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I'm Janie.

yeah I know I'm kind of formal or whatever. I have to kind of get to know someone to talk like friends.

And there is always that possibility that you're not talking to me and I'm getting ready to embarrass myself.

7/12/2009 #391
Annie Von Rott

Oh, I'll make a note to speak for formally with you. And yes, I was talking to you~ It's nice to meet you

7/12/2009 #392


We got drinks that need to be served. Let's get them done folks and let me know. As your fearless leader I will tackle all request on that page for our brand new members and the one that is 10K I will handle that as priority tomorrow.

The Queen is ready to get our review counts soaring again. Let's see who can do the most tonight...Hey all newcomers that means you too luvs...Enjoy the drinks and servingthem as well. We can chat about the new stories we read tonight in the lounge....


7/12/2009 #393

You don't really have to speak formal, its just that, well, I'm from a long line of hicks, so i try not to embarrass myself too bad, until i can trust myself to be relaxed with people.

7/12/2009 #394
Annie Von Rott

Oh, I'm the same, except I'm quick to try to act cute ^^;;

7/12/2009 #395

I'm quick to be known as the clutsy dork.

7/12/2009 #396

well, i must be off. befriend me or w/e it is you do on this site.

7/12/2009 #397

*dances alone* :( where is everyone

7/12/2009 #398
Annie Von Rott

*sends a little mini me to dance with you* Off reading a story by the name of "Saint"

7/12/2009 #399

oohh ^.^ hopes you like it!

7/12/2009 #400
Annie Von Rott

I have indeed been enjoying it :D

7/12/2009 #401

Bonjour, I am a walking sleep depraved loon on loon pills but I shall soldier on!

7/12/2009 #402

where is 89 she promised shed be home by now *pout*

7/12/2009 #403
The Tragedian

*pouts* I know! It's no fun without M too....

7/12/2009 #404

yes where is the most flirtatious M

7/12/2009 #405
The Tragedian

I'm gonna find a mob and go after him and drag him back here.

7/12/2009 #406
M Wilridge
Obviously you girls know flattery will get you EVERYWHERE when it comes to M.. By the way is this hot avatar day or what? Saint you're killing me.. M
7/12/2009 #407
The Tragedian

Now, while i LIKE to put up a hot avvie of myself up, I must remain faithful to my name. Sorry, M.....

7/12/2009 #408
M Wilridge
FOP I wouldn't want to change the imaginary beautiful pixie asian girl I have you pegged for in my head... There's no doubt of your hotness people throw rocks! M
7/12/2009 #409

why thank you M, i thought it was time for e change, besides im not a red head anymore....

7/12/2009 #410
M Wilridge
That downward angle works perfectly with you.. Its amazing..
7/12/2009 #411
Annie Von Rott

*tugs on SaintSinner's hair* It's pretty

7/12/2009 #412

*^.^* always making me blush M

we need some tunes in here any suggestions anyone?

7/12/2009 #413
The Tragedian

Thank you, M................was that a compliment? I definitely don't like peole throwing rocks.....

7/12/2009 #414
The Tragedian

No salsa....

Let's do a conga line!

7/12/2009 #415
M Wilridge
Only I can tell a girl.. Wait.. A goddess they are hot and they question if its a compliment...
7/12/2009 #416

conga line how old school i love it! *jumps behind fop*

7/12/2009 #417
The Tragedian

You confuse me, M

And you need to review my newest chapter of Carmelita, M! I reviewed your song and....*pushes M to Carmelita* don't be a leech!!!

7/12/2009 #418

*congas alone feeling pathetic*

7/12/2009 #419
M Wilridge
Don't worry I'm with you saint.. Just going to be looking over Top's manuscript while I test my boundaries with you on the dance floor..
7/12/2009 #420
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