Island Survival RP!
Your plane goes down as it is hit by lightning and you survive and float to an island, but there's a twist. Can you survive the island and the hidden secrets it holds?
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The wild jungle has many small animals, numerous exotic plants, and many fruit trees; but be careful, some fruit trees can be poisonous.

5/23/2008 #1

Kevin set up some traps to catch some leeches at the lagoon using some chicken blood. Found some large, cup shaped leaves and filed them with leeches and some water from the lagoon and attached them to vines that he made a sort of of trip wire with. He then warned everyone where they were so no one would accidentally walk into them. He began to to build rope loops attached to a large rock so that once a person walked into it it would spring up and flip them upside down and warned the others of these as well. ((This will take place throughout the time between now and when the boat comes, but I just wanted to tell you about the traps now.))

6/2/2008 #2

Ivan took as many sticks as he could and began straightening and sharpening them with the knife. These wouldn't be the best of arrows; some would fly off in the wrong directions, but it was better than nothing.

6/3/2008 #3

((I never got down from the tree, I'm still up there crazy, please edit your post and read the other posts better, and that also came very close to god-moding, you've got one more strike until I revoke your moderator status))

6/8/2008 #4

((I did nothing wrong dangerousadventurer92 said and I quote "He pushed Kevin out of the tree and jumped down after him. He picked Kevin up and stumbled out onto the beach. He picked up his AK-47. "Kevin, I'm going after Oscar and Ivan. Stay here and holler or fire your gun if something happens to you." He ran off into the flaming jungle." You never said anything about climbing back up.

Also how have I been God moding. You knocked me unconscious twice, without even getting to fight back!!! THAT'S GOD MODING! All I'm saying here is were fighting and I threw leeches on you. The leech hallucinogenic was already seen by Kenny and Agent 92, and the woozyness could have been because of anything! At least I give you a fighting chance! I could be uncheap like you and say. "I hit you over the head with a stick until your unconscious because you can't fight back at all. I then tie you high up in a tree very high up, despite my size and strength. I then magically get some traps I had nowhere near me and put them directly under you. I then walk off. But if you try to attack me my super dog will hear you from miles away, run there so fast only a few punches were thrown and pin you down. I then tie you in a tree again, and this goes on and on and on."

This forum is really starting to piss me off because I'm more hated by the actual bad guys. And because Ivan's on this forum once a month, only to post something like "Ivan made spears." which does nothing interesting or plot developing; and Brian completely listens to you. Then you say something like, "Kevin was able to make motion sensitive traps out of vines and leafs."! The only way I can make things interesting for me is to listen to reason! There's no way in hell a trained soviet agent would listen to a kid holding a leech. They would kill them selfs before talking! At first your character just doesn't like me but no he has me in gunpoint?!?! Brian, being your clone says I'm crazy when I only tried to kill people that are trying to kill us and Ivan's post of the week says "I want to sit in a tree with nobody"! This forum sux now!))

6/8/2008 #5

((You're god moding because I would have picked up the gun and killed you as soon as I saw you and just because Brian said to stay here doesn't mean I'm going to do it! You have to give me time to respond to his posts before you start an action! Also, you're guy is much weaker than my guy!))

"No Brian, Kenny could be dangerous, we should stick together. I thought I saw some arrows in those lizards so Ivan must be near. He's probably in a tree, I say we stay up in the canopy, away from the fire, it will give us a better vantage point as well."

6/8/2008 #6


6/8/2008 #7

((That was because There was nothing you could do, I hit you and how would you respond if you were unconscious! You couldn't defend yourself either because of Oscar!))

6/8/2008 #8

((and thats why Oscars so fucking cheap!!))

6/8/2008 #9

((Oscar will only attack people who attack me or if they are a threat to him or me!))

"The forest is burning down! We don't have time to look for Ivan, he's probably safe and Oscar has found him by now, we have to get out of here, to the caves! Kevin ran as fast as he could to the caves and turned around to see the destruction of the forest He knew the fire wouldn't burn down the whole island, but it would burn down a big chunk and that stupid Kenny just cut the time we have to be rescued in half. He vowed that next time he saw him he would shoot him, that way there would be more food for the rest of them to survive longer. He was only trying to survive, but if Kenny wants war he's got it.

6/9/2008 . Edited 6/9/2008 #10

Kenny went to the caves.

6/9/2008 #11

Kevin was standing on top of the caves when he saw Kenny below him. He aimed his gun and got ready to fire when he saw a large man dressed like the other ones sneaking up behind Kenny. All of a sudden Kevin was yanked back and hit over the head with something and when he came to he was tied to a tree on the outskirts of a dying fire.

6/9/2008 #12

Ivan was perched in his tree, and shot his last arrow. Then, he saw the fire, but noticed it was far away enough that it would not reach him anytime soon. Then, he noticed several figures with guns running through the area; he saw Kenny and Kevin taken. Ivan knew that it was only a matter of time before he was found, so he took his advantage and took the gun Kevin had given him, a Bizon 2 sub-machinegun, and open fired on the gunmen. Ivan had experience with guns, though not automatic ones. Nevertheless, he knew how to work one and was a good shot; with the fire and noise all around, the enemies could not tell where they were being attacked from. But then, after some shouting in some foreign language, Ivan saw the soldiers heading for him, and Ivan knew that being stuck in a tree would doom him. So, Ivan jumped down and ran into some nearby bushes. He released the empty gun magazine and put in a new one; his last. He had 64 rounds to try and hold them off. He fired full automatic and saw men falling and heard screaming, and suddenly felt a huge push on his chest that knocked him down. Ivan, lying on the ground, looked down at his jacket to see a hole, and he took it off quickly to see the damage. Fortunately, the bullet had lodged into one of the chicken dinners in his jacket; thank heaven for airline food. As Ivan was distracted by his near-death experience, he did not notice a flashbang grenade land by him, and suddenly all was white and all sound was gone. Effectively paralyzed, Ivan fell unconscious.

6/9/2008 #13

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6/11/2010 #14

Lyza walked into the jungle, only to be apprehended by several mysterious men. "Let go of me!" She yelled. "And stop grabbing my ass!" they took her to their ship.

11/4/2010 #15
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