Island Survival RP!
Your plane goes down as it is hit by lightning and you survive and float to an island, but there's a twist. Can you survive the island and the hidden secrets it holds?
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The Sea Bear is the giant soviet ship.

6/10/2008 #1

((Right now it would probably still just be a small motorboat until the large one arrives, at least for now.))

Kevin was being dragged onto a large speedboat, he couldn't make out the name, but he recognized the hammer and crescent and knew these people were Russians. They were tied to the inside of the boat and he saw one of the Russians pull out a large metal box, they opened it facing away from him but he could see what was in it from the reflection from a large metal door on the side of the boat. There seemed to be the top of a missile in it, but why would they bring a missile warhead to a deserted island. then Kevin realized they were between Hawaii and the Continental US, a short enough distance for a large missile strike so no one could stop it in time. Kevin thought about his family back home in LA and feinted out of fear.

6/10/2008 #2

Ivan was out for a long time, and when he finally awoke, he found himself is a cabin. He got up painfully and looked out a small porthole beside him. He saw the island about a mile off and the vast sea all around. He could make out a motorboat coming towards him. He was on a ship. He saw the writing on the steel walls and recognized it as Russian, this was probably an old Soviet ship from the Cold War. He saw a plate of cold soup on the floor in front of a slot in his door, but he was not hungry yet. Just hurting. He heard voices and recognized them as foreign; from what he had learned in his classes, he recognized Russian, Romanian, German, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Spanish, and Portugese. He also heard some English. Clearly, there were people of many nations together in this operation. Ivan, seeing no viable course of action and hurting all over, got back on his cot and fell asleep.

6/12/2008 #3
J.A. Fletcher

The bag was pulled over Brian's head and he saw a room with metal walls around him. He noticed that he was sitting down. He tried to reach up to scratch his head, but his hands were tied firmly behind the chair. His legs were also tied together.

He looked around him. There was a door and a glass mirror-like window. Suddeny the knob of the door turned and it slowly creaked open, as if it had not budged for years. Brian noticed the rust marks around the room.

In walked a man in a suit. Two bigger men, with bald heads, walked in. One of them carried a chair. The other shut the door. The one with the chair placed it in front of Brian's chair. The smaller man sat down. The two bigger men stood on each side of the door, hands folded in front of them. They reminded Brian of the secret service agents that protect the President. Only more bodyguard-like.

Brian looked at the man in front of him. He was dressed in an expensive-looking pinstripe suit. He had a long scar above his right eye. There was a small bulge in his left pant leg by his ankle. His hair was slicked back and combed to the right. Brian noticed the man's hair was thinning. He looked to be about forty years old.

"Please." The man said in a Russian accent, "Call me Maxim." He said.

"Why should I?" Brian said.

"Because if you don't, I will kill you." Maxim said.

"Okay, Maxim." Brian said in a mocking tone. "Where are we, who are you, and what are you doing here?" Brian asked.

"Why should I tell you?" Maxim said. "I am only going to kill you."

6/19/2008 . Edited 6/19/2008 #4
J.A. Fletcher

"Why are you going to kill me?" Brian asked.

"Stupid boy." Maxim muttered. "We don't need you. We only need one child to get what we want."

"So you're going to kill three of us?" Brian asked.

"Obviously." Maxim said. "So it is true. American children are stupid."

"Oh, yeah?" Brian asked. "Where'd you hear that from?"

Maxim started to answer, but stopped himself. "So." He said. "You are smarter than I thought. Stalling for time is the oldest trick in the book and I fell for it. Good job. Good job indeed. But now your little game is over." He pulled out a revolver and pointed it at Brian's head.

"So you're saying that my little ruse didn't work?" Brian asked.

"No." Maxim said. He pulled back the hammer.

"Wait, wait a second, Max." Brian said. "You seem like a smart guy. So why are you doing something so stupid?"

"What are you talking about?" Maxim asked.

"Well, you're supposed to tell me what's going on before you kill me. Don't you think I deserve that much?" Brian said. "I mean, I crash landed on a deserted island, had to eat bugs to survive, and you're just gonna take me out before telling me anything? I thought you knew better. And besides, I can see that you can tell the story better than anyone else. Did you talk to the others yet?"

"Not yet, but I will. And I will brag about your death." Maxim said. He didn't move the revolver.

"Okay, then. So you can practice your story on me. Please? Like I said, I know you can tell it better than anyone else." Brian said.

"Alright." Maxim said. "I will tell you." He lowered the revolver.

6/19/2008 #5
J.A. Fletcher

"On this island is a treasure hidden by the infamous pirate, Henry Morgan." Maxim said. "A bigger hoarde of treasure than any other ever. Maps, charts, and clues led us to this mysterious, uninhabited island. Months ago, a large force of Russian, Polish, Vietnamese, and Chinese communist soldiers, the last of their kind, landed here. They set up a huge camp and found a network of caves where they stored supplies, made barracks and kitchens, and made a whole underground army camp. For two months they searched, and finally their researchers came up with the exact location of the treasure. But later that night, a U.S. fleet of airplanes flew overhead and attacked the camp. A force of U.S. soldiers starmed the beaches and killed all those who were still alive. The island was in U.S. territory and the foreign soldiers had brought weapons and made a base on the island without permission. Anticipating a war, the president spoke with the leaders of these countries. Nobody knew anything about the soldiers. So the U.S. kept it quiet."

"So who are you guys?" Brian asked.

"They second force." Maxim answered. "We came to finish what our brethren started."

"And why do you need a kid?" Brian asked.

"Morgan used a child to dig a tunnel leading to the treasure room. Under Morgan's direction, the child built a lever to open up another entrance so that the men could enter. It would arouse too much suspicion to bring foreign children, so when we heard about the plane of a private school flying this way, it was the perfect opportunity. So we put a spy in the school in advance to the flight."

"Mr Lenz." Brian said.

"Yes, that was his alias." Maxim said. "And he sabotaged the plane. But he wasn't supposed to take out the engine. He was only supposed to slightly cripple the plane. Stupid man is dead now."

"And that brings us to where we are now." Brian said.

"Yes." Maxim said. "Your death." He pointed the revolver at Brian. Brian looked down.

"HOLY SHIT!" Brian yelled. He jumped in his chair just as Maxim fired. The chair hit Maxim's leg and Maxim accidentally turned his gun toward the window. The glass shattered, and a man behind the window was shot. One of the bald men ran toward the injured man and the other ran toward Brian, but slipped and fell on the large shards of glass. He screamed in pain. Maxim aimed the gun at Brian on the floor.

"Now, you die." Maxim said.

Brian picked up the chair and cracked it over Maxim's head. "You don't spend all your free time in Houdini's Magic Emporium and not learn anything." Brian said as he threw the rope in top of the hurt Maxim. Maxim started to get up, but Brian picked up the gun and shot Maxim in the leg. The guard who was tending to the wounded man ran at Brian, but Brian shot him in the hip. He climbed into the other room by the shattered window and looked around. There were two chairs in front of it and a table, on which sat a sandwich and a Russian soda. Brian picked up the sandwich and ate it, then gulped down the rest of the soda as he left the room. There was a guard in front of Brian. Brian threw the glass soda bottle at him and it shattered on the man's skull. The man fell to the ground holding his head as Brian ran toward the deck. Brian jumped over the side of the boat and swam towards shore as the men on deck fired at him. He reached the beach and ran into the forest.

6/19/2008 #6

Two large Romanian men finally reached the Sea Bear and took Kenny to the room with the others. They quickly thew him in.

Kenny looked around and saw Ivan and a passed out Kevin in a room.

"Hey guys." Kenny said friendly.

6/19/2008 #7

Ivan was still mostly asleep, and half-consciously gave a, "Hey..."

6/20/2008 #8
J.A. Fletcher

Brian ran up to a cliff overlooking the boat. He ran for the caves. "Don't worry guys, I'm coming back for you." He said to himself, "But first I have a little business to take care of."

6/21/2008 . Edited 6/26/2008 #9

((Okay dangerous two things. First, the way you escaped was a little too far fetched, I will let it slide this time but next time be little more realistic, and in real life when you asked the man to tell you the story he would have said no and shot you in the head, but I can see how you couldn't do that but next time you can't yes have him tell you the story if he isn't under duress. Second, I sorta got us captured so there wouldn't be any more guns for us and they would have taken it when they captured you so I am going to have to say no to the AK. Please edit the post.))

Kevin came to when he heard a gunshot. He looked around the room and saw that brian was gone and realized that he must have been shot by the terrorists, but then he heard more shots and thought that there might be hope. He heard something all into the water as shots were being shot into the water. A large man burst into the room and grabbed Kevin roughly, "You're next, and you're gonna pay for what your friend did!"


Kevin was moved into a room and was placed onto a metal chair and then tied up with metal chains. He was scared, and all the blood didn't help. A man came in and began talking, "Lets get right down to it, I need you to climb into a small hole and open a hidden door to let us access, umm.. Captain Harry Marter. We can't get in and we need you. If you disagree than we will kill you and have your friends do it." Something seemed off about this story, especially since he just came out and told him about it. Something seemed very fishy but Kevin had no choice. "Okay I'll help you. I guess I have no choice."

6/23/2008 #10

"Dude! Ivan! WAKE UP!" Kenny shouted as he pushed the drowsy kid out of the bed. "They just took Kevin! We gotta get outta here!"

6/25/2008 #11

((Just so everyone knows, aspen is in France for a month so he won't be able to respond, just say he's unconscious and stays there for now.))

6/26/2008 #12

((Actually, I can still be on for another week.))

Ivan woke up with a start. He had not really heard kenny, just some shouting and gunshots.

"Whe...wha....Kenny! What's going on?!"

6/28/2008 #13

"Dude! Those bad guys captured us and Kevin and that other kid is gone! We got to get the hell out of here!"

9/1/2008 #14

Lyza was taken to a large ship, and was thrown into this room with two or three other men inside. "Oh my god." She said when the men who threw her in locked the door. "Don't tell me you're going to rape me."

11/4/2010 #15
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