The Fiction Press Supernatural Stories Awards 2008
I've decided to make awards. The winners will be announced every two months. I'll need people to help me. I'll create a community where the stories will be listed. I'll choose mainly supernatural/romance stories. I'll probably create a freewebs website.
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Midnight Adrenaline

and that it's all about supernatural stories, I thought I'd use it for advertising:

1st of July: "Prey", the fourth book in the Shifter series, by Rachel Vincent comes out. The Shifter series is about a tabby -- a female werecat -- Faythe. "Stray", "Rogue" and "Pride" are available on Amazon. (This isn't actually a YA series, but mature readers will love it.) 1st of August: "My soul to Take", also by Rachel Vincent, is the first in the Soul Screamers series. This is a YA series about a teenager bean sidh, a banshee, Kaylee. (Because it's the first in the series, I don't know much else about it yet.)

4/8/2009 #1
Alex Price

for other news on new stories coming out and advice on writing, check out The dames include Keri Arthur, Rachel Vincent, Toni Andrews, Devon Monk, Jackie Kessler, Jenna Black, Karen Mahoney, Lilith Saintcrow and Rinda Elliot. Enjoy. I do.

4/10/2009 #2

Thank you! This is a great idea. I know we all have a favorite (published) writer out there. If you have one that's sort of obscure, let's hear about it! Laurell K Hamilton and Stephanie Meyers don't need the free press. But what about authors like Elaine Cunningham, who never got her fifteen minutes of fame? She was a fairly good writer and her Shadows books were interesting.

4/15/2009 #3
Fay Diablo

How about Hilari Bell? Admittedly, she's not the best writer in the best world, but I like The Goblin Wood a hell of a lot better than.......Well, some books. (I don't really want to offend anybody by saying Twilight.)

4/23/2009 #4

While they're hard core romance novels, (with XXX scenes and everything) I greatly enjoy Lynsay Sands' Vampire/romance novels. Interestingly enough, the series about the children (Lucern, Bastien, Etienne and Lissiana) was written backwards. The first book, about Lucern and Kate, came out first and in it, Lucern is the last to find his lifemate. The series regresses and eventually you find out how Lissiana and Greg met. (In Lucern and Kate's story, Lissiana is pregnant with Greg's baby.)

Her theory as to how vampires were created is my personal favorite and I love the idea (obviously). It involves science, nano-technology and Atlantis. It's amazing. But you must have an open mind to really appreciate it. (:

Anyways, if you look into them, I hope you enjoy the series. (:

Much love! Avey

6/11/2009 #5

Hey there everybody!

I've got some of Lyndsay Sands bookies in my long To Read list. She's waiting along with Sherrilyn Kenyon. I can't remember why they're waiting though.

Talking about more XXX books, ahem. I started with Katie MacAlister's Dark Ones series. It kind of bored me after a while though. Kerrelyn Sparks books are pure fun. But then I found my vampire series true love: The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward. -Insert insanely fangirling AG- Little warning though, they're gory, morbid, violent, aggressive, foul mouther and lustful to the max. Why, but they're simply perfect. To me, ahem.

6/24/2009 #6
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