I know the rules said not to post stories... but does Roleplays fall under stories..? Well, anyway, Roleplay here if you like.
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So, a question. *Raises hand* *Asks in quizzical voice,* "who do we roleplay? Just random people? Or characters from our own stories?" *Thinks a minute, then adds, "And where do we roleplay? Is it a set place or do we describe it as we go along?" *Says, rather humbly and appologeticly, "I've only done one before, so I don't really know. But don't worry, I don't think it's illegal on the forums. I mean, they do it on and the people who run that also run this. But don't quote me!" *Grins widely, bows, and leaves.*
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Ooc/ Nope. Not against the rules. because its not a story. I used to do a lot of roleplay, but now lack the time so I'll just leave you a few tips. .Use Ooc(out of character) and Bic(back in character). .Um...thats all I got. Another reason I stopped Rping was because most sites set limits and clear rules as to what you can/can't rp. I may start again now that I can have a fair ammount of freedom.
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natttalie x
*coughs professionally* "Roleplay whoever you wish, the character can from your stories, or just one from you 'oh-so-creative' imagination." *pauses briefly from a breath* "I believe you can set up your own topics, correct? Well, from there, title your topic what you want the Roleplay to be about (band, fantasy, family, whatever..) and then write your description in the little box underneath. That should work." *smiles wisely, and shrugs* "It's okay if you haven't roleplayed much before, I myself have only been doing so for a year... I am still quite new to it all, but the suggestion of using 'OoC:' and 'BiC:' (or 'iC:') is good. And if you have particular rules for that roleplay, post them before you post your roleplay." *bows solemnly* Wreckage.
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