I know the rules said not to post stories... but does Roleplays fall under stories..? Well, anyway, Roleplay here if you like.
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Ooc/Yep, I have a few rules before we begin *ahem*

.Use Ooc(out of character) and Bic(back in charater) so people don't get confused with ordinary chat and the actual Role Play.

.I have no limits, as long as you abide the FP rules.

.When joining post 'Jumbalia' and your character's intro/description. No objections to lists. If you desire to be a killer post 'Wine gums'.

.Its long term. Not a rule but keep that in mind.

.The killer can NOT be killed.


Eh, old dark places are so cliche...Then again so are schools and malls...Ok, its a water park theme. For some reason or another you got locked in at night and have free run of one of the best places on earth, fun right? Chances are you won't make it out alive but hey, put up a good fight. Powers out, escape impossible etc.

Anyway, Jumbalia.

Bic/Rayne looked up at the huge water tower and sighed in relief, the gates were shut now. It was safe to come out. At thirteen she had always wanted to come in here at night, now at fifteen she was doing it! The water was hauntingly still, she sat by the pool side, admiring her reflection. Black hair straight and shoulder length shone in the moonlight and soft brown eyes decived. Looking at her attractive face and figure you would think she was a nice polite girl...couldn't be more wrong.

Rayne was sarcastic, cruel and downright mean. Sure she was nice to you if she liked you, but that was rare. Despite her personality she had a fair amount of friends, not the popular type but wasn't picked on or abused by her peers.

She was smiling at herself...then screaming as the lights went out.

10/29/2006 #1
natttalie x
OoC/ I had to join... muaha! JUMBALIA!

Can I double character... I know you said no rules, but I want a killer and a nice person. Cheese and spank yous.

BiC/ Stevie refused to giggle at her own friend insecurarity. She had followed Rayne here, in the hope to scare the beejeebees out of her, it was Stevie's way to get back at Rayne after last years apirl fools prank. The water was eerie, Stevie had been used to the splashing and the sloshing and the sploshing of the water, it dripping everywhere and soaking everyone. Even the spectaters got drench through to the bone.

Stevie had spotted Rayne sitting by one of the water pools. She has decided this would be the ideal, almost too perfect, opertunity to get Rayne back, she could be so mean and cruel sometimes. Stevie sneakily grinned, and found a light switch. She flicked it off, and heard Rayne's screamed, and Stevie began laughing sinisterly at her friend.

Stevie had a desirable auburn hair was natural blonde high lights. Her eyes were a russet/coffee colour, and had black rims. She had a petit form, just a slender silhouette of what was light. She grinned, creeping on her tippy toes towards her friend.

10/29/2006 #2
Sure you can double. No problem.
10/29/2006 #3
Rayne had always had a deep rooted fear of the dark. And it hadn't vanished with age, if anything it had grown and become a well develpoed loating. "Wonder what would happen if I filled the pool with jello..." she mused to herself. A brief distraction from her phobia.
10/29/2006 #4
natttalie x
"Rayne!" Stevie screamed at her friend. Rayne had ruined the effect by thinking stupid thoughts. Stevie put her hands on her hips, and glared at her friend, before giving her a quick shove and watch her friend topple into the water. "Well, you wouldn't be soaking wet if you filled it with jello." she said, narrowing her eyes.
10/29/2006 #5
Rayne yelled as the water soaked her, "" she couldn't come up with anything to say. She heaved herself out, and made a futile attempt to twist dry her jeans. "Well?" she said, "We gonna go find the fuse box or what? We can't awim in the dark." She took a step towards Stevie, her friends pressence making her feel a bit more secure.
10/29/2006 #6
natttalie x
Stevie nodded, stiffling her deep sniggers, before she decided to trot over to where the light switch was. She glanced at Rayne, and giggled before she pulled the swtch down. She flicked some hair, before glancing at her poor, unfortunate friend, before screaming her head off, and fainting.
10/29/2006 #7
"Stevie? Stevie?!" Rayne yelled. "Come on your not funny amymore!" Rayne nervously began to clench and unclench her fists. Rayne backed up so she was against a wall, less angles Stevie could come back at her and scare her to death.
10/29/2006 #8
natttalie x
Stevie knocked her head and was out for a couple moments, before blinking herself back to life. "Rayne, we gotta leave!" she screamed, instantly jumping up and looking around for her friend. "Rayne... please!" she yelled, her heart fluttering. She quickly jogged to the pool, and noted nobody was there.
10/30/2006 #9
Rayne looked at the roof of the indoor pool complex and grinned, timr to get Stevie back. She scaled the wall and pulle hersel onto the roof, wet jacket in hand ready to drop on her friends head. It was now a waiting game.
10/30/2006 #10
natttalie x
"Rayne... I'm SERIOUS!" Stevie squealed... maybe... maybe... she blanked away her thoughts, and concentrated of finding her friend. She needed to tell Rayne about what she saw before she switched the light off... before she fainted. She knew Rayne was doing this on purpose, getting back at her.
10/30/2006 #11
Rayne fought back a giggle as Stevie walked nearer. "BELH!" She yelled n** threw the wet jacket on her friends head and crawled off to the other side of the roof. Giggling as she crouched behind the fake chimny. Then she randomly yelled out,"Lemon jello anyone?"
10/30/2006 #12
natttalie x
Stevie didn't even scream, she ran to her friend and shook her by her shoulders. "RAYNE!" she screamed in her face, replaying the moment she had fainted in her mind. She shook, something she didn't usually do. It took alot to scare Stevie.
10/30/2006 #13
"What?" Rayne said, the smile wiped off her face. "Jezz Stevie what the hell is with you?" Stevie's aura of nervousness made her feel a slight pang of fear, "Stevie tell me."
10/30/2006 #14
natttalie x
"I-I-I-" Stevie fumbled for the words, her fingers twisting around her t-shirt. "I saw a man... right behind you, before I collapsed. He-he-he" she stopped, picking the right words carefully so not to freak her friend out, either though the next words would be intepritted in two ways. A) as a nasty joke or prank or B) a serious thing that will cause a major freak out. "He held a... knife."
10/30/2006 #15
"Haha," Rayne laughed, but nervously looked behind her. "Stevie that isn't funny. Come on, I left my bag in the changing rooms." Rayne began to walk, then stopped. Forgeting where the changing rooms were.
10/30/2006 #16
natttalie x
"It's not a joke!" Stevie whispered quietly, looking around nervously. She shifted, "I wanna go home..." she mumbled, walking towads the changing rooms. She remembered where they were clearly.
11/1/2006 #17
"That's odd..." Rayne thought aloud, "Um...Stevie I've lost the locker key. And now way are we going home without my stuff." She put her hands on her hips, trying to decipher where she had lost them.
11/1/2006 #18
natttalie x
"Maybe they came out of your pocket when I pushed you into the water..." Stevie suggested nervously, shifting her waited uneasily. She glanced around, and began passing through the Water Park, towards the pool Stevie had push Rayne into.
11/2/2006 #19
"I can't see them." Rayne stood dangerously close to the water, and lowerd herself in. "You gonna help me or what?"
11/2/2006 #20
natttalie x
Stevie rolled her eyes slightly, pushing away the thoughts of the man. She sat on the side, and gently slid intot he water, as it came gushing around her sides. Clenching her fist, she took a breath and began to search underneath the water.
11/3/2006 #21
The Ferrett
Ooc/ Morning peoples, can I join? Btw I'm going to drop in a random character of mine... please don't hurt me (he's Corlin). Also anything that happens here I'm not including in my sequel (As Corlin is in the prequel) ::))

Bic/ Corlin had come down after all the fuss weeks before, for a break of types. He had given up all his powers for a night of relaxation. Not being entirely comfortable after his constant dealings with death, he carried a knife around with him in the abandoned lot. H notices a woman in the pool - better stay in the shadows as not to frighten her. He waits in the shadows for her to surface so that he can introduce himself but before she surfaces he feels a hand oin his shoulder and he's yanked off his feet.

12/12/2006 #22
OOC: hi ferrett! this time it appears that i have followed you lol!!!

BIC: Keida had followed her best friend Corlin into the place. When she saw him stop in the shadows she thought she would have some fun with him. Quickly she puts one hand on his shoulder and yanks him a few feet in the air. Putting her lips next to his ear she whispers, "boo!"

12/15/2006 #23
The Ferrett
OOC: Keida? Interesting. If it's one of your characters i'll hands off but maybe I might put her in... it could work.
12/15/2006 #24
The Ferrett
BIC: Corlin turns around, looking into his captor's eyes. He relaxes. "What are you doing here? I thought I was the only one to get a break."
12/15/2006 #25
OOC: yeah it is in Code BLACK, but you may use the name.

BIC: Keida smiles and lets him go. Seeing the girl in the water he was looking at she asks, "That a new girlfriend or are you just stalking her?" she jokes not letting him see the hurt in her eyes. She had been secretly in love with him for awhile but hadn't said or done anything.

12/18/2006 #26
The Ferrett
OOC: wow backstory. Yay! Oh and yeah i forgot about catgirl.

BIC: He sees the hurt and is mystified that she hasn't noticed the blatant flirting he's been giving her for some time. He says jokingly (and not so jokingly), "No, you're my one and only."

12/19/2006 #27
She looks at him not sure what to make of that statement. Not sure what to say eaither she just asks, "Why did you come here tonight?"
12/20/2006 #28
The Ferrett
"Day off, and I heard that this would be interesting."
12/20/2006 #29
She nodds still uncertain about his previous comment.
12/21/2006 #30
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