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The Yukikage

First RP in the series. I will only put up another due an accomplisment of this fourm.

Name- Kanis Kurisaga

Age- 15

Gender- Male

Sexuality- Stright

Race- Angel

Hair- Blue

Eyes- Blue

Wings- Blue

Clothes- Loose dark blue pants, light blue tee-shirt with slits for wings, locket

Weapon- Longsword

Bio- A fallen angel who is trying to win his way back to heaven, or is he?

Like- Fighting, arguments, flying

Dislikes- Overly sugary things, idiots, people who are too serious

Use this basic setup to create your character

5/29/2008 #1

I wanna join! Although you may want to have a separtate topic for Characters. And maybe pick a setting? It's kinda hard to start without one. ^_^

Name- Cogito Desika

Age- (looks)17 (actually)600

Gender- Male

Sexuality- doesn't matter

Race- Vampire

Hair- White(turns black when he's at full power)

Eyes- Dark Blue (turns red at full power)

Wings- bat wings that are black (also only at full power)

Clothes- Black pants and long sleeve shirt. Long black tenchcoat with silver endings and buttons. There is a silver cross stitched on the back.

Weapon- two hidden swords in his sleeves

Bio- Born a royal vampire, and heir to his kingdom, he was prepared to rule. However a brief but memorable encounter with a human girl made him start to doubt himself. He ran away from his family and fortune in order to find the truth about himself. He has since that day nearly 500 years ago, not drank even a drop of human blood.

Like- making fun of people, eating human food, listening to music

Dislikes- humans(but not really), happy people, people in general

Also: Zarutomo is a creature who is doomed to serve him. He was originally a vampire, but he was cursed into a shape-shifter form that can only change at his master's will. Because Cogito didn't formally renounce his title, Zaru had the choice to stay with the king or come with Cogito. Zarutomo is mostly a spider of bat, but sometimes he can be seen as a vampire form or human form.

Hope that's ok?

6/17/2008 #2
Vampire Kuroken

Okay, this sounds fun. I need to try to socialize more. (Laughs) Hmm.. so many choices

Name- Okami Tsuki

Age- looks 18 true age unknown

Gender- Female

Sexuality- Straight

Race- Wolf demon (Forest guardian)

Hair- Long white with red streaks

Eyes- silver

No wings, instead has a tail(white, dark tipped) and wolf ears(white, dark tipped)

Clothes- A sort of goddess outfit when in spirit goddess form. (she is not undefeatable) Can hide her ears and tail if wanted or needed to and casual wear is a black shorts and a nice white overcoat and white shirt.

Weapon- Spear/ staff it's a combo of sutras and a spear

Bio- she was chosen after her father was brutally murdered to watch the forest where she grew up with her family of wolves. She was an outcast of her society, because she was the only one unable to turn full wolf, she moved with her 3 brother and 1 sister, who were later cursed into the forever form of wolves and also later killed.

Likes- The woods (obviously. laughs), peaceful sunrises and sunsets, and practicing her skills

Dislikes- Loud, high pitched noises (they knock her out), ambushing and strong smells (they knock her out) due to hightened senses of smell and hearing

Other information- She doesn't talk a whole lot, since she was raised by wolves. She has two tattoos, one on each arm, that she uses to summon two of her wolf friends, Ji and Kirai

Ji is a female, black and timid, mostly used for scouting, and Kirai is male, white and likes to fight. Summoning and unsummoning these two may cause pain though.

If you need a villain, I can come up with one. I'm not trying to be rude, so if I come across as such, I apologize.

7/16/2008 #3

(should we make a new topic to start?)

7/17/2008 #4
Vampire Kuroken

I guess so, do you want me to think of a villain or should we just cross the road when we come to it?

7/17/2008 #5

(don't know. ^_^ I could make one too, but the fourm MOD hasn't been here for a while.

EDIT: Nevermind, we'll just start here I guess. Non-MODs can't make topics. T_T Wanna go first?

7/17/2008 . Edited 7/17/2008 #6
Vampire Kuroken

Sure... Anyways, setting... Japan... sometime I guess... I actually can roll with it better than create, and it seems your character might have some certain regulations or setting needed. How abouts you make the setting... we can just use my random villains . If you want that is.

7/17/2008 #7
Vampire Kuroken

Uhmm by the way... are we doing this script form or story form?

7/17/2008 #8

(OK. Story form. 3rd person. ^_^)

It was dark. So dark in fact that it was hard to distinguish real things from shadows. Of course, that was normal on any New Moon night, and even more so in this forest. The trees and their shadows were tall and intimidating, obscuring the dark sky with there even darker presence. Cold bursts of wind whistled through their branches, carrying the scent of oak and pine, telling more than anything that Winter was close at hand.

Cogito walked, a single shadow in a forest of darker shadows, keeping a slow but steady pace. His servant was in his bat form at the moment, and the vampire distractedly listened to Zarutomo's flapping wings. He was getting weaker as the days went by, which meant he needed to eat more, but animals and berries had been scarce for a while and he was nearing his limit.

7/17/2008 . Edited 7/17/2008 #9
Vampire Kuroken

A bonechilling howl echoed through the night (though not enough to scare night walkers) causing spare bats who had been sleeping to fly wildly from their caves. Okami's ears perked at the familiar yowl and recognized it easily as Ji reporting from her patrol. Nothing to be reported so far, and to Okami, that meant another night of leisure. She turned to the nearby lake, which she could only tell it was such because her sense of smell was down, and cautiously placed her feet in. The icy wind felt good.

7/17/2008 #10

The howl caused the vampire to look up. So there were wolves in this forest. Cogito's steps slowed then stopped entirely. The scent of water was easy to recognise, along with the presence of another. His eyes were used to the dark, and he could pick out the form of a girl in the water. She was obviously not human, which half-relieved and half-irritated the royal vampire. He continued to hesitate, unsure if he would be safe with himself around another person while he was so weak and hungry. He could sense Zarutomo laughing at him.

(It's late here, so I'm going to to to bed. Night.)

7/17/2008 . Edited 7/17/2008 #11
Vampire Kuroken

To Okami, noise was very familiar to her but, this time she heard an unfamiliar walking pattern. She tried her best to hide her nervousness. Fighting would be pointless to her in this time. With both her sense of smell and her sight off the only thing she could rely on would be her ears. She stood up silently in the water, trying to designate the sound, to no avail. Shortly, she decided she was being foolish, and sat back down. Not much longer did a pair of piercing gold eyes appear, and she knew Ji had returned. Ji seemed unbothered, so Okami decided that everything was fine.

ok night, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite.

7/17/2008 . Edited 7/17/2008 #12

Cogito cursed internally when the figure stood, then was confused again when she sat back down. Either way, he didn't want to be caught out in the open. He jumped, aiming to land on one of the thicker branches of a nearby tree, but too soon he felt his energy falter. He made it far enough that he could clamp onto the branch with his hand, but in his state he couldn't hold on long enough to pull himself up. He fell (from about 2 stories up the tree), landing hard with an audible thump.

7/17/2008 #13
Vampire Kuroken

Okami jumped at the noise. She wasn't the only one surprised. Ji, who undoubtedly heard it too, growled loudly. In an instant she summoned forth a gold sutras, that made a jingle. The tip, was that of a spear, and the dim moonlight glinted off of it.

"Who is there!" she called out knowing they probably wouldn't answer anyways.

7/17/2008 #14

Cogito heard the girl call out at him, but didn't bother to respond. It would be useless anyway. He could probably manage to stand again, but he didn't feel like wasting the energy. Zarutomo was laughing again, so the vampire telepathically gave him an order, forcing the bat to fly off to retrieve any type o food he could find.

7/17/2008 #15
Vampire Kuroken

Okami was not surprised by no response, it usually meant everything was fine. This time though, she could sense the aura from another being. The sound of a bat flitting away made her even more suspiscious since bats traveled in hordes usually. It was then Okami decided to not risk her wolf's safety and decided to scout on her own accord.

Ji sensed her choice and whimpered. She gripped Okami's leg gently and tugged, trying to prevent her princess from doing something stupid. Only to Ji's surprise, Okami batted her companion away, muttering in a different dialect.

Catiously, Okami walked to where she could remember the noise. She was trying her best to make no sound at all, and was doing a fairly good job. When she at last reached where the sound came from, she sensed a body form unfamiliar to her. Such a pungent scent as well, she whispered to herself (she's not trying to be rude, she just smells the lingering of blood). Blood? Was the creature bleeding or was it something else's blood. As she covered her nose, she lowered herself to study the creature further, but she sat on her heels in case she needed to retreat as a precaution.

7/17/2008 . Edited 7/17/2008 #16

Cogito clenched his teeth and closed his eyes, cursing to himself when the girl walked closer to him. He didn't feel strong enough to try to push her away, or leave the area. Frankly it would put his body under too much strain at the moment. So he could rest here for a while, or he could, well, feed. But after so long, it felt like losing if he gave in.

He felt the girl crouch near him, and his usual irritability around others came to the fron of his mind. He didn't need to open his eyes to know what she was doing. Was she just going to sit and stare at him? Cogito growled slightly, and said in a very clear tone, "Go away."

7/17/2008 #17
Vampire Kuroken

The woman cringed at the man's irratance. She frowned and stood up. "So, you can talk? Then tell me, who are you?" her eyes narrowed as she corrected herself. "Or better yet, who you think you are, ordering me around in my own forest?"

Her face cringed in a mutual annoyance. This thing was strange. Why wasn't it getting up? Why did it have two legs? It wasn't a reptile or bird she knew. What the heck was it?

7/17/2008 #18

Cogito hesitated. So he was in wolf territory. Then that probably wasn't the best way to start out, but he had a hard time controlling himself when he was hungry. "It doesn't matter. I'll leave when I can, for the meanwhile leave me alone."

7/17/2008 . Edited 7/17/2008 #19
Vampire Kuroken

Okami blinked. Something was wrong with it. "Fine, if you do not wish any help, I will not force you. This forest is open to anything, as long as you don't do any major damages. I see you do not communicate well. Fine, I will pester you no longer. Ji!"

The wolf appeared in an instant. She stared at Okami with look that said, 'I told you so!'. Okami shook her head and again spoke in incoherent words, then turned away pointing in the distance. Inside she didn't know what to do. Should she just leave this creature laying on the ground? It didn't seem to like communication, so helping it would probably only humiliate it. All the same, the question kept repeating in her head. What was it?

That was probably the least of he concerns and she realized that she was just being nosey, but it was the first time she'd seen something walk on two legs like that since the death of her brother. In fact the creature who killed her brother looked very similar to this one. She blinked and realized they actually seemed a lot different. They couldn't be one in the same. No, I'm just imagining things.

7/17/2008 . Edited 7/17/2008 #20

Cogito sighed. She was annoyed with him, but the girl left without too much trouble. Right now his problem went back to the fact that his energy was so low he couldn't strain himself to move. His head throbbed, as did his back where he fell, and he was extremely hungry.

He had gotten used to being hungry most of the time, his energy level hadn't been at it's max in over 500 years, but he was normally able to sate it with what humans and animals would call 'normal food'. But the trees and bushes were bare with the approach of Winter, and the animals had already begun to crawl into their small places to sleep.

It had gotten passed the point where he could catch his own food for about a week now, and Zarutomo had been no help. Of course the bat wouldn't willingly help with anything, and he could have forced him to, but he tried to avoid asking the bat to do anything for him. It hurt his pride a bit, asking that ingrate for help, but it was situations like this that he had to give in. Of course Zarutomo would be taking his time though. Cogito sighed again.

7/17/2008 . Edited 7/17/2008 #21
Vampire Kuroken

Okami felt extremely guilty for her decision(sorry if this is spellt wrong). She was simply glad he couldn't speak wolf. Had he been able to, all he would have done was argue with her more than likely. She just hoped these creatures ate these things.

Meanwhile, Ji the black wolf hesitantly walked over to the weak man with something small and gray in her mouth. Her ears were pulled back and her tail was beneath her, but she advanced anyway. When she came within a few inches of him, she dropped the object. She pulled back slowly, leaving the, now dead, rabbit on the ground. Ji never turned her back as she retreated back to Okami's side and whimpered as if asking why she had to give it up. But when no answer came, she layed down quietly.

Okami closed her eyes deep in thought. What would this creature do? Would it eat.. would it be able to eat? She sighed then looked up at the stars. In five minutes, she would check up on him to see if he had eaten.

7/17/2008 . Edited 7/17/2008 #22

Cogito didn't move even though he could feel the wolf approaching. It seemed to have an offering. He cursed again internally, was he really that pitiable? He reached out and grabbed the small dead animal that had been left beside him. He sighed, hoping the creature hadn' been dead all that long, then sank his fangs into the soft belly of the rabbit. It was difficult to get blood from something already dead, since the blood stopped flowing, luckily it hadn't dried up. He made sure to devour the rabbit meat as well.

Although rabbit blood and meat wouldn't do much to help his powers it still allowed for better movement of his body, so he took the opportunity to sit up and lean against the tree he'd fallen from. The rabbits bones and flesh were tossed aside. He would need much more to be able to get out of these woods, but at least he didn't need to lie in the dirt while he waited for that bat to return.

7/18/2008 #23
Vampire Kuroken

Okami figured by now that the five minutes were up. She sighed, hating to bother paople, but something made her check anyways. I need answers. Curse this stupid curiousity. She left her weapon and walked without fear to the vampire, shocked that he had moved.

"Now, can you answer some questions for me? I don't mean to be rude, but I only have a couple." Okami blinked. "But first off, is there anything you need?"

7/18/2008 #24

Cogito looked up at the wolf girl warily. He never really liked talking to people, and he wasn't all that good at it. He was still a little annoyed that he couldn't get up yet, but he figured he owed her a bit for the rabbit. He really hated being in someone's dept.

"It doesn't matter," The vampire said, ignoring the wolf girl's question about needing anything, "Ask whatever you want."

7/18/2008 #25
Vampire Kuroken

"You're what is called a Fanpeer (Vampire), am I correct?" She didn't hesitate with her following question. "Only a few others of you two leggeds (she does not really realize she is one) have ever entered this forest. Have you ever heard of a man named Quaesar?" Okami's voice was very calm. She could still not see details, but she could see vague outlines.

Sorry if I put you in wierd positions, I can really get into character. She is a really wierd person. Anyways... I have a hard time RPGing but I enjoy it so much. It's fun. That aside, I just felt like saying such.

7/18/2008 #26
Vampire Kuroken

I accidentally sent it twice... ^_^'

7/18/2008 . Edited 7/18/2008 #27

Cogito sighed, still annoyed at having to answer questions, "I am a vampire. I don't know anyone named Quaesar." He said simply and quickly.

(Nah, it's fine. It's a good thing. I have an RPG kinda like this on this site, called Freedom RP, then I have a Pokemon RPG on So I'm used to RPing. ^_^)

7/18/2008 #28
Vampire Kuroken

Okami sighed. "I figured as much." She looked down at the black wolf by her side. "Well Ji, that's it back to the drawing board."

Ji blinked slowly as an acknowledgement. She nuzzled Okami's palm, then in a blink of an eye, disappeared into a show of lights. The dancing show of blue and white ceased and almost instantly a marking appeared on Okami's shoulder.

She winced slightly in response, but walked away none the less. As she left she said, "Thank you, that is all I needed reassured."

7/18/2008 #29

(@_@ don't know what to do now.)

Cogito leaned back against the tree and closed his eyes again. He was really going to get Zarutomo back for taking so long.

(It's hard for him to keep his energy up, cuz he doesn't drink human blood.)

7/18/2008 #30
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