Island Survival RP!
Your plane goes down as it is hit by lightning and you survive and float to an island, but there's a twist. Can you survive the island and the hidden secrets it holds?
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"(Cough) Yeah. I think I saw them near the beach, but I never ate one. Oh take it from me. Don't go in the lagoon. It's full of leaches. So why'd you arrive here so late?" Kenny said.

5/29/2008 . Edited 5/29/2008 #31
J.A. Fletcher

"Well, when I saw you guys from off the mountainside, I didn't know where to go. So I just headed down and have been wandering around for awhile, eating what I found and drinking where I found water. I did drink from a lagoon with warm water, but I didn't see any leeches. I guess I don't want to jump in to find them. But are you okay? If you need to build your strength back up, I have a ham sandwhich in my duffle bag."

5/29/2008 #32

"Okay, I think we need to build a signal fire, and I saw some nests on top of the volcano, maybe we should go gather some of the eggs there," said Kevin.

5/29/2008 #33

"What about the chickens. They could be nocturnal or something. They obviously look after their young! And you guys heard that drug trip I had from leaches! Those leaches weren't like the ones back home! The chickens aren't either! We should build it by the beach. We'll have heat, be able to fuel it better and it will be easier seen by ships." Kenny said.

5/29/2008 #34

"Yea, but there are eggs on the island, I am going to go up their and see if I can't steal some eggs, you guys should build the fire on the beach so we can cook them when I get down here," and with that he left to go to the volcano.

5/29/2008 #35


Kenny had been talking to Brain after making the fire. Suddenly he saw Kevin and Oscar come trotting down the beach. He was really scratched up and was holding a dead chicken.

"Told ya so." Kenny laughed.

5/29/2008 . Edited 5/30/2008 #36
J.A. Fletcher

"Is there some way to check if that's not poisoned?" Brian asked. "Cause after that little 'mango' incident, my stomch sitll hurts."

5/31/2008 #37

"No, we just have to try it and hope, NOT IT!"

5/31/2008 #38

"If we don't know if its poisoned, I think I'll pass for now. I have some chicken and some fish dinners from the plane. Thise should last us a few days if we conserve. Once we're out of the food we have with us, then I thin hunting shouldn't be too much of a problem, if we can make arrows." Ivan held up his bow. "As for the signal fire, let's keep it on the beach. We should also build shelters and maybe a warehouse on the beach too."

5/31/2008 #39
J.A. Fletcher

"Yeah, Kevin and Ivan. Real mature. Okay, fine. Since I see no one else wants to volunteer, I guess I'll try it. I'm sick anyway, so the only thing it can do now is kill me."

Brian pulled a leg off, dipped it in a puddle of water, washed it, and took it over to the fire and started to cook it. After twenty minutes, he took it off the fire and held it up to his mouth.

"Well, here goes." He took a large bite out of it and waited. After two minutes passed he said, "I feel fine. It's okay to eat."

5/31/2008 . Edited 5/31/2008 #40

Kevin grabbed some good meat and cooked it and while he was waiting he took out the grizzle of the chicken that would not be eaten and threw it to Oscar and Oscar ravenously tore at it. Kevin pulled off his piece and ate at it ravenously. It was a little gamy, but otherwise very good. "Be careful though, this chickens are really tough and without Oscar I would be in a very serious condition, I guess he's the leader now because he can kick all our asses!" Kevin wondered if this is what Kenny meant in 'change of power'.

5/31/2008 #41

"Hey Kevin, I know we're cool and everything but Oscar's NOT our leader. Anyone could have killed that chicken and I specifically warned the chickens might attack. If anything I should be leader. I was the first to scout the island and it was my idea to build the fire on the beach." Kenny said as he roasted a chicken leg.

5/31/2008 #42

"What do you mean! I set up a shelter, caught us food, and saved your life and Brian's! All you have done since you've been here is bitch and complain, get yourself attacked by leeches and have us waste our scarce medicine! You didn't even scout the island, you just jumped in the lagoon and now you are trying to start a rebellion! without me you would be dead, without me Brian would be dead, without me we wouldn't have any shelter or know what foods to eat, I even rescued the survival kit while you guys were just trying to run I was thinking ahead! All you rescued was that god damned briefcase!" and with that Kevin walked back to the raft and grabbed the briefcase and a flare gun. he shot the lock with the flare gun and it burst open. Kevin looked inside and picked up a bunch of papers and threw them around, "It's just a bunch of papers, you rescued a bunch of papers!" Kevin sat down and started laughing uncontrollably, but then he looked down and saw there was a map in the briefcase. "Hey guys, doesn't this look like the island we're on? Why would someone have a detailed map of the island, unless someone knew we were going to crash, but how could they know that unless... unless us crashing wasn't an accident."

5/31/2008 #43

Kenny's eyes opened up wide. "Wha.. What do you mean?"

6/1/2008 #44

"Well, this is a map of the island right? But why would someone have a map to the island we crashed on by accident, unless we didn't crash by accident. Someone knows we're here, but I don't think that's a good thing now. But what I can't figure out is why someone would want to crash here?"

6/1/2008 #45

"Why would anyone want to kill a plane full of teens? Was there anyone else on the plane?" Kenny asked.

6/1/2008 #46

Suddenly a low flying plane flew over the island. "I don't know, but I don't think this is the safest place to be right now. Hurry, we need to erase all trace we were here. Kenny, you and me will grab the raft and bring it to the caves, that seems to be the safest place to be. Brian, you and Ivan grab all the papers and pieces of the briefcase and destroy all traces of the fire and meet us in the caves. Hurry, I don't think we have much time!"

6/1/2008 #47

"Wait. What if that plane's searching for us? We'll be trapped here forever." Kenny said. "Odds are it's help. There wasn't anyone important on the plane see the breif case just belonged to.... Mr. Lenz?!?"

As Kenny looked at the briefcase and sudenly more papers fell out. Kenny picked them up.

"Guy's look. It's a picture of Mr. Lenz, but it says a different name. Richard Manz. It says he's been a spy for some thing called The Vipers for ten years. And look. All the maps have some writing I dont understand on them with arrows and circles in the caves. I don't know if thats the safest place to go. I say we hide in the jungle. If they find us in the caves we'll be trapped, at least in the jungle we can run away. But hey we haven't decided a leader yet. What do you say guys caves or jungle?"

6/1/2008 #48
J.A. Fletcher

"I'm not going into any caves where there's only one entrance and exit. And I'm not going into the jungle where we don't have room to set up camp, there's poison fruits and god knows what else. If those are the guys who took out the plane, and killed all those kids, then I'm gonna fight. Hey, I'm strong anyway. We're all smart. If we just think, we could fight back. And what if it's help? We'll be on the beach where they can see us. And you know what? I didn't even think abot it. If it is bad guys, we have something that they want-no, what they need. They need the info in that briefcase. They can't have a bunch of top secret info floating around. If we hide this stuff, they can't kill or attack us. We may have them at our feet. So what do you guys say? You gonna run off and hide till this whole thing blows over, or are you gonna stay here and face this with me?"

6/2/2008 #49

"Dude, they'll haves guns. If we go into the forest, well have an advantage over them. I think your right that we should fight them, but we could be more strategic in the jungle. We could lure them in the lagoon or attack them from the trees." Kenny said.

6/2/2008 #50

"I think Brian's right, but we need a better plan. One of us should be on the beach with some flares to get them in with a apear hidden in the sand while the rest of stay in the trees, hiding and ready to pounce. Brian, you go hide the birefcase, the rest of us will go find sticks we can use for spears and arrows. I can shape them with the knife and then we can harden them in the fire, and Oscar will be useful too. he has been attack trained... sort of, but we can't hide him so he'll stay with whoever's in the open."

6/2/2008 #51

"But the kid on the beach is going to die, and don't sacrifice yourself Kevin. We need all the people we can get, and you've proven yourself very useful. Now we need to decide quick. We've been talking for like a half hour! Lets all go to jungle and make weapons."

6/2/2008 #52

Ivan was listening and thinking to himself. Finally, he said,

"I agree with Kevin. We should have the weakest of us, no offense, waiting by the beach with the flares. If they turn out to be hostile, this person will run back to the forest and the rest will cover his escape. We'll fight guerilla warfare on the attackers from the forest using hit and run tactics: as they come through we attack and confuse them and then run away. If they keep getting through, we hideout at the cave, our last stand. There, we can set up rocks for a wall and maybe some sharpened stakes at the entrance. We will go deep into the cave; who knows there might be an underground network we can hide in. I will need arrows, and the rest of you should have javelins. Each of us should have a spear for close combat, just in case. We need to do all this quick, so lets cut the argument and go!"

6/2/2008 #53
J.A. Fletcher

"We can use the jungle as a last resort. We can put booby traps in the jungle and weapons at our disposal. That way, if we're forced to retreat, we can use the jungle as a reconnaissance point. We can use Oscar as a watch dog. And we have to bury the info, but first we have to memorize it. And we can keep the map to find our way around the island. If they land the airplane, I also might be able to fly it. My dad and great grandfather were both in the air force. My dad told me how to fly one. He just never told me how to land. I can at least get it up in the air. Then, we can use the radio to contact the air force and they can help us out. But, if you want to go trap yourself, go right ahead. I'm staying here to fight."

6/2/2008 #54
J.A. Fletcher

"WhatI want to do is use the beach as our initial defense point."

6/2/2008 #55

"OK. I'm the weakest so I'll use the flares. You guys hide in the forest fight them and we'll make a break for it in the plane. ITS ARE ONLY WAY OF ESCAPING! It will take too long to get from the caves to the plane, and it will take to long to make enough weapons for a strike that big. Its just confusing them and going to the plane. Everyone in agreement?"

6/2/2008 #56

"We shouldn't use the weakest as the person on the beach, we should use the fastest so they can escape. They can't land a plane here, and a helicopter can't reach us so they'll probably send a boat for us so we probably have a few days to prepare. I think we need to explore the caves to see what's in them and if they have a hidden network. We definitely need to fight them, but we aren't completely defenseless, I mean we do have two flareguns left and 6 flares, and we shouyld use the jungle and booby traps as a second defense and the caves as a very last resort. Okay, here's what we need to do. Ivan, you nee to go and find sticks that are straight and strong enough to use as arrows, if you find really thick ones that could be used as spears bring those back also. Brian, we need to build booby traps for the jungle and if you have time we need to fortify the caves. Kenny, you keep watch for a boat on its way from the top of the volcano, and don't worry, the chickens should leave you alone as long as you leave them alone. Me and Oscar will explore and map out the caves and help find sticks and fortify the caves as soon as I'm done," Kevin grabbed three flares and the notepad and pencils, "Everyone knows their jobs so lets go."

6/2/2008 #57

"Wait Kevin, how will I communicate with you if a ship does come? "

6/2/2008 #58
J.A. Fletcher

"Smoke signals. Start a fire. That way the boat really knows that we're here. Just get a big thing and wave it over the smoke. It'll create little patterns. Wait, Kevin, before we go we need to check if there's anything else on the plane-oh my God."

6/2/2008 #59
J.A. Fletcher

"The plane. How is the plane still afloat? Airplanes are supposed to sink, but that's been afloat for days. That means, that Mr. Lenz wanted us to survive. Just think about it. When the engine went out. It's a twin engine airplane. The pilots would have tried to land on the beach. But we all felt the plane go down. If the pilots were really scared, we'd have felt the plane try to lift so it could try to crash land on the beach. But they didn't, because they needed to land here for some reason. They wanted us alive. They wanted us for something. You know what? I know you guys want to escape, but I want to see what's on this island. There's something that those spies want, and it's here, and they need us to get it for them. I'll fight with you guys, but I'm staying at least until I find out what they're after. Kevin, I'm sorry. But I'm going to the plane to see what's on it. We have a day or two. Kevin, you can take care of the jungle and cave defenses. Kenny, you take the beach. Ivan, you, make weapons or whatever you're going to do. Me, I'm going to swim out to the plane. The water's warm and it's not a long distance away. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. I just can't leave the airplne without checking it first."

6/2/2008 #60
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