The Fiction Press Supernatural Stories Awards 2008
I've decided to make awards. The winners will be announced every two months. I'll need people to help me. I'll create a community where the stories will be listed. I'll choose mainly supernatural/romance stories. I'll probably create a freewebs website.
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Thank you to all my season one judges, but now the second season is moving in! Here are your judges for teh second season (and the only ones allowed to post in this threas) and their categories.



1. AJ

Best Romance

Best Supernatural Poetry

2. Alexandra P.

Best Story That Makes Me Cry Laughing

Best Kickass Character

3. Caya J.

Best Vampire Story

Best One Shot

4. Kaysie

Best Wereanimal Story

Best Written

5. Lilyth Black

Best Story That Never Seems to End

Most Memorable Characters

6. Samantha S.

Best Non-mainstream Creature Story

Best Plot

we also will have a couple of auxilary judges who will be named shortly and are also alowed to post here.

2/13/2009 #31

I've read Aigaion Girl by Inanna Skili for the Best Written category.

2/14/2009 #32

I've read A High School Fairy Tale by Hope.flies for the Best Written category.

2/15/2009 #33

I have read A Quick Bite for Judge's Pick.

2/19/2009 #34

I've finished reading Aigaion Girl by Inanna Skili for the Most Memorable Characters category.

2/20/2009 #35

I've read Lob Omen by Malicious Squirrel for Best Were-animal Story and Best Written.

I've also read Bad Moon Rising by The Burning Roses for Best Were-animal Story and Best Written.

2/26/2009 #36

I finished Black Silk - Rewrite by idream for Best Romance.

2/26/2009 . Edited 2/26/2009 #37

I have read and Judged:

Davy Harwood by Tijan. And though I still have plenty of reservations about it, it'll pass on to the next round. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to leave a review.

Raised by Wolves by orangesharpie18. It passes.

Both are for the Judge's Pick category.

3/1/2009 #38

I have read Bad Moon Rising by The Burning Roses for Most Memorable Characters.

3/2/2009 #39

I have read The Tale of Cupid's Loveless Sister by Has A WaywithWords for Best KickAss Character.

3/2/2009 . Edited 3/2/2009 #40

I've read The Follower by Hope.Flies...

I've also finished History Unknown by Amy Strauch

3/2/2009 #41

I've finished The Road to Retirement by Dead Not Sleeping.

3/2/2009 #42

I finished Bitten by prolific bunny for Best Romance and it should move on!

3/4/2009 #43

I have read A Common Desire by Dane Vampire Queen for Best Were-animal Story

3/8/2009 #44

I have read Apantomancy by ladyshalott

3/10/2009 #45

I have read Teeth Check by Heartlace

3/10/2009 #46

I finished Far From Human by Paige Evans for Best Romance and feel it should pass to the next round.

3/24/2009 #47

I have read Far From Human by Paige Evans for Best Kick-A** Character. It should pass through.

3/25/2009 #48

I have read Beaded Sweat & Tears by should pass. It was creative and interesting...

4/1/2009 #49

I have read Sweet Miseria by Raico for Best Kick-A** Character.

I have also read Caught in the Crossfire by AMM3485 forBest Kick-A** Character

4/4/2009 #50

I have finished reading Cinnamon and Chocolate by Emma Gammon for Most Memorable Characters.

4/23/2009 #51

I have read Hungry Ghost by Lord of Light for Most Memorable Characters.

5/2/2009 #52
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