Tome: A Mystery RPG
A death in the Library of Worlds forces the characters of the murdered writer to find his killer. With the fate of several literary worlds at stake, the murderer must be stopped if the Library is to survive.
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Jave Harron

The group waits outside the Tomeworld as Oro waits nearby.

"Any luck connecting with Ades?" Clockroach asks.

"None," the construct replies.

Just then, a note falls out of the journal. It must have been a loose page. Moros reads it aloud. "May have found something interesting. While Book of Thoth is needed for Tomeworld construction, it may be possible to create more than one entrance to a tomeworld. The thaumathmatical proof behind the tomeworld construction process states the existence of a plane as described by the tome already exists, and each tweak further connects the tome to a slightly different plane. Harvesting a tomeworld mines the original plane and the 'derivatives' of goods and supplies from each. For instance, a harvested vein of minerals will also have copies of it from parallel 'histories' as well. The act of harvesting is able to destroy several universes at once for a palty bit of pre-arranged matter. Still, at least it's not our universe being destroyed. Must destroy them before they destroy us. But a linking book may be able to reference the same thaumath probabilities, and connect with a pre-existing tomeworld... The mercenary TE was most intrigued by this concept. The Su army has been put into place using this method..."

10/1/2008 #1

"Well, that certainly sounds pleasant. It seems our maverick was descending into madness around this point?" Clockroach suggests bitterly.

10/1/2008 #2
Cam S

"That's not a good note," Moros says, frowning at it, "So is it a weapon or a method of extracting resources?"

10/1/2008 #3
Jave Harron

"It could be both," Geminos notes. "Destroy other worlds while stripping them bare. That must be the theory behind how the harvesting process works. All for just a few extra trinkets, delivering faster-than-normal methods."

Moros looks at the book some more. "This book contains several thaumath formulas referencing the five main tomeworlds. This book is a backdoor to any of them. It's currently set somewhere in "Valley of the Wind." Must be where they were last."

"But did the Moderates not say they saw someone enter 'Enemies of the State'?" Chandi notes.

"There could be an additional backdoor through Enemies, and he could have changed the destination after leaving," Moros replies. "But what it doesn't say is where it leads, but it does list a few other exits... I suppose it will make more sense inside. Ley energy and resonance are the two main sorts of thaumaturgy used in Valley, and there are two nonhuman sapient species there."


Ades finds himself in what appears to be a cave. He feels every part of his metal body burning. The steel is being consumed by something he cannot see, but he can definitely feel. His sword and weapons melt into slag. He tries to flee, but the pain comes from inside. As his legs melt, he manages to crawl away with his upper torso and head, walking on his arms. There's something at the entry point that attacks items made of iron. There are three dark passage ways in front of him.

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The Crazy Talk Kid

Ades walks down the middle path, wondering why he was so stupid to play the hero. His creaking is probably a bad sign and he has lost his favorite swords. He is not in a good mood to say the least.

10/2/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 10/2/2008 #5

"Shall we enter the tomeworld?" Chandi asks the others. "The sooner we find this Book of Thoth, the sooner we have leverage with the Librarians."

10/2/2008 #6
Cam S

"He hasn't come back out, yet," Moros notes, "I was under the impression that Ades would come back and let us know that the environment isn't detrimental to those of us made out of meat."

10/2/2008 #7

"I am sure that one thought he could fend for himself," Chandi comments. "There is little in me that desires to find out if he was correct, if I am to be honest."

10/2/2008 #8
Cam S

"Alright...I'm a little nervous about this, but I'll head on through," with that, Moros sets the book on the ground and enters the Tomeworld.

10/2/2008 #9
Jave Harron

Moros finds himself in a cavern, and his eyes adjust to the dim light. He feels a strange substance cover his body, searching for iron. He uses the bit of biomancy he knows to recognize these as ferrovoric Minutiae. Recalling this tomeworld uses ley-energy, he considers this might be a 'defensive mechanism' used by the Librarians to deter development of metalworking. He could easily develop a way to keep them off any constructs that come through, and as he considers, he sees the head and upper torso of Ades, walking up to him on its hands.

"Hello?" he asks.

10/2/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 10/2/2008 #10
The Crazy Talk Kid

"Greetings," Ades acknowledges dowerly. "I got... eaten or thaumaturged by something and need repairs. Extensive repairs."

10/2/2008 #11

"Damn it," Geminos says a moment after Moros entered the tomeworld. "I'll be back in a few moments." He goes over and enters the tomeworld

10/2/2008 #12
Cam S

"Alright, in retrospect, this was a poor choice," Moros admits.

He flicks specks of blood on the ground, and crouches by it, carrying pain with it; minutiae were called such because they were small enough to live in the blood, if he recalled correctly. Perhaps some natural minutiae lived in the blood.

"Something is filling this room, eating metal," he told his new, fluidic construct, "find it, and destroy it. If you find metal, inscribe this on it: 'Hephaestus, who rules over the arts of craft and forge, who is wise of hand and discerning of eye, hear not this invocation, but see it writ forever; this object is a prayer to you in its shape, please, protect it.'"

As the drops of blood began to spread out, Moros began feeding it more from his blood, making it swell, and fed it more of his pain, making it quicker.

"Oh, and come back when you're done," he added, sitting down on the ground, feeling lightheaded.

10/3/2008 #13
Jave Harron

Geminos enters the tomeworld and notes the active ferrovore. The cavern is inhabited with thaumaturgical, iron-eating bacteria. He begins to evolve an antibiotic, and secretes it all over himself and his equipment. It would be a pity to lose his new firearms and logistics construct now. By this time, however, Ades is reduced to a head and shoulders. But he does have some help remaining. Oro enters the Tomeworld, just after Moros' blood cleaning has ended.

"Master?" it asks.

The construct places Ades' head next to his own, giving the gladiator control of the construct's body. Chandi and Clockroach still remain outside the Tomeworld.

10/3/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 10/3/2008 #14
The Crazy Talk Kid

"Are you alright?" Oro asks his companion.

"I'll survive but I'll be happy when we have seperate bodies again."

10/3/2008 #15
Cam S

The blood is in a tear-shaped drop, and slides toward Moros.

"Clean yourself," Moros chastises, "I don't want any dirt or anything inside of me."

It spits out an oil slick, and Moros picks it up. It slides into one of many open wounds, and Moros allows the pain to dissipate.

10/3/2008 #16
Jave Harron

Chandi and Clockroach soon follow the others inside. After immunizing both to the ferrovores, they take note of their surroundings. They are in a cavern with dim light. There are three passages in front of them. Fresh air and light come from the first one, and a gurgling comes from the other two. The one with the light leads up, and the others lead down further.

10/4/2008 #17
Jave Harron

The group heads upwards, and they find something clearly artificial on the tunnel's roof above them. There is a wooden trap door, right above a pile of charred and smashed bones. The door opens, and another load of charred bones and ash is dropped down. The door quickly slams shut, and a bit of light from 'upstairs' was cut off. Directly ahead of them is a set of rough stone stairs leading directly upwards.

10/4/2008 #18
Cam S

"You want me to make the bones go up there and then come back to tell us what they saw?" Moros asked the group, "it'd be a bad idea for us to do that, I think..."

10/4/2008 #19
Jave Harron

The stair well leads up to a door directly above the trap door. It is wooden with a simple mechanical lock. There are no openings that can see past the door, but forcing it open or picking the lock would be easy. An ocular biomorph could easily fit through the gap at the bottom of the door.

10/5/2008 #20

"Let me handle this," Geminos says. He produces another winged eye and sends it up through the gap to look around.

10/5/2008 #21
Jave Harron

Inside the room are robed and masked figures operating what appears to be a giant kiln. However, it is not ceramics it is used to cook. They are loading parts of mutilated dead bodies in, and they must be dumping the ashes and bone fragments through the trap door, into the tunnel below.

10/5/2008 #22

Chandi, horrified by the scene, takes out her pistols and proceeds to open fire. She guns down several robed figures, deflecting the ones she misses who charge her with thaumokinetics. When she is done, the figures lay either dead, dying, or unconscious. Then, reflexively, as if overwhelmed by some trance, the warrior-diplomat begins to flay them with only her mind.

10/6/2008 #23
Jave Harron

Two guards, alerted by the gunshots, enter the room. They are clad in metal armor, holding swords. Obviously, this Tomeworld is not as advanced as others. "Stop, bitch!" one shouts.

10/7/2008 #24
The Crazy Talk Kid

Ades gives control of the body to Oro who immediatly disables both guards with well placed arrows that pierce and entangle their legs.

10/7/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 10/7/2008 #25
Cam S

The guards stop, holding onto their wounds. One of them notices a warm liquid around his feet.

Moros urinated on one of their feet, channeling his pain through his urine.

The guard immediately fell over and began writhing on the ground.

10/7/2008 . Edited 10/7/2008 #26
Jave Harron

"HELP! INTRUDERS!" the other guard shouts.

There is a smug look on his face as the sound of metal boots echoes down the hallway outside.

10/7/2008 #27

Chandi, still lost in her daze, promptly rips the guard's face off with her thaumokinetics. She then flings the man, now screaming, towards the metallic thuds down the hall.

10/7/2008 #28
The Crazy Talk Kid

"Stay quiet and don't try anything if you want to live," Ades/Oro warns the living guard icily. He/they watch the door for the coming guards.

10/7/2008 #29
Jave Harron

Several guards seem to teleport into the center of the room. They are clad with swords, short lances, and axes. All weapons seem to be thaumaturgical, as does their armor. Ades/Oro and Clockroach have difficulties seeing anything, though.

10/7/2008 #30
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