The Fiction Press Supernatural Stories Awards 2008
I've decided to make awards. The winners will be announced every two months. I'll need people to help me. I'll create a community where the stories will be listed. I'll choose mainly supernatural/romance stories. I'll probably create a freewebs website.
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Hello, readers, this is a thread for the stories that have been judged already. Just because they are judged does not automatically mean they get moved to the next round. To see if your story has qualified for the final judging, please visit the official FPSSA website: . If you have any further questions, please feel free to PM me. Oh, and there's one rule; please follow it. (Right below here).

Note: this is only for reference, please, no one but the official judges can post here. If you do your comment will be deleted.

12/2/2008 #1

Okay so these are the stories I have read/judged for so far....

Becca's Becoming by I. Degolier

Twilight Moon by Arianna Sterling

Dance Parhelia by Quarter. Queen

Changes In the Night by omgitskandice

Amaranthine by Freaky Fred

I have not put what main/sub categories they have been nominated under but if you want me to Kandice I will edit this.

12/3/2008 #2

This is fine. I hate to keep asking you to do things, so if someone wants the categories, I can put them in. I have a list of everything for myself so it wouldn't be hard. Oh, and thank you!

12/3/2008 #3

Lol no problem and you welcome xD.

12/3/2008 #4
Alex Price

I've gotten through only one so far. for memorable character. On to the next one.

12/6/2008 . Edited 1/5/2009 #5
Alex Price

I've just finished reading CH 13 of Changes in the Night and I'm running out of vacation.

12/11/2008 #6
Laura Lopez

I am FINALLY finished with Earthbase12 by the goddess walks. :D yay on to the next one hehe

12/12/2008 #7
Laura Lopez

Amy: Just a reminder, whenn you are finished with a story put a post under the forum for Judged stories. I almost read the slave of heaven but good thing I went back to the post and saw that you read it. lol So yeah, just a reminder. :D

12/12/2008 #8
Alex Price

Laura: I was only judging Slave of Heaven for Memorable Character but I did take notes on things she ought to improve and I'll get them posted in a day or so. Two heads are better than one. Go ahead and read it if you have the time. I really did enjoy it.

12/13/2008 #9
Freaky Fred

Guacamole: Are those stories all ready to be moved on to the next round?

12/14/2008 #10

What the one's I already read or that the others have read?

12/14/2008 #11

No, so far, these are just the ones that have been judged, for reference.

the Judges have been PMng me their decisions and I've been telling you.

12/14/2008 #12
A. J. L. Roberts

Hey Peoples,

For those who are wondering, I'm reading the Supernatural/Romance category. Just letting you know I've read To Interrogate A Vampire by Elladora Black. It's well written, and she's elected to be in the "Best Written Category". It's a story in progress, and it definately has the right kind of vibe to it for best written. You can really feel the characters personality, and you can get drawn into this story very easily.

I definately think it should be in the running for Supernatural/Romance - Best Written, so I'm nominating it.

Happy Reading, ciao.

12/15/2008 #13
A. J. L. Roberts

I've also read Breathtaken by Arianna Sterling and agree with whomever nominated them. I think it should be under the sub-category of Best Plot, because it truly does deserve it. Once you get over the initial shock of the male vampire being attracted to men, the plot drags you in as Armand and Alister fall for each other, even though it is in a twisted, convoluted way (and they don't realise).

This story is truly gripping right until the end of the chapters, and it makes you impatient to see how it will all unfold. It may even have the makings for Best Supernatural/Romance.

12/15/2008 #14
A. J. L. Roberts

Hey People,

I've finished reading Crave by Alice B. Black, but unfortunately, I don't feel that it is quite the standard we're looking for in a nomination. One of the main problems was spelling, grammar and punctuation.

If anyone wants anymore details as to why I've decided against the nomination, don't hesitate to send me a PM.



12/19/2008 #15
A. J. L. Roberts

I've also finished reading Of Dragons and Men by PB Arcadia. She has elected to be nominated for Supernatural/Romance - Most Memorable Character, and I think that she deserves a nomination. There was vivid images of the characters in my mind, and the characters were well thought out. The plot was a wonderful romance.

12/19/2008 #16

I have just finished reading The Execution Of The Heart by Alice B. Black for Supernatural/General-Best All-Round. I will PM either Lisa or Kandice to see if it should continue on.

12/20/2008 #17
A. J. L. Roberts


I've just finished reading Sidhe + Mortal: A Novel by PB Arcadia. It's nominated in the Supernatural/Romance category for 'Best Plot'. I think it's well written, but the plot line is brilliant. I think it's well worth a second nomination.

12/22/2008 #18
Freaky Fred

Hey everyone. In case you haven't checked or noticed, I updated the website to include all the stories now nominated. If you have the time, please check it out, to see if there are any mistakes with who/what is up there. Thanks!

12/23/2008 . Edited 12/23/2008 #19

I've been asked to step in as a guest judge. Anyways, I've finished reading Dance Parhelia by Quarter.Queen. And... that's it for now.

12/29/2008 #20

I have judged Of Dragons and Men by PBArcadia.

12/29/2008 #21

Wait a second I thought I was suppose to read Of Dragons and Men by PB Arcadia or am I still reading it anyways?

12/30/2008 #22

I have finished reading The Visitors by LeonAle.

12/30/2008 #23

I have judged The Angelic War by A. J. L. Roberts.

12/30/2008 #24

I have judged Half Blood by 8DaysTillSunday.

12/30/2008 #25

I have judged Of Dragons and Men by PBArcadia.

12/30/2008 #26

I have judged Earthbase 12 by the goddess walks.

12/30/2008 #27
Alex Price

I have judged How High by Euphorialie for memorable character. I'll try to be faster for the next 2

1/2/2009 . Edited 1/3/2009 #28
Alex Price

I have judged Of Dragons and Men for memorable character.

1/5/2009 #29
Alex Price

I have jugded Dance Parehia (forgive the spelling) for memorable character. I'm Done!!! *does a snoopy dance* Thanks a bunch for the extra time.

1/6/2009 . Edited 1/6/2009 #30
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