I know the rules said not to post stories... but does Roleplays fall under stories..? Well, anyway, Roleplay here if you like.
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Alright, rules.

1.Use OOC and BIC.

2.Use characters from your own stories. You can use as many as you want, but you must introduce them individually, not all as a big group, because that keeps it less confusing.

3.Use past tense, cause that's the tense most of us use while writing.

4. The characters do not have to be on Fiction Press, they just have to be previously designed.

The premise of this RP is a camp, where all different charas from diffent stories meet for two weeks in summer. I think it's a pretty good Character Developement excercize, and it's also good advertizment for your stories. I know I always want to look at the stories the characters come from.

Err, that's all!

Oh yeah, when you're desiding where your characters are in the camp, write the name of the place on the top of the scene.

Ex: The stables


11/7/2006 #1
Err, accidentally pressed submit reply before I was done . . . oh well!

One other thing, put




His green eyes glowed, like stars, as he gazed at the simple white letter interestedly. "A summercamp?" he mused, his voice as hypnotic as ever. 'Who would invite me to one of those?'

11/7/2006 #2
(I know OOC means out of character, but what does BIC mean? And what would you possibly use them for / why use them?)
11/13/2006 #3
OOC mean out of character, you're right. BIC means Back In character. It differentiates betweent chatting (Which is represented in OOC/BIC) and the actual roleplay.

It's kinda wierd, but whatever.

11/13/2006 #4
Lily-annya Demongeria Deoblow, or to her few friends Annya, looked at the role of parchment in her hand. "A bootcamp! Can my father the King really send me to this? I have been learning the art of war since I was two. Can you believe him?" she yelled at her only body-guard. He just shrugged used to her sometimes violent emotions. He just started packing her clothes and other things that she would need. "I believe that you had better go as human. I highly doubt that the king mentioned that you were demon heir." He calmly stated.
11/26/2006 #5
Lyn Kinsei
(OOC: I have a question, sorry. If the character were to have powers in the story, would they have powers here? Sorry, just wondering.)

Out of camp, in a small makeshift house.


Cassandra stared at the letter. "A camp?" She opened her dictionary to see what a camp was. After reading it over, Cassandra finally decided to go. What could it hurt? Maybe she'd also understand a little more about the world she was in. In her world, she had never heard of a camp. But, one question remained in her mind. "What if I don't fit in?" Dismissing the thought, in hopes of actually having a good time, Cassandra made her final decision to go.

12/1/2006 . Edited 12/1/2006 #6
Yup! But everyone has different powers - it's rather a bloody messy collision of different writer's worlds. Although, Battlelust, It's more of a summer camp than a boot camp . . . which makes it all the more enjoyable!

And now, who should the camp be run by? I personally like the idea of ninjas . . .




Avon Nova picked up the small suitcase, levetating it over his head. A wagon, drawn by two large carthorses, waited impationtly on the rode. The driver - a masked figure entirely cloathed in black, glared at him. Barely noticing, the sorcerer flew up into the back seat of the wagon, sitting crosslegged on a wooden bench. With a resounding 'hup hup' the mysterious figure in the front of the wagon whipped the horses and they set off.

12/3/2006 #7
Lyn Kinsei
(OOC: When is this set?)
12/3/2006 #8
(Well . . . I was thinking an alternate universe, but whatever is fine with you. If you want it can be a real schoolbus.)
12/7/2006 #9
Lyn Kinsei
(Ok, thanks.)

Out of Camp, at the bus stop


Cassandra patiently waited for the bus to come, which it finally did after three minutes. She boarded, and looked around. So many people seemed happy, excited, to go to camp. But, it also seemed as though they were meeting friends they hadn't seen in years.

So, instead of intruding in a conversation, or sitting with somebody she didn't know, Cassandra took a seat in the back, by herself.

12/9/2006 #10
She took her needy pack from Aiden and marched out the door. Needy packs were the best things to take traveling. 1. b/c no matter what you put in them they never grew heavy, or out of room, 2. b/c if you forgot something the bag magically suppiled it, but the downside was that they looked very old and well used. Which i guess helped prevent thieves from trying to take it. Annya went and ported herself to a bus stop. Soon the bus drove up and she steped inside. Everyone seemed to pair off with their friends. Since she had never really been to a camp before she went to sit by the girl in the back who was by herself. "May I sit with you? " she asked.
12/9/2006 #11
Lyn Kinsei
Cassandra looked up and nodded. "Okay," she said. She knew something was different about this girl. Being Princess of Darkness had given her the ability to sense that this girl was not your average human. Cassandra shrugged it off for now, deciding it was not important to worry about, and just scooted over. The good thing was, she was having some social interactions, something she had no experience with. Thank goodness for those books she brought on this world.
12/9/2006 #12
ooc: wait a minute ur heir to the dark side as well? when did this happen?

bic: "I am Annya. What is your name?" she asked sitting next to the girl. As long as she didn't know who her family where maybe they could be.....wait a minute what did you call them...oh yeah...friends. If she wasn't her father's child maybe things could have been different and she would not have to go around creating evil at her father's beck and call. Maybe this camp would be a nice retreat after all.

12/10/2006 #13
OOC/ Oh deary me . . . my charas fairly dark too . . . not HEIR to the darkness or anything, but he's a sorcerer . . . we may have an army of Evil massing . . ./BIC

The wagon pulled to a stop and the dark-cloaked man jumped off. "There," he hissed, pointing to a large yellow metal box, on wheels. Smoke was coming from one end of it, and through glass Avon could see the happy faces of children.

He shuddered. Not at the bus, he had seen Kay create stranger things than this (manly involving fruit, and the occasional humerous body part), but instead at the children.

But, of course, he just HAD to loose . . . stupid poker. It was one of the only things he could not do - though his poker face was immpassive (his face was always impassive) everyone managed to know just what he had in his hand. And they kept on shouting about how he was 'bleeding!' Which made absolutely no sense since no one had yet attacked him. He didn't understand these card games.

But at least he had not lost as bad as Rakeesh, for whom Clara had descided the punishment. He didn't think he could walk in high heels, and as soon as someone mentioned skirts, Kay had gotton this evil look in her eyes . . .

So a month in summer camp wasn't that bad. Anyway, half of these children looked perfectly defenceless. He would have a good chance to smite a few when the counslers weren't looking . . .

Then again, Ninjas missed nothing.

He boarded the bus, sitting in the far back, on an empty row.

12/10/2006 #14
Lyn Kinsei
OOC: Since the prologue of my story. But, she's Darkness to a different world, don't worry.


"Cassandra," she replied nonchalantly, hoping that she was doing it right. Not that it was hard to say her name, but just hoping that her tone wasn't strange. She didn't mind talking to her, it was just she didn't want to sound like she was rude.

12/10/2006 #15
OOC: Yeah, just to let you know, mines darkness of somewhere else as well. So we can all be darkness! YAY! (A very dark sentiment indeed.)
12/10/2006 #16
Lyn Kinsei
OOC: Yeah.
12/10/2006 #17
OOC: we are all friendless... evil heirs and their elk...but most importantly we got ninjas!!!!!!
12/10/2006 #18
OOc: opps forgot to reply to Cassandra.

Bic: Annya nodded her head and sat down. "Do you know what we are actually going to do here?" she asked since no one had deemed it important to tell her such.

12/10/2006 #19
Lyn Kinsei
Cassandra shook her head solemnly. "Unfortunately, I do not know why we are here. I just hope that it does not cause any problems." She then dug in her pocket, and retrieved a small envelope. "Did you recieve a letter much like this?" she then questioned.
12/11/2006 #20
Avon couldn't help but overhear them. Remembering past 'adventures' Kay had sent him on, he replied, "Be forworned, it probably will be dangerous."

He glanced to the front of the bus, where a ninja was casually pinning a small child to the the ceiling with the use of shuriekens.

"Definately," he ammended.

12/11/2006 #21
"Yes, I did. Though I was ... well I was kinda mad at my father for sending me without my consent and burned it, but since he does that all the um why do you ask?" she asked.
12/11/2006 #22
The Ferrett
OOC: Hello PEOPLE! I'm enjoying joining all these: I'm going to bring in another evil/good character Satan! No not Prince of lies Satan but my Satan - you know, friends of Corlin- anyway.

BIC: He didn't understand why, after his thwarting the vampire takeover and completing the mission successfully, he’d be shipped off on a summer camp, really childish.

The bus pulls up, he enters it, with it being nearly empty finds a seat then closes his eyes drumming out the sounds of loonies.

12/12/2006 #23
ooc: ferrett you just hace to follow battlelust everywhere. but it's ok she thinks its funny. reply in dorms on romance RP
12/12/2006 #24
The Ferrett
OOC: The irony is astounding but no I didn't come here to follow you, although a kind face is always good. Just bringing new characters everywhere is fun.
12/13/2006 #25
OOC: you need to reply in dorms and in enrollment office please. I don't care if ur here a kind screen-name... is always great as u said....but yall new ones are nice 2! 8P
12/13/2006 #26
Lyn Kinsei
I was just... wondering," Cassandra replied. "I was wondering if all camp-goers recieved a letter nearly identical to the one I had recieved."
12/15/2006 #27
"It appears the same as mine. So what do you do exactly at this camp do you know?" she asked.
12/15/2006 #28
The Ferrett
Satan opens his eyes to the annoying chatter. "Would you keep it down? I don't like this camp and I don't like your shrill voices. I don't care how evil you think you are - you're whiny children in my opinion."
12/15/2006 #29
Avon blinked. Did that boy just call his voice . . . shrill?

Something struck him. What if it was? What if he was turning into a small female child again, just like that time with the faeries . . .

No. He was not going to think of that. Bad, bad experience.

Still . . . he had to see. He tested his vocal cords. "Do ray me fa so la ti do."

His voice was as soft and hypnotic as ever. Yes, that was good. And there were no faeries in sight. That was definately a plus.

Now, hopefully, no one had noticed he was singing. It was quite embarassing. Not that he really got embarassed.

"Stop thinking like a human," he whispered. Kay had influenced him more than he'd thought.

12/16/2006 #30
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