos forms Tychos' uninjured hand into a stinger. He lunges forward, plunging the stinger into the exposed point, pumping a neurotoxin into the man's system. Within a few moments the man will be paralyzed.

6/28/2008 #42

While the others finish off the bone-man, Chandi turns back to their contact and, along with Moros, helps hir to stand.

"Is there something you need? Or anything we should do from here?" Chandi asks. She remembers something and glances over at the others with the bone-man.

"Keep him alive if you can," she tells them. "We still need to get some information out of him."

Looking again to Tritiya, Chandi asks, "You will be alright?"

6/29/2008 #43
Jave Harron

"I'll be fine. I have some potent regenerative abilities," Tritiya replies. "Those thugs were sent by a woman who just moved here. She lives downstairs on the third door on the left."

"How did you know that?" Chandi asks.

"Because they said so," Tritiya replies. "The woman downstairs may be another outsider, like yourselves. Her abilities are not biomancy, but still pretty potent. For now, I need to make contact with the Colony from here."

"The Colony?" Chandi inquires.

"It's a thaumaturgical artificial intellect that helps direct this society," Tritiya says. "I am one of the people that consults with it, thanks to the influence of your...patrons. I understand the differences in your patrons' views, and that woman is definitely not one of the ones I agree with."

6/29/2008 #44
The Crazy Talk Kid

"As important as that sounds that we meet with this Colony, I'd like to have a long... talk with the good woman downstairs," Ades says as he helps Oro up with bits of ash drifting from his open panels. Ades's hands crackle where burnt. "She might know where our target is anyway if she is against us."

6/29/2008 #45

"Well, I was not designed for this purpose, but if we are interrogating someone, I have tools that could destroy whatever means of protection she devises," Clockroach adds helpfully. The saw blade is joining by a variety of drill bits, hammer heads, nails, screws, bolts, and assorted other construction tools, which then returned to his storage cavity. "I expect one of you would have to hold her down, however. Of course, the reliability of information gained by torture is suspect at best, but you take when you can get, right?"

6/29/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 6/29/2008 #46
Jave Harron

"Her name is Sumra," Tritiya says. "If you leave my apartment, head down the spiral stairs one level, and look at the third door on the left, she is in there."

6/29/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 6/30/2008 #47
The Crazy Talk Kid

"Let us go see her then," Ades suggests as he grabs his forgotten swords and sheaths them.

6/29/2008 #48

"Alright, everybody," Chandi says, taking her pistols out again and checking them over. "Be alert. We do not know what this Sumra woman might be capable of."

After she finishes inspecting her firearms, she looks to the group. "Is everyone ready to go?" she asks. The others offer their affirmations and the warrior-diplomat leads them back out the sphincter-door.

6/29/2008 . Edited 6/30/2008 #49
Jave Harron

"She's down the hall, and may have some other thugs like the ones you just fought," Tritiya warns.

6/30/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 6/30/2008 #50
The Crazy Talk Kid

"Alright, I'm warning you all now that I will attack any man there then if that is the case," Ades states while thumbing the pommels of his swords. "Oro, do as I do."

"Of course sir," Oro says with a nod.

6/30/2008 #51

"If you are going to boast, at least make good on your word next time," Chandi chides the dead-handed man as the group makes their way to Sumra's apartment.

6/30/2008 #52
The Crazy Talk Kid

"They merely threw me off guard, I have never faced biomancers before... I think" Ades tells her snidely.

6/30/2008 #53

"Unlikely," Geminos mutters. He makes a few alteration to make delivering his neurotoxin easier.

"I presume we want this Sumra alive."

6/30/2008 #54
Jave Harron

"If she is taken alive, then the Colony can probe her mind for information," Tritiya explains. "Now, she might know her goons are dead."

The group heads out the door and downstairs, finding the door that se had mentioned to them before. They enter inside to see a pale-skinned woman with jet black hair. "Fools!" she shouts, creating a strange image. Ley energy fills the room, causing Geminos to fill with rage to attack the closest things to him: his comrades. Clockroach cannot perceive any changes. Everyone else begins to feel drowsy.

6/30/2008 #55
The Crazy Talk Kid

"Witch!" Ades yells and throws one of his swords at her while Oro holds off one of the aggravated twin biomancers. The blade misses her and clatters against the wall but she dodges aside due to the close proximity. Ades lurches forward in an attempt to slash her though his drowsiness causes him to body slam her into the wall instead. A hard thud can clearly be heard.

6/30/2008 #56

Clockroach charges the woman with its body as a nailgun and several nails emerge from its "toolbox" compartment.

6/30/2008 #57
Cam S

Moros sticks out his tongue, and jabs a needle through it, quickly, pain igniting his mind and banishing all thoughts of sleep. He keeps a tenth of it for himself, and channels the rest into the woman.

He steps forward, his eyes cloudy and dreaming. He smiles around his impaled tongue, blood dripping from the corners of his mouth.

6/30/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 6/30/2008 #58

Chandi attempts to use her thaumokinetics, but with a clouded mind, her efforts are imprecise and clumsy. She manifests a weak force field around herself, but it quickly dissipates and reappears around the enraged Geminos twins. As the warrior-diplomat struggles against her induced stupor, a wave of her hand sends them rolling all over the apartment, knocking down some of her companions.

6/30/2008 #59
The Crazy Talk Kid

"Stop whatever you're doing to them now!" Ades yells into the woman's face. She is to dazed from her various quick encounters to understand, not even fully comprehending the sword at her throat. "Oro, hold those two down!" The construct attempts to detain them but he is knocked through the sphincter door.

6/30/2008 #60
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