Tome: A Mystery RPG
A death in the Library of Worlds forces the characters of the murdered writer to find his killer. With the fate of several literary worlds at stake, the murderer must be stopped if the Library is to survive.
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Jave Harron

The Drift was alive with activity, and ships were already being moved around. The preparation for some new additions to the fleet was occupying most of the other Amfolk. The Admiral was busy packing things on his desk.

"I have to say," he looks at the group. "I am honestly impressed. Taking an entire battlegroup with minimal casualties and only a few downpayments on your rations! The Librarians certainly sent their best!"

JARVIS and a veiled, cloaked woman enter the room.

"Now that the Archon has been captured, consider yourselves the recipients of the full support of the Amfolk and Autonomy," the construct explains. "Now, on to our side of the deal."

"There's been some talk of ending this war fast," the Admiral says. "They say the Emperor's son's been leaning towards supporting us. But some other Librarians are trying to sway him."

"We have confirmed his location," JARVIS explains. "We know he is at a resort town often used by the Emperor. The prince is there to consider his next course of action. We believe it would be a prudent time to-"

"-Kill him, and leave the Empire with no heirs," Soun adds.

"There is another option," JARVIS adds. "Killing him would just cause the Empire to come down harder on us. But, there is a specialist that would be able to...sway his mind to a more mutually beneficial arrangement."

The woman nods.

"The Empire are a bunch of rats," Soun adds. "Always were, always will be."

"Only if the current lot of politicians stays in power," JARVIS continues. "But swaying the son would allow for a long term settlement, and likely set the stage for long term stability."

"So, would you be up for a raid on the son's personal retreat?" Soun asks. "Kill him or convert him at your choice. But, you know where I stand. He does have some strange bodyguard, though."

8/17/2008 #1

Clockroach snorted - a strange sound for a machine to make, to be sure. "We need to get some sort of long-range device to kill those damn things with," Clockroach advised.

8/17/2008 #2
The Crazy Talk Kid

"We cause chaos among the innocent citizens and questionable nobles of the Empire... I can live with that. The only problem is that they might have sent our quarry to "persuade" the heir to the throne and he might escape the blast," Ades points out.

8/17/2008 #3
Jave Harron

Clockroach vaguely recalls seeing a mortar mounted on the backs of some Amfolk and Autonomy war constructs.

8/17/2008 #4

A terrible, awesome idea forms in Clockroach's mind. An astute observer could literally hear the gears in his head turning (though that was unrelated to the idea).

"We should just set artillery to blow up the Su's residence while she sleeps. Unless she sleeps in the same building as the prince. Or one next to him. Hmm. How about we set up demolitions, kidnap the prince, set off the blowy-uppy stuff, and claim there was an assassination attempt we had to save him from?" Clockroach rambled.

8/17/2008 #5

“We need to think about the repercussions of our actions,” Chandi states. “I agree with the opinion that killing this prince would likely stir up Imperial rancor. Besides that, and no offense to you or your people, Admiral,” the warrior-diplomat says, casting Soun a glance, “but do we really want to leave things open so that Amfolk corruption can seed? Some sort of union would be ideal.

“I think we should consider Clockroach’s plan, though based on what we've heard about him, it might not be much of a task to sway him. His cohorts, however, could be a problem. I would also like to point out that, thus far, no Su has been mentioned,” she says, looking down to Clockroach.

8/18/2008 #6
Cam S

"Eleutherios," Moros suggests, then laughs, "if so, I'm going to need the biggest crate of live crustaceans we can find."

He thinks for a moment, then says:

"Perhaps if we fail in convincing him, we could have a secondary team ready with the...long-range-explosive-death-machines?"

8/18/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 8/18/2008 #7
Jave Harron

"We can have some boats offshore providing artillery support," the Admiral says, looking at Clockroach. "But that construct you've got there looks strong enough to mount a mortar or smaller caliber cannon on his back."

8/18/2008 #8

"I would very much like to become a mortar," Clockroach tells the Admiral. His head turns to Chandi. "You say no Su has been mentioned, but really, what else do you expect it to be?" He freezes as he thinks about "Soun." Soun. Sou. This has bad implications if it means what it might. He freezes his motors and remains silent to prevent indicating any nervousness.

8/18/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 8/18/2008 #9

"I do recall Aemos speaking of a Radical character posing as a Corredine god," Chandi replies. She pauses, considering. "Hmm. In such a case, we may have something significantly more formidable to contend with than another pathetic Su."

The warrior-diplomat gestures to the Admiral, JARVIS, and the shrouded woman. "Are any of you familiar with Corredine mythology? Perhaps if we knew some of its central figures, we could strategize more astutely."

8/18/2008 #10
Jave Harron

The woman raises her hands. "We believe the Radical appeared as an ancient sea god," she adds. "There's plenty of myths, but aside from an occassional reference the Emperor makes in speeches, there's not many true believers left. Bread and circuses and gold are the real gods of the modern Empire."

8/18/2008 #11
Jave Harron

"I believe this bodyguard is male, and vanishes for long periods," JARVIS adds. "But the son was reported to have had visions from an ancient sea god. That may be the Radical Librarian."

8/18/2008 #12
Jave Harron

"If there is nothing else, I will accompany you as you head out," the veiled woman says. "A significant strikeforce will be offshore. We can send Amfolk marines or Autonomy constructs, should you like."

8/19/2008 #13
Jave Harron

Several hours later, Clockroach is modified with a back-mounted mortar with several different types of shells: frag bombs, conventional, armor piercing, smoke bombs, knockout rounds, and incendiary. They ride an amphibious armored transport towards the shore.

"So, who wants to lead the assault, and who wants to hang back?" the veiled woman asks. "Because soon, we'll hit the beach, and the party starts."

8/20/2008 #14

Clockroach opens his back compartment, which had been heavily reorganized to fit the mortar. He rearranges a couple of things before chiming in, "I should probably wait here, since this is clearly what this weapon is more suited to."

8/20/2008 #15
The Crazy Talk Kid

"We might as well go," Ades volunteers as his better half nods emphatically.

8/20/2008 #16

"I will go, as well," Chandi says. "According to the intentions of our creator, I am designed for diplomacy, after all."

8/20/2008 #17
The Crazy Talk Kid

Ades snorts upon hearing that.

8/20/2008 #18
Cam S

"I'll hang back. Maybe I can come up with another ritual," Moros says, "and Clockroach might have trouble with enemies that approach too close."

8/20/2008 #19

"I'll go forward," Geminos says. "I won't be much use in the rear."

8/20/2008 #20
Jave Harron

Ades, Geminos, Chandi, and the veiled woman (now holding a rifle) land about a half of a kilometer from what looks like a massive complex. There are ornate porches on it, and also several Imperial soldiers standing guard. "This device will allow us to communicate with them." She produces a small radio.

"Our Imperial Prince lies inside," the woman says. "Perhaps we could have that construct launch a knockout gas round? Or something more stealthy?"

8/21/2008 #21

"I suspect the sheer volume of this mortar firing would expose our position," Clockroach warned.

8/21/2008 #22
Jave Harron

"Yes, but you are in a mobile vehicle, and can readjust your whole position," the woman radios back. "Perhaps stealth may be best route. Everyone, follow me!"

She approaches one of the walls, and pulls out a brick. Pushing a complicated series of buttons, the wall swings open. "Hurry!" she directs everyone into the tunnel before them.

8/21/2008 #23
Jave Harron

The group follows the tunnel until they reach a fork.

"Hmm," the woman muses. "One of these leads to the library, and the other to the barracks. I don't recall which is which. Any suggestions?"

8/22/2008 #24

"Geminos," Chandi gestures the biomancer(s), "could you perform some sort of reconnaissance? Using your eyes, perhaps, as before?"

8/22/2008 #25
Jave Harron

Each twin plucks out an eye, and sends it flying down a different corridor. A few minutes later, both return. "We have a barracks room full of sleeping but unarmed soldiers," he says. "And a library with one guy, a younger guy, in it."

8/22/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 8/22/2008 #26

"The prince?" Chandi inquires. "How might we approach him? Levitation might be one way, to avoid waking the soldiers. Or perhaps telepathy?"

8/22/2008 #27
Jave Harron

Geminos transmits the image of the young man to the veiled woman.

"That's the prince, alright," she says. "He's right in the library, unattended by any guards. Telepathy is a good way. Tell him to pull the red book on the shelf. That will take him right into this passage."

8/22/2008 #28
Jave Harron

The young man, presumably Prefa Amatikos, does so, and stares into Chandi's eyes. "Who are you?" he asks.

8/23/2008 #29

“Your Highness,” Chandi starts, unsure of how to address the young man, “we come on behalf of the Amfolk and the Autonomy. They seek an end to this war.”

8/23/2008 . Edited 8/23/2008 #30
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