Tome: A Mystery RPG
A death in the Library of Worlds forces the characters of the murdered writer to find his killer. With the fate of several literary worlds at stake, the murderer must be stopped if the Library is to survive.
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Jave Harron

The group finds themselves back in the primary Tomeworld vault. Several drones are gathered around them, and several bullet holes and scorch marks cover the walls.

"So, where were you?" Aemos' voice booms from one of the drone's loadspeakers.

11/29/2008 #1

"We got lost in the woods," Geminos says. "Did something happen here while we were gone?"

11/29/2008 #2
Jave Harron

"Yes, something happened," the tone of displeasure says. "The Radicals deployed an army while you were out. It's been ordered to attack coastal communities, and pave the way for future settlement."

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"What do you mean?" Clockroach asks, confused. "Coastal communities where?"

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Jave Harron

"All around the Black Sea, Aegean Sea, and the coastlines of Egypt, Asia, and Europe. A construct army," Aemos' voice explains. "And they've stolen most of this Library's accumulated resources to accomplish this. To stop this mad attack, we need you to gather support from the last two Tomeworlds."

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Chandi frowns and hopes Aemos' latest task will lead them back to Eleutherios. She wants the Book of Thoth. She wants freedom.

"Very well, Librarian. Instruct us on our next destination and we shall rally up some more tools for you to use," the warrior-diplomat states, letting a tinge of resentment escape at the end.

11/30/2008 #6
Jave Harron

"The faster this war is resolved, the faster you can go. Your creator was only the first among others," Aemos says. "I will be sending a new guard to look over the tomes. His name is Daedalus Gennadius."

The door to the tomevault opens, and an athletic-looking man with a tan and brown hair enters. "Hello," he says. "Aemos wants Enemies of the State cleared out. Watch for any signs of Eleutherios."

He pauses a moment and a dark expression overtakes him.

"If you have a chance, kill him."

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Jave Harron

Daedalus points to the two remaining Tomeworlds. "Enemies of the State and Panthalassa both have big problems. Panthalassa has a crazy emperor manipulated by the Radicals, and Enemies of the State has a strategically important construct being chased by three factions. Due to the fact you went missing, I need you to head to Enemies as soon as you can. Any questions?"

12/3/2008 . Edited by dreamshell, 12/3/2008 #8
Jave Harron

"Get into Enemies, find a soulshell called Model One, and bring him to the Haven Consortium," Daedalus says. "Promise them whatever they want, so long as we get war constructs."

The group notes Daedalus is doing his best to ignore them. "What are you waiting for? Go!" he shouts.

12/5/2008 #9

"Let us go, then," Chandi urges.

12/5/2008 #10
Jave Harron

Gunfire and metal pounding are heard outside of the vault door. Daedalus mutters to himself. "Shit! Samir and the Rads are at it again," he says as he pulls out a weapon. "You guys leave, and I'll make sure they don't get in."

The group heads into Enemies, and a new world appears before them.

(The next part, 4-1: Catalyst Reaction, will start shortly.)

12/5/2008 #11
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