The Fiction Press Supernatural Stories Awards 2008
I've decided to make awards. The winners will be announced every two months. I'll need people to help me. I'll create a community where the stories will be listed. I'll choose mainly supernatural/romance stories. I'll probably create a freewebs website.
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Hopefully, you have all read the Rules and FAQ thread, but I will include the basics here:

1) When nominating, you MUST put it in this format:

To nominate, you must start your post with "I want to nominate:" then put the title in Bold and the author in Italics. Please Underline the category in which you are nominating the story. Please include the URL to the first chapter in (parenthesis).

2) You may nominate yourself.

3) Nomination Begins: Feb 14th and Ends: April 5th. Any nominations outside of these two dates will not be considered. Note: All dates and time refer to PST (Pacific Standard Times)

4) For off-topic questions and com oments please use the misnamed "First Awards are in July" thread. For any other questions or suggestions about the FPSSA rules or system, please refer to the "Rules and FAQ" thread.

2/13/2009 #1

Judges, here are your Season Two Judges and Their Categories



1. AJ

Best Romance

Best Supernatural Poetry

2. Alexandra P.

Best Story That Makes Me Cry Laughing

Best Kickass Character

3. Caya J.

Best Vampire Story

Best One Shot

4. Kaysie

Best Wereanimal Story

Best Written

5. Lilyth Black

Best Story That Never Seems to End

Most Memorable Characters

6. Samantha S.

Best Non-mainstream Creature Story

Best Plot

Santasia- Auxilary Judge, Author-Project Liasion

2/13/2009 . Edited 2/15/2009 #2

I want to nominate Aigaion Girl by Inanna Skili, Most Memorable Characters. And possibly Best Written. (

2/14/2009 #3
Alex Price

I'm nominating myself. History Unknown by Amy Strauch for Best Vampire & Memorable Character

3/9/09-- I posted a new chapter one. The other one sucked, I admit it. This one is much better. Judges, you don't have to re-read it. I'll stick with the old one if you don't want to. That means I'm not expecting you to change your opinion if you've already read it.

2/14/2009 . Edited 3/10/2009 #4

I'd like to nominate A Highschool Fairy Tale by Hope.Flies for best written


I'd also like to nominate The Follower by Hope.Flies for Best One-Shot, and Best non-mains stream creature


I'd also like to nominate My Shadow and Me by Tily_Everly for Best Plot


2/14/2009 . Edited 2/15/2009 #5

I want to nominate Black Silk Rewrite by idream for Best Plot and Best non-main stream creature and Best Romance.


2/15/2009 #6

I want to nominate:

A Quick Bite by The Burning Roses for the Judge's Pick Category.


2/16/2009 #7

Note To Judges:

You don't have to submit your "Judge's Pick" story immediately, just somtime before the end of the season.

I know I shouldn't have to say it, but I know someone will ask: Only judges can nominate a story for the "Judges Pick" category and you are only allowed to submit one story.

Also, judges, I do encourage leaving reviews, but it is not mandatory. Though if you do choose to leave a review, please make it constructive, I do not support flaming. It is your choice whether or not you want to make the author aware that you are their judge.

I'd like your decisions with a short explanation supporting your decisions when you finish reading the story, not while you're reading and not at the end of the season. Also you must read the entire story. Don't forget to post the read story in the "Judged Stories" thread

2/16/2009 #8

I want to nominate Lob Omen by Malicious Squirrel for Best Were-animal Story and Best Written.

2/16/2009 #9

I want to nominate Road to Retirement by Dead Not Sleeping (me) in Best One Shot


2/16/2009 #10

Ack! I forgot the link, sorry guys!

2/17/2009 #11
Fay Diablo

I want to nominate Apantomancy by ladyshalott for Best One Shot. (

2/17/2009 . Edited 2/17/2009 #12
Alex Price

I'd also like to nominate by Ladybookworm13 for memorable character

2/17/2009 #13

I want to nominate Release by Plastic Gluttony (oh my God that's me! I had no idea, really.) for Best Non-mainstream Creature Story (

Of course, it took me forever to figure out how to do this.

2/21/2009 #14
Fay Diablo

I am nominating myself, guys....Does that make me self-centered? It's The Strange Days of Arabella Flannery by faydiablo for Best Non-Mainstream Creature.


2/21/2009 . Edited 2/21/2009 #15

"I want to nominate:" Davy Harwood by Tijan for My Judges Pick(

2/24/2009 . Edited by omgitskandice, 2/24/2009 #16

If I understood the email you sent me correctly, please edit my recommendation to 'My Judge's Pick.' Thanks.

2/24/2009 #17
Danielle Gin

I would like to nominate Teeth Check by HeartLace for Best Vampire Story and Best One-Shot.

( )

I would like to nominate Define Dead by HeartLace for Best Plot and Best Written.

( )

2/24/2009 #18
Danielle Gin

And I would like to nominate Beaded Sweat & Tears by HeartLace for Best Non-Mainstream Creature Story & Best One-Shot.

( )

2/24/2009 #19
Alex J. Carter

I want to nominate A Common Desire by Dane Vampire Queen *That would be me hehe* for Best Kickass Character, Best Were-Animal Story, & Most Memorable Characters.

( )

2/25/2009 #20
Sunlight Rises

I would like to nominate Bad Moon Rising by The Burning Roses for Best Wereanimal Story , Best Written, and Most Memorable Characters

2/25/2009 #21

I want to nominate Sweet Miseria by Raico for Best Kickass Character and Best Story That Never Seems to End


2/25/2009 #22
Emma Gammon

I want to nominate:

Trick by Skylar Alexander forBest Plot

The Books of Ana I: For Her by The Teller of Stories for Best Story That Never Seems to End

WereCAT by EffyDurach for Best Wereanimal Story

Bitten by prolific bunny for Best Romance

and since I want to share my story with you I nominate

Cinnamon and Chocolate by Emma Gammon for Most Memorable Characters

2/25/2009 #23

I want to nominate Raised By Wolves by orangesharpie18 for Judges' Pick

2/25/2009 #24
Mr. Aek

I want to nominate: World War Four the Vampire Wars by Lammalord Best Story That Never Seems To End and Best Vampire Story (

Moderator's note: Please don't post your summaries or how good you think it is; that isn't necessary. Also, we don't want to sway the judges by telling them they should like the story because others do.

Secondly, remember that our categories have changed. They are listed with their judge's at the top of this forum, please take the time to look at them before you post.

2/27/2009 . Edited by omgitskandice, 2/28/2009 #25
Has A WaywithWords

Hey there. I'm going to nominate a few stories.

For Best KickAss Character, I want to nominate Uncle Hades in The Tale of Cupid's Loveless Sister, by Has A WaywithWords. (

I also want to nominate the The Tale of Cupid's Loveless Sister by Has A WaywithWords for Best Plot. I don't exactly know if that is the kind supernatural is okay for nomination, but I'm new to this, so yeah.

Moderator's Note: Please remember the format when nominating, people! It makes it easier to read.

2/28/2009 . Edited by omgitskandice, 2/28/2009 #26

I’m nominating

Blood Ties by


Best Vampire Story

Best Written

Most Memorable Characters

It fits all those categories, so I just listed them. Take your pick, I guess.


2/28/2009 . Edited 2/28/2009 #27

I want to nominate: The Three Powers by Medieval-Rogue for Best Plot and Best Story That Never Seems to End and Best Written. (

3/1/2009 #28
Alex J. Carter

I want to nominate Vampire and the Romantics by E.S. Lundgren for Best Kick-A** Character, Best Story That Never Seems To End, Best Vampire Story, and Best Written.

( )

3/7/2009 #29

A note to everyone: Plastic Gluttony (Now named "Biased") has recinded her nomination for Release. It is no longer in the running for this season.

This is just to avoid confusion.


3/8/2009 #30
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