Tome: A Mystery RPG
A death in the Library of Worlds forces the characters of the murdered writer to find his killer. With the fate of several literary worlds at stake, the murderer must be stopped if the Library is to survive.
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Jave Harron

The group enters the next tomeworld to find themselves in what appears to be the metal hull of a massive vessel. There are several crates around them, but no visible workers. Only a few small constructs transfer items between crates. The telltale rocking of the vessel is present, indicating they might be at sea. Strange mechanical sounds, perhaps some massive engine, keeps the vessel moving. Inside some of the crates are odd items resembling a combination of the air-pistols used by the Librarians and crossbows. These items in the crates have a wooden stock, a long metal barrel, and a hammer-like mechanism behind the barrel with a trigger under it.

7/30/2008 #1

Chandi inspects one of the crate items. Offhandedly, she tells the others, "We should try and locate the contacts."

7/30/2008 #2

"Or, we could wander aimlessly for days," Clockroach 'suggests,' its voice dripping with sarcasm.

7/30/2008 #3
Jave Harron

They recall that the Librarians mentioned two key contacts: An Autonomy ambassador named JARVIS, and a Drift captain named Yishan Soun. Perhaps trying to interrupt the constructs loading the crates of rifles will provoke a response.

7/30/2008 #4
Jave Harron

They might also continue exploring the ship, and perhaps search other decks for workers or sailors.

7/31/2008 #5
The Crazy Talk Kid

"Let's go find somebody smarter than these drones," Ades says indicating the more simplistic constructs that Oro seems to be following around in curiosity.

7/31/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 7/31/2008 #6
Cam S

Moros begins to look for an exit, with the intention of climbing up on deck.

7/31/2008 #7
Jave Harron

The group manages to find a stairwell, with constructs somewhat similar to Clockroach moving cargo around. They manage to head up to the top, and find themselves on deck. The vessel they are on is made of an alloy that seems rusted and bronze in tone. They are on the starboard side of the vessel, apparently a cargo ship of some sort. Massive cranes lower crates onto lower decks. Human and construct deckhands transfer them from the cargo ship to several smaller ships. Looking over the side, they see a byzantine network of catwalks, rope ladders, and gangplanks leading off the side of the vessel to countless others. Ships are bound together in such a way as far as they can see.

A massive warship dominates the center of the Drift, with the name "Grand Westerly" painted on it. The number of people and constructs of different clothing and physical types shows they may not need to worry about attracting extra attention. They head towards the central warship when they notice a few things off to the side. There are several barges of trade goods, with merchants offering what appear to be weapons similar to what they found in the hull to construct parts to foodstuffs and clothing. Whatever sort of urban life the floating city might have, the barges seem to be the market place.

7/31/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 7/31/2008 #8

"Does anyone have any thoughts on what we should do?" Chandi asks. "It's possible that, since one of our contacts is a Drift captain, we might have some luck on the main vessel,” she says and points to the Westerly. β€œOr we could split up and search independently.”

7/31/2008 #9

"I think that splitting up would be a poor choice at the moment." Geminos says. "The large ship is probably more reliable. After all, given that he's the captain, we'll hardly just wander into him."

7/31/2008 #10
Cam S

"I agree with Geminos," Moros says, "splitting up this early into a tomeworld sounds like a poor choice; we haven't yet had someone try to kill us."

After a pause, he spoke again.

"We should probably make our way to the larger ship."

7/31/2008 #11
Jave Harron

The group navigates towards the larger vessel. However, they find the gangplank leading up to it has several guards on it. "Halt! State your business!" one holds his rifle threateningly.

8/1/2008 #12

Chandi puts up her hands and gestures for the guard pointing the weapon to calm down.

"We are here to try and speak with Yishan Soun," the warrior-diplomat tells them. "Would that be at all possible?"

8/1/2008 #13
Jave Harron

"You have to schedule an appointment," the guard replies. "The Captain is a very busy man."

Just then, a new figure approaches the group and guards. He is a metal construct of a humanoid shape, and possesses a surprisingly human-like face. "You want to see the Admiral?" it asks.

"I thought he was Captain?" Chandi asks.

"Informally, yes, but officially an Admiral," the construct explains. "The Captain of a Drift acts like a mayor, while the Admiral commands not only the drift, but all support vessels and craft as well, including tugs, fishing boats, and the like. Admiral Soun is a good friend of mine."

"And you are?" Ades asks.

"JARVIS, ambassador from the Autonomy," 'he' replies. "And you don't look like you're from around here."

8/1/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 8/1/2008 #14
Jave Harron

"Perhaps I can arrange a meeting."

Lights in his eyes begin to scintillate, and JARVIS looks at Clockroach. The pattern of light flashes is a code that constructs here have been pre-programmed with, and he is able to comprehend it. The message comes out to something like: "You are the ones the Librarians sent, correct?"

8/2/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 8/2/2008 #15
Jave Harron

Clockroach replies in a similar code, "Yes. Can we see the Admiral?"

"Of course," JARVIS replies in code.

JARVIS then turns the guards. "These people are under my jurisdiction from now on," he says to the guards. "I require an audience with the Admiral urgently."

The guard, confused, allows the gate to open. The other guard leads the group into the massive warship. The insides of the ship are still metal and lined with rusting pipes, but a few works of Corredine art (likely pirated) line the walls. They arrive down a hallway with a man in a worn uniform sporting dreadlocks asking, "Yes, how may I help you?"

"Admiral, these people are from the Librarians," JARVIS replies. "The Moderate camp, I believe, specifically."

The Admiral's mood changes suddenly. "State your business here," he growls.

8/2/2008 #16

Chandi bows her head respectfully and addresses the Admiral with a solemn expression.

"Admiral, we have reason to believe that a character known as Tycho Eleutherios has entered this tomeworld," the warrior-diplomat informs. "He is allied with the Radical Librarians and has recently murdered one of the Moderates. As well, he has attempted to tamper with another world and eluded us before he could be captured. Any assistance you could offer in apprehending him would be most valuable. Not only for our own interests, but yours as well."

8/2/2008 #17

"He seems to have an interest in causing chaos, strife, and warfare in the worlds he enters," Clockroach supplements. He pauses, then adds, "And he seems capable of gaining new abilities at a rate of approximately whenever he feels like it."

8/2/2008 #18
Jave Harron

"Sounds charming," Admiral Soun replies. "But, for now, I have a more imminent concern. A taskforce of damned Imperial warships has been stalking this Drift nonstop. They seem to know all our favorite ports, coaling stations, and even fishing grounds. I've suspected the Radicals have been helping them out. Now, I'll make a deal with you."

He opens a book, revealing a map of charts. "We know how this naval taskforce stays out so far. They rely on supply ships from key Imperial ports. Those ships would normally be easy prey for us Amfolk, but lately, they've been heavily guarded and travel in convoys. Now, these convoys bring in fuel, food, ammo, and new sailors. But, the warships in this taskforce remain."

"So where do we come in?" Geminos asks.

"Simple. I want you to take the flagship of that taskforce, and add it to my Drift," the Admiral replies. "And there will be bonuses for any other Imperial Warships captured intact. I can get you close to the taskforce or the supply convoy or both. Whether you pose as officers, kill all of the Imperials, or something else, I don't care. Bring me that flagship, and I will throw the full support of the Amfolk behind you."

"Can you tell us a little about it?" Geminos asks.

"The flagship is a new sort of vessel, the HIS CV Archon. It's a flat top vessel with no guns, but it launches out unmanned flying constructs armed with bombs and torpedoes. It has destroyers, ironclads, and submersibles as escorts, plus an Imperial Marine detachment onboard. There are few main weapons on its decks compared to a normal cruiser, but it has plenty of flying constructs," the Admiral explains. "Anything else you want to know?"

8/2/2008 #19

"Are the constructs they use intelligent? What are your relations with the Autonomy? And what kind of weapons will their soldiers and battle-constructs have? In any order you please, Admiral," Clockroach asked.

8/2/2008 #20

"How large is the Marine detachment likely to be? And how large is the total crew?" Geminos asks.

8/2/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 8/2/2008 #21
Jave Harron

"The Autonomy is on very good terms with us," the Admiral replies. "Their soldiers and constructs generally use built-in rifles and repeating pistols as weapons, with flame throwers and converted tools also used. Our own soldiers are often armed with similar gear, although it is not built in, of course."

He opens a diagram of the vessel. "Since the Autonomy revolt, the Empire has used very simple automation on their constructs. But, they still require a significant number of humans to operate and maintain. The Archon has about 450 crew total, and about 150 of them are the marine detachment. Their experience has shown them boarding warfare is not something they can afford to lose. Generally, a supply ship has about 100 new troops and 50 support personnel. Their other warships all vary between these numbers, but many of their larger, older battleships have crews over a thousand."

8/2/2008 #22
Cam S

"Any idea how many drones they have at the moment? And can you tell me how deep the draft is? As an ocean-going vessel, I imagine it's deep, but if you'd care to guess a more exact figure...?" Moros asks, already beginning to come up with something.

8/3/2008 #23
Jave Harron

"Our scouts have reported seeing upwards of thirty or so flying drones," the Admiral replies. "And the draft should be around 25 feet."

8/3/2008 #24
Jave Harron

"So, how do you want to do this?" Admiral Soun asks.

8/3/2008 #25
Cam S

"I could try to call up a squall...a storm...a typhoon," Moros said, "But I'd need a bull...probably not something that's readily available. If it's big--and it sounds like it's big--it could probably survive a storm without being capsized, and if I perform the ritual correctly, I can angle it so the storm won't directly hit your group. That means that the enemy will be scattered, and unable to deal with an attack."

8/3/2008 #26
Jave Harron

"You honestly think that a storm can stop a carrier battlegroup?" the Admiral snickers. "It might just distract them, though."

8/4/2008 #27
Cam S

"You think a hurricane wouldn't cause them any problems?" Moros counters, icily, "Besides, we're not looking to destroy them, simply weaken them so that we can steal a few ships. I'm not proposing a complete plan, sir, I'm saying that with the proper materials I can put us in a more favorable position."

8/4/2008 #28

"Could we use biomancy, perhaps?" Chandi offers. "The Admiral suggested posing as officers, among other things. Although, to do so, we would likely need uniforms of some sort. Even more helpful would be specific officers to mimic. I don't suppose you have any plundered Imperial goods or detainees?"

8/4/2008 #29

"If I can get close to the ship's commander, I can eliminate and impersonate him," Geminos suggests. "Though we would need to get aboard first, obviously. And I would expect that the commander would have significant security."

"We could use Moros' storm as cover to get aboard. Although, if we were to do that, we might want to keep its intensity down."

8/4/2008 #30
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