Tome: A Mystery RPG
A death in the Library of Worlds forces the characters of the murdered writer to find his killer. With the fate of several literary worlds at stake, the murderer must be stopped if the Library is to survive.
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Jave Harron

The group leaves the temple to see a city of mud hovels, crude huts, and a few rudimentary stone buildings over all of it. A worked earthen mound is the center of the city. Strange objects with a foreign geometry hover in the sky. They are ovoid, and possess a construction resembling a yellowish green ceramic of some sort. Several smaller craft flit in between them.

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Cam S

"Spider...thing," Moros commands his construct. It "looks" toward him, "continue as you are. Smash anything related to the Black Goat. Kill the priests. Beat the devotees. Leave the innocents alive. But most importantly, stay away from me and those you see around me right now, until I command you to come. Do you understand?"

It hops, eager.

"Go, then," he says, feeding it another one-sixth of the urn of agony.

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Jave Harron

One of the Vox prisoners points into the air. "Our commander must have come looking for us! We're saved!"

10/24/2008 #3

Chandi turns to the other rescued prisoners. "Where can we take you?" she asks.

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Jave Harron

A middle aged man, emaciated and weakened, looks around. Folds of skin now are reduced to a near skeletal body from weeks of malnutrition. "This city is very familiar," he notes. "I was a merchant, and came here with my family when I was captured... But I know several people that can help locate friends of the others."

The two Angui try to touch Chandi with their dual tongues.

10/24/2008 #5
Jave Harron

Chandi suddenly sees visions of a grassland village, with burrow-like dwellings inhabited by Angui. The mental image of men on horseback capturing several of them comes into her mind. They are held in cells in the temple. Several of the Angui are infected with diseases, and one by one mutilated. Finally, they are the only two left. A mental association of a local human settlement is one indicator of where they are from.

The Vox begin humming, and a small craft descends from the skies. It possesses a shape like a whale or aquatic animal, and no moving parts are visible, aside from a hatch that opens on the side.

"We can send them wherever they like," the Vox notes. "And we would request that you come with us."

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"I believe these ones come from a grassland not very far off," Chandi informs the Vox. "As for you," she says and turns to the thin man, “if you are able to help the rest of your people, then do what you can.”

To her group, she asks, “Does anyone have a problem going with them?” She gestures to the birdlike Vox.

10/25/2008 #7

"Oh, no. No problem at all, going with the strange people," Geminos says. "Just so long as we don't decide we don't like them. Random violence is so tasteless."

10/25/2008 #8
Cam S

"I'm not against going with them on the basis of who they are," Moros said, "but I am somewhat nervous about straying too far from the entry/exit point. Do we really have a method for detecting other ones?"

10/25/2008 #9
Jave Harron

The merchant leads the Angui and the other refugees away, leading them back to their families and friends. One of the Vox checks to ensure that they are out of earshot.

"It is obvious you are from the Library. Our commander wishes to discuss some things with you," the Vox notes in a resonance that is barely audible.

Clockroach makes the observation that every resonance function could be expressed as the sum of a finite number of sines and cosines.

10/26/2008 #10
Jave Harron

The group boards the transport, and heads towards the fleet overhead. One of the Vox hums, lifting the craft upwards. The sounds they make seem to be the means by which the craft is controlled. The craft docks with one of the larger vessels, attaching itself to a niche on the side of the hull.

They are greeted by two more Vox, each clad in a sort of ceramic breastplate of the same material their craft was comprised of. They hold a short staff with a strange crystal on the top in their hands, which have two large fingers and an opposible thumb.

"High Admiral Rangi Zaraki requests an audience with all of you," one says, leading them through the craft.

The group is lead through the corridors, which are notably silent, save strange humming they hear. They come across a large, hollow area, with no windows. A Vox dressed in armor of a slightly different geometry approaches them. He hums at the guards, and they repeat the sound. It is not what is said that is important. It is how it is said, and the signal is modified.

"Welcome to my vessel," Rangi notes. "My officers, whom you rescued, had been investigating the human settlements in search of information on the diseases that plague them, the Angui tribes, and now us. We have been aware of the Librarians, though mainly by chance. We have identified one camp of them as likely involved with the plague. How else could the obscure Black Goat cult suddenly master biomancy and create these horrid diseases?"

He observes the group. "I must say, though, you do not come dressed in the normal disguises the Librarians do. Something must be going on," he notes. "Would you mind informing me of the current state on Library politics and what camp of Librarians you represent?"

10/27/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 10/28/2008 #11

"We were sent here on behalf of the Moderates," Chandi starts, choosing her words wisely. "Recently, one of them was murdered by a Tome character who is working for the Radicals. This character, Tycho Eleutherios, has since been causing havoc in various Tome worlds, this one being his most recent venture. If I were to guess, I would say he is undoubtedly behind this plague your world seems to be suffering from."

10/28/2008 #12
Jave Harron

"You did not enter this world the normal way," the Admiral notes. "Normally, the Moderates send their characters in a tomeworld entry point outside this city. An entry point that we were observing thoroughly. Now, is there another way in, or are you not being truthful?"

The strange body language of the Vox makes him seem calm, despite raising his voice noticeably.

10/28/2008 #13

"We entered through some sort of Temple-Lab. The link was something we found in a hidden Radical stash of some sort," Clockroach informs the Admiral.

10/28/2008 #14
Cam S

"While investigating something in the library, we discovered the entryway that one of the radicals--possibly the aforementioned Eleutherios--used to enter this tomeworld," Moros offers, "personally, I did not know that multiple entryways existed on the library-side. We were attempting to see where the radicals were going...apparently there is something very special about this world."

10/28/2008 #15
Jave Harron

Rangi Zaraki thinks for a moment. "So this Black Goat cult is likely a Radical front for weaponizing disease," he muses. "This cult has been claiming various leaders of the three species 'cures' it produces. They showed themselves with the ability to cure at least a few people. Now I think I understand why. Heal a few, infect a lot."

He draws a small crystalline device from his belt. "There are some other leaders in this world. A war chief of the human settlements, and a leader of an angui tribal council. Find them, and inform them of this. And kill any members of this cult you find," he says. "I have a device that can point you towards entrances and exits of a tome. Do this, and I will give it to you."

10/28/2008 #16
Jave Harron

Zaraki tries to force a humanoid smile, struggling due to the different muscular structure in his face and head. "Consider this. You may be stranded here without my device," he explains. "Kill those responsible for the plague, and you will gain the ability to find exits and entrances in a tomeworld."

He unfurls a map of crude human sketching. Several dots are marked off. "These clusters of dots show where plague breakouts have occurred. There's some human and Angui tribes on the grasslands here, some human villages in the forests nearby, and some Vox settlements in the foothills. The cult has 'missionaries' near all these places," he points to a spot near the edge of the grasslands. "This area is where the cult's been most active recently. A group of bandits and raiders have pledged themselves to the cult, and have been acting as a militia for them. This may be worth investigating. However, a Hegemony battlefleet would draw too much attention. Thus, we can provide you with...alternative transport, should you take this assignment."

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Chandi looks over Zaraki's map, then to the Vox himself.

"What sort of transport do you refer to?" she asks apprehensively, recalling the group's unusual trek to the Phalace in the Skin Deep tome.

10/30/2008 #18
Jave Harron

"Land transport," Zaraki replies. "On human vehicles. They're powered by ley-energy, so those of you made of metal or with lots of iron goods had better ride in a carriage behind one."

10/30/2008 #19
Jave Harron

"So, will you remain here, or do you desire to leave?" he asks them.

10/31/2008 #20
Cam S

"I'm interested," Moros says, breaking the silence.

10/31/2008 #21

"I can't say that I am." Geminos says. "Stumbling after Eleutherios is growing tiring. Every time we find him, he is in control, and dancing to his tune doesn't appeal to me." Not the entire truth about his lack on enthusiam for Rangi's plan, but all that he want the Vox to know.

10/31/2008 #22

"I, too, tire of following Eleutherios, but that artifact sounds rather useful," Clockroach considers.

10/31/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 11/1/2008 #23
Jave Harron

"You shall not be going in alone. Are any of you familiar with resonance thaumaturgy?" the Admiral asks.

Clockroach realizes something. As a construct, he can recall memory with much greater perfection than an organic. If he can record and recall some of the Vox resonance commands, he may then be able to play them back to mimic them.

11/1/2008 #24

"None of us are, I believe, but I suspect if I was taught I could simply do a simple record-and-playback of the commands," Clockroach replies.

11/1/2008 #25
Jave Harron

"If you need fire support, we can give you a resonance frequency to use," the Admiral notes. "And any biomancers can change their vocal... organs to make it much easier. Whatever your species calls it."

11/2/2008 #26

"The sooner we begin, the better," Chandi states. "I, for one, do not like the idea of more people... that is, characters... suffering from this plague. And Eleutherios has evaded us for too long now. It would be fulfilling to finally catch him."

11/2/2008 #27
Jave Harron

"Very well then," the Admiral says. "Follow the guards to the cargo hold. Your transport awaits."

The Admiral takes Clockroach aside, and shows him a few useful resonance techniques, including one to call for fire support and one to destroy stone and cement structures. Clockroach records them.

The cargo hold has a similar vessel to the one they came in on, but had a larger belly for holding strange machines. They were all made of wood and organic materials, and resembled skeletons made completely of wood. Several seats are mounted on the top of the strange strutterbeast, and there is a walking cart behind it. Ley energy is rife inside the constructs, granting them movement.

The transport drops the group off on an isolated road. "The destination is a mission run by the cult. You'll be meeting up with two local leaders outside: a woman named Ohanzee and an Angui named Siu-Kao. Tell them the Hegemony sent you," their pilot instructs. "Now, good luck!"

The group and their strutterbeasts leave the transport. They continue through some woods, when the trees began to bend towards them at once.

11/2/2008 #28

In response, Chandi manifests a sphere of thaumokinetic energy around her strutterbeast.

11/3/2008 #29

Geminos produces a pair of eye biomorphs and sends them out to search the woods around them.

11/3/2008 #30
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