Island Survival RP!
Your plane goes down as it is hit by lightning and you survive and float to an island, but there's a twist. Can you survive the island and the hidden secrets it holds?
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Kevin walked onto the charter plane for his annual surprise school trip in a good mood because the school had finally let him bring his dog Oscar on the trip with him after his father had threatened to sue the school. He kissed his parents and walked onto the plane with his friends, put his head down and went to sleep. He awoke with a start as the plane jerked violently. Kevin panicky looked out of the window and realized that they were in the middle of a thunderstorm. Suddenly the cabin of the plane exploded in fire after being hit by lightning and the plane began to take a nose dive straight into the middle of the ocean. Kevin ran to the very back of the plane and grab on to the emergency supply kit there as the plane crashed into the ocean. Kevin flew forward and frantically swam out of the plane through an emergency exit. He opened the raft in the supply kit ((It is one of those ones with a canopy over it)) and began to climb in when he saw his German Shepherd Oscar among the scattered luggage frantically trying to escape his sinking crate. Kevin quickly swam over and freed him from his plastic death trap and grabbed his collar. They swam over to the raft and climbed in, after a few hours the storm was over and Kevin heard seagulls. He looked out of the raft and saw an island in the distance and Kevin began to paddle. They landed on this hot and humid island after a few hours of paddling and dragged the canopy raft onto the beach. He looked around and saw a tropical island with what he could only guess were fruit trees and he also saw a few chickens who backed away from him when he came near. He climbed a small hill near him with Oscar trotting behind him shaking the saltwater off of him, and he could see to the other side of the island. "Hello!" he called as loud as he could, "Is anyone there!"

5/21/2008 #1

Kenny grunted as his dad's car sped off out of the airport parking lot. What a joke. The next three weeks of being in Hawaii for history would be fun. He didn't even want to go. His parents just wanted him out of their hair for a month. After the monotony of checking his bag, Kenny headed to the store to stock up on some sugar. Then after rocking to Dio for an hour on his Ipod, the plane was beginning to board. He noticed that one rich kid, Kevin, telling some employees to be "extra special" to his f**king beast of a dog. Spoiled prick. His parents said they would sue if "daddy's little man" couldn't bring the monster. "Oh well, just try to avoid him," Kenny thought. Finally everyone was boarded and seated, Mr. Lenz began some long boring speech on how he's basically a prisoner and can't do anything fun. You know, no leaving the shitty hotel, blah blah blah, no leaving during a field trip. After Mr. Lenz's rant Kenny fell into sleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Suddenly there was a BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM! The plane began to descend, descend as if it was a giant meteor falling to its doom. Without any indication or warning, the plane landed hard against the deep dark waters. As the plane began to flood, Kenny unbuckled and ripped the seat out, remembering the stupid instructional video. By then everyone was neck deep in water, and the walls began to creek under the pressure. As he shoved and swam his way the ripped out emergency exit, he couldn't help but notice the carnage of the kids who were unfortunate enough to be where the lightning hit or snapped their necks on impact. Without looking back, he floated on the seat in the freezing, black ocean. With a dob kit around his neck, he paddled in a random direction after noticing a locked suitcase with a severed arm still still clinging on to it. Knowing he would need all that he could, he yanked the arm off and threw the case next to him. Then there was only sweet unconsciousness as he unknowingly drifted to a nearby island. After hours Kenny is awakened by the sting of a crabs claw on his toe. After coughing up some salt water and unsuccessfully prying open the suitcase you hear a distant shout of somebody saying hello. Pulling up all the strength he has in his shaky, freckled legs; Kenny runs in it's owners direction.

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"Hello?" Kevin yelled with Oscar by his side, "Is anyone there?" Suddenly he saw that kid from school Kenny running along the beach. "Hey! Over here hey!" it seems that Kenny noticed him and he and Oscar sprinted towards him with his knife in his jeans pocket.

5/22/2008 . Edited 5/22/2008 #3

"Oh great of all the spoiled pricks that survived it's Kevin! Oh and what's this the f**king wolf survived to! this is just great." Kenny thought. "So," he said "are there any other survivors?"

5/22/2008 #4

"Nope, at least not that I can find, but I'm sure there are others somewhere."

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Ivan boarded the plane nervously. This would be his first competition outside of his own school. He was a little disheartened, being that no one he knew well was along with him (though he was with his school). Security had allowed him to bring his bow, but no arrows; they would have to come after. No problem, he wouldn't need them until the competition...or so he thought.

Ivan was beginning to drift to sleep on the plane when suddenly he heard a crash and the engines fail. He strapped himself tight and held to his seat, but even this did not prevent everything from going black a few seconds after. He woke up in a daze, and as he came to his senses, he scanned the plane. He unbuckled himself and went for the food, taking a few dinners from a tray. He forced himself to ignore the dead steward by the tray; he needed food, that was all. He held on to this food and his bow and then went for the rafts; fortunately there were a few left.

Ivan reached the island in his raft without incident. Despite his situation, he was rather calm. He walked onto the landing spot and took a look around, scanning the island. He spotted a mountain, a volcano.

"I could see the whole island...get a better idea of it..." he told himself quietly. He then jogged up next to the volcano and began to climb to the top.


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((Give more detail. Make it more of a story how he survived like me and Kross))

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((Yea, definitely give it more detail.))

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J.A. Fletcher

Brian stood next to the huge glass window of the airport, watching planes land and take off. He had his brother's army duffle bag slung over his shoulder. It was the last thing David gave him before he was shipped off to Iraq. Brian wondered what David was doing now, if he was okay. He rubbed his eye though no tears were coming. Brian didn't have any left it didn't seem. Not after those three hellish years of junior high. Brian also had his rolling suitcase, but he had already put it on the luggage conveyor belt. He thought about his parents. "Here. Take a cab." His father had said. He had also handed Brian four hundred bucks, just for the trip. Sometimes Brian wished that his parents paid more attention to him. He would give up all his money just for a day with his dad. The loudspeakers announced that the school's plane was ready. Brian followed the mass of kids through the gate and into the interior of the plane. He looked at the seat on the ticket he had grasped in his hand. 16C. The window seat. Awesome. Brian thought. He placed his duffel above the seat and sank into the deep chair. It was comfortable. He buckled his belt and leaned back and closed his eyes. Two girls sat into the seat next to him as the stewardess prepared to go over the safety procedures.

Brian woke up as the plane went into turbulence. He quickly sat up, but ihs seatbelt pulled him down. People on the plane were looking around them, worried. The two girls next to him were talking low, panicing. A big explosion rocked the plane, and everyone started to scream. Brian closed his eyes and gripped the sides of his seat, until his knuckles turned white. Then he looked back up. His brother's duffle. He unbuckled his belt and grabbed the duffle out of the overhead compartment. The plane turned upward, and the lights went out. Brian tumbled down the aisle near the bathroom. As the plane went down, he grabbed the door and opened it. A boy was in there on the floor, grab bing the toilet. Brian rushed to a seat, huddled under the duffle, and blacked out as the plane hit the water.

Brian woke up to see clear sky above him. Someone rushed past him. Brian tried to speak, but nothing came out. He faded out again.

When he woke up, there was water up to his knees. The plane was sinking. Brian sat up, groggily, and stood up. He grabbed his duffle, and looked out the side of the plane, which was missing. He saw a small island. Something hit his leg. He looked down. A girl's body was floating there. She was somewhat bloated, turning blue. He gasped and fell down. He stood back up and tried to ignore the body. Now he saw the other ones. A bunch of them. One was ust a torso. Brian gasped again, and ran toward the side of the boat, toward the island. he dove in the water with his duffle and paddled with his feet.

5/28/2008 #9
J.A. Fletcher

Brian slung his duffle over his shoulder and walked across the sand, his soaking shoes sinking in the white sand. He came to the jungle, and started into it.

Brian came across trees and plants with no fruit on them. He soon found a mango tree, and picked four off, placing a few in his duffle. He snaked on one while he started off.

Brian walked up a hillside, until he reached the peak. A long ways off, he could make out four figures slowly moving toward the beach on the other side. He waved his artms and screamed at them, but it was hopeless. They could not hear him. He ran down the hillside toward the figures.

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