Tome: A Mystery RPG
A death in the Library of Worlds forces the characters of the murdered writer to find his killer. With the fate of several literary worlds at stake, the murderer must be stopped if the Library is to survive.
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Jave Harron

They meet Tritiya back in the apartment. The third-sexer has a grim look on hir face.

"Everyone, I just got a telepathic message," Tritiya says. "It was from a man named Tycho Eleutherios, who claimed to be a character like yourselves."

The party members' eyes widen.

"And he says he'll be waiting for you in the racist Trilo swamps," Tritiya explains. "How he's managed to mind-control most of the Trilos, I have no idea. He said that if you want to talk to him, head to the Trilo swamps as soon as possible."

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The Crazy Talk Kid

"He must think we're insane. That's obviously a trap," Ades points out bluntly. "I thought he was supposed to be smarter than this."

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"Why did you think that? From what we were told, he is a fighter, not necessarily a mastermind," Chandi asserts. She looks to Geminos. "What do you think? Should we send out more bioforms to implant the Trilos with Minutiae?"

7/16/2008 #3

"Can we just send more mindless copies, this time of a couple of us, to meet with the man? Then fill them with explosives and give him a hug, or have one or more of them fire enough sedatives into him to put out ten men?" Clockroach suggests.

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"I'm not sure of the feasibility of infecting the trilos," Geminos says. "With the Varna we had a pretty easy infection vector. It could be possible. I think we need more information."

"Otherwise, I like Clockroach's idea."

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The Crazy Talk Kid

"How will we know if it's really him though? Could just be a copy too," Ades states simply. He continues, "He may or may not be smart but whoever he's working for is."

7/16/2008 #6

"Well, we might then ask, what if he's a copy also packed with explosives?" Clockroach points out. "Best not to approach him ourselves one way or another, I think."

7/16/2008 #7

"The Colony should be able to gain control of the racist humans now, if it has not done so already, yes?" Chandi asks no one in particular. "Perhaps if the racist Trilos were faced with an assault, we would have an opportunity to get to Eleutherios."

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Jave Harron

"An assault would be easy to order, but the swamps constantly bog down humans," Tritiya explains. "There's plenty of germs and vectors for infection in those swamps, and they constantly adjust them. At best, an assault by the racist humans would turn into a stalemate in the swamps. However, we could give them a few boosts to their immune systems and directly assault. We might also employ submersible creatures and amphibious to deploy troops from unexpected angles. With a few genetic modifications, we could also give some troops capacity to paradrop off flying creatures."

7/16/2008 #9
Jave Harron

"So, there's two approaches," Tritiya says. "We could have you assault alongside the racist humans or you could sneak in. There's going to be chaos all over, which is one thing a collective mind does not deal effectively with. Find the racist leader, and you will probably find your enemy. You can either fly or use the sub to get there."

7/16/2008 #10

"How do we tell the leader apart from the others?" Clockroach promptly asks.

7/16/2008 #11
The Crazy Talk Kid

"He'll probably be the one hiding back in the palace surrounded by guards," Ades jokes.

7/17/2008 #12

"Tritiya said the worst thing for a collective to deal with is chaos though, if I am correct," Clockroach recalls. "What, then, does that mean? I do not understand."

7/17/2008 #13
Jave Harron

"Kill the head, and the body falls dead," Tritiya explains. "The racist Trilos are much more dependant on highly centralized leadership than the humans were. Your enemy is probably controlling the leader. So, find him, and you will likely find your target."

7/17/2008 #14

"So we should send sedative-spewing clones after our fighter, reclaim him if it seems safe, preferably with the clones we sent, and interrogate him?" Clockroach asks.

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Jave Harron

"That can be done," Tritiya says. "Now, if you want to get there, you can get back on the sub. The racist human army can be repositioned by the time you arrive. The trilo leader goes by the name Bugger, and a biomancer could be able to tell you his general direction. He's essentially a telepathic signal broadcaster. Hard to miss."

The group boards the sub, and finds themselves near a coastline with a multitude of chitinous structures on a hill before them. Several insectile trilos venture into the shallow waters methodically. Geminos senses a major telepathic entity near the side of the hill. Chandi also has a vague feeling as her Minutiae grow. Around them are an army of racist reprogrammed humans, disguised by pheromones. They can decide when they want the assault to start.

7/17/2008 #16

"I'd just like to say," Clockroach comments, "That as a mechanical being - and therefore setting a high value on individuality - it seems a bit wrong to mind-control all of these once-independent creatures. One who was doing great harm, yes, that was acceptable to me, but so many of these..."

7/17/2008 #17
Cam S

"Do the Trilos have airborne defenses?" Moros asked, "I mean...perhaps we could send in a copy to spy, find out where the leader is, and just use a dive-bombing airborne creature to take out the leader with no real collateral damage; kill the head, the body dies. If we can handle this without getting any of our people involved, wouldn't that be best?"

7/17/2008 #18

Chandi considers Clockroach's words, but decides to ignore them.

"The individuals on both sides of this are racist extremists who would likely destroy one another, as well as potentially hurting true innocents," she argues. "And, if you'll remember, we are not exactly completely independent in our own actions here. What we should focus on now is getting Eleutherios."

7/17/2008 #19

"I don't know," Geminos says. "I find it rather repulsive, regardless of excuses. Not that it matters. It won't change anything."

He considers Moros' idea.

"I'm pretty sure I can locate 'Bugger', roughly. With any luck Eleutherios won't be far off. Even if the Trilos do have air defenses, it might be possible to overwhelm them by using large numbers of suicide biomorphs."

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"The ends justify the means is a dangerous mentality," Clockroach mutters just loud enough to be heard. "That aside, suicide biomorphs are most likely the most effective way to remove 'Bugger,' I think."

7/17/2008 . Edited 7/17/2008 #21
Jave Harron

Geminos, focusing with both bodies, is able to pinpoint the location of 'Bugger' accurately and confidently. A telepathic message from Tritiya explains that the Trilo city lacks many air defenses, and that certain suicide biomorphs could be created and launched underwater. Each would be a quasi-living sac of explosive substances and digestive enzymes, designed specifically to break down the chitin that comprised Trilo bodies and structures. With Bugger dead, a follow up assault on the city would be much easier, and a full army brought to bear on their foe.

7/18/2008 #22
The Crazy Talk Kid

"Think of it this way Clockroach, if we weren't forcing them to do this and the Librarians hadn't interfered in the first place they'd be doing this anyway," Ades points out. Oro nods emphatically.

7/18/2008 #23
Jave Harron

Geminos deploys two "flying eye" scouting biomorphs. Making visual contact with Bugger, he launches the first wave of suicide biomorphs. Small creatures break off from the skin of the submersible, shooting to the surface. Their wings unfurl, and they use organic jets to speed over the city, slamming right into Bugger's palace. The enzymes and acids begin to eat through the rubble, freeing the Trilo racist. He looks up at the sky, mocking and triumphant, until the second wave kills him.

The Trilo drones, which were mind-controlled with precision before, slump down unconscious. Geminos sees a man, presumably Eleutherios, running away from the fallen leader's "palace". There is an outside army waiting, and the mercenary may be heading for a 'way out,' as they do recall the Librarians mentioning there was an entry point near the racist Trilo swamps.

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"Bugger," Geminos mutters. "I think Eleutherios is heading for the insertion point in the swamp. Do we have anyone who can intercept him?" He describes the route Eleutherios is taking.

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Jave Harron

Tritiya sends a telepathic message to Chandi. "Be ready to slow your fall."

Just then, the sub surfaces and vomits them into the air. Chandi uses her thaumokinetic abilities to slow the descent of the group, and has them land and stumble a few hundred yards in front of the fleeing Eleutherios. Clockroach, however, due to his increased mass, falls headfirst into a pile of what seems to be trilo feces.

"You cheated!" he shouts. "But I have some tricks of my own!"

He touches several unconscious trilos, activating the dominant sensations in them. The mental choruses of these trilos, however, are not warriors, and fall under the sway of their reproductive systems. Two trilos begin to hump a certain mechanical ladybug stuck upside down in a pile of feces.

Eleutherios launches a swarm of bony projectiles at Chandi, Moros, and Geminos.

7/18/2008 #26

The activities of the trilos put them in a clear spot to be nailed with the full force of Clockroach's construction tools. His storage segment opens and promptly executes the trilos with drill bits and industrial-sized nails. After they are dead, he pushes the fecal matter away thaumokinetically, extracts his ammunition from the trilos, and fires it at Eleutherios' joints.

7/18/2008 #27
The Crazy Talk Kid

Oro fires a special arrow designed sheer flesh at the enemy mercenary and managed to take a piece of skin away. That also allowed a special hemlock poison to enter his body. Ades on the other hand was attempting to make his way through the horny trilo bits to get to said poisoned and wounded enemy mercenary.

7/18/2008 #28

Geminos manages to dodge most of the projectiles directed at him, and he uses Tychos, the better armored of his bodies, to shield the other. Most of the ones that hit him break against his armor, but a few get lodged in his arms and legs. Geminos ducks behind cover so he can remove the projectiles and regenerate the wounds, while his other body starts launching bone spikes back at Eleutherios.

7/18/2008 #29
Jave Harron

The spikes nail Eleutherios in the legs as he tries to run into a nearby gap between the two buildings. Clockroach's barrage also downs him, pinning his leg to the wall behind him. He struggles to get free. The group is in a close enough distance to completely surround him.

7/18/2008 #30
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