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Vampire Kuroken

(Uhmm.. Okami isn't a human. She's a sort of godess/spirit/demon. That's why she has wolf ears and a tail. She's of a species that got killed off (by Natsurine) that could transform fully into wolves (sort of like a werewolf) but she was unable to, and she doesn't know that she's a wolf spirit demon thing (I never named the species) ^_^' Very complicated It also explains her wierd actions. Don't worry, I'm kind of confused as well if you are.)

Okami sighed. Were all two leggeds this complicated? She shook her head, none the less, she had to find Natsurine. The sadistic son of a gun who killed her family. Her heart pained, but it was best to sit down and listen for any trouble. The man clearly seemed more stabilized by now, so she needed to listen for any more unique sounds. Did two leggeds come in packs?

(Just info I decided to explain to my best extent. I don't know how to have her approach, that's my problem or help.)

7/18/2008 . Edited 7/18/2008 #31

(I knew that. ^_^ Anyway I don't know how to continue this either. We both have sorta reclusive characters... You can make a bad guy if you want. Then maybe we can get a plot going.)

Cogito sighed and looked up at the dark sky. There were only a few stares out, and no moon. Strange though it was, considering what he was, he was getting annoyed with the insistant darkness. Of course everything annoyed him when he was hungry. He cursed the human girl who did this to him, not realizing he said it out loud.

7/20/2008 . Edited 7/21/2008 #32
Vampire Kuroken

Uhmm... okay I guess I'll use Natsurine for now. Do I need a bio for him?

7/22/2008 #33
Vampire Kuroken

Okami's ear twitched at the sudden rustle in the forest brush. She could easily hear a familiar breathing pattern. "YOU!" she hissed as if she had just seen the most vial thing in the world. Her nose scrunched up and her center of balance automatically dropped. "What do you think you're doing, showing your face around here?"

7/22/2008 #34

...Can I play? It might be too, late... But this looks fun and I'm bored... I'm gonna go ahead and post a character and if you decide that I can join, just tell me, okay?

Name- Kuro-Najika (yes, everything has Kuro in it. No last name.)

Age- 15 (sorta)

Gender- female (I'm not very good at boys. Understandable as I am a girl, but whatever.)

Sexuality- She would like guys if there was one that didn't look/act stupid.

Race- Shape-shifter (don't ask why.)

Hair- usually black, but already has white hair. (like an old person only she's not. sorta)

Eyes- usually one green eye, one hazel. Always has one hazel no matter how she tries to change it.

Wings- Shape-shifting abilities give her black wings with gold tips occasionally. (she's working on turning into animals, but it's not going so hot...)

Clothes- wardrobe consists of cute button downs, skirts and jeans. (She has a very dark humor despite the appearance) Stupid bracelet that won't come off. She wears a lot of necklaces.

Weapon- She's hand-to-hand. And pretty good at it, too. (understatement)

Bio- Never knew where she came from, in fact, she's not even sure if she's 15. She just looks it. (She hasn't aged in a long while either...) All she has is a bracelet that won't come off and scars around her neck. Basically, she wants to find out how to get the bracelet off and where the scars came from. (She doesn't want to go back to where she came from because it looked painful.)

Likes- Sleeping, Martial Arts, Eating, High places, Rain, Lollipops (cherry) and Scaring people

Dislikes- Stupid people, People who think she's adorable-and-would-she-like-a-lollipop (she takes them anyway...), bedheads, strawberry ice cream and crowded places. She'll faint if there are too many people. She tends to stay away from them...

Extra info- If someone tries to wake her when she's sleeping, she'll sleep-kick-their-butts. She's an adept marksman and can speak any language if she hears it once. She has one memory of crying with a heavy chain around her neck, and then falling, but doesn't know if it was a dream or not. She can't cry. No extra friends. Chain might explain scars.

Decide if I'm worthy enough to join this RP or not. It looks fun, but I think it will be funner (I know it's not a word!) if there are more people. Heh.

7/26/2008 #35

Sure. ^_^ Right now we have a Forest wolf Goddess, and a vampire who doesn't drink blood. We were running out of ideas anyway.

Cogito heard the girl from before yelling at something. He opened his eyes to try to see what it was and if it was a threat to him.

7/26/2008 #36

Thanks! Just wondering, but who's in the bushes?

7/26/2008 #37

Kuroken's bad guy character. He doesn't have a profile yet though.

7/26/2008 #38

Oh cool. I'll jump in after that, okay? (Am I a little pushy?)

7/26/2008 #39

No, not at all. Actually if you want, come to my RPG on this site. It's called Freedom. It's kinda like this except with a bigger world.

7/26/2008 . Edited 7/26/2008 #40
Vampire Kuroken

Sorry to be gone so long ^_^'. I've been having some problems lately. That aside, welcome and I should probably post my villain.

Name- Natsurine Nashuoto

Age- 20

Gender- male

Sexuality- straight (has an odd tendency to hit on Okami, because he knew her since they were kids.)

Race- an unknown race

hair- red long and falls in a loose ponytail to the bottom of his neck

eyes- green, cat-like color with gold flecks

wings- unknown

clothes- he wears a pair of blue jeans and an orange t-shirt with a brown kimono that just lays on his shoulders overtop the sleeves and bottom of the kimono fall into cross-hatched orange

weapon- he uses to large axes and magic

bio- Natsurine used to be named Zakairous, until he killed his own brother in a failed experiment. He knew Okami as a kid, and used to be friends, until one day Okami noticed a change in him. The first person he ever killed was his own mother, then his father. He is obsessed.

Personality- He's kind of phsycotic (makes sense), he's kind, a flirt, very smart, doesn't understand feeling anymore

likes- Okami(despite her changed loathing of him), to experiment, people fearing him

dislikes- People destroying his labs, people saying his original name, the mentioning of his brother (he doesn't like to talk about the past, he's more of a future person)

misc.- He has a watch, that he uses to screw with time, but he also places the souls of who he kills inside. He works for a man named Quaesar (introduced when needed). He also carries different incenses in his pockets and a lighter, for when he's meeting Okami. Also he doesn't understand her anger.

7/28/2008 #41
Vampire Kuroken

Okami growled then tossed her head. "I have no interest in seeing you."

Natsurine shrugged with a smirk. "That may be the case, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm here, now does it?"

Okami sneeres. "Leave me alone, Zakairous."

Natsurine frowned and shook his head. "You know so much, yet you know nothing."

"You are irratating." Okami shouted as a white wolf materialized out of her arm. "Even Kirai is annoyed with you." The woman turned and walked off in a direction, not realizing it was towards the man she met earlier.

7/28/2008 #42

Cogito watched the girl from before storm off towards his direction. When she got closer he said quietly, but loud enugh for her to hear, "What's wrong?" His eyes remained focused on the mysterious man who had appeared.

7/29/2008 #43
Vampire Kuroken

Okami had a very upset frown on her face. She decided to speak through a sort of 'mind link' where she changed the frequecy of her brain waves to that of another. She looked at Cogito and replied so only he could hear. "This is the man who killed my family. He as well killed his own family, and those he don't kill, he sends to be experimented on. He has a watch in his pocket, and it holds-" Okami was interupted when Natsurine appeared in front of her.

"Now, now. You aren't talking about me are you?" Natsurine sneered.

"If I were talking, you could hear me."

"Come now, I know all of your little tricks, Okami Tsuki."

7/29/2008 #44

"Get lost." Cogito said lowly, his voice getting a little more sinister. He closed his eyes briefly, then looked up at the man in front of him. "You're annoying, get lost."

7/29/2008 #45
Vampire Kuroken

The man glared at Cogito with his greenish gold eyes. "I'm sorry, I don't believe I know you. But so far, I don't like you. I am in a conversation with Miss Tsuki, so if you don't mind, stick with your own business you filthy vampire."

Okami winced. Natsurine had grabbed her arm, and his oddly sharp nails were cutting into her skin. "He has a point."

"Did I say you could speak?" Natsurine asked with a viscious glow in his eyes.

"Who said you were my boss?" Okami growled through gritted teeth. Meanwhile the white wolf had disappeared.

7/29/2008 #46

Cogito growled from his position, "I didn't ask you if you knew me or what you thought of me, Freak. I told you to get lost." He was getting more and more annoyed with the man, and the fact that he was hungry wasn't making that much better.

7/29/2008 #47
The Yukikage

(I forgot my password, so I need a summery, I read the bios


Amp: 54e0b

Vamp: d21a9

I shall refer to you as these names.)

7/29/2008 . Edited 7/29/2008 #48
Vampire Kuroken

Uhmm.. basically, the forest guardian is being attacked by a person, who happens to be a phsyco who killed his whole family and hers. Meanwhile, Cogito the vampire that doesn't drink human blood is hungry and getting annoyed with the man. That's basically it.

7/29/2008 #49
The Yukikage

(Thanks vamp)

Kanis flew above the scene. Idiots, he tought as he swooped into a tree to watch more closely.

7/29/2008 #50
Vampire Kuroken

Uhmm Kuroken works fine for me... ^_^'

The man frowned at the vampire. "Be quiet." He spoke the words in a serious manner. "I have quite heard enough from you."

Okami snickered to herself, drawing Natsurine's attention back to her. She smirked at him. "And all this time you didn't notice one major detail."

"What?" Natsurine blinked then looked around nervously. "Where is that blasted wolf!"

Indeed, the white wolf was nowhere to be found. A distant howl seemed to make Natsurine sweat. I hate those wolves.

7/29/2008 #51

Cogito looked up at the howling sound. 'So she has wolves that can help her? Then where are they already?!' Cogito thought, getting more and more agitated. He could hear something that sounded like a bird from above as well, but he didn't pay much notice.

7/30/2008 #52
The Yukikage

Kanis gripped his blade upon hearing the wolf. I hate wolves, he thought.

8/1/2008 #53
Vampire Kuroken

Kirai soon appeared from behind Natsurine and lunged. Natsurine easily dodged the wolf and sneered. "Is that all you can do?" When he looked up, OKami had her spear to his throat.

"I do believe they call this checkmate." she smirked. Way too easy.

"Yes, for you." Natsurine removed a pocket watch from his jeans and held it in his hand.

"Bringing the ghosts from your past won't help you." Okami frowned, glaring at the tarnished item. It was silver mostly, but small spots of black covered the designs.

"Who says they're ghosts of my past? I can bring back ghosts from yours as well."

"You..." Okami was obviously biting her tongue. This is bad, she thought. If he brings back who I think he will, everyone here will die. She looked briefly at the vampire then blinked at a rustle in the trees above. Wait, what am I thinking? I can just take his head now.

"You should have thought of that sooner." Natsurine flipped open the watch, and darkness seemed to pour out. Dozens of blue lights seemed to float everywhere.

Okami cursed to herself. "I'll take your head!" As she thrusted her spear forward, a man appeared and caught the staff. Okami looked beyond startled and completely lost focus. Again, she swore to herself. "Toku?"

Sorry I wrote so much, I'm trying to get in some explanation. Also I haven't been on often, because our internet keeps going down. *sigh*

8/5/2008 #54
The Yukikage

(Same here)

Kelis flew close behind Kirai and drew his blade. This night belongs to the fallen, he thought as he flew to slash.

9/2/2008 #55

Name- [I'm really bad at making names. Could someone make one for me?]

Age- 17

Gender- Female

Sexuality- um, not straight

Race- Elf

Hair- White

Eyes- White

Wings- None

Clothes- Tracksuit bottoms with a tank top, also has whit robe.

Weapon- Bow and arrows

Bio- After her heart was broken many times by false love she turned away from men. She once protected her family wood but decided to become an adventurer and forsake her wood.

Like- Sunlight, food and arrows

Dislikes- Nothing

Hope i can still join.

4/18/2009 #56
Oatmeal and Raisins

((nee, nee...this looks fun so far. Mind if I join in too? *^^*))

Name- Sen Melee

Age- close to 15...16-ish

Gender- Female

Sexuality- none

Race- Preistess-in-training/ Reaper

Hair- Black with Red streaks

Eyes- One is Red and the other is Purple

Wings- Yes, but they're small. She expands them out from her body, but that's usually so painful that she doesn't do it often.

Clothes- Black cloak with a hood

Weapon- Scythe

Bio- She was taken in by the Grim Reaper as a child, and shortly after training to be a preistess, became the next reaper.

Like- not much

Dislikes- a lot

11/10/2009 #57
Crimson Sunset

(Hey,I think this might be fun.Can I join?)

Name- Kyrie Aikawa

Age- looks 19 but actually 1000

Gender- female but pretends to be male

Sexuality- none

Race- Human vampire...ish

Hair- Neck length,jet black hair with one eye covered

Eyes- bloody red

Wings- huge and black that only come out when the full moon is on

Clothes- priestess looking cloak with a hood that covers eyes

Weapon- axe

Bio- Her mother died in an accident that left her with her sister and father.Their father committed suicide and they went to this school that their father told them to go to.

Likes- Her sister

Dislikes- people she doesn't get along with.


2/20/2010 #58

((May I please join?))

Name- Dallie

Age- 15

Gender- Female

Sexuality- straight

Race- shape shifter

Hair- Auburn hair with a purple streak through the bangs that hang in her face. It goes down about to her waist with one braid down the side.

Eyes- Violet or navy blue

Wings- No wings, she transforms into a giant white tiger with purple eyes and the tail has a purple streak

Clothes- Ripped and faded jeans with a white strapless shirt that only goes to the top of her ribcage and a short sleeves jacket thing that she puts over it. Has a star tattoo on the side of her face and intricate swirls and lines tattoo that goes from her back and wraps around her waist

Weapon- Broad sword and daggers

Bio- Was a little kid that had a boring life until she turned 11 and discovered she could turn into a giant tiger so she ran away from her outcast life for something more exciting. She became a well renowned bounty hunter

Like- loud, heavy music, animals, getting the bounty with ease

Dislikes- Flute(makes her fall asleep), annoying and fake people, jerks who make her job hard

7/7/2010 #59
Halan Lore

Errrrrr... is this still active?

2/3/2011 #60
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