Tome: A Mystery RPG
A death in the Library of Worlds forces the characters of the murdered writer to find his killer. With the fate of several literary worlds at stake, the murderer must be stopped if the Library is to survive.
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Cam S

"A quick burst of agony has a remarkable way of clearing the mind--something short and impersistent. If you all wish, I can provide such a burst if needed," Moros offers, cleaning a handful of needles with the rag he keeps. He will need to find some spirits, to avoid infection.

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"It seems we are all agreed that the human faction should be our first target," Chandi states. "As for these leaders' abilities, are there any other biomancing upgrades we might consider to safeguard ourselves? Perhaps that odd skin they sell could protect us from pheromones? What else?"

Chandi looks to Tritiya and Geminos for ideas.

7/6/2008 #32
The Crazy Talk Kid

The realization of Geminos' statement dawns on Ades. "Wait, Geminos, you misunderstand me. I'm playing on the likeliness of where we'd get killed."

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Jave Harron

"The principle projectile weapons of this world are bone spike launchers," Tritiya explains. "And plenty of close range options exist: flamespitter glands, poisons, diseases, bone clubs, bone spikes, and blades. Since hardening your skin would be a rather awkward and painful procedure for you, and would take some getting used to, I would recommend some rapid healing and enhanced immune systems."

7/6/2008 #34

"I am unsure if we have everything," Chandi muses. "If it meets with the approval of the group-and you as well, Tritiya-I suggest we retrieve everything of necessity we do not yet possess that will aid us against our enemy. From there, we shall head for the racist humans' city."

Chandi pauses a moment, then frowns to herself.

"And... just where is this city, exactly?" she asks the third-sexer.

7/6/2008 #35

"I feel like a tank when you talk about their weapons," Clockroach commented. "I mean, really. But yeah, where is this city?"

7/6/2008 #36
Jave Harron

"The city is one thousand miles to the northwest, along a hazardous coastline," Tritiya explains. "The Symbiosis would allow you to use an organic flier, a submersible creature, a land creature, or a burrowing one to get there. But, the Librarians have mentioned before that they have an entry point directly at the city limits. However, the leader or any Radicals may also be aware of it. Also, I can provide you with enhanced immune systems and pheromonic defenses."

"So a straight assassination mission?" Geminos suggests.

"That was the idea, since that would be the most practical and direct. But, if any of you are biomancers with a specialty in neurobiomancy, if his mind could be implanted with the Colony's Minutiae, we could directly control him ourselves," Tritiya explains. "However, you would need to catch him unaware and restrain him while you work on bypassing his immune system. Either way will be quite a chore."

7/6/2008 #37

"I already have an adaptive immune system," Geminos says, "So no troubles there. I can do some neurobiomancy, but I wouldn't call myself a specialist. Unless you have someone else," he glances around at the rest of the group, "or one of you is concealing your skill in biomancy, we'll have to do things the traditional way."

7/6/2008 #38

"That appears to be our only option at the moment," Chandi says. "But how shall we travel? Do we risk taking the direct route the Librarians have given us? Or shall we employ one of the more conventional modes of transportation?"

Chandi paces a bit, her cloak of tanned skin trailing behind her.

"Might it be possible to send a scout to the entry point? Perhaps then we could determine if it is even necessary to utilize a circuitous path at all. Geminos, maybe? As a biomancer, you can alter your form. What of the woman, Sumra? She would likely be working alongside our killer, yes? Or you could even conceal yourself as one of the racist humans. Is any of this sound?"

7/7/2008 #39
Jave Harron

"Yes," Tritiya agrees," it may be worth a shot to have Geminos or another decoy transform into Sumra's form. Sumra normally uses the Librarian route, so it would be less suspicious. From the memories we recovered, Sumra often appears directly before the racists' leader, and... services him, keeping him listening to the Radicals. The Colony may even be able to make a Sumra decoy armed with an intelligent disease that can infest and mind control him."

"So none of us would have to go, then?" Chandi seems intrigued by the idea.

"At least not in person," Tritiya explains. "It would be wise to have the most able biomancer among you control the decoy for additional security. If that fails, everyone could wait nearby inside an organic vehicle. Imagine the Sumra decoy going into the palace, while you are in a burrowing vehicle below ground, waiting if she needs any backup."

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"Either of those plans could work," Geminos says, "but do we know how a biomancer inhabiting multiple bodies will react to having them split between the tomeworld and outside? I'd hate to find out the hard way that the answer is 'badly'.

"Another relevant question is where in the human city the Library's entrance comes out. Depending on where it is, and how long we want to spend doing this, other possibilities exist as well."

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Jave Harron

"We could just have the biomancer remain in the tomeworld with the decoy, but at different geographical locations. Like you could wait here, underground, or even in the city and control the decoy that way," Tritiya replies. "And I do have a biomorph probe that could be used. Then we can further tune our strategy. How does that sound?"

7/7/2008 #42
Jave Harron

Unexpectedly, Tritiya rips hir eye out, and then throws it into the air. The eyeball grows wings, and flies away quickly. Tritiya blinks, and a new eyeball takes its place.

"That biomorph will be leaving the Tome through the way you came in. Once it emerges in the Library, one of your contacts will send it to the city," se explains. "Hopefully, the couple aren't in their room like before."

"You heard about that?"

"The Colony saw it, since it is the building," Tritiya replies. "And the shouting down the hall before you showed up did cause some commotion."

Just then, Tritiya's replacement eye flashes. "It's in!" se exclaims. "I'm looking around, and I see water everywhere. I'm trying to climb, and I see a dock."

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The Crazy Talk Kid

"I'd say this is a successful test of what happens when a being is seperated between worlds," Ades mutters.

7/8/2008 #44
Jave Harron

"What that biomorph followed was preprogrammed instructions, not unlike simple automatons," Tritiya explains. "It had no connection to me outside the world, but once it reentered, it followed its instructions to open a telepathic link with me."

7/8/2008 #45
The Crazy Talk Kid

"An idea has hit me, what if we make the woman a similar living automaton and send her through? We don't risk any of our people that way and her ley derived powers could subdue the leader easily."

7/8/2008 #46

"I believe this is precisely what we are discussing," Chandi points out. "So, are we in agreement? We shall have the Colony send a decoy Sumra through. Is the Colony itself going to be able to 'pilot' the automaton, or might Geminos be needed for that?"

7/8/2008 #47
Jave Harron

"The Colony can do so, but it can take Geminos along as a secondary controller," Tritiya explains. "In the event that the Colony is compromised or unable to connect, Geminos would take over. It provides a backup instead of just putting all the eggs in one basket. How does that sound, Geminos? Or any one else want to volunteer?"

7/8/2008 #48

"I'm fine with that," Geminos says. "When do we start?"

7/8/2008 #49
Jave Harron

"We can start now," Tritiya says. "The Colony is growing our decoy, and once she's done, I will connect your senses to her. For now, have the rest of you decided if you want to tag along in some manner? Like waiting hidden nearby in a vehicle."

7/9/2008 #50

"It would be wise," Chandi considers. "After all, we do not want to be left without a plan should the decoy somehow fail to complete its objective. If that were to happen, our killer might be alerted to us and run for cover."

The warrior-diplomat looks to Tritiya. "You mentioned a few different means of travel to us. One that can fly and one that can swim, as well as riding and burrowing animals. Which would be the speediest beast of burden?"

She casts her gaze over to the others. "I suppose the aerial creature or the aquatic one, yes?"

7/9/2008 #51
The Crazy Talk Kid

"That should depend on what kind of detection capabilities they possess," offers the gladiator, "I don't care to be shot down because they saw us when we got close."

7/9/2008 #52

"That is a fair point," Chandi says, "though I do possess thaumokinetic abilities, if you'll remember. However, we should not rely on my force fields alone to keep us safe."

7/9/2008 #53
Jave Harron

"There's a few options. For speed, a flying creature would be best, but it is very visible. For outright stealth, there's a burrowing creature," Tritiya explains. "But a nice combination of both stealth and speed is a modified undersea creature."

7/9/2008 #54

"Those flying and burrowing creatures both sound pretty good..." Clockroach comments, obviously not too keen on going underwater. "What if we take an overt approach and use the thaumokinetics of Chandi and myself for protection, and have the imitation pretend to bring sensitive knowledge of how to counter us?" it suggests tentatively.

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"I fear we are spending too much of our time on deliberation," Chandi frowns. "Let us travel by use of the underwater creature. The Sumra decoy will be sent to the racist humans and Geminos will keep watch over it. We will attempt to get the decoy close enough to implant the Minutiae so that the Colony can take control. And with the knowledge it gains, we should hopefully get some more information on our killer."

7/9/2008 #56
The Crazy Talk Kid

"Let's get then oh fearless leader," Ades mocks.

7/9/2008 #57
Jave Harron

"Get ready, Geminos," Tritiya says. "The decoy is on its way. The Colony may want your experience with this sort of body."

Geminos feels a new body, a woman's one, gasping for air as she struggles to reach the surface. The Colony wants to know what his course of action is.

"The underwater creature is more of an organic vehicle than a beast of burden," Tritiya explains. "It's a mutated, huge megalodon, and it swallows you whole on the surface. Inside, each passenger is placed inside a small organic, watertight compartment. Food and water for the trip, as well as disposal of wastes, are handled by the creature. It should be able to take the metal bug with no problem."

7/9/2008 #58
Cam S

Moros shrugs. None of this seems terribly real to him--it might be accurate to say that he is in shock.

"Underwater works for me," he said.

7/9/2008 #59

Getting up out of the water might be a good start, Geminos suggests. He processes the information coming from the woman's eyes as she surfaces.


"How long will it take this megalodon to reach the human city? I don't know how fast things are going to happen on the other end, and I'd hate to show up late to the dance."

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