Island Survival RP!
Your plane goes down as it is hit by lightning and you survive and float to an island, but there's a twist. Can you survive the island and the hidden secrets it holds?
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Kevin, Kenny, and Oscar climbed to the top of the volcano, but it didn't seem like a volcano because there was a solid top on it and there were groups of branches and leaves. "They're nests!" kevin realized, "Chicken nests! This is great!"

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After storming through the forest, Kenny decided to go to the top of the mountain to search for survivors. Along the way he saw a silhouette on the volcano's peak. It was in the shape of a human! Kenny, running as fast as his little legs could, he ignored the leech pain until until he saw the kid. He went to HIS school. What was his name? Evan? Something like that. He was about 5 foot 12 and strait brown hair. He had some kind of bow with him and his jacket was filled some inflight meals. And by his sheepish look you assumed he wasn't to social.


Kenny put out his hand and gasped "Follow me."

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Kevin was sulking in the raft when Oscar started barking at the volcano and started running towards it. Kevin chased after him and as soon as he got to the volcano and saw Kenny talking to that kid Ivan. "Ivan, hey Ivan, over here!" He ran over to them as fast as he could, "Hey , come down to the campsite, we have a large raft to use as shelter, we have food, and we have fire; Ah Damn, your bow broke. Well we have to stick together if we want to survive so lets head on down, just don't swim in the lagoon okay. Once we are back at camp we can come up with plan to survive and be rescued, you even have a notebook so we can right it down! this is great, but how did you get off the plane," kevin asked this as he started walking back towards camp.

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As Kevin lead the way to the campsite, Kenny began to talk to Ivan.

"Hey Ivan, watch out for that Kevin kid's dog. I brought a pen and paper. Even candy bars and a cell phone! But that stupid dog drooled and ate them all! It even trotted on me after I got attacked by leeches! I tell you, we need all the food we can get on this island and I'm not sharing for any mutt, ya get me. Kevin may think he's a good leader, but Oscar is more important than you to him. I find you more important. Kevin only got here first because he stole a raft and didn't want to save anyone else. He's no leader."

The two walked in silence the rest of the trek.

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Ivan finally reached the top and looked around. A good sized island...looked like it would have animals and fruit, and he saw a freshwater deposit as well. Then he suddenly noticed Kevin and Kenny coming up the mountain and heard Kenny greet him.

" I'm not alone! Hey Kenny! Hey Kevin!"

Then as he walked with them, he responded to Kenny, "No leader, eh? It looks like either you're right, or you just REALLY got up on the wrong foot with Kevin. And Oscar..." Ivan laughed. "But if Kevin really is like that, then we should be careful. Then again, if we remove the dog from the situation," he brandished his bow, "then we WILL be the most important to him." Ivan laughed again. He was not a fan of big parties or anything, but he liked to have friends, and he was glad he could have at least one.

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((Jungle Clearing))

Kevin looked through the bushes to see an empty nest with four large eggs in it very close to him. Oscar seemed scared, it must have been something about the chickens. When Kevin thought it was safe he dashed out and grabbed one of the eggs when all of a sudden one of the chickens came out and started scratching and pecking at him. He fell down put of surprise, dropping the egg, and his face was cu up pretty badly when Oscar came out of nowhere and ferociously mowed down the chicken, snapping its neck. Kevin grabbed the dead chicken and he and Oscar ran as fast as they could towards the beach and the fire.

5/29/2008 #6

(Jungle Clearing)

Kenny took his load he was finally at the peak. All of the chickens seemed to be gone hunting. Just to be sure he threw a nightshade mango into some bushes and immediately heard rattling. Sneaky bastards. They ambushed Kevin.

He now wanted to test his theory. Kenny Lit a nightshade mango on fire with the lighter and the fruit began to smoke. Immediately he threw the flaming fruit where he threw the other one. There was a squeal then silence. The smoke stopped ten minutes later. Kenny then carefully walked over to the bush and saw a passed out chicken. He felt its neck. There was a pulse. Shit the fruits can be used as nerve gas!

Kenny lit four more and threw them around the nest site with the sound of chickens squealing. He had it completely to himself. He then stuffed Brian's clothes with leaves and used his last mango as a head. He then put the dummy next to a bush and lit a bonfire. He then walked down the hill, grabbed some more mangoes and walked to the cave. The sun was at high noon as the chickens regained consciousness.

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Kevin saw some smoke coming from the volcano and went to investigate. He saw some smoldering nightshade mangoes and passed out chickens and realized how they could be used as a sleeping gas of sorts. He gathered some more nightshade mangoes and decided he would start a fire near the beach so that he could immediately throw them in if he needed to make a quick escape, for not only were they sleeping gas, but they made a very heavy smoke. He looked out of the ocean and saw something on the horizon, soon he realized what he was seeing.

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