Tome: A Mystery RPG
A death in the Library of Worlds forces the characters of the murdered writer to find his killer. With the fate of several literary worlds at stake, the murderer must be stopped if the Library is to survive.
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A large band of metal emerges from Clockroach's back and bends into an arc. Clockroach then attempts to use it to pin Eleutherios' neck down, gently enough that even if his neck gets in the way it won't hurt him. It is being held in place by no spikes or nails, only Clockroach's thaumaturgy.

7/18/2008 #31
Cam S

Moros picks up a curved segment of Trilo shell, and begins collecting the ambient pain around the group into a small puddle of blood, and approached Eleutherios.

He poured a few specks of it on the prone man.

"I'm prepared to dump all of this on you. Now, you cooperate."

7/18/2008 #32
Jave Harron

Eleutherios, now pinned, starts coughing up a strange pink vapor. It quickly dissipates, but the effect kicks in shortly. Several catharic trilos rise up, and start to both attack and hump Clockroach and the others.

7/18/2008 #33

Clockroach begins to fight defensively, utilizing various tools to kill any Trilo that comes near him.

"Someone, knock him out so he can't keep doing this!" Clockroach commands.

7/18/2008 #34
The Crazy Talk Kid

"You know you're surprisingly popular for a mechanical being Clockroach," Ades snickers at his predicament. He hacks and slashes at any of the randy trilos that come near him. "These trilo are more annoying than anything."

"I am glad to be humanoid and not arthropod-like as you are clockroach because that would bee unfortunate for me as I would be humped more," Oro attempts to mock Clockroach as well and smashes the head of a near Trilo.

"A little wordy Oro."

7/19/2008 #35
Cam S

Moros pours all of the blood onto Eleutherios--the death-pain of dozens of Trilos. He then kneels by Eleutherios' head, and begins to set to work on him with needles.

Keeping in mind that there were biomancers on hand, he didn't worry about causing permanent damage. Moros popped both of Eleutherios' eyes, and wired his jaw shut by jabbing needles through the bottom of his head, through his mouth and tongue, and into the roof of his mouth.

"You will cooperate, now," he said.

7/19/2008 #36
Jave Harron

Eleutherios screams for a moment, and then echoes with the cries of pleasure. "MORE!" he grins. He yanks his impaled leg right off the hook, and blasts Moros in the face with a bone club fist. Clockroach tries to hold his grip, but in between holding off horny trilos and holding the grip, there is a small opening that Eleutherios exploits. He is on the ground, but not helpless. He sees Oro as the closest of the ranged attackers, and blasts the construct with a spray of corrosive acid. He sees Ades out of the corner of his eye, and fires a bone spike at the gladiator. Geminos and Chandi cannot get a good shot at Eleutherios with their ranged weapons.

7/19/2008 #37

With their adversary moving around too much to aim her pistols, Chandi tries the next best thing and levitates the fallen Clockroach, hurling the construct at the killer. The warrior-diplomat sends Ades and his construct towards Eleutherios as well, for ensurance.

7/19/2008 #38
Cam S

Seeing his approach is not working, Moros thought about reversing the process, shunting the pain elsewhere.

Then the bone club hits him in the face, and he pitches backward.

Time for Theurgy then.

He scrambles away, and begins thinking...who to call upon?

Clearing his mind, he cracks a smile before beginning an invocation to Aphrodite. He'd cause the Trilos to begin trying to have sex with Eleutherios, and then try to create a feedback loop, offering the "love" he asked for as a greater sacrifice, repeatedly, until there was a mountain-sized mass of humping arthropod flesh centered on the unfortunate character.

7/19/2008 #39
The Crazy Talk Kid

Oro pulled himself and his master out of the mass of chitinousmass of "love" and far enough away to not get pulled back in. Oro pulls off the layer of bone that was thinning but his wooden outer shell was mostly untainted. Ades looks over at Chandi as he pulls out a bone spike from his arm. "Never throw me at the enemy again, woman."

7/19/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 7/19/2008 #40

Out of spite, Chandi brashly swipes the gladiator's legs out from under him. She then starts to fling various reveling Trilos from the orgy pile in hopes of getting to Eleutherios. Her vision obscured by the illicit invertebrates' communal fucking, the warrior-diplomat lifts herself up into the air to get a bird's-eye view.

7/19/2008 #41
The Crazy Talk Kid

"Oh I wish she were the enemy," Ades mutters as he jumps back onto his feet.

7/19/2008 #42
Jave Harron

Chandi gets some quick glimpses of Eleutherios under the invertebrate orgy, but does not detect much signs of life from the mercenary. Certain Trilo genitals are hard, sharp, and pointy, and Eleutherios is dying of bloodloss and being trampled. Still, the warrior is literally being fucked to death.

7/19/2008 #43

Geminos finishes extracting the numerous projectiles from his body and regenerating the wounds. He takes a look at the mound of trilos, and then glances at Chandi.

"I presume we want him alive. If that keeps up much longer... I think it might be time to stop this." Both twins get up and move towards Eleutherios, Moiros covering from a few yards while Tychos approaches with a pair of stingers emerging from his hands: one with sedatives and one with a powerful neurotoxin.

7/19/2008 #44
Jave Harron

The twins have to fight through a mountain of chitin, but the two manage to pull the wounded Eleutherios out. He still is moaning softly. The trilos, meanwhile, continue focusing on each other. Eleutherios is wounded and bleeding badly, teetering on the verge of consciousness.

7/19/2008 #45
Jave Harron

The wounded mercenary needs medical attention fast from one of the biomancers.

7/19/2008 #46
Cam S

Moros watches the scene, and resolves never to eat shellfish again before ceasing the recursive ritual.

7/20/2008 #47
Jave Harron

Geminos heals the wounded mercenary, who screams while doing so. The twins are able to determine that their "patient" had switched his pain and pleasure sensations while being attacked and trilo humped earlier. The normally soothing healing procedure is now painful to Eleutherios. By injecting him with few neuroactive secretions, it becomes harder for him to lie.

"Talk!" Geminos orders Eleutherios.

"Make it stop!" he pleads.

"Where were you, and what were you doing here?"

"I just got here! I was weakening a nation in another tomeworld when I was made aware of your efforts here," he confesses. "I had to come stop you for my boss, and that meant controlling the racist trilos."

"Who is your boss?" Geminos asks. "And did you kill our creator?"

All of a sudden, a deranged grin appears on Eleutherios' face. "I'll tell you in Hell in ten seconds. Ten, nine," and he counts down slowly. Geminos detects a sudden and unstable change in Eleutherios' metabolism. There is an increase in the production of nitrates and their concentration in his stomach and intestines.

7/20/2008 #48
Jave Harron

Geminos starts realizing that Eleutherios is releasing a toxic, unstable gas as his metabolism changes. Even with breathing precautions, there is always risk of explosion.

7/20/2008 #49

Seeing the impending danger, Chandi surrounds the injured fighter in a suspended orb and launches the man into the sky. She and the others watch as he ascends and the enclosure disappears. Eleutherios then begins to plummet to the earth.

7/20/2008 #50
Jave Harron

The mercenary's body vanishes into a swarm of insects, which swarm into a hole in the nearby bog. Tritiya sends them a telepathic message. "He's escaped this tomeworld!"

7/21/2008 #51
Cam S

"We should've just let him get fucked to death," Moros mutters, then asks, "are we following him?"

7/21/2008 #52
The Crazy Talk Kid

"Yes, o wise leader, are we going after the enemy that you helped escape?" Ades asks Chandi with sarcasm and spite dripping from his every word.

7/21/2008 #53

"You wanted out of this tomeworld, gladiator," Chandi remarks. "It seems you shall get your wish."

The warrior-diplomat turns to the more competent members of the group. "I assume everyone agrees that we should head for the entry point near the racist Trilo settlement?"

7/22/2008 #54
Jave Harron

The hole in the bog is near the edge of the city, sandwiched between two decaying shells of houses. The shell of decaying organic matter, as well as trilo feces, show that this was likely used as a latrine by the trilos. Or at least the few that bothered to stop by.

7/22/2008 #55
Jave Harron

The group dives into the hole of feces, exiting the tomeworld of Skin Deep and returning to the Library of Worlds. (The next Section, Library on the Brink, will commence shortly.)

7/22/2008 #56
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