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Force Edge
My favorite movies are the following: 1. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children 2. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith 3. National Treasure And there are others that I can't currently remember. :P
12/24/2006 #31
yeah. i also like Final Fantasy VII alot too. it is my favorite CGI movie. i recently watched Die Hard 2&3 and enjoyed them. the only bad thing i found in the Die Hard trilogy is all the language. other than that, the Die Hard triolgy is one of my favorite action series. do any of you like Kill Bill Volumes 1&2?
12/25/2006 #32
The Ferrett
haven't seen. Bad company is also a good movie - got that for christmas.
12/25/2006 #33
Saw FF7, and although I'm not a FF fan, I still think it was awesome.
12/31/2006 #34
The Ferrett
What is Final Fantasy - Heard of it just dont know what it is.
1/1/2007 #35
it is a sci-fi fantasy videogame series. there have been two movies based on it and Final Fantasy VII is the more recent one. it is about a warroir dude (Cloud) who, along with his girlfriend & other teamates, take on an evil badguy and his goons. there are intense fights and it also has great animation. if you are anuy more curiose, you can go to Wikipedia and seach it.
1/3/2007 #36
Royal Bliss
I'm not a fan of Final Fantasy. But if it counts as action then my favorite action movie would be Fight Club.
1/6/2007 #37
Aidyn Valo
I'd have to put it up between Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith and the first Matrix movie. For Star Wars, it really pulled the action of the series to a new level, and lightsaber duel on Mustafar was one of the best action scenes in any movie ever. The Matrix, when it first came out, had a lot of originality. The slo-mo scenes were new a fresh, the story was amazing. The two sequels, while still prettty good, failed to set the same atmosphere as the first, which really detracted from the overall experience of the movies.
1/23/2007 #38
The Ferrett
Van Helsing works for action. ::)) I'm just saying it's cool.
1/23/2007 #39
InViSiBlE wOmAn
YES I LOVE VAN HELSING!!!!! I also like the departed, i guess it's action kinda, I dunno it's a gangster story and I classified my gangster story I'm putting on here right now as a action so i guess so lol it's an awsome movie tho love love love it! same with the bourne movies but I have a crush on Matt Damon right now so i can't tell if I actually like the movie cause of the movie or just cause of him :P but the departed dominates all
5/29/2007 #40
You guys seem to know lots about action could you review my story and give me some help.
8/28/2007 #41
It's found at http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2407920/1/
8/28/2007 #42
As of late, I've seen a few large amount of action movies. 1: Bad Boys 2 2: Point Break (These ones before I saw Hot Fuzz, just so you know) 3: Face/Off 4: The Condemned 5: Die Hard 4 6: Transformers
9/29/2007 #43
Uhhhh....lots of action movies. Million Dollar Baby any Bruce Lee movies any 007 movies ...and lots more.
10/16/2007 #44
John Westcott
Hi from a first time poster. ;) Some of my fave action movies include: - Gladiator (my all time fave) - The Die Hard Trilogy - The Bourne Trilogy - The entire James Bond collection - The Indiana Jones trilogy - Aliens - Batman Begins - The X-Men Trilogy - Enter The Dragon - First two Matrix Films - First two Terminator Films - The Transporter Films - Predator 2 (yes, I said Predator 2, not Predator 1. I actually liked 2 better.) An action movie I expected a lot from, but was only mildly amused with, was the recent "Hitman" film. Some action movies I hated include: - Crank - Doom - Van Helsing - Mission Impossible II - The Kill Bill films - Any action movie with Stallone in it besides the first four Rocky films (this includes Rambo) - Most Jackie Chan films (sorry, Jackie fans, I certainly appreciate the skills he has, but the stories are stupid as are the many sidekicks he's had). JW
3/23/2008 #45
lets see, lord of the rings, no doubt about it. gladiator is freakin AMAZING and pirates is always fun to watch
3/28/2008 #46
Ten ways to spoil dinner

Iron Man. It was an awesome movie. not entirely like the comic series but no movie is based entirely off of something.

I liked Transformers the omvie. The cartoons... not so much. The movie was awesome though.

I liked the Terminator movies, the second the most

I like Bruce Lee movies

Jackie Chan movies

Jet Lee movies.

6/9/2008 #47
The Death Muse

I've been told that FF7 originally started as a movie - that's why certain things like the Shinra building are more intricately programmed. Don't hold me to that statement because it's hearsay, but if anyone knows the answer, please, do tell. I think it would be a.w.e.s.o.m.e. if it were true, but that's kind of the red flag, you know?

Anyway, I agree with a lot of the suggestions so far: "Kung-fu Hustle," "Advent Children," "Indiana Jones" (but just 1&3), "the Matrix" (but only the first), "Iron Man," the first two X Mens, and the Die Hards. I also semi-agree about the Bonds, although I'm not much for the older ones - I think my favourite is "GoldenEye," but I also really, really like the initial action sequence of "Casino Royale." Other action movies (and movies with good action in them) I enjoy include "Shoot 'Em Up," "Serenity," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (80s version), "Hitman," "Underworld," "Sin City," "Equilibrium," "The Fifth Element" and "Resident Evil." I thoroughly enjoy watching Milla Jovovich hurt things. And although I don't remember the movie too well, I'm sure "Johnny Mnemonic" (Keanu Reeves) had action. There's something that makes me like that movie, but I can't pinpoint it.

8/5/2008 #48
Azar Shamira Malak




Van Helsing


We were soilders

Die Hard 4

and one that my stepdad and i watch to laugh at is, The Marine

8/14/2008 #49

Spider-man 3. Oh yeah baby thats the best!

8/24/2008 #50
lord of light

The Mummy (1999)

All the Indy movies

Batman Begins and The Dark Knight


Terminator 2

Red Dawn

Van Helsing

Quantum of Solace (newest James Bond)

The Matrix

Black Hawk Down


X-men 2

Boondock Saints

11/22/2008 #51

Indiana Jones, LOTR, etc. And Eastern Promises and any other VM movie. That man is a god and Eastern Promises was the bomb.

12/5/2008 #52
Reservoir Dogs, Inglorious Basterds, anything Quentin Tarantino is automatic gold.
3/12/2010 #53

No country for old men

11/21/2010 #54
Leah Dwayne
BATTLE: LOS ANGELES!!! IT'S THE FREAKING BEST! Also, Independence Day, the Dark Knight, and Troy (:
4/6/2011 #55
A Fire Rose

I have severeal:

National Treasure Star Wars trilogy and prequels Superman Returns Batman Begins Spiderman 1-3 Iron Man 1 &2 Indiana Jones (all aside from the one with that blond chick. Drawing a blank on the title).

9/11/2011 #56

I just watched Avengers... awesome movie!!! :D

5/15/2012 #57
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