The Fiction Press Supernatural Stories Awards 2008
I've decided to make awards. The winners will be announced every two months. I'll need people to help me. I'll create a community where the stories will be listed. I'll choose mainly supernatural/romance stories. I'll probably create a freewebs website.
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Laura Lopez

I.Degolier: Well, that's my real last name, but I just used a name I really liked as my pen name. And I'm sure we all get the picture, funny little rant though. haha

Guacamole: Freaky fred was talking about all the ones posted in the judges forum. And she had asked the judges to Pm her whether or not a story was going on to the next round, I guess to make it easier for her. You know, managing the site. And I had no idea I.Degolier posted more nominations. O.k. so good, I have things to read. yay!!! :D And good luck with your reading!! :D

And now, I gotta go look for those nominations. I don't know how I missed it earlier. : / lol

12/14/2008 #91

ok... i want to nominate

Bela the Nymphomaniac Vampire Slayer by Erisah Mae

supernatural/action, most memorable characters

3 Ella p.s. - extreme language, sorry if it offends anyone

12/15/2008 #92

I want to nominate:

Of Dragons and Men, PBArcadia for Most Memorable Characters. Yes, it is one of my own. The link is:

I hope that's alright. I kinda jacked up the last nomination I tried to put up. Just want to give a chance to this story as it's close to my heart. Anyways, thanks!!!

12/15/2008 #93
I. Degolier

OK just a quick update: I have finished reading Changes in the Night (supernatural/action), The Visitors and Amarinthine (both best plot), and am working through The Slave of Heaven and Once Bitten (also both best plot). I have also finished reading Bela the Nymphomaniac Vampire Slayer since it's in the Supernatural/Action - Memorable Characters category. Sorry I've been behind in my reading, but they're all so good it's hard to make decisions. :-)

12/16/2008 . Edited 12/16/2008 #94
A. J. L. Roberts

As the judge of the Supernatural/Romance category, I'd just like to post that I've read and nominated Of Dragons and Men by PB Arcadia for 'Most Memorable Characters". COngratulations on getting to the next round.

12/19/2008 #95

Oh, wow! Thank you so much...I'm glad you thought favorably of the story. Can't wait for the results!

12/19/2008 #96
Alex Price

OK just a quick update: I have finished reading Changes in the Night (supernatural/action), The Visitors and Amarinthine (both best plot), and am working through The Slave of Heaven and Once Bitten (also both best plot). I have also finished reading Bela the Nymphomaniac Vampire Slayer since it's in the Supernatural/Action - Memorable Characters category. Sorry I've been behind in my reading, but they're all so good it's hard to make decisions. :-)

Okay, I'll get on that when I get done reading How High, I just started and am already enjoying it. I'll say no more until I'm finished.

12/19/2008 #97

Two days left for nominations! I think I have contacted all of the judges with a polite reminder, but if not, I'll get in touch with you shortly.

Anyway, thank you for all of your guys' participation, it really has helped this project get off the ground. I plan on continuing this project, and changes will be made. I will close this thread and post a new one for the second season. Hopefully, it will explain everything and I'll fill in those potholes that I had forgotten about when I started this one. If you have any suggestions, questions, or would like to be a judge for the next season, please contact me. We need to spread the word as much as possible, so even if you choose not to participate, I would like to ask you to rep this thread as well as our website. Keep in mind stories that you would like to nominate for the next round. I don't plan to open nominations again until at least February, though, to give us all a little break.

12/29/2008 #98
I. Degolier

I finished reading Once Bitten and am now working on The Slave of Heaven. Am I supposed to read Of Dragons and Men too, because it's nominated for Most Memorable Characters, or is someone else already reading that? Just curious.

12/29/2008 #99

So I went back through the forum to make sure I'm not missing anything when I saw Crave by Alic B. Black for Supernatural/Romance Best All-Around. Well Of course I'm going to read it for Best All-Around but the problem is there's two versions...which one am I supposed to read? Please somebody reply to this quick!

12/29/2008 #100

No, Amy and Guacamole are supposed to be reading that.

12/29/2008 #101

Go with the finished one, or whatever one is the link that she provided.

12/29/2008 #102

Also, I noticed that only about two or three stories that have been nominated were complete, so we aren't going to have a special section for that for this round.

12/29/2008 #103
Alex Price

Please don't take this wrong.

I know all of the other judges are on christmas break from school and I'm the only one that's at work. I was wondering if anybody would mind moving the deadline back a week. I'm not sure I can have it read by thursday. I'm halfway through How High (and Kandice, it's gotten better since I last PM'd you- thanks for not letting me give up on it), I'm 1 chapter in to Bella the Nymphomaniac vampire slayer which isn't very long and I haven't touched Of Dragons and Men yet unless one of the other judges is looking for something to read. I'm gonna read as much as I can tonight but I do have to be gone by 7:20a and I work all day. I have half day Wed and I'm betting we're doing inventory Thurs. Inventory sucks, I'd rather be reading. I'll do what I can.

Ask me in Feb if I'm willing and have the time.

12/29/2008 #104

I know it's hard, but the date hasn't changed since you joined. I know that the last minute nominations probably threw you off, as it did with everyone. I'm sending a list out of all the stories each judge was supposed to read. If you need the extra time, you can finish the stories by saturday night, but the nomination page will still close and the winners will still be announced on January 4th, most likely in the evening. If you can find a judge willing to read your story, please do. If you can't, I can read it. I'm pretty free all day. But I haven't read someo f the other entries in that category.

Note to all judges: I am working on Pacific Standard Time so that should give you all a couple extra hours.

12/29/2008 #105
Laura Lopez

Guac: I beleive that author said that the newer version was more edited or something like that. so either way, I don't think the story changed, if anything, ask the author which they would prefer you to read.

Omgitskandice: I would love as much as Amy if we could have an extended week. I have about 2 days to read a few more chapters of Darkness Run, not close to finishing but that story seems to not have it self outlined so greatly that it's just an ok read right now. I still need to go over Canislupis, and I would love to have more time to go back and read more of Earthbase 12. But I get that this all HAS to be on a deadline. I would have done everything on time and everything, but it's not easy when you are fighting for computer time with your own mother. lmao

These stories are so freaking LOOOOOOONG!!!!! lol

12/30/2008 #106
A. J. L. Roberts

I pretty much read everything on the nominations website on the Supernatural/Romance category, to which I was assigned. I didn't get given a subcategory, so I just read everything and categorised it. Below is a list of everything I've already judged and my decision.

Crave By Alice B. Black (Nominated for Supernatural/Romance in Best All-Around) I didn't pass this because of similarities to Twilight and also because of poor spelling and grammar

Breathtaken (previously Hush) by Arianna Sterling (Nominated in Supernatural/Romance in Best Plot) I agreed with the nomination to go on

To Interrogate a Vamipre by Elladora Black (Nominated in Supernatural/Romance in Best Written) Again, I agreed for the nomination to go on

Of Dragons and Men by PB Arcadia (Nominated in Supernatural/Romance in Most Memorable Characters) Agreed with the nomination to go on

Sidhe + Mortal: A Novel by PB Arcadia (Nominated in Supernatural/Romance in Best Plot) I agreed with the nomination

Bad Moon Rising by The Burning Roses (Nominated in the Supernatural/Romance in Most Memorable Characters) Agreed with the nomination

I'm going to read my way through Once Bitten, Amaranthine, Darkness Run and Dangerous Game even though I only just go them on my list, and I'll let you know asap.

12/30/2008 #107
A. J. L. Roberts

Whose Once Bitten by?

12/30/2008 #108
A. J. L. Roberts

I've started reading Darkness Run by Love is A Ring Toss game. It has an interesting plot, and if I was to go through with the nomination, It would be Supernatural/Romance in Best Plot. A few problems with the spelling, grammar and the point of view, but I'll give it a few more chapters before I make a verdict.

12/30/2008 #109
I. Degolier

A. J. L. Roberts: Once Bitten is by mandybeth. It's at

Amy Strauch: I've read both Of Dragons and Men and Bela the N*** Vampire Slayer, so if you can't get to those ones in time they're still covered. :-)

I think the Slave of Heaven is the only one I haven't finished yet on my list. I've gotten far enough through it to say send it to the next round, but I still have a few chapters left.

12/30/2008 #110

Hello everyone! This is to readers and judges alike, becuase of the popularity of this project, I've decided to extend the judging deadline to give the judges a break. The nominations will still close tomorrow at midnight, PST, the winners will now be announced Friday, January 9th, late evening.

Judges: Because of the extension, please read every story on the list that I provided for each of you, unless you are positively sure that it doesn't belong on your list (if that ts the case, please tell me about it). Hopefully, this will give everyone some time to sort through everything. AJL Roberts, I understand that you have a lot on your list that you weren't aware of, if you need me to read any of it, I'd be willing.

12/30/2008 #111

Oh my god thank you! But I'm still almost done with my list anyways xD

12/30/2008 #112

This is the end of Season One nominations!

12/31/2008 #113

Now that this topic is locked, please use the open topic "Awards will be in July" if you have questions or posts that you want others to see. It will only be in use until I open a new thread for Season 2. Winners will not be posted in this thread but rather the Winners thread that I plan to post on January 9th. The new Rules and FAQ thread applies to the second season, please see the FPSSA website for complete details.

Judges: I need 4 to 6 judges for the next round. I will assume that none of the current judges are continuing until told otherwise. It's on a first come first serve basis, once the six spots are filled, that will be it. Please contact me anytime before the second season which is tentatively scheduled for mid- to late-february.

1/2/2009 #114
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