Island Survival RP!
Your plane goes down as it is hit by lightning and you survive and float to an island, but there's a twist. Can you survive the island and the hidden secrets it holds?
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Name- Kevin Volters

Age- 15

Gender:- Male

Physical Characteristics- small and scrawny with not much muscle, but he still has some. He has dirty blonde hair and is short for his age, and has slightly bronzed skin.

Strengths/Abilities- He is a very strong swimmer and a very strong leader, he also has some basic survival skills as he used to be a boy scout but quit because of peer pressure. He is also a very good runner and can run long distances quickly

Weaknesses- not strong enough to haul large objects, just has some basic survival skills. He also has a tendency to get a bit queasy.

Character traits- Very good leader, he is clever, smart and is charismatic and can think on his feet.

Background- He was raised in Montecito and moved to LA where he went to the public school that sent him on the plane that crashed.

If you rescued anything from the plane- He rescued his one hundred pound German Shepherd Oscar and an emergency supplies kit that has:

1 canopy raft

4 hand flares

2 flare guns

enough canned meat and bottled water to last one person 2 weeks

1 dictionary of wild plants

1 large hunting knife

1 small mirror

1 first aid kit

1 small lighter

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Name- Kenny Greenmiar

Age- 16

Gender:- Male

Physical Characteristics- Short, thin, freckled, brown hair and eyes, braces, wearing a tye-dye shirt and south park pajama pants, no shoes.

Strengths/Abilities- Weak in physical strength, B student, great in biology and enjoys acting. Not a runner, but can run short distances. Good at rock climbing. Can swim.

Weaknesses- very weak upper body. Very light (under 100 pounds).

Character traits- short tempered. becomes irrational at times. good leader. funny and a prankster. clever in street smarts and the "real world". Thinks people like Kevin are spoiled. Is an atheist.

Background- has had nature experience, but not survival. Born in New York City. Lived there for 13 years, then parents got divorced. Lives with dad in LA. Has new bratty step-sister and rarely sees his mom. Knew Kevin before crash, but they weren't really friends.

If you rescued anything from the plane- Escaped on a seat cushion/flotation device with a small personal dob kit with

His silver razor cell phone

Wallet with 50 dollars in it

3 REESE'S FAST BREAK candy bars


a sharpie

small notebook

also found a black leather suit case floating after the crash. Its locked.

5/22/2008 #2

Your character is accepted, very good job creating an equal character. Just remember, even if the cell phone still worked after being flooded by the sea, there are no cell phone towers to get a signal on.

5/22/2008 #3

Name: Hans Yvirkneztgen Smith

Age: 52

Gender: Male

Physical Characteristics: Being of both Icelandic and Irish blood, Hans has the stringest and sturdiest body type possible. He has blond hair, a red goatee, freckles, and pale white skin. He stands seven feet high and his giant muscles often bump into each other when they flex.

Strengths/Abilities: Extreme strength. Can drink twenty-seven shots of whiskey in a row without feeling tipsy. As he says, "It all tastes like ale to me." Or in Icelandic, "Ihkte Shnah Ftargen Jugeinclag." This also means he can survive on saltwater without even a sore stomch. He is resistent to...well...everything, even love. He is also an excellent fisherman.

Weaknesses: Warmth...he hates warmth...

Character traits: No one really knows...but he'll knock ya down without a second word if you make a remark about his second-cousin's grandmother twice removed.

Background: He grew up in Iceland and studied in Ireland; one of his parents is from each place. His main pasttimes are fishing and drinking. He needed some money, so he decided to become a counselor on a student trip from LA.

Rescused from plane: a raft and a long pole...all he needs to survive.


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((Keep this one up for fun; I will post my real one right after.))

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Name: Ivan Miller

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Physical Characteristics: He is about 5'11" and skinny. He has brown hair, light freckling around his nose area, hazel eyes, and thick, straight brown hair. He is Caucasian, but his white complexion is getting tanner on the island.

Strengths/Abilities: He is not very strong, but not excessively weak either; he can do some lifting if needed. He can swim well, but not to the point of entering any championships. The sport he can dhold his own with in championships is archery. He is very intelligent and can be an excellent planner and calculator. He can also empathize and understand others well, and he does not fall into panic (the number one danger in the wild) easily.

Weaknesses: Ivan is not a very good leader, and despite his ability to understand others, he can be very argumentative. He cannot do too much heavy work, and he knows few survival skills.

Character traits: Intelligent, argumentative, empathetic, slow to anger, friendly (but somewhat shy in large groups)

Background: Ivan lived in Santa Barbara for much of his life, but then he moved with his family to LA right as he entered high school. He was very bitter at first, but he soon calmed down. He was on his way to an archery competition in Hawaii when the plane crashed on a strage island...

Equipment: Ivan has this trusty compound bow, but no arrows for it. He rescued a number of chicken and fish dinners from the plane, along with some water bottles. He also has with him a calculator, a notebook, and two pencils.

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Make your crash landing story.

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it was probably in luggage, but your probably right. He could probably bring the bow but not the arrows.

5/27/2008 #9
J.A. Fletcher

Name- Brian Daly

Age- 15

Gender- Male

Physical Characteristics- Dark brown hair, short and stocky. Not great looking, but not bad looking either.

Strengths/Abilities- Boxer, a lot of physical strength, and a shortstop on the high school baseball team. Knows he's got what it takes to survive in almost any situation, but doesn't know for sure because he has never been tested. Brave when it counts. Great storyteller, although he is too lazy to write. Good filmmaker, took classes in school. A Catholic. Intellegent and an expert in history. Good leader. He can sing, but was never in a band. Plays the guitar, and worships music.

Weaknesses- Slow in running and swimming. Anger problems due to bullying and harrassment in middle school. Sometimes makes bad decisions when leading. Slow to answer sometimes, and sometimes freezes up when in bad situations. Mouths off and brags about himself. Hates math and science, can only do basic math in his head. Does not know long division. Quiet and wehn he first meets someone, he is shy.

Character traits- Smart, shy, slightly paranoid, somewhat funny, decisive.

Background- Lived in LA all his life, but longs to travel. Only child, and spoiled. Upper middle class. His father is postmaster of the Post Office, and his mother was formerly a teacher, but now sings in bars, clubs, and hotels. His parents rarely spend any time with him, and he is home alone every day. He feels that he can never satisfy his parents and will never fill their expectaions of him, that are really high. At school he does not have too many friends, although he does not have too much trouble getting a girlfriend outside of school. Does not know Kevin, Kenny, or Ivan, although he may have seen them a few times on the plane.

Brian rescued- His brother's green army duffle bag full of Brian's stuff including:

- Three shirts

- Two pants

- iPod

- Three books: The Clash, Biography of Steven Speilberg, So You Want to Make Your Own Movie.

- A ham sandwhich

- An magazine on model airplanes

- His log: A small recorder

5/28/2008 #10

good job, character accepted, and as I said before please write your crash landing story.

5/28/2008 #11

Thanks! GREAT CHARACTER! Make a crash landing story and start the party.

5/28/2008 #12

Can I join?

4/3/2009 #13
J.A. Fletcher

Sure if anyone's around. We haven't played for like, a year.

4/3/2009 #14


4/3/2009 #15
J.A. Fletcher

Yep. I mean, you can make a char I guess and see what happens. Maybe the other two'll come back.

4/3/2009 #16

I'm here...but it still won't work without Kross and crazyconnor.

4/12/2009 #17
J.A. Fletcher

Who knows? Maybe they'll show up. Or we could play without them if we just leave them on the boat with the Russians.

4/13/2009 #18

Hey, I'll come back I guess

4/28/2009 #19
J.A. Fletcher

Great. Now all we need is crazyconner.

4/29/2009 #20

Name- Dustin Gracey

Age- 19

Gender:- Male

Physical Characteristics- Muscular well built. crew cut about 5'11 blue black eyes caucasian.

Strengths/Abilities- US Army . Trained in survival tactics and military tactics strong.

Weaknesses- lacks long term planning skills, lacks social skills, bossy, assholeish

Character traits- willing to help out whenever need be. Quite not very social

Background- Born in New York to a low income family. Joined the Army after high school was on his way for his first leave when the plane crashed.

If you rescued anything from the plane- himself his gear.

One Combat knife

One M9 pistol - four clips

two flares

six MRE's

ten iodine pills.

ACU uniform

4/29/2009 . Edited 4/29/2009 #21

Name- Lyza Walker



Physical Characteristics- Skinny, virtually flat-chested. About 5'7, with pink hair styled much like Hatsune Miku's (Two long side ponytails)

Strengths/Abitilies- None to speak of. She's smart because she is a novelist's girlfriend

Weaknesses: If you complain enough, she'll give in. She also hates to see people cry.

Character traits: Stubborn, bossy, rebellious.

Background: Lived in Ohio her whole childhood, she was an average girl in an average family in Cleveland, except for her hair

Rescued from the plane- herself, three cans of pink hair dye, hairspray, cigarettes, a lighter, and a few matches in a waterproof case.

11/4/2010 #22

(Is this rp alove? Can I post a character?)

8/6/2011 #23

(Sorry dude, this hasn't been alive for like 3 years. If you really want to, though, I guess I could try and start it back up. We'd need more players than just us two, though.)

8/6/2011 #24
Jackie the Giant

(I'll join if you're looking for people!)

9/8/2011 #25
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