Tome: A Mystery RPG
A death in the Library of Worlds forces the characters of the murdered writer to find his killer. With the fate of several literary worlds at stake, the murderer must be stopped if the Library is to survive.
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Geminos immediately steps forward and both twins open fire with their shotguns, dropping a pair of enemies.

"How troublesome," he says. "It would be wonderful if we could enter a world without immediately picking a fight." He decides that he wants at least one of them alive, and forms a stinger with a paralyzing poison. The twin strikes towards one of the guards.

10/7/2008 #31
Jave Harron

Geminos' finger makes contact with thin air. Something is wrong here. He increases the iron in his blood, and the images begin to flicker. The shots had gone straight through 'soldiers' and into the wall behind them.

"It's an illusion!" Geminos yells. "Probably ley energy."

At this, the soldiers that teleported into the room disappear. Whatis presumably the real deal appear in the doorway.

"Halt!" one of them shouts, presumably their leader. "You trespass on sacred ground! We treat the sick here, and have few items of worth! If you brigands have any sense of humanity, you will leave at once, especially those metal devils!" He looks at the constructs.

10/8/2008 #32
Cam S

"Treat the sick?" Moros responds, picking himself up, "you...treat the sick?"

He begins laughing, tilting his head forward, before turning his head to look at the others.

"And sacred, too?"

Looking at the guards, he came up with an idea, that he knew would make them uncomfortable.

"Which God is this ground sacred to, metal man?"

10/8/2008 #33
Jave Harron

"I do not treat the sick, but the priests do," the guard captain points his sword. "This is the sacred temple of the Blessed Goat of the Woods."

10/8/2008 #34
The Crazy Talk Kid

"If this is a temple then why are there bodies being burned in the basement?" Ades/Oro asks the guard. Something within them seemed a little closer mentally, they were more one, it was quite the disconcerting thought to them.

10/8/2008 #35
Jave Harron

"Because those bodies are infested with plague," the guard replies. "If you want to see our medical rooms, I can show them to you."

10/9/2008 #36
Jave Harron

A masked, robed figure similar to the body burners approaches. "Ah, good, patients," he turns to the guard. "Mind escorting them to the medical testing rooms? We've just run out, and it's good some overly curious ones decided to show up."

10/10/2008 #37

Geminos doesn't like the sound of that. "Perhaps not," he says. "We'd rather not have any trouble, but..."

10/10/2008 #38
Cam S

Moros shrinks back from the priests, and begins muttering in Kaftorian as he sinks to his knees and begins writing in the dust. Channeling, he lent strength to the warriors he worked with.

"[Ares Enyalios, War-Bringer, Father of Terror, Father of Fear, You of the Unmovable Shield, You of the Unstopable Spear. Make their arms mighty, make their skin impenetrable. Likewise, may the barbarian heathens, the monsters of barbarians, grow weak, may their bodies be torn by pain, may you rend their minds with madness. I offer their flesh to you as sacrifice; I offer my own blood as libation.]"

When he finished, he opened his eyes wide.

"Perhaps not," he agreed.

10/10/2008 #39

Chandi, spattered with the blood of her skinned victims, breathes in deep, collecting herself, then casts the focus of her pistols towards the masked man.

“We do not require medical assistance,” the warrior-diplomat offers coolly. “You would do well to allow us passage.”

10/11/2008 #40
The Crazy Talk Kid

"See your guards? She did that and she can do it some more," Ades/Oro tells them while pointing to Chandi. "It would be a shame if she did it to you."

10/11/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 10/11/2008 #41
Jave Harron

"Then she will be the first to receive treatment," the priest smirks, placing a strange smelling cloth over his mouth. The guards follow suite, drawing their swords.

There is a hissing sound, and the members of the group with lungs suddenly find it harder to breathe.

10/11/2008 #42

Clockroach thaumokinetically readies a line of nails in front of them. "I suggest you stop whatever you're doing. Immediately."

10/11/2008 #43

Chandi unceremoniously unleashes a round from each of her firearms into the masked man. She then erects a thaumokinetic shield around herself, the air within uncontaminated.

10/11/2008 #44

Geminos deals with the contaminated air by growing filters. He gives off some pheromones, hoping to make the enemies in the room more suggestible. He points his shotguns at the guards. "I'd drop your weapons and surrender," he suggests.

10/11/2008 #45
Cam S

Moros begins coughing and hacking, and drops.

"I'll sacrifice...your black my sons of whores..." he chokes out.

He channels the pain his lungs are delivering to his brain into the ground around him.

"Kill anything...covering its face..." he said.

The ground groaned and shook, and a human-like figure made of stone climbed from the rock.

10/12/2008 #46
Jave Harron

The golem, now with a sense of purpose, lumbers towards the priest, and smashes him to a bloody pulp. Chandi and Geminos' bullets cut down the armored guards with ease. Several of Clockroach's nails end up in the face of an unlucky survivor. The air continues to become foul, when Chandi notices an opening in the wall with a hissing coming from it. Quickly having Geminos seal it with a bio-active sealant, the poison gas begins to disperse.

They are in a stone corridor with identical doors on either end. One is labeled "Breeding Room." The other is labeled "Patient Holding." The door they had emerged from was labeled "Waste Removal."

10/12/2008 #47

"There might be others," Chandi says and heads for "Patient Holding".

10/12/2008 #48
Cam S

"Wait," Moros gasped, still feeling the effects of the poison gas, "if they call this 'Waste Removal,' what sort of horrors do you think are behind the other doors?"

He points at the Golem, then at the hole in the ground, and it lumbers back into place, its purpose served.

10/12/2008 #49

"This sounds like one of those many, varied situations where sending an eye-biomorph first would be prudent," Clockroach added.

10/12/2008 #50
Jave Harron

Chandi cautiously opens the doors, revealing a large dungeon. Several humans are kept in individual cages. They include young men, women (some pregnant), children, and the elderly. Several are coughing violently. Off to the side, several non-human creatures are also inside larger carges. One is a sort of quadruped lizard with green skin on. Two tongue-like tentacles protrude from the sides of its head. Regardless of the strangeness, several different sizes of the species are present (perhaps adults and young ones as well). The other sort superficially resembles a birdlike humanoid with graying skin that resembles a cross between leather and scales in texture. The two present in the room are kept in special, almost organic cages. Despite being non-humans, one thing that these creatures have in common is looking weakened and sick. Much pain is present in this room.

On a nearby shelf, several medical instruments are apparant, with tools. Saws, chains, pliers, wire, and jars with bits of organs and fetuses adorn the walls. Nearby is a blood covered table, with rusty shackles on it. There is a table with several scrolls and leather parchment journals nearby.

10/12/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 10/12/2008 #51

"I would ask them if they are insane, but that seems rather redundant," Clockroach deadpans as it follows Chandi in, nails raised. The nails cluster around it. Clockroach does not trust the rooms they are in enough to let its guard down.

10/12/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 10/12/2008 #52

"They're not the only ones who seem insane," Geminos mutters behind Clockroach.

10/12/2008 #53
The Crazy Talk Kid

Ades/Oro looks around at the caged people and beasts and asks, "Is their anyone who can tell us what is going on? Anyone?"

10/12/2008 #54
Cam S

Moros moves toward the document table.

He draws in agony from the room, in short bursts.

"Lots and lots of good-quality pain in this room," he notes, "they're obviously not harvesting it."

10/12/2008 #55
Jave Harron

One of the gray skinned humanoids tries to speak, but a blood wound on its neck prevents it from making sounds. One of the humans, in between fits of coughing, turns to them.

"Those...bastards...infected us with plague," he wheezes. "And they...cut us up... to see how far the disease progresses."

Geminos starts looking through one of the books, reading aloud. The most recent entry says. "Plague vector improvements made. Plague now is confirmed to cross species barrier. Angui infected, as have Vox. (As standard protocol, Vox vocal chords have been removed in order to prevent incidents like before.) Live air experiments will begin shortly."

10/13/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 10/13/2008 #56
Cam S

Moros who had been reading the same book, screws his eyes shut.

"Ah...dammit! That was probably a live air experiment in there..."

He looks at the captives, feeling newfound empathy for them, if only in that he was now most likely in the same boat. He began to search around for a vessel into which to channel their agony, preferably a container of some non-fecal or -urinary fluid.

10/13/2008 #57

Geminos scans through the book while simultaneously looking through the other documents.

"See if you can find any information on the nature of the plague," he says to Moros. Depending on what the plague was he could be able to make a cure or at least a way to keep it from spreading.

10/13/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 10/13/2008 #58

"We must free them," Chandi says and begins to use her thaumokinesis to unhinge the cages. She looks to Clockroach, encouraging the construct to follow along.

10/13/2008 #59

"Please stop that," Geminos says, hearing Chandi. "I'd recommend against releasing people with a highly infectious disease. If I can have some time to study these notes and get more information on the plague, I should be able to neutralize it, but until then it needs to be contained."

10/13/2008 #60
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