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my favorite action movie is batman begins.
10/17/2006 #1
The Ferrett
Not Bourne identy/supremecy - book was better than the movie i mean i love an explosion better than anyone but the missed ou the jackal - the key element of supremacy. No my fave is Die hard 3 - skitzo times 3.
10/18/2006 #2
Burnt Bread
Bruce Willis does do some good action... Mine would be Aliens though (the whole series!). It's hard to find a woman lead in a good action movie.
10/18/2006 #3
snoochie flagship
I love aliens. I think that the alien movies after it are terrible though.
10/19/2006 #4
dbz 77
My favorite was Robocop. Michael
10/19/2006 #5
Charming Dice
My favorite is So Close
10/19/2006 #6
Ellica Dramis
lurve potc (pirates of the caribbean, for those ignorant fools out there... jk :D) and indiana jones stuff (classic), sahara, etc. lurve movies in general, actually. o.O
10/19/2006 #7
Right now my favorite action movie is Crank. The action starts within 3 minutes, and it does not stop until the credits come. Litteraly. Plus it's also hilarious, so that's bonus points. But I just saw that one recently, so until it took over the title, my all time favorite action movie was definitly The Fifth Element
10/20/2006 #8
I'm a really big fan of action movies. I'd say my favorite is Hard Boiled. It's a great Hong Kong cop flick. I do wanna see the Marine tho.
10/22/2006 #9
yeah. other than batman begins, i like terminator 2. it has lots of intense action and is pretty cool also.
10/22/2006 #10
My most favorite ones are Initial D (The movie starring Jay Chou and Edison Chen), The Fast And The Furious- Tokyo Drift and 2 Fast 2 Furious. I will be creating a novel based on my views in these 3 stories. It's a 5 series one and it will be happening in an imaginary world instead of the real popular street racing grounds, but the cars are real, for instance, the Nissan Fairlady 350Z and the Supra.
10/23/2006 #11
Burnt Bread
It's funny. Lots of people like Batman Begins, but apprently, it was a flop in the cinema.
10/24/2006 #12
Gabriel El Jibaro
KUNG-FU HUSTLE!!!!! An excellent satire of the whole action/martial arts thing, but it still holds the awesome fights and the intense action in them, and then just throws in a little bit of sincere humor. Awesome movie... however, if the people here don't like it, I can understand that... although it still is a good movie... Anyway, Dios los bendiga Gabriel El Jibaro
10/24/2006 #13
Yes, that was a great movie. The best movie in recent memory was Mission Impossible III. It was better than I and II combined.
11/11/2006 #14
Genesis Rose
I have to say that I really loved the Matrix movies. Along with those, I also liked Pirates of the Caribbean, the Lord of the Rings, and some others. King Kong was okay, but I hated the ending... (The marching band in our school traveled on coach buses and we watched it on the bus... I had to keep myself from bawling like a baby in front of a bunch of sleep-deprived grouchy seniors and some of my frinds... haha)
11/11/2006 #15
Favourite actions movies...Crank, Bad Boys 1 & 2, The Rock, Doom, Matrix Trilogy, V for Vendetta, Riddik Series, House of the Dead 1 & 2 (2 is favourite, 1 is Uwe Boll), The Cave, A Man Apart, The Boondock Saints, Blade Trilogy, Training Day, Face Off, A History of Violence and the Die Hard trilogy.
11/15/2006 #16
Have any of you seen District B13? it is pretty cool. it might be hard to find it on tv, but they sell it on DVD. i also really like Terminator 2. Terminator 1 was kinda boring, and T3 was just dumb (no offence if you like it), so i think T2 was the best of the trilogy. were the Rambo movies good? i saw the first one, but are the other 2 any good?
11/21/2006 #17
Dani P
My top movies: 1. Band of Brothers (tv series/movieish) 2. Black Hawk Down 3. Saving Private Ryan 4. Transporter 1 + 2 (some parts are lil hard to believe, but they make it seem pretty believeable) 5. We Were Soldiers 6. Windtalkers I havent had a chance to watch Crank yet but I plan to. My suggestion is: if you havent seen some of these movies go out and rent them. Specially if your looking for great war movies. Also I reccomend reading Band of Brothers and We Were Soldiers Once and Young (books the movies were based on) They'll really help you figure out the whole idea of warfare.
11/28/2006 #18
Oh yeah! Besides of Initial D Live Action Stage and the Tokyo Drift...I also like the latest Hames Bond film.. Hey guys...what do you think about the new James Bond? Is he better than Pierce Brosnan? I prefer Pierce Brosnan back eben though the new Bond has a bodybuilder size body.
11/30/2006 #19
Oops...I pronounced James Bond wrongly...sorry
11/30/2006 #20
Personally, I prefered Sea Connery, he was the greatest. Dani P, I wouldn't really count war movies as action movies. Action ones end to focus on the actual gunfights, car chases and the occasional steamy sex scene, whereas most War pnes tend to focus on the characters and how the war is affecting them and those around them...Saving Private Ryan is a perfect one. Near the end, where that German is totally stabbing a couple of US guys, while another US dude hides behind a wall crying. Actions movies would have him come around the corner duel wielding old pistols and shoot everyone. In context: Band Of Brothers: Plot, character development and the occasional gun fight. Transporter 1&2: Totally unrealiastic gunfights and car chases (@ with the hooking of the bomb, though that was mint)
12/1/2006 #21
Sea Connery..u mean Sean Connery?
12/1/2006 #22
Yeah...there you go...(I don't tend to correct my typo's...ends up wasting space and taking extra time...like this...hehe)
12/3/2006 #23
[q]were the Rambo movies good? i saw the first one, but are the other 2 any good?[/q] The first was the best, the second was not bad, and the third sucked major a**.
12/6/2006 #24
thanks for the info, BlackBird552. i recently saw Die Hard (finally) and i liked it alot. also, thanks for contributing to this forum. i was surprised at all the responses. May Your Swords Stay Sharp!
12/7/2006 #25
The Matrix, baby! And, I liked Doom, X-men 1 and 2, Ultraviolet, The Rundown, And, this one movie with arnold shwartzenegger in it about some muslim group hiding warheads in vans to blow up the US. Worst Action Movie ever: CATWOMAN.
12/16/2006 #26
FYI, the movie with Arnold the Govenator in it with the warheads is called True Lies, and it is a great action and comedy rolled into one.
12/16/2006 #27
Thanks for the name.
12/16/2006 #28
Anthony Tatsumaki
My favorite is The Protector, hands down. HE JUST DOESN'T STOP HITTING PEOPLE!
12/20/2006 #29
The Ferrett
Goblin hunter - Die hard is the BEST Chrissie movie. I mean there is nothing better than blowing up buildings to Beethoven's Ninth.
12/22/2006 #30
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