Tome: A Mystery RPG
A death in the Library of Worlds forces the characters of the murdered writer to find his killer. With the fate of several literary worlds at stake, the murderer must be stopped if the Library is to survive.
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Jave Harron

"Then why have you rebuffed all of my offers?" Prefa replies. "I try to offer peace, but each treaty comes back crumbled and ripped, if at all."

"I will answer that, Prefa," the woman removes her veil, revealing a face like Prefa's. "The Autonomy and Amfolk are now formally united, so we believe that as a united front, we can present the strongest face. Now, how is your father?"

"Mother..." his jaw drops. "I thought you were dead!"

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Jave Harron

"A lot's happened, honey," she says. "But these people are here to help us. The Autonomy and Amfolk are ready to help end this war. I'm sure you realize how the Empire's been. This war just keeps draining lives and money that could be used on infrastructure and commerce. Correde started off as a mercantile power, and that's how it can survive."

"But Father would never agree to that," Prefa protests. "He said the Amfolk and Autonomy killed you!"

"But he will not be in charge of the Empire forever. Come with us," she says. "We have much to discuss."

"But why not here? I can tell the guards..."

"The guards wouldn't recognize me," the former Empress says. "But we will be going to a neutral port. Send a message to your father that the Amfolk and Autonomy will begin discussing surrender terms. It's the only way to bring him out."

Prefa nods and embraces his mother. "Mother, I... I've missed you so much."

"I've missed you too, dear," the woman says. "Now, take the yacht docked here to this port. We'll be waiting."


The group sits around a table in a seedy tavern with a view. The woman begins to ask. "You all seem like capable people," she says. "Can I rely on you to protect me and Prefa, should my rash former husband try to pull something?"

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The Crazy Talk Kid

"We wouldn't miss it for the world," Ades assures her. "Though our presence should be completely secret." The thought of their prey showing up entices him more than helping this world.

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"We've had much combat experience in what short time we've existed," Clockroach tells her, wryly noting that the vast majority of the time they've spent as actual, concrete beings, which amounted to not even a week, has been spent either killing/capturing things or moving between killing/capturing objectives.

8/24/2008 #34

"Let us not forget our primary concern here," Chandi interjects. "Eleutherios is somewhere in this tomeworld. Unfortunately, he has yet to reveal himself..."

8/24/2008 #35
The Crazy Talk Kid

"Where else would he be other than with the one of the key figures that are keeping this world in chaos?" Ades questions.

8/24/2008 #36
Cam S

Moros still feels out-of-sorts following the ritual invoking Poseidon; he kept imagining the coppery smell of blood mingling with the saltwater.

"We need to come up with a way to neutralize him," he mutters, "I don't think I'll be able to do another major ritual for a while, though, and my agony-based techniques don't seem to help...does anyone have any ideas?"

8/24/2008 #37

"He seems to be adept at avoiding or negating frontal attacks," Geminos says. "We need to neutralize him before he can act, which means we need to find him and figure out his schedule. We need to be able to prepare the situation so it will be to our benefit, not his."

8/24/2008 #38
Jave Harron

Soon, there is a yacht appearing outside the window. Prefa is visible, and the Spanner-and-Cog flag of the Empire is above it. On the bow is a dark, gangly man the group remembers as being one of the forms of the Radicals' Corredine "god". The vessel docks, and Prefa and what are presumably his bodyguards emerge.

"These are some of my most trusted guards," he says. "Isn't that right?"

He turns to one of the bodyguards, who has a gasmask on and has a shotgun in his hands. He removes the mask, revealing a familiar face: Eleutherios. He does not seem to have spotted the group yet, but he has a smug grin on his face.

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Jave Harron

Perhaps hiding and setting up an ambush for Eleutherios could be an effective tactic. As an experienced warrior, the firearm in his hands likely could do more damage than crude melee weapons. Likewise, it could pretend to give the Autonomy and Amfolk the 'moral high ground' by appearing as unarmed.

8/25/2008 #40

"Let us find some cover!" Chandi tells the others. "This may work to our advantage."

8/25/2008 #41
Jave Harron

There is a backroom full of crates, several barrels near the dock, and a few spots on the rooftop that would make good ambush points.

8/26/2008 #42
Cam S

Moros slips into the back room, and tries to come up with an idea for what to do next.

8/26/2008 #43

"Geminos, let us go to the rooftop and observe what is going on," Chandi tells the biomancer. "Leave one of your selves down here."

8/26/2008 #44
Jave Harron

Geminos sneaks onto the roof, and notices that the bodyguards are trying to surround the pub.

8/26/2008 #45
Jave Harron

Eleutherios and the Prince enter the pub. If anyone else seeks to hide, now is the last time to do so.

8/28/2008 #46
The Crazy Talk Kid

Oro and Ades make their ways to opposite sides of the back and hunker down.

8/28/2008 #47

Clockroach places himself in an out-of-the-way corner and hides as best he can.

8/28/2008 #48
Jave Harron

Eleutherios and the Prince enter just as Moros hides in a side closet.

"So, ready to surrender?" Eleutherios gloats. "Or is this another one of your tricks?"

"We are quite ready to surrender," JARVIS agrees nearby. "But not to the Grand Artificer. We specifically surrender to the heir, Prefa Amatikos. Under Corredine Military Justice Code 45, section 2, subclause 4, an Imperial family member present with enemy forces or combat hostilities has the direct authority regarding any prisoners of war. Specifically, the Grand Artificer, and secondly, the designated heir, have the ultimate override power."

"Where's my mother?" Prefa asks. "I will hear her terms."

Amara Amatikos appears. "Son, my terms are the Corredine Empire revert to its status as a mercantile power. The Grand Artificer must forfeit all trappings of Empire and reestablish a Senate," Amara replies. "That includes ceasing hostilities with two likely trading partners, the Amfolk and Autonomy."

Just then, a tall, black man with a limp enters, and whispers something into the ears of Prefa and his bodyguard.

"But, Karkinopos-" Prefa whispers rather loud. The group vaguely recalls this is the sea god that allegedly saved the Prince.

"We demand your unconditional surrender!" Eleutherios shouts. "Come with us now, unless you feel like ending up as scrap metal!"

"No! No more blood has to be spilled!" Prefa shouts. "These are my prisoners, and I think their terms are reasonable goals. At least for long term. This war has totally destroyed what it means to be Corredine!"

"Prince, I was entrusted to defend you, not allow you to commit treason," Eleutherios says. "Get back to the boat, or your clothes may be dirty at the very least."

"No," Prefa says.

"Then I'll say they killed you," Eleutherios replies. "Guards, attack!"

Eleutherios' Marines storm in through the windows, weapons ready. If the group wants to intervene, now is a good time.

8/28/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 8/28/2008 #49
Cam S

Glancing through a keyhole, Moros strips some of his armor off, and begins to project pain into some of the marines, jabbing needles into his face near his eyes to distract them and into his hands to hopefully disturb their aim.

8/28/2008 #50

Geminos drops off the room and one twin takes up a position outside the windows the marines just entered and opens fire on them with his shotgun. The second twin enters the pub, trying to get to Eleutherios.

8/28/2008 #51

Clockroach loads his mortar with nails and junk to make a sort of improvised flak cannon / buckshot hybrid. He enters the main area and fires at Eleutherios and the marines closest to him, keeping stray shrapnel away from anyone he doesn't intend to kill or harm with briefly-existant thaumokinetic barriers. He attempts to back around to cover, assessing the results as he falls back.

8/28/2008 #52

Chandi follows soon after Geminos and, upon entering the pub, manifests a barrier around the Prince. Keeping the force field in the back of her mind, she takes out her new pistols and opens fire on the anguished Marines.

8/29/2008 #53
Jave Harron

Eleutherios manages to deploy a thaumokinetic shield of his own, deflecting some of the sharpnel while some gives him grazing wounds. He takes Amara's shoulder and uses her as a human shield, exposing only a side of his head and his pistol as he returns fire at the shotgun-weilding Geminos, shooting his kneecaps. Chandi finishes two of the Marines before they recover. Something is blocking Moros' own abilities. The old man from before enters, a wicked grin on his mouth.

8/29/2008 #54

Clockroach decides to enter the fray with direct thaumokinetics, but loads another batch of assorted metal as a precaution. Stepping out, he sees the old man grinning, makes an assumption and attempts to apply as much brute force as he can to the man's arms. If that fails, he will go for his standard ramming attack, firing his mortar's flak-grapeshot at the Marines if they focus on him.

8/29/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 8/29/2008 #55
Cam S

Why bother with creating a pain-driven construct when there's already a perfectly good lump of flesh right there? Moros asks himself.

The priest redirects the agony energy, drawing out the needles in his flesh and beginning to drip blood to the ground as an offering. Marrying agony-driven arts to theurgy, he committed blasphemy.

"Thanatos, take their shades to your master Hades..." he mumbles, "but leave their shells behind, and wait for more to join them."

The fallen guardsmen begin to twitch; the two Chandi dispatched seem to gasp.

8/29/2008 #56
Jave Harron

Two ab-dead marines shuffle towards the old man, now a prone pile of mangled flesh from Clockroach's blast. They begin to eat him, while the other marines try gunning them down. The Prince cowers, and drives to the floor. "What madness is going on?" he panicks.

8/29/2008 #57
Cam S

"No, not that one," Moros hisses, trying to re-direct the abdead, "go after the ones that are shooting at you."

8/30/2008 #58
Jave Harron

There are three Imperial Marines left, counting Eleutherios. Eleutherios hides behind Amara while shooting Ades with his pistol. Two of the Marines try unloading everything at the abdead marines, stopping them after shooting them in the head and knees. They are now empty, so a melee attack may finish them off. Chandi drops the last Marine, who was preparing to throw a grenade at Clockroach. The metal sphere clatters to the floor, the pin still inside it.

8/30/2008 #59

Clockroach thaumokinetically punts the grenade away from the marines and, rather than repeating its mortar blast, begins hurling whatever inanimate things it can see at the marines and Eleutherios.

8/30/2008 #60
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