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Annie Von Rott

*grins at Blazn* Spunky? ^^

7/12/2009 #331

hello fop *waves*

7/12/2009 #332
Ryo-Ohki Rosefox

aw man i cant get into the conversation

7/12/2009 #333

Qui, Spunky, Spunky girls like to amusez-vous et jouez aux jeux d'amusement,non? *winks*

7/12/2009 #334

O.o im lost as usual

7/12/2009 #335

Oi, crap Sorry new guy Ryo, ELLO TO YOU TOo! WHAT IS UP?!

7/12/2009 #336
No Longer An Account

I gotta go eat food.

I'll be back in a minute.

And get some golf shoes, or else we'll never get out of this place alive . . .

7/12/2009 #337
Annie Von Rott

*blushes* I um I think I may need a translator ^^;

7/12/2009 #338
Ryo-Ohki Rosefox

Not much. And you?

7/12/2009 #339
Annie Von Rott

*points at Ryo-Ohki's name* Tenchi Muyo?

7/12/2009 #340

89 wanted me to tell everyone she misses you and she'll be back at like 8 15

7/12/2009 #341

Aha, I just said you seem like you like to have fun and then I said *wink*

And not much just doing the loungy lounge thing, how are you likeing the place?

7/12/2009 #342
Ryo-Ohki Rosefox

Well yes. Ryo-Ohki is my favorite Anime charater (was my lover's too)

7/12/2009 #343

Just jump in Ryo. **Hands him/her a drink**

Oh guys sorry for the poppin but I thought I turned off my computer...M...(CYBNFF)

Okay. I will just be off for about an hour or so, maybe less...depends...

Oh Ryo sorry you don't like the music there is a place to just sit and chill at the lounge. If you like you can just help with drinks and stuff. No biggie as long as you enjoy yourself.


7/12/2009 #344
Ryo-Ohki Rosefox

i will thanks

7/12/2009 #345
The Tragedian

not at my window, M, THROUGH it......*growls* AAAAAAAAANYWAY, M? I got a second chapter of Carmelita the sequel up. ...and i think you might get mad at the Angel in this chapter!

7/12/2009 #346
Annie Von Rott

^^ Oh yes, I like to have fun

And I loved Ryo Ohki, she was cute

7/12/2009 #347
M Wilridge

He kills me?????????????????

7/12/2009 #348
Ryo-Ohki Rosefox

Aw man! i have so much to do. 5 stories that im currently writing (not including the collab stories that im doing). On the plus side im not bored.

7/12/2009 #349
The Tragedian

No, M....just read it, luv.

7/12/2009 #350
M Wilridge

Everyone... Unfortunately I must bid you ado for a while.. Im going to die in Carmelita... That's just... Sad... Lol.. No I have to go be lame.. But Ill be back.. Keep the party going.. And Saint tell 89 I can't wait to talk to her.. Just like I can't wait to talk to you too..


7/12/2009 #351

random interjection!!

7/12/2009 #352

bye M! we shall party on until your return

7/12/2009 #353
Ryo-Ohki Rosefox


7/12/2009 #354

so whos got the music lets rock!!

7/12/2009 #355
Ryo-Ohki Rosefox

Aw man it looks like i have to go. Contunue the party with out me. ILl be back tho.

7/12/2009 #356

whos left?!

7/12/2009 #357
Annie Von Rott

*waves* Annie's left, Annie's left

7/12/2009 #358
M Wilridge
That was DJ I read it and he returned the review by skimming the Actor and noting on an explicit ending... I want to choke him..
7/12/2009 #359

looks like it might be just us left partying lol

7/12/2009 #360
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