The Fiction Press Supernatural Stories Awards 2008
I've decided to make awards. The winners will be announced every two months. I'll need people to help me. I'll create a community where the stories will be listed. I'll choose mainly supernatural/romance stories. I'll probably create a freewebs website.
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Midnight Adrenaline

Use this thread for off-topic convo

5/31/2008 . Edited by omgitskandice, 2/13/2009 #1
artificial destiny

whooooo :D

5/31/2008 #2
Midnight Adrenaline

Supernatural/romance In the end by artificial destiny Locked cages by Lylia Rains

Supernatural/Sci-fi The Immortality Solution by Giarc I only just started reading it but it seems really good. And original. I'll keep looking for more.

6/1/2008 #3
artificial destiny

thats... a LOT of categories though

want to start out with a more modest goal and work it out from there?

6/1/2008 #4
Midnight Adrenaline

Ok. What do you propose like categories? I'm open to suggestions.

6/1/2008 #5
Midnight Adrenaline

BornButterfly found a story for Drama: Bite me by Raven Aorla.

6/1/2008 #6
artificial destiny

so first we need to divide into complete vs. incomplete

and then find the areas with the most suggested stories (ex: romance)

and stick with those.

i have one i'd like to recommend for romance. it's complete and FREAKING AMAZING.

-Demon of my dreams by BloodyAutumnKisses

6/1/2008 #7
Midnight Adrenaline

Ok. I've started a list of new categories but I don't have it with me. I'll edit when I can. I'll bookmark the story and read it when I can.

6/1/2008 #8
Midnight Adrenaline

I'd written this really long reply and I closed the window!!!! UGH. *Hits head against keyboard.* Normally the computer asks you if you're sure you want to close it because you've written in the window. And the one time it's important it doesn't ask!!! I'll have to post it when I'm calmer. I'd even written a little gratitude speech for you.

It was really good. Ended with claps and a bow. :(

6/2/2008 #9
artificial destiny

oh no! D; that sucks!!

6/2/2008 #10
Midnight Adrenaline



Best Romance

Best Humor

Most Original

Best Cliché

Best Plot*

Best Horror

Best Poem

Best Angst


Best Romance

Best Humor

Most Original

Best Cliché

Best Plot*

Best Horror

Best Angst


Best Couple

Most Believable Dialogue

Most Prolific Author

Best New Author

This is just what I came up with. Nothing is definite.

So now for the big speech. (That got deleted!)

I am eternally grateful for your immense help towards this miniscule almost inexistent project. Hopefully with your help and everybody's hard work we can make this known and wonderful. I implore ye, Oh Great Artificial Destiny, to continue helping me. I now name thee, sub-boss. You will get lots of credit for this and become even more popular than before.

Yours humbly, Kayleigh

*Bows and applauds the Greatness of Artificial Destiny*

PS: Any name I can call you? Artificial Destiny is long to write every time.

PPS: I now have recruited you, essiebear (wonderful writer, but hasn't had the time lately), BornButterfly and 'fallen-angel-that-loves'. VampGrrl is pending.

PPPS: Judges for the categories! I will organize that on the freewebs. And I was thinking: nomination in 1st June/31st July (so we can get the word around to enough people. Voting 1st August/31st August and then we count votes and get everything ready and announce the winners the last day of September. So, basically, awards every four months.

6/3/2008 #11
artificial destiny

oh my goodness. i dont think i deserve THIS much praise!

wowowowowoww. thank you? hahaha. i mean, i didn't actually do much o..O GAH. and im glad that you moved the date, because like i said before, i wont be in the US for the month of july, and i really dont think i'll be having a consistent internet source.

anyways, you can call my jackie :D

6/3/2008 #12
Midnight Adrenaline

Compared to other people, you've helped a lot! Although I guess that's because you spend more time on fictionpress than others.

I'll be gone from the 28th June until the 8th July. But I'll have internet. And then I'll be gone again from the 25th July until the 10th August. My holiday starts the 17th June and ends the 2nd September. There, now you know when I'm available. And I get half-days on Wednesdays, except today I was out all day.

I'll update the site (didn't get a chance yesterday) and write. And read "The Host". I finally got it. Yay! (What would we do wihtout books?)

6/4/2008 #13

Hello people! Rosie's in da club and she needs to be told what to do!!

First, I need the link and password to the uh, site. :D I'll be waiting... Also, we need to contact every single person who spends time on fictionpress, and ask them to send us their favourite supernatural stories.

We need to have music in the site, a layout, videos, spread it on youtube, megavideo, all those youtube copycats, put it everryyywhere.

EVERYBODY who reads, needs to know about this. People must be able to vote for their fav stories and be able to tell us about them if they're not in the contest already. :)


6/7/2008 . Edited 6/7/2008 #14
Midnight Adrenaline

Wow Rosie, you been thinking. I'll PM you da code.

6/7/2008 #15

UH yeah, but how do I read my messages??? This site is very jumbo mumbo, i dont understand anthin =S

help? :D

6/8/2008 #16
Midnight Adrenaline

To read PMs you go to your email, the one you used to create this account. That's where the PMs are sent to.

6/8/2008 #17

oohhh right, thanks :)

6/8/2008 #18
Midnight Adrenaline

Have you changed the site yet? For music do you think you could find some supernatural-ly kind of music?

6/8/2008 #19
Midnight Adrenaline

PS: I've updated "Turnings and Meetings".

I haven't had any reviews... :(

6/8/2008 #20

Go on msn!! I'm here now!

6/8/2008 . Edited 6/8/2008 #21
Midnight Adrenaline

Check the website. Major updates.

6/11/2008 #22

Wow, this sounds really cool! I'd love to help, if I can

6/13/2008 #23
Midnight Adrenaline

Of course you can help! for more about it. The link is also on my profile.


6/13/2008 #24

Okay, so I went on the website. And I was wondering--how big is this thing? cause there was like one story that was nominated... cause we all know this can't work unless we have tons of stories to pick from. There are lots of places I have accounts where I can advertise this contest--like on Yahoo Answers and other similar websites...

What else can I do to help? I can only think of one story I've read that would even be close to good enough to be nominated--it's called Midnight Calls by Ama-sk8, it's under my favorites. But there are a lot of typos and some grammar problems, which really irks me... I'm writing a story myself, called Secrets of Andover, about teenage witch hybrids (I dont really know how else to describe them) but I've only got two chapters up... I can definitely look for more good stories.

What do you guys really need? Cause I'd love to help with anything!


6/13/2008 #25
Midnight Adrenaline

It's not very big, and more stories have been nominated but they haven't been judged.

Speak For the Noise: -Walk the Line (nominated for completebest romance)

-The Thin Line (nominated for incompletebest romance)

VELVETxKISSES: -Bellatrix Crimson (judged, nominated for best romance, incomplete)

Demonic Huntress: -Choosing Packs: Torn Loyalties (judged but not the whole story. Nominated for best plot, complete, need someone with enough time to read the whole thing. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow, yeah. I'll print it, read, correct and review...)

Jay-Alonzo: -Rise of the Anomalous (very long, nominated for best plot. 130 000 words+)

Ama-sk8: -Midnight Calls (nominated by skibird17, alice, for... *guesses* completebest romance? Needs to be judged.)

Eclipsia Soulbird: -Deep Down Demons (nominated for most original incomplete) Will be judge my Lena Carmino

I'll post if there are any more.

6/13/2008 . Edited 6/26/2008 #26
Midnight Adrenaline

Essiebear is our CompleteBest Romance judge.

6/22/2008 #27

Hey, Wow, all the judges are here. :( Sorry i must not have read that memo right. lol anyway can i ahve the code, too. I have been sending out a letter to all the writing groups i know and i hope that is atually helping, the only other thing we can do is keep writing forums and sending emails to people and getting the word out. i wish fictionpress would help us. like offer oficial advertising. but i don't think that's gonna happen :( Essie

6/25/2008 . Edited 6/25/2008 #28
Midnight Adrenaline

I see what you put in the topic for nominations: OMG! Thank you! That must have taken a while... And thanks for the reviews. :D (I've been smiling like that because I don't have braces anymore.)

6/26/2008 #29
Tily Everly

Erm can you nominate one person/story for more than one category?

6/30/2008 #30
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