The Fiction Press Supernatural Stories Awards 2008
I've decided to make awards. The winners will be announced every two months. I'll need people to help me. I'll create a community where the stories will be listed. I'll choose mainly supernatural/romance stories. I'll probably create a freewebs website.
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okay. so, tell me what you'd like to be involved in. And by minor, how minor would that be? Do you know anyone that might be interested in controlling something like this? Can you spread the word about restarting this?

11/23/2008 #61
Laura Lopez

o.k. I had no clue where to post a comment on the forum so I just went to reply. So umm... the whole adwards thing seems really cool!! And well, I was wondering what kind of things you'd need help with and I'd probably be willing to help out. So just get back to me when you can. :D Later.

11/24/2008 #62

Okay, well first off we need someone who has a lot of time of their hands that can be the boss and all of this. But if that's not what you want to do, we have other stuff too. We need people to read stories to be nominated and we need poeple that read the stories that have been nominated and then you will rank them. And we need to spread the word. Like alot. Otherwise this will fall through. Post it in a Journal on Mibba becasue there are a lot of FP people there. Tell every person you talk to on here. Tell them to pass it on. Put it in your story updates. Anything. Tell me which you want to do.

11/24/2008 #63

Well what i meant by minor was whatever role you had..really though i could help with judging? Whatever other job's there i could try to help with. I do end up having a lot of time on my hands so i can help with almost anything...

11/24/2008 #64

Okay, so I have separated it into two categories: You can judge what has been nominated or you can read through the stories and and nominate.

But judging... I don't want it to be too strict, but I don't want it to be like "oh, I like this story because it's cool" or "because I know the author". I trust your judgement, but I will either look over the story myself (not read through the whole thing because that's what you'd be doing) or ask for short justifications like "This story is very well-developed and the plot is clearly thought-out. It's original and engrossing, etc and I think it deserves or should be considered for the (whatever) award". Kind of like a review, I guess.

11/24/2008 #65
Laura Lopez

O.k. so I'm sure that I can be judging, or in a while. But when you mean in charge of everything, do you mean EVERYTHING? I could probably judge and nominate, there are some stories I want to nominate already, but I just need to realize what category they'd go under. Umm..yeah, so I can nominate and judge for now. Umm...whenn exactly do we start this? Now? Is it going to be reading and all that from now till july? Sorry if it's already posted up somewhere, but I'm like yeah. lol

11/25/2008 #66

Yes, you can nominate and judge (I trust your judgment), though not your own stories. And yes, if you want to take it I'm offering up control of this whole thing. I just kind of assumed the role to get everything started.

Note: Nominating does start now. It will close at the end of the year. Any nominations posted after Dec 31, 11:59 (Pacific time, cause that's me) will not be considered. Awards will be announced on January 4th, no matter how little or how many stories are nominated.

11/25/2008 #67

Ok then i'll start reading them now!

11/25/2008 #68

Oh oops i actually have more to say. The two stories that have been nominated so far are the one's i'll be looking over...and don't worry i will judge these the best way i can, not being strict, or not saying it should be a Finalist for a stupid reason.

11/25/2008 #69
Laura Lopez

o.k. I'm hoping this is where we do that whole name thing. lol Name: Laura Lopez Link to Profile:

11/27/2008 #70

I'll tell FF where to find your link. Thank you.

11/27/2008 . Edited 11/27/2008 #71

Well i'm hoping this is where i can put the information. Full Name: Olivia Rose, link to my profile(if that's the right link):

11/27/2008 #72

Hey whoever has the link to the new site for this can you post it here? I've seemed to of misplaced the link given to me...

11/30/2008 #73

I hope that one works. It's for the new website.

11/30/2008 #74


11/30/2008 #75
A.S. Leer


Just wanted to pop in and say while I don't have time at the moment, I can probably join the staff for the next round of awards. And I'll link to the site as soon as I update my page, which will be within the next few days, I would assume.

12/2/2008 #76

If anyone has qeustions, please use this thread while the others are closed.

1/1/2009 #77

I should have contacted every judge by now, please let me know if I somehow missed you.

I will assume that none of you are interested in the next season until you tell me otherwise. You are not obligated to continue, which is why I'm going to go around advertising for judges again around the website.

To all those who took the time to nominate: Thank you!! Please come back for the next season! Everything will be slightly altered so that it's easier to participate, and hopefully, there won't be so much confusion. Keep in mind stories you want to nominate in the future!!

1/2/2009 #78

Hey wait a second! I of course will be honored to participate in this again next round! Just me details about what we're doing next season!

1/5/2009 #79

The FPSSA is getting ready for Season Two and we are expanding our horizons. We are looking for people to fulfill certain positions. This is just a notice. None of these positions will be available until Jan 10. When everything is available I'll let you all know!

Judges- we need four to six judges. Because I've been getting so many offers and I want to select only the best, I've decided to require potential judges to fill out a short application. It's nothing hard, just mostly asking about your preferences. The application will be available Jan 10 on several pages of the FPSSA website and the link will be provided here.

Author-Project Liason- this person will be in charge of making sure that every author that has been nominated is aware of their nomination. They will also be in charge of asking the authors as well as the people that nominated the stories to mention the FPSSA on their homepages. They will also notify the authors when they have won and when their banners are ready for pick up! Lastly, they will be in charge of visiting homepages to make sure that authors are not telling their readers to nominate them (for fairness).

Tech Rep- this person will be in charge of creating and maintaining profiles on social networking sites such as MySpace, liveJournal, Mibba, Facebook, Yahoo Groups, etc. We only need one profile for each so make sure you contact me BEFORE you make a profile.

(As of now, an application is only needed for judges. The Author-Project Liason will have to contact me directly. Tech Reps must contact me as well)

1/8/2009 #80

Hi! Little note from me. Once the winners from the first season are posted, would it be too much to ask if you guys subscribed to the FPSSA community?

Here's the link:

1/9/2009 #81

Okay, I am now officially accepting job offers.

Here's the link to the judging application:

But we also need an Author-Project Liason and a Tech Representative. And just in case you're wondering, neither of those require a lot of reading!

Please visit the FPSSA website if you want more details.

1/10/2009 #82

Dates for Season Two have been announced!

Nomination Begins: February 14th

Nomination End: April 5th

Judging Process Begins: April 6th

Judging Ends:April 24th

Awards Announced: April 30th

The Awards are announced a week after to give some judges a little extra time if they need it, but mainly to sort through and confirm the information. We also don't want a repeat of this season where three of the banners weren't ready.

So, season one has come and gone, and I'll see you guys for season two, but don't be afraid to KIT until then. And watch the forums becuase I'll be sure to post updates often.

1/10/2009 #83
Freaky Fred

Hm...The link to subscribe to the community is broken. Is this problem happening with anybody else?

1/10/2009 #84

Judges, please submit your reeeaaallly short forms through the FPSSA website. Here's the link:

Really, it's not much to ask. Those of you that have expressed your interest to me in becoming a judge in the past should expect an email from me in the next couple of days asking if you are still interested. There's no pressure to say yes.

Unfortunately, nomination doesn't begin until the 14th of Feb, so if you're waiting to submit a story, you still have two weeks.

Lastly, we still want someone who is willing to be our liason to the authors and make sure they are all aware of their nominations. If you're interested in this job, please contact me.

2/1/2009 #85

We have our new judges for this season.! Check them out in the judged stories thread and, coming soon, the new Season 2 thread

2/13/2009 #86
Mr. Aek

Hey! I know of a pretty kick a** story for Best Story That Makes Me Cry Laughing.

It's also pretty obvious it is supernatural (in-human powers in modern time, monsters - action in a big city) But it is categorized as Action and Suspense/Sci-Fi (maybe the monsters are man-made.. but still)

It may be set in the future (I don't know) but his category’s don't match the story. It's a pretty kick a** story, the best I've seen on FP - was wondering if there could be an exception - or is the rule set in stone? - here is the link. Best ever I'm telling yah! and I really wanna nominate it.

2/28/2009 #87

Sure, we've made exceptions for this before. I believe last season, a story that was about vampires was put under action and humor, but since it had such obvious supernatural elements, it was allowed. And besides, if it is that good, it deserves to be recognized. Just a note in the future: this question would best be under the Rules and FAQ thread. This thread is just for off-topic convo, questions, etc. For example: where can I find (such and such) story? Or: Do you know how long this will go on for in terms of seasons? Or even story-pimping, though I would prefer not.

3/1/2009 #88

The subscribe button in the FPSSA community is now working, subscribe to find out the season two winners as soon as they are announced, maybe even before!!!

3/22/2009 #89
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